Favorite Pixar's Up scene ever - Ellie and Carl's relationship through time, Sad scene

  • Published on Mar 23, 2010
  • The scene where Ellie and Carl are shown. Their relationship is being shown as time passes from their marriage to Ellie's death. Very sad scene yet one of my favorites.
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  • Naseer Abdullah
    Naseer Abdullah Hour ago

    When I was a kid watch this nothing sad .Me now, fuck this so sad why his wife died, whyyyyyyy

  • Elgun Hasanov
    Elgun Hasanov 2 hours ago +1

    I guess 1.8K people disliked it, because it's too f*ckin heart piercing 😢

  • Caio Henrique
    Caio Henrique 14 hours ago

    Why i do this tô myself?...

  • Adrinfiltrado22
    Adrinfiltrado22 15 hours ago +1

    2:31 en adelante , no paro de llorar

  • Mr.ChippyWottle
    Mr.ChippyWottle 16 hours ago

    The reason I’m watching this because I’m hamster died in September 22, 2019 which is today and I can’t stop crying I’m 13 which is worse

  • Serena Mcbride
    Serena Mcbride 17 hours ago +1

    dk how many I watch this yet I still cry gosh darn it!

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 21 hour ago

    It’s sad

  • Roy Treves
    Roy Treves Day ago

    Rip X :(

  • Dead Pidgin
    Dead Pidgin Day ago

    I’m gonna cry.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • cool guy
    cool guy Day ago

    Now we know Pixar can make us cry a lot

    JIMS CONTENT Day ago

    Whoever disliked this is a fucking menace to society

  • AllyyyTheGator
    AllyyyTheGator Day ago

    This made me so sad T~T

  • AllyyyTheGator
    AllyyyTheGator Day ago

    So Ellie learned that she can’t have kids, or she had a miscarriage?

    • Nancy Scott
      Nancy Scott Day ago

      assuming it is a miscarriage because they had painted the babies’ room like she was actually expecting

  • strawberryXmilk
    strawberryXmilk Day ago

    the baby died..

  • Marian 1986
    Marian 1986 Day ago


  • BoppaDoesStuff
    BoppaDoesStuff 2 days ago


  • Julie Forsling
    Julie Forsling 2 days ago +1

    Think about this for a moment.
    *As our parents watches us grow up, we watch them grow old.*
    Never underestimate the love of a parent.
    When we are old enough to understand this, they’ll already be old.

  • Wiggl3s _
    Wiggl3s _ 2 days ago

    Its the tiny details in this that get me like Carl closing his eyes just to contently hear her ramble about the clouds and letting his hand drop while they're reading so she can take it. Being in love doesn't mean constant important conversations and sometimes none at all. Alot of the time it's enjoying that persons company no matter what you do with your day.

  • Curly G
    Curly G 2 days ago +1

    this, kitty has to go, and so long partner have not once failed to make me cry

  • Yousef Moussa
    Yousef Moussa 2 days ago

    Music is everything about everything i guess

  • Saim Shahid
    Saim Shahid 2 days ago +2

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  • Mr. SaggyTitties
    Mr. SaggyTitties 2 days ago

    This man nowadays would have never survived life selling balloons

  • Amirmohammad
    Amirmohammad 2 days ago

    this scene makes me cry every time I watch this

  • Menard Monilla
    Menard Monilla 3 days ago

    R.I.P Ellie

  • Nurul Ida
    Nurul Ida 3 days ago

    Finding Nemo.
    Toy Story 3.
    Lion King.
    This cartoon hit me hard in the feels

  • Nurul Ida
    Nurul Ida 3 days ago

    I cry like a little baby at the first 5 minutes 😭

  • Thumbs Up To You
    Thumbs Up To You 3 days ago

    You guys are sad about the baby and Ellie but can we get a rip for our truest companion that was brutal murdered
    *The Jars*

  • ThatMarvelNerd
    ThatMarvelNerd 3 days ago

    I don't know who disliked this video, but whoever it was must've missed the Like Button because their vision was so blurry. Even I struggled typing this.

  • Illeana Elizabtwh
    Illeana Elizabtwh 3 days ago

    I love it so much and it’s very emotional 😔🥺😢😭

  • Peyton Cowley
    Peyton Cowley 3 days ago +1

    Up: Exist
    *TIk töK HAŠ EnþErèD THE ChaT*

  • xzCrims0n
    xzCrims0n 3 days ago

    I love u nan. Me and Grandad love you so much. Have fun up there. ❤️

  • Stefan VEVO
    Stefan VEVO 3 days ago

    If disney pixar studios did go with the having a baby idea it would have made the movie more interesting

  • Scuruban123
    Scuruban123 3 days ago

    i fucking cryed throught the half of the film, whuy disney, WHY?

  • Myranda G.
    Myranda G. 3 days ago

    I started playing the riff on the piano in class today without thinking about it and knew i needed to watch it...god I'm sad now

  • Rizka Syifa
    Rizka Syifa 4 days ago

    Pak bj. Habibie and ainun in real life

  • Just A Human
    Just A Human 4 days ago +1

    I never believed mom when she said that Ellie lost her baby when I was a kid. Now....man. That hurts.

    • Sharon Allison
      Sharon Allison 4 days ago


  • Anoymous 2000
    Anoymous 2000 4 days ago

    This is what Pixar misses nowadays this single 4 minutes with no dialogue is better than inside out finding Dory incblredis 2 and Coco

  • Ameya Kshirsagar
    Ameya Kshirsagar 4 days ago +1

    Up: Greatest Start for any animated movie.
    Ratotouille: Greatest Climax for any animated movie.

  • PeriArtz
    PeriArtz 4 days ago

    this how life works :,)

  • Adam Sternberg
    Adam Sternberg 4 days ago +5

    One of the most brilliant scenes ever produced by Disney.

  • Nightmare Star
    Nightmare Star 4 days ago +1

    Ellie is Beautiful 😇

  • I’m so Horny
    I’m so Horny 5 days ago

    holy shit this is so sad now wtf

  • Cothy the pirate
    Cothy the pirate 5 days ago +1

    I’m actually bawling right now 😭😪

  • kolu k
    kolu k 5 days ago

    Im not crying you are🥺

  • Potro1980
    Potro1980 5 days ago

    Very sad... This prologue is a master piece. However the rest of the movie is not very good 😕

  • BLACKnWHITE animate Animations

    this part was just 10x sadder because it was injustice

  • Crispy or smthn idk
    Crispy or smthn idk 5 days ago

    Oof :(

  • Jepa
    Jepa 6 days ago


  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson 6 days ago

    Imagine if the credits started rolling after this scene.

  • Lalo
    Lalo 6 days ago +1

    **Me watching this clip for like the 100th time**
    My brain: Why do you do this to yourself?"

  • Karlo Pronto
    Karlo Pronto 6 days ago


  • Master Chotitat
    Master Chotitat 6 days ago

    This movie is really emotional😂😭😕

  • saucysven
    saucysven 6 days ago

    this was honestly too harsh of pixar to show us

  • saucysven
    saucysven 6 days ago

    i would consider myself a archetypal 'manly' man, being raised by a strict father never to show emotions and to "be a man" and such. i've been in more fights than i care to admit and have only cried a handful of times since childhood, some of those times have been to this scene, there's something about seeing a man who loses not only his wife and lover but his best friend, who he has known for countless years since his own childhood just gone like that. makes me imagine how i would feel if my own wife were to meet the same fate

  • Louella Joyce Baldove
    Louella Joyce Baldove 6 days ago +1

    I watch it many times, but it always makes me so sad and cry Everytime. :(

  • ty- coon
    ty- coon 7 days ago

    This scene gives me goosebumps.

  • BenIsJamIn
    BenIsJamIn 7 days ago

    Song @ 3:29 ?

  • Madelyn Davis
    Madelyn Davis 7 days ago

    She just couldn’t make it

  • Divine Cutz
    Divine Cutz 7 days ago +6

    Man I want to see those parents that bring their kids to watch this react.

  • El Ayuwoki
    El Ayuwoki 7 days ago +8

    2019 and it’s still the saddest scene in all history of Disney!