8 Beauty Tips / Hacks I ACTUALLY Swear By! Alisha Marie

  • Published on Dec 29, 2019
  • its been awhile since i've done a hacks / life hacks vid but guys here are some beauty tip thats i actually swear by and use myself! Thanks Dove for sponsoring it means so much shop Dove Dermacare here: bit.ly/DoveDermaCare xo -Alisha
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  • AlishaMarie
    AlishaMarie  3 months ago +2188

    here we are with some REAL AF beauty tips / hacks that i use almost everyday!! hope u enjoy guys!! which one was ur fav? xo -alisha

    • Kourtlynn McCord
      Kourtlynn McCord Day ago +1

      My Aunt is a cosmetologist and she said if you don't wash your hair at least every other day you can develope scalp diseases and your hair can fall out. And you can wash your hair everyday as long as you use a shampoo and conditioner that is well moisturizing. Also dry shampoo is drying and bad for your scalp.

    • Hannah Holifield
      Hannah Holifield 7 days ago

      Where did you get your beauty fridge from

    • Mobile Games
      Mobile Games 2 months ago

      When will a new vid be posted. Hope everything is well with ya love ya

    • Antonia Graham
      Antonia Graham 2 months ago

      More life hacks❤💕

    • Bailey Zino
      Bailey Zino 2 months ago +1

      where have u beennnnnnn

  • Arathi Arun
    Arathi Arun 3 hours ago +1

    I like to use leave in conditioner by oaui I’m not sure if I’m spelling it correct but yah it’s not really a hack but it really does help my hair

  • Zoe D
    Zoe D 6 hours ago

    why do you say freakin so much hahaha :)

  • Meghan
    Meghan 20 hours ago

    These hacks are all common sense.. 😐

  • نونا.
    نونا. Day ago


  • Angela Lopez
    Angela Lopez Day ago

    Beautify 💜

  • Sarah Ella Reeves


  • Isabelle Dang
    Isabelle Dang Day ago

    i have a "bald spot" too i never noticed it but my baby hairs cover it

  • Sophia Figueroa
    Sophia Figueroa 2 days ago

    this is more of a hair hack but if you can dutch braid or braid always have an easy go to hair style that is chill but classy

  • evie x
    evie x 2 days ago

    i’ve tried some of these and they have helped so much especially the eyebrow one , thank you xx

  • abigail eggleston
    abigail eggleston 3 days ago

    Aghhhh i can't tell how happy I was when you said about the coconut oil tip! Honestly a game changer!

  • Monika Niebrzydowski

    GIRL. WHERE IS THAT SWEATER FROM?!! Ive been trying to hunt down the perfect light blue cropped sweater forever and that one you're wearing MIGHT just be it!!

  • Rae Marzilli
    Rae Marzilli 3 days ago

    For your moist dilemma: it’s the most saturated.

  • Skye Dragun
    Skye Dragun 3 days ago +1

    My beauty tip is stay home so no one sees you and doesn’t see ur a potato

  • Lexie Roy
    Lexie Roy 4 days ago +1

    making i bun
    use elastic 2 scrunchies bobby pins if you dont have a bun maker
    first make poiny the put you skrunchie over it the braid hair then rap around scrunchie and pin

  • ashlee battaglia
    ashlee battaglia 5 days ago

    So I just found you (the Amazon video- which amazon videos I’m so obsessed with lol) anyways.. I am soooooo HAPPY I ran into your page! I have to say I’m obsessing over every video so far! Your amazingggg and so fun to watch! Keep it up mama ❣️❣️
    Ps... I have always used an eye shaddow for my hairline.. I found the Tart matte eyeshadow is the easiest to work with.. its almost milky but has super coverage so u gotta be a little light handed but it’s the best “natural looking” hair line!!! Must try!!! 🙌🏼

  • Emolyn Thompson
    Emolyn Thompson 5 days ago

    If you have thin hair try to use a scrunchie to make your bun bigger/ thicker.

  • Jess
    Jess 6 days ago

    these hacks are so amazing

  • Mya Buchmiller
    Mya Buchmiller 7 days ago

    Do more vids like this

  • Danielle Epley
    Danielle Epley 8 days ago

    BEST HACK FOR MASCARA ON SKIN: use a spooli. It will come off easily without ruining make up under it :)

  • Erin Swaye
    Erin Swaye 8 days ago +1

    Omg you should do a give aways for makeup

  • Tinkerbow 33
    Tinkerbow 33 9 days ago +1

    Pls Make more life hacks! They really calm me down when I am stressed out!😅❤️And... when you make vids of life hacks it really puts me in a good mood because I love watching your vids!!!!❤️

  • Audrey Hamilton
    Audrey Hamilton 13 days ago

    okay wait i actually got that same shampoo and conditioner like 3 days ago before watching this video and it really goes work!! helping alisha get her coin. these are really helpful thank you!!

  • Maya Maffolini
    Maya Maffolini 14 days ago

    This is so the old Alisha mixed with the new Alisha

  • radvilaiteG
    radvilaiteG 16 days ago

    if you get mascara under your eyes you can use an eyebrow brush to brush it off when it's dry! pretty sure that's a Kardashian trick

  • Lydia Robinson
    Lydia Robinson 19 days ago

    do more life hacks plsss

  • Ayla Zwillinger
    Ayla Zwillinger 20 days ago

    7:43 ur brows will thank me later. Lolllll!!

  • Joanne Hopes
    Joanne Hopes 21 day ago

    I started using eyeshadow about 8 years ago and finally found hair fibers a few years ago. I posted a little tutorial video about it and it went viral lol! 😅 ❤️

  • Sheridan Sinclair
    Sheridan Sinclair 21 day ago +1

    What drink do U drink cause I saw it in your other videos but it looks a donut drink or something

  • abi grace
    abi grace 21 day ago

    I always use a little brown liquid liner on the tail of my eyebrows and it makes a world of difference It snatches them w/out concealer and lasts so much longer

  • anna crood
    anna crood 22 days ago

    If you have sensitive skin then when you are breaking out but also parts of the face a dry use baby lotion because it’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s made for babies.

  • D I A N A G A R C I A
    D I A N A G A R C I A 24 days ago

    Can u make a video of ur skin care because I want to get skin care Products but I don’t know what to get because I am new on skin care plz help me 🥰🙏🏻

  • Savanah Augustowski
    Savanah Augustowski 25 days ago

    i have that setting spray :))))

  • Rachel Agbenyega
    Rachel Agbenyega 26 days ago

    More life hacks plz

  • Krn
    Krn 27 days ago


  • Lara Anderson
    Lara Anderson 28 days ago


  • Destiny Rios
    Destiny Rios 28 days ago

    Be careful using coconut oil because it can clog your pores!

  • Lexi Gallardo
    Lexi Gallardo 28 days ago

    I need help with skin, hair, eyebrows, style, and confidence

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish Month ago

    This is how may times she said friggin

  • BearsFan917
    BearsFan917 Month ago

    More life hacks and do you DIY

  • Elliot Matzke
    Elliot Matzke Month ago


  • 《MochiCafe》 Segura


  • salma ayman
    salma ayman Month ago

    Do more plz

  • Abi Planet
    Abi Planet Month ago

    I wonder what her house smells like

  • Jasmine's Adventures

    Like when you are moisturizing your face, moisturize it upwards so you don’t develop wrinkles!!

  • Cats Life
    Cats Life Month ago

    OMG i love this

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B Month ago +1


  • the plague doctor
    the plague doctor Month ago

    I literally would rather watch Alisha than do anything productive

  • ArieAna Mosher
    ArieAna Mosher Month ago

    I don't shampoo eater I have rilly curly hair

  • Kimberly Morgan
    Kimberly Morgan Month ago

    More life hacks please

  • Melena Davis
    Melena Davis Month ago

    She said “game changing” 4 times.

  • Sushi Susi
    Sushi Susi Month ago

    @hyram is quaking rn at the last one

  • Sophia Spectacular
    Sophia Spectacular Month ago

    So I have a life hack! To clean your beauty blenders under water rub it against a bar of soap! I swear it works like magic 😜

  • Sofia Marotta
    Sofia Marotta Month ago

    What foundation do you use 😻

  • janne
    janne Month ago

    Put vaseline on your lashes before you go to sleep to make them look full and really beautiful ( it just makes them look so much better)

  • Bobby Milton
    Bobby Milton Month ago

    Hi alisha can you ce to dubia for a visit

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai Month ago

    I have to wash my hair everyday cuz like its thin so it becomes greasy fast smh

  • Gina’s Beauty Fest


  • Dimary L
    Dimary L Month ago +1

    Viedo starts at 2:18 thank me later

  • XxWolfyxX
    XxWolfyxX Month ago

    All.Year.Round I HATE DANDRUFF

  • Maisie Bradshaw
    Maisie Bradshaw Month ago

    Alisha I love how you are so relatable and actually genuine love ya xx

  • kate and claudia
    kate and claudia Month ago


  • Voroshilov 88
    Voroshilov 88 Month ago


  • music playlist
    music playlist Month ago

    I put on dry lipstick the Chapstick to make it glossy like if you do to

  • Erika Dianne
    Erika Dianne Month ago

    * I

  • Erika Dianne
    Erika Dianne Month ago

    I 2ant more life hacks

  • _fakeredhed _
    _fakeredhed _ Month ago

    Don’t wash your hair everyday
    *_Laughs in morning jogger_*

  • James Miller
    James Miller Month ago

    Like no offensive but I really miss your old videos

  • Kailee Freedman
    Kailee Freedman Month ago


  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Month ago +1

    I tried these and they where a life changer so thanks for these tips

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Month ago +1

    Lol I’m a natural blonde 👱🏼‍♀️

  • Mair Salt
    Mair Salt Month ago

    Please more life hack vids

  • Kondratosha
    Kondratosha Month ago

    Omg, the quality of video is so amazing, I have no words! Just 🙏🏻❤️

  • Dondella Ward
    Dondella Ward Month ago

    That is really funny I have the dandriff shampoo and it's the same one you have

  • Gabriella Muhonen
    Gabriella Muhonen Month ago

    i love how she wears her rings in the shower😂

  • Potato BoB
    Potato BoB Month ago +1

    I know I am late but can you continue your life hacks video I just saw your weird combination food vids and then I see this

  • Du nja
    Du nja Month ago +1

    Life hacks are a yes.

  • Binita Singh
    Binita Singh Month ago

    Loved this, so helpful

  • Stephanie Reed
    Stephanie Reed Month ago +1

    Beautify xx

  • Sarva Vidya Namma Channel

    I like a first thing omg very good tips tq alisha