Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

  • Published on Jul 21, 2017
  • I wore discounted $5 clothing from the Wish app for a week! I've been dying to try out Wish clothing, since it all seems too good (and too inexpensive) to be true. So I bought 7 full outfits from Wish and wore them to see if it's a style scam or a fashion fairytale! I hope you guys enjoy the latest addition to my "Internet Haul" series - and hope you enjoy the new intro song!! Hehe.
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    Safiya's Jazz Intro
    via Androz Guitar (Fiverr)
    The Gang
    Uncomfortable Questions
    The Sizzler
    Gypsy Sailor
    Romani Beats
    Guilty Pleasures
    Take You Away
    Bossa Boogie
    Romani Reggae
    Black Cat In the Sun
    Don't Hold The Feeling
    Good Time
    Its On You
    Got To Intensify
    I Want Action
    Oohs And Ahhs
    Ride It Out
    Light On Your Feet
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +38057

    THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf

    • Xiofo XOX
      Xiofo XOX Month ago

      I love it!!! I was clueless to it's origins until yesterday. I used to think Tyler was the one singing.

    • Paiighton_
      Paiighton_ 2 months ago


    • Call me Sarina, thanks
      Call me Sarina, thanks 2 months ago


    • Jen Reid
      Jen Reid 3 months ago

      Omg you looked so pretty in every outfit!!!

  • fcheng chengsss
    fcheng chengsss 7 hours ago

    I just got a wish ad before the vid disks

  • Kayla DeCrane
    Kayla DeCrane 7 hours ago

    you looked so good!

  • Wendy Moore
    Wendy Moore 10 hours ago

    LOL! All my videos are of WISH APP products.. so far everything was free and I paid shipping.. the jewelry is sturdy but the clothes are AWFUL!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Allison Pruette
    Allison Pruette 13 hours ago

    I took a chance and ordered some things on wish. I guess in the back of my mind, I thought I might never get the items. So far, they trickle in, pretty good timing too. I started with a pair of jogger pants, the fabric was knit, but my daughter took them from me. A little short also for 5'5". Super cute wedge sandles, good fit, good quality, good price. Got a set of bluetooth ear pods, instructions are not helpful, but I figured it out and they are great. Phone tripod with a shutter remote, very cool, works great. Still waiting on a few more items to come so I can start ordering from my wish list! Be carefule, this site is addictive. All in all, I'm pretty pleased so far. The shoes are by far my fav, I'm ordering a similar style hoping I love them just as much.

  • Meagan Pedersen
    Meagan Pedersen 13 hours ago

    5:30 Oh look, a reasonable title!

  • Chris Oite
    Chris Oite Day ago

    Can you do this but then in a expensive online store I have I ebd store

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown Day ago

    try taobao!!

  • Oreo Duckling
    Oreo Duckling 2 days ago

    I got a wish add before this video... itโ€™s 2019. Jeez

  • Jasmin Middlebos
    Jasmin Middlebos 3 days ago

    you actually look cute in ALL of them!!!
    Makes me wanna shop wish more!!!

  • Chelsea Smith
    Chelsea Smith 4 days ago

    In defence of the demon pants, nowhere in their title does it describe them as "sweat pants" (shockingly!) ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • iri hodgson
    iri hodgson 4 days ago

    Wish sux

  • Jamie Whitehead
    Jamie Whitehead 4 days ago

    You typed it wrong ill correct you: 5$ Wish Clothing For A Week Seven Days Wish Clothes Haul Clothing Week 5$ 7 Seven Days

  • Dominique S.
    Dominique S. 4 days ago

    Haha yes. I ALWAYS have to size up at LEAST 2 OR 3. Usually I get my money back because it's garbage haha

  • lisa ward
    lisa ward 6 days ago

    Bruhhh I ordered a 25 pack of alcohol based markers and they arrived with only 2 markers SBSJHVBJ HV
    I will never order from wish again, hands down.

  • r i o b a n a n a
    r i o b a n a n a 6 days ago +1

    I bought a tee from wish, instead i recieved a notebook that says :โ€ i am crazyโ€

  • Kirsten Leigh Mirambel
    Kirsten Leigh Mirambel 6 days ago +1

    Me: what is your favorite color?
    Me:what is your theme on your wedding?
    Me:What is your baby name?

    ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿปlike pls

  • Veronika Granado
    Veronika Granado 7 days ago

    I wish I had her body and ass ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Kayleigh Fitzpatrick

    Wish be like : ( sing to the hit or miss melody ) hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh , you got some clothing , I bet it doesent fit ya !

  • Katie Gibson
    Katie Gibson 8 days ago

    โ€œSummer Fashion Woman casual sexy mash V-neck blouse sleeveless tops T-shirt vest.. rah! xD

  • Georgia Button
    Georgia Button 9 days ago

    who else saw a wish advert before this

  • Ebba Nesmar
    Ebba Nesmar 9 days ago

    i bought a pair of light up shoes and they we a little big but they worked and were brilliant!They also came with a charger and everything i needed!!

  • Shauna OConnor
    Shauna OConnor 9 days ago

    Thanks for reviewing Wish! I can definitely cut it loose now, as one of those sites that have tempted me often and sucked me in. I spent way too much time looking at what is mostly crap merchandise.

  • Mary Bolger
    Mary Bolger 9 days ago

    I bought airpods there still shipping though xD

  • Qienna
    Qienna 10 days ago

    Something people don't seem to mention in these Wish videos is how good the customer service is. If you don't get what you ordered, you will generally get a full refund.

  • nope nope
    nope nope 10 days ago

    I literally bought the distressed sweatpants before seeing this video smh๐Ÿ˜‘

  • Joli B
    Joli B 10 days ago

    I've bought lots of stuff from wish, and for the most part I've been happy with them. I bought some cute lolita looking shoes that fit perfectly, then some black flats that were a size too big. I've bought 2 dresses, 1 that was more fluffy and definitely for the winter that I didn't expect and another that buttons down the entire front that's super cute but has awkward triangle shoulders and also there's like 1 button right above my crotch that always comes undone no matter what I do. I also bought some leggings that were supposed to be winter leggings but definitely too thin to keep my legs warm so I had to get rid of them when I downsized my wardrobe. I've also bought lil trinkets like coughsextoyscough and some markers and some jewelry that were surprisingly good quality and worked really well/were really cute. It is definitely a hit or miss kinda place tho. Some items are perfect, some are iffy, some just plain suck.

  • C joy K
    C joy K 10 days ago

    I usually stick to t-shirts and craft supplies when I shop on wish

  • Salbabi
    Salbabi 10 days ago

    My dear Safiya.. What would it take for you to do more of these haul videos? Like Wish, and... All of them. Love your content, stay awesome!

  • Esther Kuscus
    Esther Kuscus 12 days ago

    love ur intro!!!!!!!โคโคโคโคโคโคโค

  • ConorETNTheories
    ConorETNTheories 12 days ago

    I got a freaking wish advert before this video lmao

  • D.NaFranzi
    D.NaFranzi 12 days ago

    I love her little bat backpack, where is it from?

  • Joanne Ethridge
    Joanne Ethridge 13 days ago

    Is that a holo shirt youโ€™re wearing?

  • Gracie. May
    Gracie. May 13 days ago

    Sub 2 me

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmate 13 days ago

    Could listen to you all day reading wish descriptions

  • Darla Peelman
    Darla Peelman 14 days ago

    I haven't bought any clothing from "Wish" because I'd want to be able to try things on before I buy, however I have bought some beautiful sterling silver jewelry which I am very happy with.

  • Laure Marseau
    Laure Marseau 15 days ago

    I am secretly suffering because all the clothing are just ugly !!

  • Brooklynn Butterfield
    Brooklynn Butterfield 15 days ago

    I got a wish ad. The irony..

  • Alicia Garcรฉs
    Alicia Garcรฉs 16 days ago

    Well, if you are paying 5 bucks you canโ€™t expect so much.

  • Alexis Hiltz
    Alexis Hiltz 16 days ago

    My dad got me a 8 dollar star labatories hoodie from wish

  • Galactic- -Tears
    Galactic- -Tears 17 days ago +2

    I ordered a Thor t-shirt that was $3 and when it came and i opened the box i got a towel

  • Makenzie Strickler
    Makenzie Strickler 17 days ago

    When she said, "I like these pants." But you know... they're the demon pants

  • G9 Ranjiplays
    G9 Ranjiplays 18 days ago +1

    4:04 look at her cart on the right XD

  • kxpop
    kxpop 18 days ago +1

    *PART 2*

  • Fireflyreflections
    Fireflyreflections 18 days ago +1

    I am currently wearing a top that my mother purchased from wish for me. She bought it 2 sizes larger than I wear because of the measurements, and it fits perfectly. The fabric is unusual, but not horrible. It reminds me of some micrifiber sheets/pillowcases we have purchased at a discount store.

  • Jason Reidly
    Jason Reidly 19 days ago

    The demon pant is born

  • Piggy Videos
    Piggy Videos 20 days ago +26

    Safyia: โ€œI was scared to buy it on amazon because it was very cheapโ€
    Me: girlllllllll if you buy it on amazon you have better chances to get a decent quality

  • Alora Hollingsworth
    Alora Hollingsworth 21 day ago +1

    You should buy a laptop from wish and see if it works or if it is even there.

    LIke if you want this to happen! :)

  • ruth zuniga
    ruth zuniga 21 day ago

    OMG! Thank you so much for this video!! I had ordered some items from wish before and the lipstick I ordered had broken off not even one week later. Then I ordered 2 different color skirts and they gave me 2 white ones.....IDK maybe it's just me....
    But no matter what u get, u look good in it! I love ur videos! Please keep posting more videos like this!!๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • flip_help
    flip_help 21 day ago

    15:03 Aladdin

  • Ari- Blink
    Ari- Blink 21 day ago

    Use code vqybwfz on wish to help me raise some money

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall 21 day ago

    I bought an area rug from wish. I picked the size. It was 3x smaller then the size i picked. Like a size for in front of a shower. And it took almost 2 months to arrive... wouldn't recommend haha

  • Anna Bem
    Anna Bem 21 day ago

    Lol, my sis once bought a thunder cat shirt on wish for my cousin

  • Kimyhatta Pankey
    Kimyhatta Pankey 23 days ago

    I love Wish...Iโ€™m just gonna keep wishing my luck stays in good standings with them

  • Boba Rosee
    Boba Rosee 24 days ago

    Seen the pic from 5:27 on the Walmart website ๐Ÿคท

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich 24 days ago


  • Annie T
    Annie T 24 days ago

    I love that Sofyia does a full week of seven days nad not five like some other RU-cliprs. Not dissing on them, I just like the extra content.

  • Nicole Saslow
    Nicole Saslow 24 days ago


  • Speccy SquareGoLike
    Speccy SquareGoLike 25 days ago

    The chick about the sweater dress: His hair? WACK. His gear? WACK. His jewelry? WACK. His footstamps? WACK. The way that he talks? WACK. His way that he doesn't even like to smile? WACK.
    The sweater dress: Me? *I'M TIGHT AS FUCK*

  • Kaylee Sanders
    Kaylee Sanders 25 days ago

    OMG!!YOU CAN GET THE EXACT SAME SKATER SKIRT ON THE WALMART APP!!! It even has the same picture lol

  • evolusian
    evolusian 25 days ago

    do americans not have irons?

  • Glenna Foreman
    Glenna Foreman 26 days ago

    I buy rings on Wish. They're cheap and usually decent quality. Lots of compliments but really inspect the photos and when you find one you like, look for as many of that type as you can bc this is one of those warehouse places where others will have the same merch for cheaper, or will have a bit different and better style - a lot of them ARE cheaply made but you CAN find good stuff - at least in the jewelry dept! Btw, love the lace top, gonna go look for it now!

  • J Laurel
    J Laurel 26 days ago

    What the heck is with the names of the clothing/items on Wish? Why the heck are they always so long? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Bismillah Channel
    Bismillah Channel 26 days ago +1

    You are so lucky to live in California because you can go to Disneyland whenever you want

  • Dhruva Patel
    Dhruva Patel 26 days ago

    You should totally do a Frankenstein nail polish

  • Panda no last name
    Panda no last name 26 days ago

    Was I the only person who wanted to track down those "demon pants" just to see?

    Safiya: Don't buy them
    Me: Hmmm, maybe...

  • Ebonheart
    Ebonheart 28 days ago

    Ah, the birth of the demon pants

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee 28 days ago

    I ordered from wish and was happy with my jump suit even though it took FOREVER to deliver. Lol I still wear it. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • brechtdevries9
    brechtdevries9 28 days ago

    Love you're videos. Started buying from Wish myself recently. But stuff like jewelry, kitchen supplies and a backpack. But have been hesitant about buying clothes, although they look very cute. You're video sure made it more visual to me. So thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • As told by Katerina
    As told by Katerina 29 days ago +1

    i just spent 80โ‚ฌ on wish and idk bro

  • Maryann Sassaman
    Maryann Sassaman 29 days ago

    Hi just found your channel few days ago n I'm going crazy watching all your awesome vlogs. This grandmom is glad I found you!!

  • kyra
    kyra 29 days ago

    I just ordered a bunch of clothes from wish the only thing I hate is how long it takes to come in

  • Mikayla McClellan
    Mikayla McClellan Month ago +1

    Can you do one where you buy furniture from wish? Iโ€™m so curious...

  • sally Paduch
    sally Paduch Month ago

    Thanks! That was very informative and fun!

  • Faradat R
    Faradat R Month ago

    Do an AliExpress haul !