How Would BLACKPINK Sing 'SOLO' by Jennie (Eng/Rom/Han) (FANMADE)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • This is not a real BLACKPINK cover. So you don’t have to say that it’s FAKE. You should read the title correctly. Sorry if I sounded rude, I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to explain.
    Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy it.
    Btw feel free to request.
    It is just my personal opinion.
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  • Khalil Khan
    Khalil Khan 3 days ago

    This song only jennie ok

  • Anton Nangin
    Anton Nangin 3 days ago

    Nggak mungkin rose,lisa,jisoonyanyi kayak jennie

  • azmi azkia
    azmi azkia 7 days ago

    Huh dusun pugus jennie

  • Nourin Nourin
    Nourin Nourin 13 days ago

    You guy's are stupid. Singing Jennie and you write "Blackpink" singing .You guy's are a goat.😠😠😠😕😕😕😬😬😬😡😡😡

  • Psiko Psycho
    Psiko Psycho 16 days ago

    Suaranya suara Jennie doang ya??,tp kok ad gambar member BLACKPINK lainnya ya??

  • Hasmik Petrosyan
    Hasmik Petrosyan 26 days ago +1


  • Ghausia Akhter
    Ghausia Akhter Month ago

    Can any one tell me meaning of solo in english

  • cristy ann Timbal
    cristy ann Timbal Month ago

    Rose and Jisoo and Lisa our not sing just Jennie lol

    • 5 shots of Jikook
      5 shots of Jikook 20 days ago +1

      Read the title. Its how *would* they sing if this song was for all

  • Ella Belir
    Ella Belir Month ago


  • Byan Byan
    Byan Byan Month ago

    Kok masih tetap suara jennie sih

  • Taennie Lover
    Taennie Lover Month ago


  • Buan Ng
    Buan Ng Month ago

    They don't sound like that only Jennie

  • David Kamei
    David Kamei Month ago +1

    You cheater😠🖕😢

  • romel Milla
    romel Milla Month ago +1

    completa mentira solo es la voz de jennie

  • Nicole Gaming
    Nicole Gaming Month ago

    1:06 this whole part it showed Lisa it sounded just like her

  • jonathan leynes
    jonathan leynes Month ago

    love you jen

  • Bening Phone
    Bening Phone Month ago

    Sorry no bisa bhasa Korea sorry lagi😭

  • Suci arinda Maimora

    1jisoo. 2lisa 3jeni 4rose

  • My Family Is The Best

    How many joined to the sing?

  • Randy Dwicahyono
    Randy Dwicahyono Month ago

    Ini suara Jennie bukan jisoo Lisa rose ketipu kalian buzz one gimana sih bohongi publik

  • Carisa Azalia
    Carisa Azalia Month ago

    Like black pink lisa 689

  • Valentina Munguia Hayes

    U should of put how would Lisa rose and Jisoo sing solo from Jennie

  • Ana Juliana
    Ana Juliana 2 months ago

    Aku kenal banget itu bukan suara rose dan juga bukan suara lisa dan juga bukan suara jisso itu cuman suara nya jennie doang gua gak bisa di tipu gua tu tau man suara lisa rose dan jisso

  • kaisa imut
    kaisa imut 2 months ago

    Jelek ga ada suara rose jiso sama lisa

  • viana maharani
    viana maharani 2 months ago +1

    Itu kan suara Jenny semua emang gue bego apa itu kan cuma pindah gambar doang emang nya gue anak kecil apa

    NATASHA ARMY 2 months ago

    Ah ini mah palsu kok lisa rose and jisoo suara nya sama kaya jennie kan lisa suara nya agak jelek ke bagusan kalo rose suara nya indah alias merdu kalo jisoo suara nya aga serak kok inimah lisa rose jisoo suara nya sama kayak jennie palsu huh

  • CYS squad Girls cute
    CYS squad Girls cute 2 months ago

    Walang pinagbago

  • Gladys Melo soto
    Gladys Melo soto 2 months ago

    Esa cancion solo la canta jennie

  • MLP Master
    MLP Master 2 months ago


  • Azkha Putri
    Azkha Putri 2 months ago

    Its sing jennie

  • Ivy Lustre
    Ivy Lustre 2 months ago

    Is Jennie singing rose and lisa

  • Showtime Update
    Showtime Update 2 months ago

    Only jennie

  • Showtime Update
    Showtime Update 2 months ago

    Jisoo,rose',and Lisa not sing solo.
    Are you kidding

    • Nitisha Dhungel
      Nitisha Dhungel 2 months ago

      Are you stupid?

    • Jimangtaehyungkook UwU
      Jimangtaehyungkook UwU 2 months ago

      Go read the title carefully, did you notice?

    • steph
      steph 2 months ago +1

      *how* blackpink would sing solo
      this is a video that shows the lines BLACKPINK as a whole would sing solo

  • Rolando Borja
    Rolando Borja 2 months ago

    That jennie voice

  • Jamille Botawan
    Jamille Botawan 2 months ago

    Same voice😡🤬

  • shekinah tome
    shekinah tome 2 months ago

    It's still jennie's voice.

  • It's Me Temzie
    It's Me Temzie 2 months ago +2


  • Crazy Lydia Show
    Crazy Lydia Show 2 months ago


  • Bội Thư Dư
    Bội Thư Dư 2 months ago

    Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé didn’t sing

  • Jollibee Girl Moa, Gomez

    Blackpink sing a solo not just a only one to sing in this song SOLO! Yeah, cool sing to it!

  • Jollibee Girl Moa, Gomez

    Sinong publiko ng pinay tiyan alam ninyo na na ang Grupong Blackpink ang tunay na kumanta ng SOLO. Fans requested ng Korean ang ka-gustuhang kumanta ay si Jenny.. ng.. BLACKPINK!

  • rudi wira
    rudi wira 2 months ago

    ko masih suara Jennie sih

  • Lil Drug
    Lil Drug 2 months ago

    She Jennie sing . The Lisa and rose jisoo not sing. So what????????????

  • Kagura Shagumutso
    Kagura Shagumutso 2 months ago

    I love jennieeee

  • Kanvas Ponsel
    Kanvas Ponsel 2 months ago

    Apalah yg nyanyi kok sama seharusnya berneda beda dia pembohong

  • ST5iX Mobile Legends&PUBG
    ST5iX Mobile Legends&PUBG 2 months ago +1

    obvious clickbaik..LETS REPORT

    • Nitisha Dhungel
      Nitisha Dhungel 2 months ago

      Dumb person.. That's not clickbait first read title properly

    • Jimangtaehyungkook UwU
      Jimangtaehyungkook UwU 2 months ago

      Are you stupid? The title said *"How would* BLACKPINK sing Solo" plus read the description -.-

  • marilyn hofano
    marilyn hofano 2 months ago +1

    Its only just Jennie's voice and Lisa,Jisoo,Rose is only just pretending singing solo

  • Martha Lb
    Martha Lb 3 months ago

    Suara jennie semua ini

  • Susi Susanti
    Susi Susanti 3 months ago +1

    yanyinya jinie semua

  • Gacha Adriane Gaming
    Gacha Adriane Gaming 3 months ago +1

    This is just one voice

  • 안재시 jessie
    안재시 jessie 3 months ago

    I love lisa lisa es cool

  • aurora mikeila freind
    aurora mikeila freind 3 months ago +1


  • Ahmad Basroni
    Ahmad Basroni 3 months ago

    Ini pasti yg nyanyi jennie semua😒😒

  • virda R. 44a
    virda R. 44a 3 months ago

    Aku suka banget aku subscribe lo

    NUR AINI RAHMA AULIYA 3 months ago

    Like my comment! Those who don't like it are fine

    NUR AINI RAHMA AULIYA 3 months ago +2

    That Jennie's voice is not the sound of jisoo, rose, and lisa

    NUR AINI RAHMA AULIYA 3 months ago

    That's what Jennie sang not Lisa, jisoo, rose

  • tjindra amy
    tjindra amy 3 months ago +1

    Good lisa,jennie, jisoo,rose

    ALEXA REIGN 3 months ago

    All are same voice who noticed it?!

    • I Am An Animal
      I Am An Animal Month ago

      Literally everyone cuz it's a *"HOW WOULD"* OH MY GOODNESS

  • Quy Bui
    Quy Bui 3 months ago

    Tôi biết phân biệt được tiếng của Jisoo
    Không dễ bị lừa đâu