4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Today we're using toilet paper in every way you shouldn't.
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Comments • 1 921

  • Nightmare Foxy
    Nightmare Foxy 6 hours ago

    The tp canon basically my schools toilet fights but with tp like tissues

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 9 hours ago

    10:27 "How to quickly make easy, last minute Halloween Decorations"

  • Gleb Dubinin
    Gleb Dubinin 3 days ago

    Cali: who bought a bunch of stuff off of Amazon? NATE?
    Mark: Yes

    YINGBEI ZHU 6 days ago

    What did you just do to *grant’s* house?!

  • Rich Laue
    Rich Laue 8 days ago

    When it comes to TP and leaf blowers, look up the Spangled effect

  • tnt 498
    tnt 498 8 days ago

    8:13 sees foam chair in backround yessssssssssss

  • fox fire
    fox fire 9 days ago

    Try using a gas powered leaf blower backpack with the tp

  • Done gooft
    Done gooft 12 days ago

    Me: accidentally clicked on this video scrolling to find a different video
    Nate: today were going to be Miss using toilet paper

  • Kaguya Houraisan
    Kaguya Houraisan 13 days ago

    0:46 *_4 2 0 B L A Z E I T_*

  • Kevin Naukatsik
    Kevin Naukatsik 13 days ago +1


  • Don Hanscom
    Don Hanscom 15 days ago +1

    Did the music playing while nate used the tp5000 sound like pinball wizzard????

  • Mustafa junaid
    Mustafa junaid 16 days ago

    Why does nate do everything better than calli?

  • Steel Current
    Steel Current 16 days ago +1

    11:30 who else has an itch to set it all on fire?

  • Anirudh
    Anirudh 17 days ago

    an aeroplane pulls a vacuum using the outside air pressure that is y the paper disappeared don't worry a tank catches you **** before it goes overboard but the hand-washed water s thrown out because it evaporates before it hits the ground

    WALLMARIO234 20 days ago

    That looks so satisfying.

  • Trident Power
    Trident Power 21 day ago

    The TP Master 9000 quick way to make a mummy

  • Jack Engstrom
    Jack Engstrom 21 day ago

    Nate just casually hopping through the background in the outro.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 23 days ago +1

    10:33 like really

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 23 days ago +1

    And i liked it nore when he did his own vids

  • thedarkknight1971
    thedarkknight1971 23 days ago

    Should have let Kalli stand there and completely cover her with all three large rolls... Super Mummy style! Hahahaha bless you Kalli... 😎

  • Fishy-Fishy __
    Fishy-Fishy __ 23 days ago

    Fellow teenagers, Pimple popping 9:02

  • Cael
    Cael 23 days ago

    try soaking the toilet paper in diluted paint and firing it with the t shirt cannon to make a paint shotgun

  • Tsin Lao
    Tsin Lao 25 days ago

    Well now all I can picture is calli wiping. Sweet dreams I suppose.

  • AwsomeMegalodon
    AwsomeMegalodon 26 days ago

    if you have a nate...

  • Keira Lana
    Keira Lana 26 days ago

    In my town we are know for our paper mill, which originally made toilet paper. So at out parades they throw rolls of toilet paper instead of candy.

  • Cody Spray
    Cody Spray 26 days ago

    Vacume: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrreeeereerreeee3

  • Joyce Pump
    Joyce Pump 26 days ago

    C x

  • Itsnotoffbeat
    Itsnotoffbeat 27 days ago +4

    *imagine the 1 month toilet paper roll in the shop vac*

  • Tyler Swedlund
    Tyler Swedlund 27 days ago

    Freeze it with liquid nitrogen

  • Rhiannon Thompson
    Rhiannon Thompson 28 days ago

    anybody think that Nate looked like Eraserhead from My Hero Academia at the end

  • Xtreme Jyhk
    Xtreme Jyhk 28 days ago +1

    Ahhh toilet paper math, so confusing.

  • Inky sans
    Inky sans 29 days ago

    12:00 they probably knew what would happen.

  • Musical Musicians
    Musical Musicians 29 days ago

    You should try to make yourself into a human mummy with the toilet paper gun

  • Daniel Ashby
    Daniel Ashby 29 days ago

    The neighbors must *LOVE* you guys

  • Ashadieeyah Sultana
    Ashadieeyah Sultana 29 days ago

    Me, I just grab the first large thing of toilet paper I see as soon as I walk into the aisle

  • JacobPlaysGamez
    JacobPlaysGamez 29 days ago +1

    their neighbors: o_0

  • GhostRider2224
    GhostRider2224 29 days ago

    Cali the mom. Nate the child

  • VikinG
    VikinG 29 days ago

    Little did anyone know what would happen a month later

  • Yafee
    Yafee Month ago

    I wish she didn't laugh the whole video

  • MollyPawGaming
    MollyPawGaming Month ago

    Now that's how to tp a house

  • Mr Horsepower
    Mr Horsepower Month ago

    The neighborhoods of the kids who watched this are in big trouble !

  • Geoman265
    Geoman265 Month ago +1

    "These giant toilet paper rolls would last a month for a family. Or a few hours if you have a Nate."

    Is Nate a name for a cat?

  • Mirna Bayat
    Mirna Bayat Month ago

    How are you going to clean that😭

  • PistolPupYT
    PistolPupYT Month ago

    *not sponsored*

  • DJ Techno The Fox
    DJ Techno The Fox Month ago

    9:54 That looks like a giant yellow Turbo (TurboCharger)

  • Cherry Photography
    Cherry Photography Month ago

    Her laugh is so cute 😂😂

  • Matthew Lofton
    Matthew Lofton Month ago

    I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw them tping their own property.

  • Crazy Cakes33
    Crazy Cakes33 Month ago +1

    Never give Nate tp again

  • Ava moo
    Ava moo Month ago

    Calli:this tp will last a month for a family or a few hours if you have a Nate.
    Me:or if you have my brother Hayden

  • angelamalone412
    angelamalone412 Month ago

    Put the fan on reverse

  • BroniDanson
    BroniDanson Month ago

    Why not just put a stick through all 5 paper rolls to make it quicker and easier xd?

  • glendasue70
    glendasue70 Month ago

    Are them two married?

  • Kawaiiveon
    Kawaiiveon Month ago +1

    And this, childeren, is why global warming exists.

  • Russell Souder
    Russell Souder Month ago

    Nates comment about people using TP and other people using it standing. Completely true. I wasn't aware anyone did until i met my boyfriend.

  • urmum yeet
    urmum yeet Month ago

    was that 420 sheets per roll

  • Rosstie gamed
    Rosstie gamed Month ago +5

    Nate: That thing just gut punched me
    Calli: Yes I’m so happy!

  • HunterL
    HunterL Month ago

    I never knew some one laugh that much from toilet paper

  • Septiikos
    Septiikos Month ago

    Just weigh the rolls


    I use this with my family

  • Cutekiss kk
    Cutekiss kk Month ago

    I wanna see them clean it up XD