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  • Published on Jul 14, 2021
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    ✰ FAQ ✰
    what’s your ethnicity? Half English, Half Egyptian
    how tall are you? 5'7"
    where do you live? Cardiff, Wales
    what equipment do you use to film?
    ➭ main vlog camera: canon g7x mark iii ( amzn.to/2UiLbMp )
    ➭ mini tripod: manfrotto pixi tripod ( amzn.to/2Ja1jcP )
    ➭ my fancy camera: sony a7r iii ( amzn.to/39hS3Om_
    ➭ lens: sony 24-105 F4 ( amzn.to/2QJkcaO )
    ➭ main tripod: benro travel tripod ( amzn.to/39nyJiV )
    ➭ lights: godox SL-60W ( amzn.to/2QIWnjf )
    ➭ beauty softbox: selens 105cm beauty dish ( amzn.to/2JfF0m1 )
    ➭ editing software: final cut pro
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Comments • 125

  • Attiya Atique
    Attiya Atique 10 months ago +184

    Anyone else here from the time Dina used to be single, living in Cardiff showing us how to style hijabs and accessorise outfits!! Lovely seeing your journey through the years

    • Rukhsana Akhtar
      Rukhsana Akhtar 7 months ago +1

      @Mishaal Zk No she started before getting married..The first video I watched of dina was the diy shower scrunchie hijab volumiser and I used to wear my hijab that way lol. She got married a year after starting RU-clip I think.

    • sherri copeland
      sherri copeland 9 months ago


    • angelika hannah
      angelika hannah 10 months ago +1

      Oh yes

    • Dont be a secret wife!!!
      Dont be a secret wife!!! 10 months ago +1


    • wuttwuu
      wuttwuu 10 months ago

      @Mishaal Zk no before

  • L94
    L94 10 months ago +123

    How is he 3 already..time does fly!!! I remember finding your channel when Hannah was a baby and been here ever since!

  • Fatima Fatima
    Fatima Fatima 10 months ago +39

    being a mom and wife and dealing with your personal stuff at the same time its a lot and I admire your strenght, you are a superwoman!

  • ____
    ____ 10 months ago +8

    Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom♥️

  • sabaa h
    sabaa h 10 months ago +9

    Dina this vid was so special to me thank you so so much for talking so freely about your ED and the work you’re doing to combat it, it’s truly inspiring as I am on the same journey too xx

  • Safire Carol
    Safire Carol 10 months ago +4

    Dina, very proud of you for confronting the thing that challenges you. You are crushing it!!! WELL DONE ❤️

  • sarah
    sarah 10 months ago +12

    Youre such a good mom Dina!!! 😘

    • wuttwuu
      wuttwuu 10 months ago

      She really is. I love seeing this whole side of her

  • M A
    M A 10 months ago +8

    Loving these vlogs!! Would love some more Sid & Dina segments even if they’re just added into the vlogs, can’t believe mika is 3 already!!!

  • IC
    IC 10 months ago +1

    So proud of you Dina💜

  • ____
    ____ 10 months ago +2

    You sharing your binge eating journey makes me feel safe and not alone. Thank you for that Dina ♥️♥️

  • s m
    s m 10 months ago

    Love your vlogs they never disappoint Happy Birthday to Mika you look amazing Dina and best of luck with your cbd journey hope you can fight this ed you’ve got this❤️

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W 10 months ago +24

    Also, your hair looks LOVELY! I havent watched in years but i saw the notification and clicked and i am very glad😩

  • whomst dve
    whomst dve 10 months ago +47

    healthiest you can be is eating intuitively and without stress like you did at the birthday. trust your body will ask for what it wants

    • Aiperi Subankulova
      Aiperi Subankulova 10 months ago +5

      For someone having disordered eating, the intuitive style is not appropriate. One day a person be eating like a cow and the other day starving him/herself. So, it is not for everybody

  • Asra Ahmed
    Asra Ahmed 10 months ago +1

    Dina as a dino is a mood ♥️🌈

  • Tara CL
    Tara CL 10 months ago +1

    You look so beautiful!❤️ Also really happy for you that you are taking care of your mental health

  • baz786
    baz786 10 months ago +4

    love the weekly vlogs. so good to see more family content very nice.

  • i
    i 10 months ago +4

    Well done on your food journey, proud of you, you can do this! Allah make it easy for you. Love your vlogs, thank you for sharing ❤

  • Zaynab Bakir
    Zaynab Bakir 10 months ago +4

    MashAllah I love how much you are growing throughout these vlogs! InshAllah your journey gets easier for you. Also Happy Birthday Mika!

  • s21972012145525
    s21972012145525 9 months ago

    Omg I can’t believe Mika is 3. I remember when you announced your second pregnancy. I was looking forward to finishing school and possibly trying to get Preggo myself 😭
    Beautiful party and love the trex costume so much

  • Sugar Rose
    Sugar Rose 10 months ago

    Welcome to the curly girl's lifestyle. It takes ages for most curls to dry. To prolong curls overnight. Use satin bonnet or pillow cases.
    Loved ur channels and fam through the years. Much love Dina✌🏽❤🇺🇸
    Edit: Also, I brought 2 bangles. I love them! My hubby was like..What's this charge$$$!!??😱 Yeesh, thankful he loves me and knows I have watched you forever.🤣🤣🤣🥰

  • bklyn2014
    bklyn2014 10 months ago +3

    I love your hair Dina - you're rocking the curls!

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 10 months ago

    Happy Birthday Mika🥳 Wow 3 Already? looked like he had fun. The pool should go on the grass not the concrete. They could get hurt.

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago

    The birthday deco looks sooooo good 😍😍❤️❤️

  • ttytexetr
    ttytexetr 10 months ago +2

    Omg I'm in the exact same route as you. I've been bingeing crazy after giving birth coinciding with lockdown and can't seem to control my snacking habits. Also suffer from panic attacks coming from anxiety. Could you please do a' what I eat in à week' video or a day if it's too much along with you exercise ŕoutine. And also some recommendations for cbd treatments. Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • hbkid3040
    hbkid3040 10 months ago +15

    Have literally never seen a perm look so good in my life. They did some sorcery.

  • Angel
    Angel 10 months ago +9

    Honey! This hair, I love 💛
    & I support what ever you feel is right to remain healthy :)

  • The Blushing Giraffe
    The Blushing Giraffe 10 months ago +1

    Feels like yesterday we were watching his 1 years old vlog 🥺🥺 Allahumabarik mabrook guys! Time is flying ♥️♥️♥️

  • Life Life
    Life Life 10 months ago +3

    Loving your looks 😍
    Also I think I’ve never seen you this happy which is a great thing ha
    Lots of love may Allah alwys keep you and your family happy ❤️

  • TheAninas
    TheAninas 10 months ago +1

    Mikas birthday was so heartfelt ♥️

  • xsixdicex
    xsixdicex 10 months ago +1

    Hi Dina! Highly recommend the book The Fuck It Diet. Wanting to binge comes from restriction, and even though you’re eating more with solid meals and snacks, you’re still restricting. Most days should be like the birthday day to really combat this restrictive way of thinking.
    Proud of you for talking about it!

  • your_higghnness
    your_higghnness 10 months ago +1

    Btw SO HAPPY for you!

  • Sonia x
    Sonia x 10 months ago +12

    I take CBD jacob hooy from Holland & Barrett it helped me through some of the roughest patches. I fell on my knee which caused me severe pain and arthritis strongest pain med didn’t work. Until i had cbd. I legit suffered for 1 year before cbd 🤦🏻‍♀️ Alhamdullilah it also helps with MH and if you take the right amount it can help with insomnia..

  • Marta
    Marta  10 months ago +3

    You seem so happy in your recent videos

  • Amber L.
    Amber L. 9 months ago +1

    Dina what CBD do you use? and do you like the brand you like now? Id like to hear more about it

  • cheekykitten25
    cheekykitten25 10 months ago +10

    I’ve been taking cbd oil since Ramadan for chronic condition I have I’m still taking my medication for pain but it has helped me incredibly Alhamdulillah.

  • By Grace
    By Grace 10 months ago +44

    I'd say don't patio the whole garden. Children usually love playing on grass. 😊🌱🌿

  • Rukshana Akther
    Rukshana Akther 10 months ago +1

    Dina please watch Stephanie Buttermore's all in journey. Her videos are so insightful and gives a real look into disordered eating and hunger satiation.

  • Betina Herlein
    Betina Herlein 10 months ago +6

    That birthday looked sick, Mika must´ve been so happy. On the other hand, I know how difficult is to manage guilt when you are a parent, but I always find so weird when parents buy presents for the other kids ¨so they don´t feel left out¨. I mean, they do have a birthday, and many holidays...that´s how you risk raising kids who grow up to be consumerists adults with no frustration tolerance, no patience, no ability to say ¨hey, today I´m not in the spotlight, it´s someone elses turn, I´ll just chill and wait for my day, the world won´t end if I don´t get everything that I want exactly when I want it, I´ll just wait¨.

  • Charlie Wow
    Charlie Wow 10 months ago +7

    Having not even had the urge! Honey that's so huge! I would be over the moon if I were you!

  • sabah firdous
    sabah firdous 10 months ago +1

    This is no advice. Just my experience, when I was recovering from my binge-purge, in the beginning it really helped to keep an journal on how I felt after each meal. First of all it helped me be more conscious of how I was feeling prior and after each meal, which helped me get in touch with my body's cues. I would wonder, "am I hungry or am I eating to please myself?".....

  • Hindiya Hussen
    Hindiya Hussen 10 months ago

    Mashallah I love haw mica react hanas 🎁mashallah tebarak Allah 🥰🥰

  • your_higghnness
    your_higghnness 10 months ago +1

    Frannys farmacy has great CBD I’ve been taking it for years and it’s helped so much

  • Yasmin Shah
    Yasmin Shah 10 months ago

    You look great with curly hair

  • Tara Diana
    Tara Diana 10 months ago

    Love your hair so much like this!!!

  • Mireya Yim
    Mireya Yim Month ago

    I have tested many CBD oils. I think the CBD from Weedborn is the absolute best.

  • Linda Rakestrau
    Linda Rakestrau 10 months ago

    Hi Dina , love your fashion style, and content in general. I just wanted to know if your new clothing line will include size XL or 1X

  • House Of Tristina
    House Of Tristina 10 months ago

    I know talking about binging is hard, but you’re definitely inspiring me to deal with mine. We have from what I can tell very similar habits so it’s kind of felt like I’m not alone 💯

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind 9 months ago

    May Allah make it easy for you. I thought i am struggling but looks like everyone is, in their own way.

  • bonestormftw
    bonestormftw 10 months ago

    Working on my binging this summer also it’s been so hard!

  • Gothmummi
    Gothmummi 10 months ago +4

    TW: ED
    I'm the opposite. Starve all day, binge at night.

  • Idontknow Whattosay
    Idontknow Whattosay 10 months ago +4

    Ive got the same issue as you where i binge and if i have one thing it can make me think lets have junk thru the whole day as ive lost

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago +6

    “She chose to buy him a great big elephant I have no idea why” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lilianna Ishere
    Lilianna Ishere 10 months ago +3

    You and sid need to help mama out, look how exhausted she looks in her latest videos.

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy 10 months ago

    I saw videos on youtube of people also having issues with binging and many of them used the method „all in“ to heal themselves of it - so basically no restrictions on eating and eating every day as much as you want (so that you are full) - maybe that’s something for you?

  • label836376372
    label836376372 4 months ago

    Please do an update on the CBD

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown 10 months ago +4

    What is Lina’s ethnicity? She is stunning ma sha Allah!

    • Holy Wow
      Holy Wow 10 months ago

      Egyptian and white

  • Tamara Figge
    Tamara Figge 10 months ago +2

    Try the cottage cheese with bread and butter pickles, also very good!

  • Ar Az
    Ar Az 10 months ago +33

    The T-Rex costume is killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amanda O
    Amanda O 10 months ago +1

    I love the tshirt I did watch them ! Born 83

  • Sissy A
    Sissy A 10 months ago

    I need a makeup tutorial of the look in the first clip. Like what? The crease, the lips, the cheekbones?? Why is nobody talking about it? Come on Dina. Hit us up with a make-up toturial. Please. Por favor. Thank you. Bye.

  • Lejla M
    Lejla M 10 months ago +2

    I need the outfit details of the first outfit please 😍 looks so good 🔥

  • Sarah Buhaila
    Sarah Buhaila 10 months ago +4

    Cottage cheese with tomato sauce ! Sorry Dina but I’ll pass 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and what is CBD ?

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W 10 months ago +3

    I loveeee melon, ive been having melon for brekkie every day lately

  • Salma Ismail
    Salma Ismail 10 months ago +5

    “DoEs mY tAiL LOok NiCe !!!???” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JellyShoes605
    JellyShoes605 10 months ago +2

    Please keep the real grass, wildlife depends on it!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Kian Kern
    Kian Kern 10 months ago

    Omg I’ve been thinking about it but don’t know much about it but I bought hemp oil and waiting for it to arrive

  • hans.bakedbeanz
    hans.bakedbeanz 10 months ago +8

    The trex suit was making me crack up LMFAOOOO

  • Shanta
    Shanta 10 months ago +1

    The trex costume 😆

  • M K
    M K 10 months ago +37

    that cottage cheese snack sounds na$$$$ty

  • Aicha K
    Aicha K 10 months ago +3

    I just want to know the story behind the cottage cheese recipe 🤐

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago

    Loooool those tik toks where The person goes to the museum in the dinosaur costume 😂😂😂😂

  • jazzybash1
    jazzybash1 10 months ago

    Love the outfit! Where’d you get the pink top?

  • Reeham Muhammed
    Reeham Muhammed 10 months ago


  • Naheema Akhtar
    Naheema Akhtar 10 months ago


  • Cool treasures
    Cool treasures 10 months ago

    I love cottage cheese. I eat it with a little bit of jam.

  • Qwerty Qwert
    Qwerty Qwert 10 months ago


  • Nazmin Member
    Nazmin Member 10 months ago

    Hello, where is your bar stool from? Thank you xx

  • Victoria A Messir
    Victoria A Messir 9 months ago

    like u hair and rings , like alway look pretty whatever u got on .

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago

    Loooooool I thought that melon was a bowl

  • Minty mocktail
    Minty mocktail 10 months ago

    Cottage cheese is so disgusting. Any raw cheese actually apart from cheddar lol

  • Aysha Nisar
    Aysha Nisar 10 months ago

    Anyone know where I can find the Nike striped top from? @dinatokio

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 10 months ago +1

    Have you watched Stephanie Buttermores all in journey?

  • Pakistani Mom in Australia

    V fun bday

  • Kxrxo__
    Kxrxo__ 10 months ago

    Guyssss who is Lina 👀😍

  • Zaynab Bakir
    Zaynab Bakir 10 months ago +1

    What cbd do you use???

  • Aya
    Aya 10 months ago

    please where is toosy's shirt frommm

  • nmartel 07
    nmartel 07 10 months ago +2

    What kind of cbd are you taking?

  • oscerevision
    oscerevision 10 months ago +1

    can you please not show so much of ur street/ garden views - your exposing yourself to weirdos that might rob your house or identifying where you live x

  • caano sadax
    caano sadax 4 months ago

    she went downhill and sad since taking her hijab off. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she looks sad and depressed

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani 10 months ago

    I looooved Care Bears

  • Sweetstarr100
    Sweetstarr100 10 months ago +2

    Who is Lina?? (I havent been on RU-clip for a while)

  • Dunia
    Dunia 10 months ago +1

    Dina bo binaaaaaaaa

  • Majid Ahmad
    Majid Ahmad 9 months ago

    Why you always ignore your husband family in vlog?

  • Keeley Blake
    Keeley Blake 10 months ago +1

    I don’t no why u hide there faces because wev seen them on your other family blogs n channels

  • M Sanane
    M Sanane 10 months ago +1

    Why are you counting calories?? You are so slim…

  • Le Ma
    Le Ma 10 months ago +6

    Cbd doesn’t do anything. 😩 such a bummer

    • Zed
      Zed 5 months ago

      It does. It completely gets rid of my anxiety

    • AS K
      AS K 10 months ago

      @Le Ma I had the same issue until I realised I wasn't purchasing genuine broad-spectrum CBD!! I recommend Hemp Botanics should you wish to give it another go. It eases my partner's arthritis and my scoliosis pain x

    • Le Ma
      Le Ma 10 months ago +1

      AS K honestly it doesn’t matter what brand. None of them have any effect. 😩

    • AS K
      AS K 10 months ago

      What brand do you purchase from? I don’t recommend Holland and Barrett.

    • JB B
      JB B 10 months ago +4

      I know right. It doesn't. Try rolling a full blunt that takes the edge off.

  • LunaCreciente
    LunaCreciente 10 months ago +2

    First after 5 years!!(I guess)

  • Eli American
    Eli American 10 months ago +2

    that permed hair is truly awful.

    • Brittany Cotrell
      Brittany Cotrell 9 months ago +3

      You cra cra! Dina is rocking that hair. Never looked more beautiful. Your comment is truly awful though!