DIY Car Upgrades That Are Next Level

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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  • themusicmastera380

    “Ali express” -the video

  • Tiluga
    Tiluga Day ago

    Que chulo👍

  • 酥薄荷
    酥薄荷 2 days ago


  • IRON Maiden
    IRON Maiden 2 days ago


  • Mourgan DuRivage
    Mourgan DuRivage 3 days ago

    Love it !

  • Giancarlo Simioli
    Giancarlo Simioli 3 days ago

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  • felix würth
    felix würth 3 days ago

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    stutis master games 3 days ago


  • This is A bad name
    This is A bad name 4 days ago

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  • Israelopez 84
    Israelopez 84 4 days ago

    Only teenagers liked this video , but if you are 20 or older and like this crap you probably still live at your parents ‘

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 5 days ago

    Not subbing because of the cheap content and overwhelming amount of ads for a fuckin 10 minute video 😂

  • お涎
    お涎 5 days ago


  • Konrad Kubacki
    Konrad Kubacki 5 days ago

    naklejenie foli to wyzszy poziom?... zendada poprostu..

  • jacob keller
    jacob keller 6 days ago +6

    The only thing worth doing here is probably the radio. But that's just me.

  • Laurian Zaharia
    Laurian Zaharia 6 days ago

    bellissimo,tuta roba da giostre....

  • Рамиль Фардиев

    Руль гавно

  • 124 Spider
    124 Spider 6 days ago

    The crap that people put on their cars!

  • Юрий Самсонов

    нравится, но вопрос китай делает это, но авто не их. либо WV TY как так то

  • farm boy 2017
    farm boy 2017 6 days ago

    If the first one changes the color of the head lights then your just asking to be pulled over

  • Ведро Раков

    Охуеть сколько рекламы, отбило всё желание смотреть эту хуйню, где по сути даже нихера своими руками не делается - обтяжка руля, фар, например, делается в мастерской, и сам ты без подготовки и умения нихера не сделаешь. С таким подходом цирковые трюки можно подавать под названием "ДИАЙУАЙ", люди ведь сальто делают, и ты значит и ты сможешь.

  • cptstubing
    cptstubing 8 days ago

    DIY upgrades that fall apart 2 months to a year later. (except the Alpine stereo)

  • Raymond
    Raymond 8 days ago

    = how to rice your car

  • Крутой Каменьщик

    колхозники ебаные!

  • Free Skier
    Free Skier 8 days ago

    Next level? Level of what? I wouldn't call any of these "upgrades".

  • Not Black yo
    Not Black yo 8 days ago +1

    Guys please Don’t do this to your car

  • Santiago Andrés Gómez González

    El primero está del culo y naco

  • Ignatov Andrey
    Ignatov Andrey 9 days ago

    Для чего в заголовке все слова с большой буквы? Можно подумать, что от этого информация сразу стала в 100 раз важнее. Назвать надо было ролик " как заколхозить тачку" 😂😂😂

  • Irina Hudakova
    Irina Hudakova 10 days ago +2

    Убили! Посмотрела на дату - 2019-й. Серьезно?! Вот это все кто-то делает сейчас 😳?!

  • Pavlo Yevstratov
    Pavlo Yevstratov 11 days ago

    унылое говно...

  • Александр Справедливый

    Колхоз рулит!

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  • 4Block Garage
    4Block Garage 12 days ago

    How to rice your car out 101

  • Dan Collins
    Dan Collins 12 days ago

    Next level to what? Pig shit?

  • AR Media
    AR Media 13 days ago

    can you inistallin audi s8 matrix head light system on other car?? Please make a video

  • Bart
    Bart 14 days ago

    9:27 This is so wonderful. I'm sure it will work perfectly until first police stop. Oh, and I guess you need an old BMW to install it first..

    • Bart
      Bart 12 days ago

      @Capita 40 I would rather have transparent foil on my front one. After many highway miles my windshield looks worse than space shuttle one after return to Earth.

    • Capita 40
      Capita 40 13 days ago

      Believe it or not you could completely black out the rear glass as long as you have both side mirrors... at least here in NY you can.

  • theysrone
    theysrone 15 days ago!!!

  • Supreme_BugzBuny
    Supreme_BugzBuny 16 days ago

    Definition of shit posting... Blocking channel

  • Jenifer Shepard
    Jenifer Shepard 16 days ago +1

    it would have been nice if they had told us what they were using for some of this stuff.

  • jote
    jote 17 days ago

    Proponuje jeszcze płytą OSB wzmocnić zderzaki

  • jote
    jote 17 days ago

    Ale paździerz...

  • Влад Столяров


  • Roxy Rx8
    Roxy Rx8 18 days ago +2

    Oh god! Please save us from the ricers! Someone call Drew Peacock.

  • Aleksey_Karamyshev
    Aleksey_Karamyshev 19 days ago

    Что за дерьмо??
    Тонировка? Заколхозить ручки карбоном?
    Автор деревенский пацанчик видимо

  • jente Liefers
    jente Liefers 21 day ago +1

    *Follow these steps and YOU will become a ricer very soon!*

  • Semen GT
    Semen GT 21 day ago

    Me before watching: i wonder why this video has 16.000 DislikesMe after video: i wonder why this video has 75.000 likes

  • Laxmi Khetan
    Laxmi Khetan 23 days ago +6

    I would be really happy if these all modifications were in a single car

  • Sergiy Tveritin
    Sergiy Tveritin 24 days ago


  • Сергей_SV
    Сергей_SV 24 days ago

    цЫган пакет )))

  • christian tripodi
    christian tripodi 26 days ago

    Buongiorno dove si compra la pellicola per i cerchi ? Link please!!

  • Рәсим Габдрахманов

    Как создать АлиЭкспрессмобиль

  • Hein Heso
    Hein Heso 27 days ago

    Only one thing i liked ist the Audi shaped light under the door. Really easy to change, nice effect. Everything else is crap

  • Youtube creator SM
    Youtube creator SM 27 days ago

    Good job

  • Erkan X
    Erkan X 27 days ago

    Kendi başınıza yapabileceğiniz ama video da tuningcilerin yapması 😂😂

  • Kevin Car audio59
    Kevin Car audio59 28 days ago

    Certaines astuce sont pas mal.

  • dmdrecord M
    dmdrecord M 28 days ago

    A otro nivel , dice el tio ??? Joder si. a nivel truñero de los chinos o Deal K es lo mismo jejejeje

  • Шриманши Не2


  • St. Tropez Var
    St. Tropez Var 28 days ago

    How to ruin your car in 200 ways. Foil on head lamp is most idiotic thing to do to you car. Visibility at night 30 %.

  • JC HA
    JC HA 29 days ago

    Y las mejoras?

  • Marcin Ratajczak
    Marcin Ratajczak 29 days ago

    Typowo wiejski tuning. HaHaHa

  • AZ- Racing
    AZ- Racing 29 days ago

    Menuda mierda video