Ann Coulter: The Coulter Veto | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
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    Political commentator and "Resistance is Futile" author Ann Coulter joins Bill to discuss how Trump's base feels about their man.
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Comments • 13 762

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 21 hour ago

    Walls don't work? How about Berlin sweetie? I bet you didn't see that coming.

  • Dan Aril
    Dan Aril Day ago

    Bill is such a disgusting puppet with more puppets just 👏👏👏 like clowns

  • Noble Kelsch
    Noble Kelsch Day ago

    Maher is so Damn boring now. He used to make interesting points and funny-ish jokes. But now its just. 'hey I'm Bill Maher orange man bad.' -applause- 'anyways lets talk.' -opponent makes a point. He attempts to refute which only serves to work against him. Opponent makes better point. 'oh shit I'm floundering. man bad' -applause- 'there we go I feel better.' Wish he could get cured of his trump derangement syndrome.

  • Wilson laing laing
    Wilson laing laing 2 days ago

    Trump is the forerunner of the antichrist setting up one world government.

  • Rui Fortes
    Rui Fortes 2 days ago

    Ohh Bill, you're so close to not being a douche.

  • Yasar
    Yasar 4 days ago

    But he's building the god damn wall you idiot bitch.

  • Yasar
    Yasar 4 days ago

    She's off the reservation. She's a loony nutjob. She wanted the government to be kept shut indefinitely. President would probably get impeached if that ever happened. How long can you stop paying soldiers and federal workers. It hurt a lot of people including myself.

  • Rahul Upadhyay
    Rahul Upadhyay 4 days ago

    She is hot

  • ejand2ks
    ejand2ks 5 days ago

    Bill is the most arrogantly ignorant bitch ever!! And that's saying something!

  • ejand2ks
    ejand2ks 5 days ago

    Maybe Maher will let Anne get a word in?? or... STFU BILL!!

  • Kyle Huckaby
    Kyle Huckaby 6 days ago

    This didn’t age well. 🤣
    “Mueller Mueller Mueller!”
    That report rained on the Maher parade.

  • Lene Ring
    Lene Ring 7 days ago

    Is Ann Coulter a transgender?

  • Doug
    Doug 7 days ago

    Mahr lost this one. Wasting time like Coulter said and jokes fall flat. No clue about fusion GPS and how Russia tells US to back off Venezuela? Foreign Policy 101.

  • stephen glover
    stephen glover 8 days ago

    Let me give you some advice bill, go and find out what fusion gps is then critisize trump

  • do phong
    do phong 8 days ago

    This full of shit intellectual dodge Kyle Kullinsky debate? No wonder Americans know mainstream media is full of mouthpiece propaganda.

  • good morning
    good morning 8 days ago

    Ann Coulter says English and Dutch invaders of North America were “settlers” who’s special privileges are obvious, while all other groups were “immigrants” with no privileges at all. Ann Coulter is an arrogant, egocentric and racist bitch who ought to be whipped into a ditch then shipped to a new life in the Congo or Somalia - give her the choice.

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B 8 days ago

    bill wants to fuck this human scarecrow so bad (for some god forsaken reason)

  • Dennis Cassley
    Dennis Cassley 8 days ago

    Bill talked with and ENGAGED Ann. CHRIS CUOMO would have -- by comparison -- had a hissy fit; shouted over her; INTERRUPTED, etc. Give Bill credit for that, you know?

  • Freedom Masters
    Freedom Masters 9 days ago

    I really believe that the reason some women were called witches and burned on stakes was this ...creature from the black swamp. People that turn deep ignorance into a arrogance and hate for anything wholesome and good. She can keep going disturbing shit thanks to her smoking looks. ...witches did that too.

  • Tremayne Tyler
    Tremayne Tyler 9 days ago

    I love Ann Coulter she's just great!

  • John Tesla
    John Tesla 9 days ago

    I am now a fan of Ann Coulter.

  • D D
    D D 9 days ago

    I absolutely hate her, however she at the very least has the balls to admit she was wrong on certain issues, but she flip flops and flat out lies about other things so then she loses any morsel of respect I started to have

  • bradst91
    bradst91 10 days ago

    Oh yeah you can keep your plan and your doctor.....and 75% increase in healthcare cost later it’s Trumps fault

  • Terry Connor
    Terry Connor 10 days ago

    "but HILLARY..."

  • April Girl
    April Girl 12 days ago

    As heinous as I find many of Ann's ideas, like keeping all the cultures of the world in their own countries, I have difficulty really disliking her. She seems to listen to ideas outside her own, even if she tends to warp them to suit her agenda. And she does have an attitude of having an open analogue and she does certainly participate in it. Can't dislike her for that.

  • Smittinator
    Smittinator 13 days ago +1

    Oh we all know that her and Bill fuck after the show.

  • Iago Porto
    Iago Porto 13 days ago

    This was the perfect opportunity for them to spill some anti-commie slurs. Why didn't they?

  • KingdomCome
    KingdomCome 14 days ago

    Seriously can't anyone see that she is a he!?! A man in drag pushing a narrative and the Adam's apple that is not a feature on real WOMAN !! They push this in our face, make laws, push feminism to break up the family, stop procreating by programming the masses into believing the lies of being "born" when it is via vaccinations that has the genes of the opposite sexes along with other toxins which cause dementia and all other diseases. These men hate real woman, are pedophiles worshipping satan and know to control the minds one must capture them at a very young age. Ensuring the separation between young children from the mother's influence, love, connection and values and fostering those mandated by those that have the agenda. Placing them in indoctrination centres that are without all that a home environment gives while ensuring the feeling of trauma in the child and opening the door for abuse. The total authoritarian control while destroying all parental rights!! The product of environmental influence coupled with ideologies that are not that of the parents would ensure children would agree to sexual contact and transgendering. Wake up people our children need our protection!!

  • sailor3366
    sailor3366 15 days ago

    These two personalities are the perfect example that Democrats and Republicans are both right, black, white, latino and every other race are right..... we are all given enough data to be right depending on the perceptive we have to keep us entertained and arguing or defending our point of view. They just want to keep the population divided so we are harmless to the real criminals who are at highest levels of government. They killed Kennedy, they killed thousands in the twin towers, they persecuting a man who tried to open our eyes and minds and now he's a refugee in Russia away from his home. My personal opinion is that we don't have to like each other but we need to respect each other, our generation has already been fucked up by these criminals but they are too powerful and proud to admit it so... if we want to judge things properly we need get both sides facts not just one side because that's how we end up disrespecting and fighting among ourselves... which is exactly how these criminals want us. I respect Ann because she stands for what she believes in and she brings up very convincing data so she knows WTF she's talking about but I can tell she only sees half of the picture and doesn't give a shit about the other half (she doesn't have to though) but if I had to pick a side I'd stay with Bill... I'd bring a couple other personalities who would whack this lady out for good, George Carlin and Chris Rock. I'm pretty sure she knows she has no chance trying to make a point with these two men.

  • Jimmy Morgan
    Jimmy Morgan 15 days ago

    Bill Maher and Ann Coulter are both witty, logical thinkers, and know that most leftist liberals are intolerant, emotional haters that are easily manipulated. Bill feeds the liberals with lies to control them and keep his show going. Ann feeds the liberals with truth to expose them and shows the conservatives just how crazy the liberal are. Liberals attack with hate if their lies are exposed and will rally around hatred. Conservatives defend attacks against Truth and stand against lies. If a Liberal is challenged by Ann, they attack her. If a Conservative is challenged by Bill they turn him off or if he is willing, will exchange dialog with him. That why Bill and Ann can get along. They both are using the irrational, easily manipulated liberals. Ann even tries to tell them but Bill keeps them in line with the lies. Very interesting to watch.

  • jim c
    jim c 15 days ago

    Question if walls don't work then why do you live behind one Bill? You keep saying the "conman" aren't comedians nothing but conmen?

  • Thomas Griffiths
    Thomas Griffiths 15 days ago

    She looks drunk most of the time

  • Abdul Alhazred
    Abdul Alhazred 16 days ago

    Such a lovely thing... Can we have Ann as a President in 2020?

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 16 days ago

    Maher is the typical communist atheist spinning half truths to a brain dead audience.

  • cruel Intentions
    cruel Intentions 18 days ago

    I hate this woman

  • Hamphield D. Phoenix
    Hamphield D. Phoenix 18 days ago

    Those two tools are irrelevant now

  • onenikkione
    onenikkione 19 days ago +2

    "Pentagon is moving 3.6 Billion in Military Funding to build Trump's Wall"...NBC News

  • L.D. Brite look me up later

    He has conservatives on than they beat him up. Her, Shapiro, Bannon and even that gay guy Milo

  • Eddie Walter
    Eddie Walter 19 days ago

    Billy boy actually believes in the fake news and uses it to make a fool out of himself!

  • Cody Bryson
    Cody Bryson 19 days ago

    This chick is funny Iove her and I love Tulsi GABBARD and I love judge Jeanine Pirro

  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo 20 days ago

    I find it extremely hard to believe that all these people and important people ex directors and billionaire people millionaire people ex presidents all of them together can't get a single call or text through to help ? I find it extremely hard to believe ! Tim Cook bill gates Obama and all of CNN MSNBC HOLLYWOOD -etc etc etc - it's unbelievable ! Facebook so many it's just ridiculous ! Nobody anywhere can make a call or text ? Really ? Cmon grow up ! That's embarrassing ! Especially if you look at what's happening ! Unacceptable !

  • HHHKingofKings58
    HHHKingofKings58 20 days ago

    I like how the jew goes back to supporting another disastrous US intervention in Latin America because the Russians are opposed to that. Hilarious. Are people aware that simply because the old enemy of the jews don't support something, it doesn't make it moral to support that thing?

  • HHHKingofKings58
    HHHKingofKings58 20 days ago

    "Israel's wall is morally different."
    - A jew

  • Andrew Nordell
    Andrew Nordell 20 days ago

    And some people actually believe her. It’s not about hating Mexicans? Really? I call bs. She has such a sick mind, and he lets her spew her conspiracies, I guess it is good to see what the radicals are thinking though.

  • Jemez Fun
    Jemez Fun 20 days ago

    I hate Bill Maher and his fucking liberal democrat boot lickers.

  • Mike Vieira
    Mike Vieira 20 days ago

    These two are great. Debate with intelligence and without acrimony. Ann is a smart courageous lady even if you don't agree with her. You should admire her.

  • Matthew Marcinko
    Matthew Marcinko 21 day ago

    I seriously doubt Mahr and Coulter have any type of sexual relationship, but if they did, it would definitely be "hate fucking" on the part of Ann.

  • John stone
    John stone 21 day ago

    Can someone answer this question I have? Why instead of a wall does every legal immigrant or citizen not have a security number or something to prove they are allowed to stay in the country. Then employers by law have to see this number and registrar their employees in order to be able to take tax etc of them and pay them. This number will also be needed to claim any benefits etc. So if you are illegal you basically cant work or claim anything and it makes it impossible to live there other than working on the quiet for cash. Surely there's a better and easier way than a wall that can be climbed or whatever. Why not crack down hard on employers who employ these illegals?

  • Bill DaWahl
    Bill DaWahl 21 day ago

    Doesn't this skinny hag realize that POTUS is building the wall and being fought tooth and nail doing it?

  • Bill DaWahl
    Bill DaWahl 21 day ago

    Bill Maher is pure scum, I don't know how anyone could like him. I hope he goes broke and then we'll see how much he wants a recession. DOUCHE BAG.

  • Jake Walker
    Jake Walker 21 day ago

    She is 100% right. It's all about globalization and The ultra rich benefit.

  • eugene trimble
    eugene trimble 21 day ago

    ANN !!

  • 692MOM
    692MOM 21 day ago

    Ann really made him look bad!!

  • Craig Paardekooper
    Craig Paardekooper 21 day ago

    trump is sane. Words are not the whole story. What counts is the main purpose and goal

  • richard maida
    richard maida 22 days ago

    Ann Coulter will kick you dumb Jew ass! You're a disgrace to your fucking race, you poor son-of-a-bitch!

  • Bob Jordan
    Bob Jordan 22 days ago

    Bill Maher the human interrupting machine...

  • calo10able
    calo10able 22 days ago

    Ann Coulter is awesome

  • gilo
    gilo 23 days ago

    Don't agree with Maher on practically everything. Dual standard libtard. But he is funny. Ann Coulter is the ish.

  • Michael DMan
    Michael DMan 23 days ago

    This is just a distraction orchestrated by the owners. The Pres. and Congress are nothing more than bad actors and secretary's being paid by the ones who print and lend money. Money that they are allowed to print out of thin fkn air! and not allowed to be audited . Wake up these 2 are in the CLUB! As is Trump n Hillary!

  • rob eberly
    rob eberly 23 days ago +2

    August 2019. Comey is just the first piece of the puzzle to go down. Many more to follow. Is Bill going to acknowledge that? Bill Maher was still stuck on Russian collusion. That didn’t age well at all Bill.