Top 20 Places You Should NEVER EVER Swim


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  • Michael Swineford
    Michael Swineford 16 часов назад

    There is a horseshoe lake in Washington state too, luckily it's safe

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease 16 часов назад

    21: the shower

  • gymnast dancer
    gymnast dancer 17 часов назад

    Actually i live out here where the hover dam is and it leads to lake mead and it is perfectly safe and u arent allowed to swim near the dam but u can buy a raft tour i know that cause i did it at my school and since it leads to lake mead and lake mead is a public place and i go there every year it is perfectly fine no issues

  • James O'Donnell
    James O'Donnell 17 часов назад

    6:15 😥
    That’s messed up

  • Arendt Oosthuizen
    Arendt Oosthuizen 17 часов назад

    0.2 is more than 0.15🤦‍♂️

  • Amelia Williams
    Amelia Williams 18 часов назад

    FYI red belly piranhas may be the most common type of piranhas but most of the time the won’t even touch you 😂

  • Laurynas Mazeika
    Laurynas Mazeika 18 часов назад

    top ten yummy swim resorts that you should go to (sponsored)

  • Hajaara Dahir
    Hajaara Dahir 19 часов назад

    Lake Victoria in Uganda I went many times with my family guess what no one died

  • eka Nurhayati
    eka Nurhayati 19 часов назад

    Waah sungai citarum nomer 4, terlalu,,,,

  • Kasey Mathew
    Kasey Mathew 20 часов назад

    So . . . No mention of the lake in the crater of a volcano (I forget which country) where sulphur oxides make the water so acidic that the PH is a negative number?

  • Purti Baluja
    Purti Baluja 20 часов назад

    I am a indian and it is not gange it is ganga and ya it is a holy river 😠

  • Lay-Z -BoyZ
    Lay-Z -BoyZ 20 часов назад

    Gansbaai is dutch for goose bay not shark alley

  • lost bara
    lost bara 20 часов назад

    2:31 Brendon Urie y'all

  • Leon Hanselmann
    Leon Hanselmann 20 часов назад

    How the fuck did I get here

  • LTGonline
    LTGonline 21 час назад

    Threshers can be for them. Don't sleep on them porbeagles! But yeah Threshers the most dangerous by far.

  • Hubby Craft
    Hubby Craft 22 часа назад

    Do ya live in aus but ya are english

  • xavier 4333
    xavier 4333 23 часа назад

    6:16 just tie up your foreskin

  • sharad sonawane
    sharad sonawane 23 часа назад

    Hamare india ke bare me kese khai sakta hai tu

  • AJ Parker
    AJ Parker 23 часа назад

    10:10 ignores underlying racist implications lol

  • Hunter Peters
    Hunter Peters 23 часа назад

    This channel is a hoax

  • Chancey McCurry
    Chancey McCurry 23 часа назад +1

    So pretty much the human race is responsible for over half the top 20 places you should never swim in😐

  • It's Chris
    It's Chris День назад

    (being from texas) jacob’s well is so amazing but those caves are terrifying

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X День назад

    Hanakapiai beach is fine to swim...just go on low tide

  • Madelynn Dunn
    Madelynn Dunn День назад

    This video literally scares the shit out of me

  • The Quest For Climax
    The Quest For Climax День назад

    1:32 that’s just a big middle finger to the dead people, “let’s just throw them in a shit river”

  • Charlie-lee Wigley
    Charlie-lee Wigley День назад

    The way he says Yorkshire😂😂😂

  • Ryan Richards
    Ryan Richards День назад

    Swim? Lol i wouldn't go to India to take a shit! Disgusting shit hole

  • Kelly animatez
    Kelly animatez День назад

    I would not do that you could droned

  • cowboy10069
    cowboy10069 День назад

    ehh the last one is not so bad, you stupid humans have simply forgoten how to walk, its actually quite annoying i have had to teach several adults how to walk. dont just thrust your limbs in front of you and hope for the best, actually plan where there going to go. i wish i knew how th indians walkd before us but i only know how i taught myself, as a boy i always just tried to walk on the most obnoxious inclines and most slippery sloaps, i hop back and forth across the river i run its length, i can be certain i will jump and land on the other side because i know i know how to spring and how to land, i would not know how to make a video to teach you, i could only show and correct in person, i am sure there arfe better ways that what i know, as th indians could do as i do but silent and there ballence was greater than my own, they probably are also faster, i am no runner.

  • savcob
    savcob День назад

    who makes these atrocious videos...

  • Katerina Groven
    Katerina Groven День назад

    Anyone else get anxiety from this?

  • Hyper Shot
    Hyper Shot День назад

    I love this dudes voice

  • bamstfu
    bamstfu День назад

    So who wants to go swimming?

  • Doom City.
    Doom City. День назад +1

    1:10 but, but, Mesopotamia

    ATMOS PHERE День назад +1

    Be amazed make a game in ios/android like temple run😅

  • Kyle Overton
    Kyle Overton День назад

    No mention of the Mary river in the Northern Territory, where a wildlife official has said "you'll find a 6 meter or larger saltwater croc living every kilometer," ?

  • Spyro The Dragon 98
    Spyro The Dragon 98 День назад

    Legend says swimming is dangerous

  • I’m like TT
    I’m like TT День назад

    I live in Yorkshire I didn’t realise there was something so dangerous so close

  • sarah jane
    sarah jane День назад

    I’m surprised the Kern river in California isn’t on this list.

  • digimaks
    digimaks День назад

    This is something I never understood about India's logic -
    If Ganges river considered sacred, then why the hell they pollute it with dead people, trash, industrial waste and sewer? So in other words they consider it sacred, but don't give a S#*t about it.

  • Emerson Futral
    Emerson Futral День назад

    i found my vacation spot

  • GaMMa 454
    GaMMa 454 День назад

    Why is lil yatchy at part of the Video!? LOL XD

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams День назад

    2:32 Brendon Urie is that you??? 😂

  • BoringDave
    BoringDave День назад +1

    *save the fish*

  • Went Hulk
    Went Hulk День назад

    Actually piranha's and candiru are not much of a problem.

    • Went Hulk
      Went Hulk День назад

      I take issue with the spots that have high animal attacks. Generally you'd be pretty safe in those areas as long as you aren't stupid.

  • NightLiteTime
    NightLiteTime День назад

    Anyone else dick hurt when they heard about those fish going inside you through your penis hole?

  • Fortnite addict
    Fortnite addict День назад

    I was gaging while I was eating

  • Liliana Carrasco
    Liliana Carrasco День назад


  • Nathan Bongertman
    Nathan Bongertman День назад

    Piranha are extremely timid creatures, unless your dead or on the brink of death will they won't eat you...

  • Undead Ladybug
    Undead Ladybug День назад

    These places make me so glad that water terrifies me...

  • Killer Carmen
    Killer Carmen День назад

    What about Mono Lake?

  • Dave R
    Dave R День назад

    Why the lame music? Your voice is bad enough then add the lame music

  • Echo 9970
    Echo 9970 День назад

    Well, good old Yorkshire has the most dangerous body of water so to speak. I live in North Yorkshire, and I have been to that river b4 it is as bad as he says.

  • Mckinzie Adams
    Mckinzie Adams День назад

    Yes we should swim in the water very smart

  • CTRPentaPenguin
    CTRPentaPenguin День назад

    There's another reason why you shouldn't swim in these places.
    Naegleria Fowleri, AKA the Brain Eating Amoeba, can lurk in some of these waters, and the amoeba is extremely dangerous. Causes Naegleriasis, for which the symptoms are sudden severe headaches which lead to death.

  • Kathrynn Burch
    Kathrynn Burch День назад

    Never do that in your life time

  • Nurse Blissey
    Nurse Blissey День назад


  • WestOfEarth
    WestOfEarth День назад

    Wonder if these polluted places will ever become as Eco-conscious as the West. Granted we have our issues still, but damn nothing quite as bad as the worst shown here.

  • Dex Lacko
    Dex Lacko День назад


  • Maya Hunter
    Maya Hunter День назад

    ive been to all of them

  • Mason Breland
    Mason Breland День назад

    I just got back from Jacobs well

  • matt8863
    matt8863 День назад +1

    What an absolutely disgusting mess...India is 1.2 million square miles in size...There are no landfills to walk or drive to????? Those people become highly paid geniuses in the US, but are that ignorant over there??? Wtf.

  • matt8863
    matt8863 День назад +1

    1:38 I wonder if that's why those (good people) still stink when they get to the US...Probably hard to wash off....

  • animal & lps filmer
    animal & lps filmer День назад

    That is a nope no thanks

  • Stephan Yoseph
    Stephan Yoseph День назад

    In Iceland, somewhere I was visiting on an EF tour, the Blue Lagoon was somewhere I swam so when the Blue Lagoon was said, I got lowkey scared but it was a different Blue Lagoon

  • Nylonic55 Yorkshire
    Nylonic55 Yorkshire День назад

    Well, that was ridiculous.

  • ༺ TiffySky ༻
    ༺ TiffySky ༻ День назад

    It's pronounced N-isle Or N-Eye-L 😂

  • Sleeping Backbone
    Sleeping Backbone День назад

    It's not why that island has become hot spot for sharks, it's the question why are people (still) swimming there? It's not like they don't know, come on. Whoever is voluntarily playing with their own life in such a way, I say let the sharks have some fun then.

  • Kpacka23
    Kpacka23 День назад

    well there go my summer plans

  • Black Crow Of Vengeance #1
    Black Crow Of Vengeance #1 День назад

    Ok, even though I appreciate the warnings about these dangerous waters, I still don't like the harsh truth of the reality.

  • Echobas3
    Echobas3 День назад

    I lived under 500 metres from #3,,, and yes the water was very blue

  • rashad wilson
    rashad wilson День назад

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  • Suzukisan
    Suzukisan День назад

    Look up bilhazia. Dumb vid, dumb.

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince День назад

    The most harmful place to swim is Jacobs Creek. Spend too long there and you'll drown... Your sorrows.
    Hooray for wine.

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince День назад

    Dear uneducated American, it's point naught two (0.02), point one five (0.15) and Eight point two eight (8.28). This is because after a decimal point the numerals proceed as tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc. 0.1 is one tenth. 0.05 is five hundredths. One you get to multiple numerals, for example 0.547, you are essentially dealing with five hundred and forty-seven thousandths of a value.
    It's pronounced "Dardyshire" despite being spelled Derbyshire.

  • JoPro Gaming, The Living Image
    JoPro Gaming, The Living Image День назад

    0.15 is less than 0.2, do you mean 0.02?

  • sehminniy
    sehminniy День назад

    the Brendon urie gif I-

  • sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
    sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst День назад

    This is why aliens won't come here

  • ronan Hetherington
    ronan Hetherington День назад

    The day the music died

  • KystriZ
    KystriZ День назад

    Why am I watching this? I can't even swim...

  • flavrdPnut
    flavrdPnut День назад

    It’s funny how we US people ..especially Cali people pay a shit load to keep pollution down and we have new “green deals” every couple years, but places like China produce 1/3 the worlds pollution from their one country.. I’m not saying not to try but everyone else does not give a shit😉

  • MxHypertron
    MxHypertron День назад +1

    8:41 LMAO do u really have no regrets?

  • Leland Newsome
    Leland Newsome День назад

    Could I boil a egg in the boiling river using metal and the water problem yes lol

  • Genuine Comments
    Genuine Comments День назад

    Dur ! Is like I am dumb in the UK

  • Genuine Comments
    Genuine Comments День назад

    Durbyshire it’s like Derbyshire Darbyshire as pronounced do your home work

  • alsy23
    alsy23 День назад

    The way he said Derbyshire lmao

  • Genuine Comments
    Genuine Comments День назад

    Nal river it’s Nile like Nyal

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez День назад

    Don’t hate on sharks

  • Dominique Jennings
    Dominique Jennings День назад

    The one in Texas Hell yea

  • Meet Vora
    Meet Vora День назад +1

    Fu©ker is not is THE GANGA ...illiterate youtuber

    MAADMAAC День назад +1

    You are fuckin retard

  • CR4 Chris
    CR4 Chris День назад

    I’m about 20-30 mins away from the Bolton abbey estate, (place where the strid is located), and when there has been heavy rainfall the strid looks crazy high and all the rocks where you can usually walk, (as long as you don’t go near the edge), are covered in rapid water and it is scary to say the least.

  • Zanthe Dickie
    Zanthe Dickie День назад

    He pronounced gansbaai wrong

  • Catherine North
    Catherine North День назад

    From South Africa, hearing him say “gaansbaai” makes me want to cry. 😂 the G in “gaans” is like when your cat is trying to cough up a fur ball and it makes that “gggghhhgg” sound. The “aa” is like the way British people pronounce the “a” in plants
    Edit: it’s an Afrikaans word and many people in South Africa can’t pronounce it either 💁🏼😂

  • Anupam Mukherjee
    Anupam Mukherjee День назад

    Ganges is supposed to be a holy River in our India but ohh the F***in irony !

  • Стоян Калейн
    Стоян Калейн День назад

    I fear no man but this think (jellyfish)it scares me

  • Aggressive Kira
    Aggressive Kira День назад

    Any place is a place where you should NEVER EVER swim if you can't swim.

  • Robert Owens
    Robert Owens День назад

    was great vid looks dangerous

  • Robyn Gillmore
    Robyn Gillmore День назад

    The way he says Yorkshire 😂

  • anuj kumar
    anuj kumar День назад

    that not gangees that should br called gann-ga