Top 20 Places You Should NEVER EVER Swim

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • You can probably think of lots of places that are great for swimming. Pools, the beach, even comically small inflatable pools. Here are the bodies of water that you should never, ever, swim in.
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  • Moonlight Sky
    Moonlight Sky Hour ago

    4:48 so basically u commit Suicide

  • LovelyLoli
    LovelyLoli Hour ago

    0:06 This nigga holding a sex doll?

  • Toba Hiphop
    Toba Hiphop 7 hours ago

    21. Killarney Lake

  • Brendan Ziegler
    Brendan Ziegler 7 hours ago

    Those kandiroo are literally the scariest thing on this list

  • Kent Baldwin
    Kent Baldwin 9 hours ago

    the Nile river should be higher on the ranking since its also home to the bull shark (most dangerous shark in the world) and also home to hippos (kills the most humans each year).
    Just saying xD

  • Gurpreet Deol
    Gurpreet Deol 9 hours ago

    Yea totally will go kill u self

  • Jo Bu
    Jo Bu 10 hours ago

    Swam in Vitoria Lake; memorized the local... being able to swim... ...go figure...

  • Jo Bu
    Jo Bu 10 hours ago

    Swam in Vitoria Lake; memorized the local... being able to swim... ...go figure...

  • Will 88
    Will 88 15 hours ago

    Good old nall river

  • Anonymous Returns
    Anonymous Returns 16 hours ago

    Actually Candiru only swim up your urinal tube if your either A: Naked, Or B: you pee in the water.

  • WWatchGamezz
    WWatchGamezz 16 hours ago

    ThE nAL rIVeR

  • Conrad Ricks
    Conrad Ricks 17 hours ago

    That is cool

  • sidncey
    sidncey 18 hours ago

    2:32 lmao it’s brendon urie

  • How long can my name be Lets find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The Nile is full of Nile CROCODILES " *shows picture of an alligator*

  • JR
    JR 20 hours ago

    India is a shithole. The people are filthy

  • atelectro1
    atelectro1 21 hour ago

    What will happen to all the lakes and rivers in another one hundred years as the population keeps rising?

  • inderpreet kaur
    inderpreet kaur 22 hours ago

    india is shity place people belief in alot of superstitions , they ll pray in front of a goddess and rape the daughters of people and little female children. if u ever visit india or your female friends make sure for your safety because cops wont come rushing they wont do anything!

  • all in one tube fun
    all in one tube fun 23 hours ago

    Everyone now know that how worst is india

  • Charlie Hicks
    Charlie Hicks 23 hours ago +1

    The way this guy says Nile, arsenic and Yorkshire really pisses me off.

  • B B
    B B Day ago +4

    this whole video just gives me anxiety

  • Arindam Maity
    Arindam Maity Day ago +1

    I have already bathed in Ganges ! 🙄

  • Real Indian
    Real Indian Day ago

    I think Ganges River is not that dangerous as u state,I have swimmer 1000 times in it

  • shivananda swamy


  • JacksonDrifts
    JacksonDrifts Day ago +1

    I actually swam close to bubly creek and I never knew

  • Eli
    Eli Day ago

    How bout the fact that these bodies of water used to contain an ecosystem but we live in such a vile disgusting fucked up system that we contaminate it with radiation and polution. Like think about it. A whole ecosystem used to flourish in these places and people destroyed it and no one even turns a head! And pretty soon our oceans will be gone too! Wake tf up, stop eating processed food, and stop using wasteful products. Legal doesnt mean ethical. The system is fucking evil. The sooner u wake up and reallize it the sooner we can do what we can to save the environment. And anyone who gets in the way will be grinded up into fish food idegaf

  • Firebird
    Firebird Day ago +1

    also take note of the Berkley pit in butte montana!

  • Bao vy Hoang
    Bao vy Hoang Day ago

    That look like it will kill us in 1 second

  • A S
    A S Day ago

    Urinal tube? It's called a urethra, you retards.

  • Denion Jarazi
    Denion Jarazi Day ago

    I live by bubble greek

  • My crafts
    My crafts Day ago

    You pronounce wrong river ganga 😑

  • Sniper God
    Sniper God Day ago


  • Haha Lol
    Haha Lol Day ago

    6:17 just looks like the guy has a boner.

  • Tpindell HCF
    Tpindell HCF Day ago +1


  • Tekkerz Lads
    Tekkerz Lads Day ago

    I know right it's scary

  • Samithesquirrel101 !

    I have been to Jacobs well and it’s not to bad and I swam

  • Lunar Skye
    Lunar Skye Day ago

    #1 is shrek’s swamp XD

  •  Day ago +1

    The weirdest thing is that I have been to all of those places and nothing ever happened to me, 😂😮🌎💙

  • KnowJesusKnowPeace

    Environmentalists watch this and go numb-brained. Somewhere, an idea is fertilized... that the oppressive EPA which destroys family farms (but never big corp farms) is several magnitudes of misdirected effort... when other nations are polluting the earth at 10,000 times the rate.

  • KnowJesusKnowPeace

    Reminds me of a true story. Christian missionary goes to S. America, preaches Jesus in the remote jungle. Leaves and sees a river. Before getting in, he sees a local and asks, “Are there piranha here?”
    “No,” says the man. “No piranha.”
    So, the missionary takes a long-delayed, well-earned wash in the river. After, he dries and dresses. Then, he asks the local man, “How do you know there are no piranha here?”
    He says, “Where alligators there are, piranha there are not.”

  • Reynaldo Santisteban

    not yet been released guys

  • Naxh
    Naxh 2 days ago

    Is it me or do other people think some person wants to swim in all of these

  • Pramod Yadav
    Pramod Yadav 2 days ago +1

    Bro I swam in Ganges and I got no shit you mentioned

  • Alic,.
    Alic,. 2 days ago +3

    I don’t live near any of this
    I’m in Canada Ontario

    • mark smith
      mark smith 43 minutes ago

      I'm by the lagoon in Buxton. Unfortunately

  • Wesley Richardson
    Wesley Richardson 2 days ago +1

    I love it how they start showing calculus as the reason why you shouldent swim in an area...

  • Mistcp Yt
    Mistcp Yt 2 days ago

    Wheres the Mississippi river at

  • Not Bunucorn
    Not Bunucorn 2 days ago

    This just makes my anxiety level get higher but I’m still gonna watch all of it being the dumb ass i am 😂

  • Pedro Noriega
    Pedro Noriega 2 days ago

    They don’t even mention the amazon river

  • FOUR IS HERE !!!!!!
    FOUR IS HERE !!!!!! 2 days ago

    Omg dangerous

  • RailfanWill
    RailfanWill 2 days ago

    The Nal River

  • Nitin Shukla
    Nitin Shukla 2 days ago +1

    I would never go to Hanukkah PA beach

  • david trejo
    david trejo 2 days ago +1


  • Young Trillick
    Young Trillick 2 days ago +1

    I was waiting for him to mention about the “Strid”

    FISK _TTV 2 days ago +1

    My balls

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 days ago +3

    thank you for scaring away the rubble. i have to check out this Hawaii beach.

  • Max Welsh
    Max Welsh 2 days ago

    I understand that properly pronouncing place names is difficult when you're not from the area but how do you not know how to pronounce arsenic?

  • Chelsie 4 life
    Chelsie 4 life 2 days ago +1

    Me: “hmm,but you can swim right?”
    Him: “Yeah...”
    Me: *Grabs swimming outfit* “looks like I’m going for a swim!”

  • Jimoan lol
    Jimoan lol 3 days ago

    i’m upset at humanity- like a lot of the places you can’t swim is because of other people’s doings lmao

  • richgirl GT
    richgirl GT 3 days ago +13

    they made it black

    but it was soo beautiful! 😣😵😭😭😭😭

  • Mutafa Rahmani
    Mutafa Rahmani 3 days ago +1

    Thank you i got now water phobia...

  • Mutafa Rahmani
    Mutafa Rahmani 3 days ago +1

    I feel ashamed human kind made the water dirty :’/

  • Tiara Hardin
    Tiara Hardin 3 days ago

    Kipu Falls sounds like it might be ghosts or spirits in the water drowning people because nobody just drowns for no reason

  • Beezy Saurus
    Beezy Saurus 3 days ago +1

    How deadly would these lakes be if you mixed them all into one giant lake?

  • Christina Mancuso
    Christina Mancuso 3 days ago +1

    Imagine a worm squiggling up your Vjay ?! 🥴

    • richgirl GT
      richgirl GT 3 days ago


  • Niyah_Plays_Oof
    Niyah_Plays_Oof 3 days ago +2


    • TSM_ Lexi
      TSM_ Lexi 2 days ago

      Niyah_Plays_Oof your vajay jay

      TANGERINE 2 days ago

      that swim up your urethra

  • GEO_crazygamer
    GEO_crazygamer 3 days ago

    Bro wheres umm dead sea?

  • rthelionheart
    rthelionheart 3 days ago +4

    Three (3) of my past mothers in law go fishing there🤨

  • Pkp X2
    Pkp X2 3 days ago

    #1 should be Burma triangle

  • vasiliki
    vasiliki 3 days ago +4

    isn't 0.2 a larger number than 0.15 tho?😂


    ''Im acting"

  • Kodeen Kennedy
    Kodeen Kennedy 4 days ago

    Pretty sure Steve o swam in the Ganges river 😂

  • Kseniya Ilyenkova
    Kseniya Ilyenkova 4 days ago

    NEVER I will not go to any of these places IM not stupid

  • Yeemo Trash
    Yeemo Trash 4 days ago +1

    I almost screamed when I the gif of Brendon Urie popped up

  • OP - Funny Moments
    OP - Funny Moments 4 days ago

    The Indian river is true🤮🤮i went there

  • Joshy Joy
    Joshy Joy 4 days ago +1

    lol you pronounce Ganga river wrongly...aah

  • Jeff Hanneman
    Jeff Hanneman 4 days ago

    0:06 Don't forget your lifesaving blow up doll!

  • CooCoo Katie
    CooCoo Katie 4 days ago +2

    Pollution pollution and ……………


    • CooCoo Katie
      CooCoo Katie 4 days ago

      That is a reason some people are pretty bad

    • Chip_Salad
      Chip_Salad 4 days ago +1

      How else politicians are gonna make money 💰
      Society is so wastefull these days
      The great Pacific garbage patch exists but nobody cares! (well some people,well you get what I mean). 😤😡

  • Chris Connolly
    Chris Connolly 4 days ago

    Dying it black was a good decision... Shows black guy clapping. 10:11

  • Chris Connolly
    Chris Connolly 4 days ago +3

    *Called boiling lake*
    Isn’t hot enough to boil at sea level

  • tigrepalenque
    tigrepalenque 4 days ago

    Ellery Big Hole near Alice Springs in the NT, Australia. People also mysteriously drown there, probably because of the rainbow serpent.

  • Dave Murray
    Dave Murray 4 days ago

    BE AMAZED :0

  • Reece W
    Reece W 4 days ago +2

    I’m from Yorkshire and the way you pronounced it is the funniest thing 😂

      TANGERINE 2 days ago

      ok but they way he said Derbyshire just got me

  • Libra Potato
    Libra Potato 4 days ago +3

    2:31 beebooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (Brendon Urie)

  • A. Pareek
    A. Pareek 4 days ago

    NEW YANNY VS LAUREL 0:21 Do you hear I'm acting or Amazing

  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    Yeah the strid like quicksand in places, but there are loadsa safe places to paddle as well. no 1 most unsafe place to swim...your winner is....without further delay. Any poor soul trying a lap of seal island. Yes no one in history had completed a successful lap of seal island.

  • Elliott Sardo Infirri

    I think ill go swim..... in my bathtub

  • Vinit Kumar Singh
    Vinit Kumar Singh 5 days ago

    Update on River Ganges: it's much cleaner now. Current government has taken lot of steps in cleaning it. Let's see when it will all cleaned.

  • Error_404
    Error_404 5 days ago


  • Mauritanian Mapping
    Mauritanian Mapping 5 days ago +1

    The toilet

  • WolfieMations
    WolfieMations 5 days ago +4

    Uh, I wasn’t planning on it!

  • 12BeachesFlying 12
    12BeachesFlying 12 5 days ago +4

    You don’t know how much I watched this video by accident already.

    Wanna know how many times?

    23 times!

    • Bex Jepson
      Bex Jepson 2 days ago


  • Skuash
    Skuash 5 days ago

    India, the shithole of the world.

  • Mahaleth Islas Islas

    You you just say my name victoria

  • Chris Pflieger
    Chris Pflieger 5 days ago

    Urinal tube? Really? You can't say urethra?

  • Noob Skater
    Noob Skater 5 days ago

    Some of these places are dangerous for diving

  • Partha Pratim Banik
    Partha Pratim Banik 5 days ago

    Hey you fucking idiot Ganges is our holy river fucking bastard

  • ninjaxan2 stuaff
    ninjaxan2 stuaff 5 days ago

    Bermuda triangle

  • Flash boy
    Flash boy 5 days ago

    I think I would swim in the 1 with The wiener worms 🐛