• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE Trailer (2020) HD
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  • Julio Castro
    Julio Castro Day ago

    I’m mad that they changed nicholais voice! The nemesis trailer made me so mad! And they also changed his look! This nicholai was perfect! Why change him? He should have stayed like this!

  • Alejandro Aragon

    Fuck man i can’t wait to play this game ima appreciate it this time i sold my re2 to make space on my Xbox lmao

  • Dede •
    Dede • 2 days ago

    Corri scappa c'è il cazzomerda di Nemesisss

  • musashi87
    musashi87 2 days ago

    Julia Voth > Sienna Guillory > Teppen Artwork > RE3 Polygon model > Sasha Zotova

  • P. Regan
    P. Regan 4 days ago

    X gon give it to yuh!!!!
    Nemesis.... Clearly y’all forgot about Dre!!!!

  • Motorola Moto C
    Motorola Moto C 5 days ago

    Wooow la cara de jill es un espanto! Que mal u____u,

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine 6 days ago


  • OkiStash
    OkiStash 6 days ago

    The 1st person play has me interested. this shit kinda came outta nowhere tho lmfaooo.

  • Rosa Almeida Almeidarosa

    Google q poha eh essa de diretrizes da comunidade

  • tyrant bass
    tyrant bass 7 days ago

    1:33 mira nomas esa frente y esa quijada

  • Soma Cruz
    Soma Cruz 7 days ago

    jill looks different in every game

  • Ergo Proxy
    Ergo Proxy 8 days ago +1

    Mikhail dies? Again? Nooo 😢

  • Серж Бывалый

    Go Remake Resident Evil 1, on PS5😂😂😂

  • paola vazquez
    paola vazquez 8 days ago

    WEY YO QUIERO EL 4 NO EL 3!!!!!

  • Samy Dragon
    Samy Dragon 9 days ago

    I cant wait for remake reisdent evil 4 my favorite

  • BlowBlow's Jiizare Headventure

    Capcom doesn't seem to understand the importance of character design anymore. Dressing Jill like Ripley doesn't make the game where you run from a roided up hentai zombie more realistic.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 9 days ago +1

      Have you seen her design in the original Resident Evil 3?

  • ando Ew
    ando Ew 10 days ago +1

    Maybe nemesis could be the next stage of the t virus after the crimson head zombie but few reach that stage, also more than one ending like the radiation from the nuke makes t virus mutants stronger if there not caught in the blast or somehow survive the blast, one ending the nuke hits the other it does not in both endings the character escapes the city.

  • Kyrese Dash
    Kyrese Dash 10 days ago

    all of this is from RE2 not RE3.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 8 days ago

      @Kyrese Dash Yeah, a rewind since parts of Resident Evil 3 takes place before Resident Evil 2

    • Kyrese Dash
      Kyrese Dash 9 days ago

      @Adam Cunningham well that whole beginning is...sooooooooooooo....yea

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 9 days ago


  • Luiz Fernando Dias De Souza

    Quero modo mercenários ou bota no jogo eu não quero essa bosta quero jogar com Michael Nicolai e Carlos vai se fuder Capcom bota os mercenários

  • sahej shah
    sahej shah 10 days ago

    Starting line should be a September 28 and end with stars

  • Isabel Gutierrez
    Isabel Gutierrez 11 days ago +1

    Eso. Sera un juegazo yupiiii...... Jill

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 11 days ago +3

    I can't imagine Resident Evil 4 Remake!

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 10 days ago +1

      Me neither, Resident Evil 4 is fine the way it is

  • Gametyp
    Gametyp 11 days ago

    Somehow i have a feeling that the demo for Resident Evil 3 will be released on January 27th this year. I might be wrong, but you never know!!!

  • Bimo Ariawan
    Bimo Ariawan 11 days ago

    Great information. Thanks bro

  • rachel jones
    rachel jones 11 days ago

    I still prefer the original old school

  • Mitchelle Rodhy
    Mitchelle Rodhy 11 days ago

    The background music sounds so creepy

  • drummermike 90
    drummermike 90 11 days ago

    Can't fuckin wait!

  • Jordan Woodley
    Jordan Woodley 12 days ago +3

    Mr X: I'm the scariest pursuer in Resident Evil.
    Nemesis: Hold my Rocket Launcher.

  • Jevangood
    Jevangood 12 days ago

    Jill is like a stereotypical white chick in a horror movie right here in that opening. Tripping over everything. lol.

  • Murray Saucedo
    Murray Saucedo 12 days ago +12

    Jill’s face in the RE3 remake kinda resembles Abella Danger

  • KarissasWorld
    KarissasWorld 12 days ago

    sooo looking forward to this

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 12 days ago +12

    Bad joke:
    How does Nemesis rate the RE games?
    With STARS 😁

  • galienx 35
    galienx 35 12 days ago

    Carai que jogo gostoso

  • Yasser Czech
    Yasser Czech 13 days ago

    OH SHID NEMESIS i VE EVER SEEN o NEMESIS mais bosta que eu já VI

  • Rafael S.Leite
    Rafael S.Leite 13 days ago

    0:48 Noice

  • hombre misterioso
    hombre misterioso 13 days ago

    En castellano

  • Aku9466
    Aku9466 13 days ago

    I hope that they’ll make this available for steam or switch

  • Haneul Kim
    Haneul Kim 13 days ago

    Ya lo quiero jugar !!!!!! :'V

  • Meggles
    Meggles 13 days ago

    Legit excited for this!!!!

  • Leonardo Caetano
    Leonardo Caetano 13 days ago

    não torner RE3 em um jogo de ação... please...

  • Обэме
    Обэме 13 days ago

    Abella Danger?!

  • Eduardo Ortega
    Eduardo Ortega 13 days ago

    Va a estar pará PS4

    • GonzaFZ
      GonzaFZ 10 days ago

      Ps4 pc y xbox one

  • KLY
    KLY 13 days ago

    nemesis has back!!!

  • Clint A.
    Clint A. 14 days ago

    I'm so excited for this but i don't have ps4 pro

  • Agustin Frias
    Agustin Frias 14 days ago +1

    Ojala que metieran el residet evil 4 remake jaja

  • prunt23
    prunt23 14 days ago +1

    Please let them remake Code Veronica, such happy memories.

  • Luca Hittendo
    Luca Hittendo 14 days ago +1

    Nice HD+RE i buy me that

  • Ronnie Nelson Jr
    Ronnie Nelson Jr 14 days ago

    Im almost 40 and fucka bunch of nemesis

  • Noah Leopold
    Noah Leopold 14 days ago

    Nemesis can't catch a break can he?

  • charlie Saenz
    charlie Saenz 14 days ago

    Looks awesome keep it like this

  • Mattia 90
    Mattia 90 14 days ago

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  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 14 days ago

    RE4 RMakE !!! Cmon every one...... CAPCOM talk to me when you remake RE4

  • Gabriel Augusto
    Gabriel Augusto 15 days ago

    I wonder if resident evil 4 will get remaked as well, if so it will be dope!!!

  • Dustin Harrell
    Dustin Harrell 15 days ago +1

    I really hope they make this optional 3rd and 1st person, RE2 was intense with the 1st person mod.

  • joshua calzada martinez


    • GonzaFZ
      GonzaFZ 10 days ago

      A nemesis lo mostratan en otro trailer como a carlos.

  • The stolen sweet roll
    The stolen sweet roll 15 days ago

    Can wesker please just curb stomp me?

  • Zanttazツ
    Zanttazツ 15 days ago


  • Zanttazツ
    Zanttazツ 15 days ago


  • Zanttazツ
    Zanttazツ 15 days ago


  • Zanttazツ
    Zanttazツ 15 days ago