America's Got Talent Winner Shin Lim Stuns Jimmy with a Magic Trick

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • America's Got Talent winner Shin Lim catches Jimmy off guard with a deceptively straightforward, multi-level card trick.
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    America's Got Talent Winner Shin Lim Stuns Jimmy with a Magic Trick
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 10 828

  • luz angela chaparro castro


    BUNNY LIFE 16 hours ago

    i wanna so you a magic think of any numbers dont so it to me now tell me is this your number 1 to 13

  • AllaboutAlicia
    AllaboutAlicia Day ago

    A magician went to my school last year and eat lights and made birds and rabbits come out of nowhere

  • Nunung Umi kalsum

    4:47 top change exsposed...!!!

  • Almicar Vargas
    Almicar Vargas 2 days ago

    He fooled Penn and Teller. damn right he's gonna fool the shit out of America's Got Talent and win.

  • RC Carz
    RC Carz 2 days ago

    Is Hogwarts a real school somewhere?

  • smile youroncamera
    smile youroncamera 2 days ago

    Shin bought 52 decks of cards. All the cards were 2 of He also Had another 2 folder up in the roof of his mouth, and a smoke capsule, for theatrics. Psssh, not impressed.

  • Eternal Love
    Eternal Love 3 days ago

    The trademark smokiest and sexiest card trick only from Shin Lim. 😎 I just 💜 that magician.

    SHAN TV 3 days ago +1

    4:40 he just tricked shin lim

    • SHAN TV
      SHAN TV Day ago

      The card was put into the table instead of giving it to shin

    • Alexandre Paiva
      Alexandre Paiva Day ago

      What do you mean?

    ORISHA PHOTOS 3 days ago


  • sreenivasan R
    sreenivasan R 4 days ago

    He is my favourite magician.. I can watch his show all day!!! 🙌

  • Ella - chan
    Ella - chan 4 days ago

    this guy's charisma omg!!

  • DuzBee
    DuzBee 4 days ago +3

    Black magic, power of the Jins

  • reni viru
    reni viru 4 days ago

    Wtf man! It's unbelievable

  • Dewan Akash
    Dewan Akash 5 days ago


  • Rigoberto Valenzuela


  • Raniero Capitillo
    Raniero Capitillo 5 days ago

    4:48, he doesn't put the 2 of spades on the table.

    Magicians are just people insanely good at distracting and have amazing fast hands

  • Lee Pascual
    Lee Pascual 6 days ago

    wow its been a year tho.

  • Coco Brochu
    Coco Brochu 9 days ago

    He can and I quote " get it"

  • Kishore Andra
    Kishore Andra 11 days ago

    All day coding still some bucks some magic tricks a millionaire.....

  • Supantha Kundu
    Supantha Kundu 12 days ago

    I think at 4:49 he changed the card

  • Quantum Aquatic
    Quantum Aquatic 12 days ago +2

    Best magician I've ever seen. Worth actually seeing for sure

  • João Miguel Silva
    João Miguel Silva 12 days ago

    Fake as fuck!

  • gossip 1983
    gossip 1983 12 days ago

    Work of da devil

  • Mark Krajcsak
    Mark Krajcsak 13 days ago

    It is very hard to see how he has done it at first sight, but if u speed it up to 2x it's impossible. Try it.

  • monej
    monej 13 days ago

    I actually know how this trick is done (easier than you think), never the less, this guy has some amazing slide of hand (and mouth)! :)

  • headrushindi
    headrushindi 13 days ago

    Shin Is by far the most charismatic, and talented magician to come out of the last or present century. He is the 21st century answer to Cardini, Kellar and Blackstone

  • Aerus Ph.D.
    Aerus Ph.D. 14 days ago +1

    Do you believe in magic?
    _Hell Yeah_

    But was it magic?
    _Hell Nah_

  • I Tweaks Gaming
    I Tweaks Gaming 14 days ago +1

    5:08 at this point he’s just vaping on national television

  • Larissa Lessing
    Larissa Lessing 14 days ago

    I see all his flaws and I've researched "magic" for one night.

  • sara ferranti
    sara ferranti 14 days ago

    His hands are shaky! How cute that he is THIS good, but still gets nervous

  • Mateus Fernandes
    Mateus Fernandes 14 days ago

    Man that fuckin magic just blow my mind shit congrats to this guy

  • Cyber Knives
    Cyber Knives 14 days ago

    Holy fuck.

  • Neil Dougherty
    Neil Dougherty 15 days ago

    he counts cards like a gambler he even says it outloud won Americas talent could never fool peen and teller this is not amazing

  • Честер Холмс


  • Vault Boi
    Vault Boi 15 days ago


  • Sportel
    Sportel 15 days ago

    For the first trick he takes the card during the cut then puts it on top when he touches it after Jimmy shuffles. No clue how, maybe he has a sleeve grabber, and I don't really see it happening but ye

    • Sportel
      Sportel 15 days ago

      Then for the trick he does right after he just puts the card on top when he touches the deck

  • Jaden Syiem
    Jaden Syiem 16 days ago +3



  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario 17 days ago


  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane 17 days ago


  • Lalit singh negi
    Lalit singh negi 17 days ago

    All card are same

  • jtprsemg
    jtprsemg 17 days ago

    And for his next trick, the tuck under!!! 😯 where’d it go?!?!

  • Uday Simar
    Uday Simar 17 days ago

    Compared to David Blain this kind of trickery is in teenage years.

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 17 days ago

    Total fake..Jimmy always had the card in his jacket,when the camera wasn`t on Slim Jim he took the folded card and a hit off his vape cig.but thats magic,the audience was in on it...

    SANJEEV RAJ 18 days ago

    At 4:48 he replaced the card

  • Anders Eriksson
    Anders Eriksson 18 days ago

    I feel like he parodied himself a little bit at the end there. ;) GG

  • Angelbert Acosta
    Angelbert Acosta 19 days ago

    When you already know the trick but still don't know how the F did he do that flawless. Years of practice this guy invested in cardistry and that sleight of hand is perfect.

  • skepticlogician
    skepticlogician 19 days ago

    Blaine keeps frogs in his esophagus in case he needs them, Shin Lim keeps dry ice... Imagine if suddenly a frog jumped out of the smoke. Now that would be something!

  • Rafi Nazly
    Rafi Nazly 20 days ago

    Ok i have thought whole possibilities, and i still have no idea whats happened

  • Robert Ford
    Robert Ford 21 day ago


  • Senior Grinch
    Senior Grinch 22 days ago

    Magnet cards

  • winson ng
    winson ng 22 days ago

    These card was an actor

  • Yohana Kartika
    Yohana Kartika 22 days ago

    I love the way he said "Shin lim everybody" 👌🏻😄

  • Brian Givens
    Brian Givens 23 days ago

    13/52 = 1/4

  • Brian Givens
    Brian Givens 23 days ago

    If you crank down the speed you’ll realize the video is slower. Your welcome.

  • Philip Park
    Philip Park 23 days ago

    I got my money’s worth 😂

  • teehundeart
    teehundeart 24 days ago

    Top 10 vape tricks. You won't believe number 1

  • teehundeart
    teehundeart 24 days ago

    What's impressive is how he manages to force the 2 of spades on Jimmy. What if he choose another card? Or is Jimmy in on the trick?

  • Regan Chan
    Regan Chan 24 days ago

    Would it be Impressiviv

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 24 days ago

    For those of you who are mesmerized by this "trick", allow Lieutenant Commander Data explain to you how it is done. By the way, the episode this is taken from aired over 30 years ago so the "trick" isn't new.