Outer Space Invader Pawn in the French | AI Leela Chess Zero vs Stockfish

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • This is a round 63 game between AI Leela Chess Zero v20.2-32930 and Stockfish 190203. It was from the Season 14 Superfinal of the Top Chess Engine Championship 2019. Both Leela Chess Zero and Stockfish earned their way to this final 100 game match. The featured game's key middlegame decision, and its beautiful endgame play make it highly instructional. The opening was a French Defense, MacCutcheon, Janowski variation. The pop quiz in the middlegame position is likely to make even a most experienced player struggle some in determining the optimal path. Instead of counting pawns, let's see which pawns really count!
    Current TCEC server
    CPUs: 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2699 v4 @ 2.8 GHz
    Cores: 44 physical
    Motherboard: Supermicro X10DRL-i
    RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ECC
    SSD: Crucial CT250M500 240 GB
    Chassis: Supermicro
    OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
    GPU Server
    GPUs: 1 x 2080 ti + 1 x 2080
    CPU: Quad Core i5 2600k
    RAM: 16GB DDR3-2133
    SSD:Samsung 840 Pro 256gb
    1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Bb4 5. e5 h6 6. Be3 Ne4 7. Qg4 Kf8 8. a3 Bxc3+ 9. bxc3 Nxc3 10. Bd3 b6 11. h4 Nc6 12. h5 Bd7 13. Ne2 Nxe2 14. Qxe2 Ne7 15. a4 a5 16. f4 Nf5 17. Bf2 Nxd4 18. Bxd4 c5 19. Bf2 c4 20. Bg6 fxg6 21. hxg6 Kg8 22. c3 Qf8 23. Qg4 Qf5 24. Qxf5 exf5 25. Rb1 Rb8 26. g4 fxg4 27. e6 Bxa4 28. Kd2 Be8 29. f5 b5 30. Ra1 a4 31. Rhb1 Rc8 32. Bh4 g3 33. Ke3 Bc6 34. Bxg3 Kf8 35. Bd6+ Ke8 36. Rf1 Rd8 37. Bb4 d4+ 38. cxd4 Bd5 39. f6 Bxe6 40. f7+ Kd7 41. f8=R Kc6
    Software used in video:
    Blitzin via www.chessclub.com
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  • ChessNetwork
    ChessNetwork  6 months ago +91

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    Enjoy! 😎

    • Peter Adams
      Peter Adams 6 months ago

      Hey jerry remember 4 years ago when you got Checkmated in 4 move

    • Jose Chang
      Jose Chang 6 months ago +2

      Who are you Jerry

    • Andy Chess
      Andy Chess 6 months ago

      Hey Jerry! What chess interface do you use to show your games? Do u think that AIs will replace engines? Keep up the good work man! Look forward to seeing u as an IM soon.

  • denz pants
    denz pants Month ago

    I love your channel, Thank you for teaching the game.

  • youuuuuuuuuuutube
    youuuuuuuuuuutube 2 months ago

    This Leela player has such a deep understanding of chess!

  • HQ
    HQ 2 months ago

    Don't know how i would get use of bishop g6, but it was the first move to get in mind. Nice =)

  • SilverChloride
    SilverChloride 3 months ago

    I guessed Bf2 and Bg6, to weaken Black's pawns! yay

  • elijah covey
    elijah covey 3 months ago

    Cuz at the end of the game Leela chess sacrificed its Rook on purpose yeah they may resign because they're behind in the game and they're going to lose if they sacrifice of peace at the end it's a blunder then I think it is a learning AI chess engine fascinates me I have intelligent and plays with barely thinking any moves

  • elijah covey
    elijah covey 3 months ago

    There is proof that Leela chess is an AI and anybody can plan on a computer stockfish in Leela chess zero faced against each other Leela chess only two moves second while stockfish thinks 1 million moves a second the one question I have to ask is does it chess engine sacrifice pieces when they're behind in a game or do they fight till the end

  • krishna kishor bhat
    krishna kishor bhat 3 months ago

    Leela is frugal in promotion of the pawn to a rook, which most likely be taken out in later moves by stockfish.
    Was Leela fishing stockfish with that move? 😁

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson 5 months ago +1

    Jerry's enthusiasm for Leela's moves is contagious

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 5 months ago

    Thanks Jerry one of the most instructive games I've ever seen!

  • Jinn Bottle
    Jinn Bottle 5 months ago

    Seriously though, why did White underpromote?

  • Soi
    Soi 5 months ago

    i wonder if that light bishop move was a0's move as well

  • ghanshym prajapati
    ghanshym prajapati 5 months ago

    6:40 I guessed correctly

  • Real_pianist
    Real_pianist 5 months ago

    Why you speak so slow... You're bored as hell!

  • Fabio Gaucho
    Fabio Gaucho 5 months ago

    You should have mentioned that the outer space pawn (aka fawn pawn) is Leela's most characteristic stylistic feature. She uses it much more often then any other person or engine.

  • Cawby
    Cawby 5 months ago

    Rofl At that underpromotion. I love whenever Ai essentially taunt their opponents.

  • Amuricuh
    Amuricuh 5 months ago

    dont play french defense.

  • Ryan Pittel
    Ryan Pittel 5 months ago

    That is called a fawn pawn

  • Un3v3ntfull Memes
    Un3v3ntfull Memes 5 months ago

    I'm so proud of myself for the second pop quiz I got the bishop save and the move after correct as a 1100 elo 16 year old

  • Pedro Frias
    Pedro Frias 5 months ago

    I really could tell that f7 was a weakness for black in the position. So I said to myself “I guess I would keep the light asqueare Bishop and attack that point”. I am ashamed I wasn’t at the level of that beauty.

  • Luigi
    Luigi 5 months ago

    I wonder how Bobby Fisher would react watching these AI playing such beautiful chess

  • dropagemonem
    dropagemonem 5 months ago

    Leela plays like late great Mikhail Tal

  • Matthew Hargrove
    Matthew Hargrove 5 months ago +1

    This is Binging With Babish’s secret chess channel. Their voices and the way they talk are very similar

  • Mike Bircher
    Mike Bircher 5 months ago

    They way L0 and A0 treat pawns would make Philidor cry.

  • TranscendentalTunes
    TranscendentalTunes 6 months ago

    13:57 - I thought Re8 was interesting for Black, but I guess White plays f5? Still seems like a better try than Bxa4 but I must be missing something

  • mtgxerxes
    mtgxerxes 6 months ago

    Can you explain Black's move 7? Blocks in that eventual clown rook? Why would Black choose this over Castling, pushing the pawn, or moving the Clown?
    The pivotal Bishop move to g6 I thought of, but I had no understanding of why it might be a good move and couldn't follow it up, but I at least thought of it!

  • catandfishfc
    catandfishfc 6 months ago

    Anyone seen game 86?

  • catandfishfc
    catandfishfc 6 months ago


  • Shiroe143 _
    Shiroe143 _ 6 months ago

    I think black's weakness was exposed because of Kf8.

  • Shiroe143 _
    Shiroe143 _ 6 months ago

    I think black's weakness was exposed because of Kf8.

  • Venictive
    Venictive 6 months ago

    That Rook promo! Leela is so sassy. Hahaha.

  • Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta 6 months ago

    11:55 Why does black has to take? Can't the king position be improved instead?

  • Vigil Ante
    Vigil Ante 6 months ago

    The main advantage of a rook underpromotion is there are fewer possible moves for it to calculate per ply--LC0 can go a little deeper for the same amount of time spent thinking. If it sees that a rook is a win, there's no need to spend any additional time checking that a queen is also a win (could be a stalemate lurking somewhere.)

  • Steven Wolfe
    Steven Wolfe 6 months ago

    While I do like the idea of the rook under promotion acting as a taunt, or being an optimization for computational power, or a simple roll of the dice, I think it had a purpose. If the game had continued, the piece would have guaranteed been traded. Leela chose to promote to rook since it put the same pressure on the board as a queen (particularly on both the rooks in the 8 row) and since it was worth less points. By accepting the trade (with little other choice), Stockfish would gain less points than if Leela had promoted to a Queen. The optimization wasn't in computation power (less decisions to make for a rook), but rather of the number of points Stockfish gains.
    However, the sentient move to me was Stockfish's final move before surrendering (Kc6). To me, this move is a pseudo "tipping of the King" programmers probably added in for Stockfish. Poor Stockfish. ;')

  • Richie Ear
    Richie Ear 6 months ago +1

    9:01 Never gets old

  • Molchanov Andrey
    Molchanov Andrey 6 months ago

    Chess Network is Bob Ross of chess.

  • Julián Tricánico
    Julián Tricánico 6 months ago

    Wow. Jaw dropping.

  • Thurein Linn
    Thurein Linn 6 months ago

    To be perfectly HONEST with you Jerry, I found bishop g6 straightaway but my idea was pretty much that was it. Take my bishop by messing up your pawn structure.

  • EdLena
    EdLena 6 months ago +2

    I accidentally left stockfish analyzing move 20 for white over night. It worked it's way through 53 ply! The result being 20. Bg6 += (0.75) to 20. Bxc4 += (0.47). I don't know what computer was used during the match but it would have been greatly superior to my old dual processor and may have reached the same conclusion that Leela did.

  • Lets Time
    Lets Time 6 months ago

    Jerry was born to commentate over Chess.

  • Whip McCord
    Whip McCord 6 months ago


  • SamiGigi
    SamiGigi 6 months ago

    I saw that bishop G6 move after the night took the pawn, 1v1 me stockfish

  • Adeleye Adewuyi
    Adeleye Adewuyi 6 months ago

    Your videos are gold to me. Thank you.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Super instructive.

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang 6 months ago

    What if 14...Nxd4 immediately? The f pawn would still be on f2 instead of f4, preventing a bishop retreat to f2, and the kingside pawns would be a turn slower.

  • abcde fghij
    abcde fghij 6 months ago

    Stockfish 10, 20181206:
    Hash = 16 GB, Overhead = 30, PV = 3, even number of plies > 26:
    {[28] 7.55:} 41. f8=R Rdxf8 42. Rxf8 Rxf8 43. Bxf8 {etc.}
    {[28] 7.37:} 41. f8=Q Rdxf8 42. Rxf8 Rxf8 43. Bxf8 {etc.}
    {[28] 4.87:} 41. Rf4 Bd5 42. f8=Q Re8+ 43. Kd2 c3+ 44. Kxc3 Re3+
    45. Kd2 Rxf8 46. Rxf8 Rb3 47. Rf7+ Kc6 48. Rc1+ Bc4 49. Bc5 Kd5
    50. Re1 b4 51. Rd7+ Kc6 52. Ree7 Rd3+ 53. Ke1 Bb3 54. Kf2 Kb5
    55. Rb7+ Kc4 56. Rxb4+ Kc3
    Thus Stockfish would be joking, too!

  • majermike
    majermike 6 months ago

    glad to have you back jerry!

  • One Uniform
    One Uniform 6 months ago


  • kauftre gkurtz
    kauftre gkurtz 6 months ago

    I really want to see Leela vs AlphaZero!

  • Max182
    Max182 6 months ago +2

    At 6:09 I really wanted to play c3 and retake on d4, put the king on e3,a rook on b1 ressembling a game from the 10 original AlphaZero Stockfish match and eventually break on f5, when I saw the pawn on g6 I completely realized why I was wrong.

  • Edmund Lam
    Edmund Lam 6 months ago

    When Leela shows how space advantage > material in the most amazingly creative but precise ways :)

    QUIXOTIC FLUX 6 months ago +1

    This was an exceptional game and commentary, I got better at chess from that. Thanks Jerry

  • Michael Whinnery
    Michael Whinnery 6 months ago

    Great Game , To many side bars, and what if's . Are we studying or reviewing?

  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez 6 months ago

    Stockfish is materialistic

  • Jiro Conwi
    Jiro Conwi 6 months ago

    In game theory, when you expect the opponent to play in the most optimal way and you only base winning via probability, there are cases when having the 'weaker' choice becomes a better option to make the opponent move in the optimal-predictable way. Therefore AI does underpromotion.

  • 7Stanimir7
    7Stanimir7 6 months ago

    Man I'm learning to be aggressive with all these Leela videos, I actually saw the Bg6 move. Although I had the direction of the black squared bishop wrong, I thought about going Bb2 to have the a3-f8 diagonal

  • Theo Birkholz
    Theo Birkholz 6 months ago

    I have a question about black's 7th move, 7. ... Kf8. wouldn't Nxc3 be much better here? you pick up the knight and you have a discovered check right around the corner. Also if white recaptures with 8. bxc3 black can play Bxc3 and fork the king and the rook.

    Also, why kf8 and not O-O, or Rg8?

  • Glauco Saraiva
    Glauco Saraiva 6 months ago

    Everybody is covering the decisives games, Jerry could select and comment the best 3 draws of this match for us!

  • Yasodhar Goutham Bandaru
    Yasodhar Goutham Bandaru 6 months ago +1

    great instructive educational video sir....thank u for sharing beautiful content...

  • Brandon Nobles
    Brandon Nobles 6 months ago

    look on my works, ye mighty, and despair - Lc0, probably

  • Wolf 58th
    Wolf 58th 6 months ago

    Are there any games with Leela as black? or are they draws?

  • Euquila
    Euquila 6 months ago

    kings crusher would be loosing it over the fawn pawn lol

  • Timothy S
    Timothy S 6 months ago +1

    Why not show some of Stockfish wins.

    • tun nay
      tun nay 6 months ago

      Most SF win (won by AB engines) are due to deep tactical lines where the positions are too complicated to be visually access by human calculation ability or practically impossible for human to calculate and follow.. For comparison, Leela calculate x1000 times faster than human, Stockfish calucate X 1,000,000 times faster than human

  • EdLena
    EdLena 6 months ago +1

    Actually according to my Stockfish version it was split on it's choice for white's move 20. It had Bxc4 += (0.39) or Bg6 += (0.37). I find there's a general bias toward AI chess software because it's more 'human like' than the purely machine calculators. That's why we always see AI wins and rarely an AI loss.

  • Kan CK
    Kan CK 6 months ago

    I like pop quiz XD

  • Kan CK
    Kan CK 6 months ago

    I like pop quiz XD

  • Random Player
    Random Player 6 months ago

    Cool af

  • SuedeStonn
    SuedeStonn 6 months ago +1

    It took a few moments but I also thought Bg6 would be good... if you gotta give up a piece may as well break down the opponents pawn defense and get a pawn of your own one step closer to his king while you're at it.

  • Russell Froggatt
    Russell Froggatt 6 months ago

    Glad you are making Leela videos again. Very instructive, amazing game.

  • Atomyst Fics
    Atomyst Fics 6 months ago +2

    Glad to see you're putting out videos again, you were quiet for a little while. Hope it continues but if you don't have time I understand. just want to say again I love watching your videos because you explain things very well and I learn more from your videos than anywhere else.

  • Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis 6 months ago

    Isn’t she 💖 Ahhhhh!

  • Vasileios SAMIOS
    Vasileios SAMIOS 6 months ago

    At 13:37 depending on how black plays, white also has Rxa5

  • Simon
    Simon 6 months ago

    Great video, i'm not that much into chess. But very interrested in the ai topic.
    So your analysis of the game scenario had a lot of value for me.
    Great Job, thank you!

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 6 months ago +1

    ok move 41. If we can't find a tactical reason why Leela underpromoted. The AI community needs to examine what happened here.

    • Ronnie Aspbäck
      Ronnie Aspbäck 6 months ago

      Could it be hoping that the opponent choose not to capture the rook?

  • Arigon15
    Arigon15 6 months ago +1

    "Look at this clown in the corner" 😂😂 i died a little