Mortal Kombat 11 - Official Nintendo Switch Gameplay Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • All that blood in the palm of your hand! Check out MK11 gameplay for the Nintendo Switch and bring kombat on the go!
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  • Agustín Gasparutti

    Soundtrack name?

  • Sir lance Torres
    Sir lance Torres 14 days ago

    The graphics I got was not like in the gameplay for the switch :(

  • Spooky Skeleton
    Spooky Skeleton 21 day ago

    **Nintendo 64 flashback**

  • ReviewЩик
    ReviewЩик 26 days ago

    If i delete mk x from my ps4, does it mean MK11 will just vanish too?

  • ReviewЩик
    ReviewЩик 26 days ago

    Me: Raiden, if you gonna say that realms in crisis, i swear to Elder Gods, you will become my least favourite character in entire mk series.

  • Dwalin Fundinson
    Dwalin Fundinson 26 days ago

    0:31 Kano checking himself out. 1:18 Kano and Kano really get along. Rule34

  • Yoshimatsu414
    Yoshimatsu414 26 days ago

    Soo couldn't they technically port this to my Android phone too? I'd be down with that lol.

  • ItsTheWeekend
    ItsTheWeekend 26 days ago

    Should i get switch version or ps4 version

  • tizzle27 _
    tizzle27 _ 26 days ago +1

    Shao Kahn : dead
    Shang Tsung : dead
    Kotal : dead
    Literally everyone : dead
    Raiden : ...

  • Thaknows Watsup
    Thaknows Watsup 27 days ago

    It's been downgraded but fuck am I having so much fun

  • RPGarcia
    RPGarcia 28 days ago

    The game looks ugly on the switch, GG

  • Karnage Fails
    Karnage Fails 28 days ago

    I was super psyched for this game after the trailer........ however.....this game looks like complete SHIT on the Switch to the point where it's basically false advertising.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 28 days ago

    Raiden: Elder Gods please will you aid the realms?
    Elder Gods: Well yes but actually no

  • Lion Sin of Pride
    Lion Sin of Pride 28 days ago

    I think it looks pretty good considering the switch isn't as powerful as PS4/XBOX ONE/PC. However, I get portability is a selling point for Nintendo but if the graphics are downgraded it makes spending the same price as other consoles seem like a rip off. But then again money is money. I only have a switch so I'm just gonna have to wait and see how it is in the future. In my opinion Nintendo would have more sales if they made the game $5-$10 cheaper than other consoles.

    LUKE NICHOLAS 28 days ago

    now if the switch could only get GTA V

  • Portie
    Portie 28 days ago

    Johnny cage?
    More like
    Johnny Gat

  • Pride2TheGames
    Pride2TheGames 29 days ago

    I think the elder god's have started doing "not it" for who has to help Raiden, and Cetrion was too slow

  • neal agosto
    neal agosto 29 days ago

    im so stoked to play on nintendo switch tuesday

  • Mathusa
    Mathusa 29 days ago

    Ok, there is blood

  • badguygaming 054
    badguygaming 054 29 days ago

    If you play this on Nintendo Switch, you must not like the game that much

  • soyUsernameWasTaken
    soyUsernameWasTaken 29 days ago

    But will they censored the blood?!?!

    Just kidding, congratz to nintendofans finally getting a (hopefully) proper mk 👍

    • Nodto Modley
      Nodto Modley 28 days ago

      There was a long gap but it's not like we've never had the series on our system before.

  • The Flash12380
    The Flash12380 29 days ago

    Stop copying mk'$ videos man that is not cool

  • qemal007
    qemal007 29 days ago

    Wasn't Nintendo only about family friendly games? what happened?

  • Твой кошмар Это я

    Shao kahn: living

  • Твой кошмар Это я

    It’s like mk mobile game

  • Paxchi
    Paxchi Month ago +3

    That trailer music is pretty awesome. Anyone know if it's got a name or is downloadable?

  • DamienSquad
    DamienSquad Month ago

    We just Need GTA V Online On Nintendo Switch 2019

  • Fahri-Dean Zayed
    Fahri-Dean Zayed Month ago

    Will Nintendo switch get the dlcs

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills Month ago

    VERY BLURRY! EVEN IN DOCKED MODE, im disapointed and angry and I didnt even buy it I torrented it first !

  • Ace R
    Ace R Month ago

    I usually don't care about graphics and I love Nintendo but I'm really not sure this time... the game just looks so beautiful on the PS4 I feel like it would be a shame to pay for the same thing but see almost mobile-game graphics the entire time

  • TheWaste0Time
    TheWaste0Time Month ago

    Ok WOW, this is damn impressive.

  • Pro Wrestling & Video Game Fan 486

    I’m getting the game on Switch & PS4 both :)

  • paganimatheo
    paganimatheo Month ago

    Staba jugando resident evil 6 y descubrí que si te rascas el ano y te weles el dedo texitas

  • Zloy Xlebushek
    Zloy Xlebushek Month ago

    Я сосал меня ебали. Ахуеть графон

  • Dr Chungus
    Dr Chungus Month ago

    Shao Kahn: laughs

  • Malikai The Hokage
    Malikai The Hokage Month ago

    I wonder if a Mortal Komba character will be in Smash now?

  • AliNasad Ashworth
    AliNasad Ashworth Month ago

    Johnny cage past: he shot our face goes into war mode and snaps)
    Johnny cage future: sighs with smile he’s gonna get us killed

  • Mario Accardo
    Mario Accardo Month ago

    I cant wait to love all The Johnny scenes in the story mode!!!!!

  • candra ismail
    candra ismail Month ago

    well they always port lesser version,mtx full,touch control gimmick to the mobile on android and ios its no surprise that mk11 will come for switch

  • Salim 90
    Salim 90 Month ago

    Push core gamers away and focus on kids. Release mature game and expect a profit. Lol never change Nintendo.

  • Jovi F.S Pemuda indonesia

    I'm Gonna use my N Word=

  • Zaphkiel
    Zaphkiel Month ago


  • Vinicius Moraes
    Vinicius Moraes Month ago

    R.I.P Fatalitys

  • Apollo Dantalion
    Apollo Dantalion Month ago

    But will the day one patch make the game look better?

  • MKIN24: Mortal Kombat 11, MARVEL, PS4 VR, PS Plus

    25 character - Motaro

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Month ago

    Glad I got a PS4 Pro and gaming PC.This shows exactly why it took me so long to get a switch, there are some really fun games on it but the hardware is practically 7th gen at its peak

  • Igoris V
    Igoris V Month ago


  • EveryPilot90000 X
    EveryPilot90000 X Month ago

    Ok so if the past mortal kombat characters died then the present mortal kombat characters died as well. That's probably what present Johnny cage ment when he said:ah he's gonna get us killed.0:45

  • Sgt. Dark
    Sgt. Dark Month ago

    Scorpion just NEEDS to be added to smash ultimate bruh

  • The Pegasister
    The Pegasister Month ago


  • RichyBananas
    RichyBananas Month ago

    Why does everybody look like they hit reverse puberty in this game except for Sonya

  • Kee Lee
    Kee Lee Month ago

    Was Kitana have always been asian?

  • WildJester __
    WildJester __ Month ago

    That’s freaky like Friday.

  • Morenob
    Morenob Month ago

    I first thought Nah i'll get this game on the xbox one x with 4k I think ill be getting the switch version

  • Stale Buns
    Stale Buns Month ago

    90% of comments: *The realms are in crisis*
    Remaining 10%: Other stuff

  • Antonio Carlos
    Antonio Carlos Month ago

    The music sounds like stone tower temple from Majora's Mask or am I too high?

  • Ran Mouri
    Ran Mouri Month ago

    that's a 22gb+ game on switch. Hope everything went well

  • Torrean johnson
    Torrean johnson Month ago

    Because I'm loving it

  • DarthOliptius
    DarthOliptius Month ago

    I will definitely buy the switch version even if I'll probably rarely play it just to support third party devs putting their games on switch.

  • 59 Animation
    59 Animation Month ago


  • Mr_ Eduard
    Mr_ Eduard Month ago +2

    Idk why but I would feel weird to play mk11 to an Nintendo Switch,feel like being *gay*

    • Mr_ Eduard
      Mr_ Eduard 26 days ago

      Cornell Lee well yes but actually no

    • Cornell Lee
      Cornell Lee 26 days ago

      That's because it's not a console for kids lol it's for gamers. 😎

    • Mr_ Eduard
      Mr_ Eduard 27 days ago

      Cornell Lee I don’t have any problem with a Nintendo Switch but I knew that was a console for kids and now when I’m seeing mk11 on it it feels weird

    • Cornell Lee
      Cornell Lee 27 days ago

      I think you are playing with something else then.... you can call it a switch if that makes you feel better, but it is 2019 so the gaming world excepts you! :)

  • Mr_ Eduard
    Mr_ Eduard Month ago +1

    Mom: I’m gonna buy an Nintendo Switch to my kid so he can only play kids game with no violence
    Netherealm Studio: Launch Mk11 on Nintendo Switch
    Mom: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  • Undisclosed Identity

    Look at all those half-naked men. Guess the character designer only cares about objectification of one gender, hypocrite

  • Stobb Gayali
    Stobb Gayali Month ago

    Saw the mirror, reflecting the past 💀💀💀

  • Joaquin Ratcliff
    Joaquin Ratcliff Month ago

    I think the new Johnny cage will die and the old one will stay alive

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    Thought Logic was in the thumbnail for a sec

  • Torrean johnson
    Torrean johnson Month ago +1

    What's the trailer music

  • Gay Lol
    Gay Lol Month ago

    Spoiler alert

    Sonya will die and liu kang replace raiden job

  • Ketorulz
    Ketorulz Month ago

    The assurance was: As long as the desert sun shines nicely in this version on that desert stage, I know the graphical effects are fine lol.

  • Saikou 93
    Saikou 93 Month ago


  • rizzo32bandit
    rizzo32bandit Month ago

    2 Kano's look like best of friends, but can he trust himself??

  • that guy noob
    that guy noob Month ago

    I thought Nintendo would not allow mortal Kombat on the switch but they released it anyways

  • Awesome ALV
    Awesome ALV Month ago

    *_Shao Kahn joined the chat_*
    *Raiden* : _The Realms are in crisis again for fuck's sake_
    *_The Realms left the chat_*

  • Chaēž JR7
    Chaēž JR7 Month ago

    Than mobile 😑😑😂😂Fkng game

  • GEKGanon
    GEKGanon Month ago

    It looks really good, which makes me wonder why they took suspiciously long to show the Switch version in the first place. It wasn't a good move, it led to a lot of speculation that things were going horribly wrong with the game. The only thing I'm noticing is that there seems to be something off about the backgrounds. Check out at 0:49 seconds, for example... VERY heavy shadows cast on the ground by the characters, but the deer skull in the background and all those crates aren't casting ANY.

  • Лидия Ивановна

    Айтипедия серанул

    -SUPER BANANITA - Month ago

    Genial , Ahora podré jugar mk 3 en mi Xbox :"v

    (Exacto no existe mk 3 para new gen y yo no tengo Xbox :"v)

  • Protoman
    Protoman Month ago

    We don't deserve Johnny Cage.

  • James Horton
    James Horton Month ago

    So the same but with shit graphics. Ok

    BIG CHUNGUS BOI Month ago

    nintendo switch:we gonna give u the best family friendly game u ever seen
    mortal kombat released on nintendo switch:this is gonna ruined their carrier

  • Амангельды Иманов

    1990:mortalkombat snes vs sega
    2019:mortalkombat Nintendo switch vs PlayStation

  • Sterben1942
    Sterben1942 Month ago

    Is it just me or am I more excited to see what Cage does in this game than any other Mortal Kombat game ever



  • Allyson Pangilinan
    Allyson Pangilinan Month ago

    Future Johnny Cage : They shot our face !

  • Matthew Holung
    Matthew Holung Month ago

    Scorpion for smash :D

  • Matthew Holung
    Matthew Holung Month ago

    Ill go with my ps4, i see the difference in graphics

  • TnukiGames
    TnukiGames Month ago

    What's the song in this trailer?

  • numberof thedevil
    numberof thedevil Month ago

    Lets just hope mk11 is not like wwe 2k18.

  • Reptilian Boomer
    Reptilian Boomer Month ago

    Welp it looks good

  • Chase Edwards
    Chase Edwards Month ago

    I could never get into MK before despite being a huge fighting game fan, but this one, this one looks hella clean, so I preorderd it, nice to see the graphics and performance are on POINT

  • Allen Najera
    Allen Najera Month ago

    Scorpion for Smash

  • Emperor Senpai
    Emperor Senpai Month ago

    So it's cool to see how after Johnny got shot in the face, the other Johnny got a scar in the same place.

  • DJZOMBIE 2323
    DJZOMBIE 2323 Month ago

    I already know why Klassic sporpion is pissed at scorpion it's because the scorpion made a deal with sub zero and Klassic scorpion got mad😃😄

  • Son nguyen viet
    Son nguyen viet Month ago

    Scorpion for Smash ? maybe ?

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A Month ago

    You just degraded and embarrassed mortal kombat

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A Month ago

    What have you done netherrealm

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier Month ago


  • Vinstinctify1
    Vinstinctify1 Month ago +1

    This makes me wish mortal kombat wasnt a fighting game so we could see all the characters do more.

    • Vinstinctify1
      Vinstinctify1 Month ago

      +Tyrik Flood-Feaster , well that's cool. but for a video game i mean, I would enjoy an action/adventure type game. not unlike shaolin monks I guess? I'm just not into standard fighting games, so I'm missing out on all of mortal kombat but small snippets like these remind me of what could be.

    • Tyrik Flood-Feaster
      Tyrik Flood-Feaster Month ago

      We have mkx prequel comics.