Welcome to Samara, Russia! Introduction!! Stunning Embankment!! (Part 1/2)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
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  • john hooker
    john hooker 2 months ago

    This city have much pilu, I see..

  • sumanolandaz
    sumanolandaz 4 months ago +1

    Beautiful Samara

  • Babayka DJO B I B O
    Babayka DJO B I B O 5 months ago +1

    Сool place.

  • Rhodium 10
    Rhodium 10 5 months ago +1

    Nice city and the river beach

  • Rod Jarrow
    Rod Jarrow 6 months ago

    07:30 Volga river

  • Nick Powell
    Nick Powell 8 months ago

    What a legend, its always great to see the truth about russia

  • Michael Solis
    Michael Solis 9 months ago

    It seems to me Russians girls are kind of shy I'm from USA and I'm planning a trip this year

  • יהודה שמחה ולדמן

    Is there a "Chi Samara" accent?

  • дмитрий блинков

    грем приезжай на день города салют посмотри. забудешь ньюерки и лондоны

  • Вячеслав К
    Вячеслав К 10 months ago

    В это время года в Самаре очень жарко, поэтому я бы взял лодку и переплыл бы на другую сторону Волги ближе к заповеднику и поселку Ширяво на природу, проснуться на зорьке покачиваясь в лодке на тихой Волге после теплой ночи и опустить удочку донку на леща этот каф мало с чем сравним в Мире

  • Martin Drewelius
    Martin Drewelius 11 months ago

    There is no gum on the pavement.

  • Martin Drewelius
    Martin Drewelius 11 months ago

    How did you learn Russian?

  • SamIsOnline
    SamIsOnline Year ago

    your russian sounds very ... english 😉
    subbed just for the perfect camera angels ...
    you made me feel like i was there looking around with my own eyes never left unsatisfied 👍😀

  • кровавый закат

    Не враги мы Вам

  • кровавый закат

    Как можно не любить,мы очень похожи

  • кровавый закат

    Любим мы Англичан и Англию

  • Katrina G
    Katrina G Year ago +1

    A great job Graham. Cheers.

  • Елена Соболева

    Самое ценное в Самаре -авиастроение и космонавтика.
    Это делают люди.

  • Viktor
    Viktor Year ago

    Грэм красавчик!Спасибо !!!дай Бог тебе здоровья !!!

  • пачангер Джон & pachanger John

    Путин -Хуйло!

    LEZIMO Year ago

    fuck russia

  • indian summer
    indian summer Year ago

    There is a city in Iraq with the same name (Samara) .Could someone please explain the meaning of this Russian name? I think that Iraqi city got its name from the Russian city Samara.

  • Alkhazred1
    Alkhazred1 Year ago +4

    You are really coolest dude I've ever seen. You just show Russia as it is, no BS. Not some dark spots on it (there are definitely some), but plain routine, which is as close to the truth as people can get. Thank you.

  • Марина 1234


  • Тимур Дзагоев

    Гриш там наверху напротив девушки гитарист играл, жаль не подошел 17:04

  • Alexei Tsapaev
    Alexei Tsapaev Year ago

    man, where did you learn Russian?

  • ёк макарёк
    ёк макарёк Year ago +1


  • gards
    gards Year ago +2

    я из риги и мне приятно видеть красавицу самару , это так круто когда все русские!

  • itsme
    itsme Year ago +3

    It's not the dark dull menacing place the media would have us believe. You could of told me this was anywhere in the west and I would of believed you. I did notice however, that similar to the west, the young people have all got there faces stuck into their mobile phones.

  • film moving
    film moving Year ago

    Graham, thank you for the very warm video about our city! So sad we didn't meet you that day on the embankment:)

  • ajay sheoran
    ajay sheoran Year ago

    Awesome sir

  • Maxim Rostaki
    Maxim Rostaki Year ago

    Стс руководит этим людьми и салон красоты руководит этим людьми

  • Евгений 444


  • Smartphone Phone
    Smartphone Phone Year ago

    Они родственницы? 7:41 и 5:21

  • Наталья Водолей

    Прекрасное видео о нашем городе!

  • иконников саратов

    грэм,великолепный репортаж....ты заряжаешь позитивом...спасибо!!

  • JRO
    JRO Year ago +2

    Cупер !!!!! Загляните на мой канал оценить новое видео !!! Фейерверки в Самаре в 5K resolutions !!!!!!

  • Lena Ellis
    Lena Ellis Year ago

    Graham, welcome to my hometown Samara!!! You are great! You were brave and great in Donbass, Bultic and everywhere! Keep up with a great work you do! Thank you!

  • Ivan *
    Ivan * Year ago +1

    Grisha :) , мany thanks to you for the video from Donbass and for not being afraid to talk and show the truth! Надеюсь тебе понравился наш город :)

  • Nick Petrov
    Nick Petrov Year ago +3

    красивая наберажная

  • jose Navarrete
    jose Navarrete Year ago +6

    Philips you are doing a grate job ,well I think its fun what you doing man I wish to go on vacations to Russia but no money maybe one day, I live in Forsyth county GA USA and life here is good we have job to do we have places to visit its nice here, but when I see your videos man I really want to go Russia it looks so beautiful, God bless Russia, God bless all of us AMEN

  • Павел Рыбалкин

    Thank you, Graham! You are always welcome!!

  • Артем Кирюшин

    You have passed a half of the embankment in Samara! To the opposite side she is the same long! Her it is long 5 km. It is the longest embankment in Europe!

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side Year ago +2

    Good video, thanks man! You very cool!
    Welcome to my city Samara)

  • Анна Эфес
    Анна Эфес Year ago +2

    Вы так здорово снимаете! без монтажа и редакции, и так снять потрясающе, так передать атмосферу это уметь надо. У меня ощущение как будто я сама там погуляла! Теперь хочу в Самару, сто лет там не была :) Спасибо за вашу доброжелательность!

  • Игорь Вячеславович

    Спасибо Грэм, за твои видео, это очень круто!!!

  • Имя Родовое прозвище

    Гулять твоими глазами - тоже самое, что слушать саги скальда и кощуны былинника.

    • anatoliy musicman
      anatoliy musicman Year ago

      ...саги былинника ...и кощуны скальда...

  • GMan Sid
    GMan Sid Year ago

    Wow.what a beautiful looking place. Would love to go.

  • Сергей Мужиков

    сука долго думал да прически у на одинаковые

  • Viktor Onopko
    Viktor Onopko Year ago +4

    ты прикольный

  • Thelaretus
    Thelaretus Year ago +1

    Why do you say "Zdrascha"? isn't it "Zdrafstvuj"? (As I've never been in Russia, I don't really know).
    Anyway, here in Brazil the bigger river are in the ugliest regions, with the worst living conditions and the ugliest people, so I'm stunned at the beauty of that immense stream passing through such a beautiful place. And man, those girls!

  • Андрей Максимов

    Thank you very much indeed for your great vids, Graham. I am a local from Samara and live 5 minutes' walk from the embankent. My shame but I did not stroll along there for a long time (all-day work plus World Cup going on now). By virtue of your footage I got out there. And finally, now when Russia is out (damn it) I wish England to be the world cup winner this time. Time to recall 1966. From Samara, Russia with love and respect.

  • Garry H
    Garry H Year ago +18

    Very clean city..nobody drops litter anywhere ..unlike usa or the west lol

    • Rob Fraser
      Rob Fraser 7 months ago +1

      @Stuntmandouble08 What does being white have to do with anything unless you are a bigot?

    • Stuntmandouble08
      Stuntmandouble08 Year ago +1

      Come to some west german towns, you will see filth and thrash everywhere. And look how white Samara is compared to the west!!

  • natalia belousova
    natalia belousova Year ago +1

    Грэм, ты заметил, что самые красивые девушки - в Самаре?

  • Uskok
    Uskok Year ago +2

    No not enjoying it because I am frikkn jealous OK!

  • Lucy R
    Lucy R Year ago +9

    Ah thanks for this video! Samara is my home town, but I live in London and I miss Samara and the beautiful embankment every day :) so happy you enjoyed it there!! :)

  • Randy Randy
    Randy Randy Year ago +13

    You notice how slim and really fit women in Russia!

  • Siobhan28483
    Siobhan28483 Year ago +19

    Thanks for making this video. I have now added Samara to my list of places to visit in Russia next year. I’ll be going to Russia next month for the first time. I’ll be staying in St Petersburg. It will be a dream come true to finally visit Russia as I’ve wanted to go ever since I was a child.

    • юлька белозерова
      юлька белозерова Year ago

      Thank you for beautiful words🙄

    • Андрей Березин
      Андрей Березин Year ago +1

      Siobhan28483 Man, expand your journey a bit and visit Siberia!! Omsk looks similar to Samara, with our 5km long embankment, old architecture, churches, and also lots of cyclists on weekends!! Come and enjoy Omsk, the sunniest place in Russia.

    • Mihail Raskin
      Mihail Raskin Year ago

      Don't forget that Samara is 1400 km away from St. Petersburg.

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit Year ago