5 Ketosis Mistakes That Make You Fat

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • These are the 5 biggest ketosis mistakes that prevent fat loss. You want to make sure you avoid these common mistakes on the ketogenic diet especially if you're doing it for weight loss. To lose weight on ketogenic diet and to get results you have to be sure that you're not messing up your meals and your recipes especially for beginners. watch this video to understand why keto is not just a low carb diet.
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    #1 Thinking Keto is a Low Carb Diet 0:52
    #2 Eating too Many Hidden Carbs 3:12
    #3 Dairy 5:13
    #4 Eat as Much Keto Food Sources as Wanted 6:38
    #5 Not Getting Enough Fat 7:55
    So you're following a Ketogenic diet or your just getting started by cutting back on some carbs and you want to get into ketosis and stay there. And the reason is because you want to burn some extra body fat and get really lean without being miserable. And you find out that ketosis is pretty much a state in which your body predominantely starts using fats for fuel in the form of ketone bodies rather than glycogen. So you start following a ketogenic diet and in the beginning your results are pretty good, but then a few weeks in things start to slow down or maybe things come to a complete halt. And if that happened to you or if it's happening to you right now I'm really glad you found this video because today I'm gonna go over the 5 biggest keto mistakes that stop your fat loss and bring you out of ketosis. Some of these mistakes can potentially even make you gain body fat rather than lose it, so you really want to make sure that you avoid all 5 at all costs. Let's start with mistake number one, thinking that the ketogenic diet is simply a low carb diet. I know that this doesn't sound too bad but this is one of the biggest mistakes because people are very quick to identify carbs as the culprit responsible for their higher body fat percentage. Then usually the second macronutrient that people identify with gaining weight and storing body fat is fat. And those of you that have been doing keto for even a little while now know how important eating fat is for you to get into ketosis and maintain your energy levels while burning your own body fat. However, the last macronutrient that most people would never consider slowing or stoping fat loss is protein. I mean afterall protein is the all worshiped macro of the entire fitness and health industry, how can protein ruin ketosis. Well I'm here to tell you that having too much protein can and will take you out of ketosis. The ketogenic diet is not a low carb diet it is a combination of a low carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet. The reason why your protein intake should not exceed a low to moderate level is because if you have too much protein your body will turn the protein in to blood sugar in your liver through a process known as gluconeogenesis. In this process not only do you increase your blood sugar but you can also spike your insulin levels, and in case you don't know insulin is your fat storage hormone. Once your body has the option of using the blood sugar or glucose for energy it will choose that over your fat stores and you will stop burning fat. So to prevent this you can go get a glucometer and ketone blood test strips and constantly test yourself, which may actually help for some of you. But for those of you that don't want to be bothered just make sure you keep your protein intake below 20 percent of your total daily calories. Many people following the ketogenic diet would say that you have to go even lower than that like 15 percent of your total daily calories and others will say you can go higher and have 25 percent of your total calories from protein, however if you stick between a range of fifteen and twenty percent you should have no trouble getting in to ketosis and staying there. Make sure you don't make this mistake remember the ketogenic diet is not only lower carb diet it's a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. And when the it's done correctly thats when it'll help you melt the fat from your body. Moving on mistake number two is a mistake that I made when I first tried to follow a keto diet and that mistake was accidentally eating too many hidden carbs. With this diet plan you only want five to a maximum of ten percent of your total daily calories coming from carbs. For most people this is going to wind up being under thirty or even twenty five grabs of carbs per day. And let me tell you from experience even when you're trying not to, it's so easy to accidentally eat 25 grams of carbs. Very rarely will someone grab a piece of bread, or make a bowl of pasta while following this plan. However there are many snacks and processed foods that might lure you in because it says sugar free on the front of the box.
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  • BobRooney
    BobRooney Day ago

    i can guarantee you will never get into ketosis if you eat fruit, any fruit. the carb count is way too high. not sure why he's recommending it in the video. also, why is he saying not to eat ginger? its an anti-inflammatory and has very little carbs. its one of the best things you can eat.

  • Jess de Gast
    Jess de Gast Day ago

    Did it all wrong.. im on about 40% protein if not more, 50% fat, 10% carb

  • sargothi
    sargothi Day ago

    Just do water fasting. Problem solved.

  • DocG07
    DocG07 2 days ago +1

    Ketosis = Super Saiyan 🔥

  • classiccarz
    classiccarz 2 days ago

    5:01 Braise-ill's? Uhh, I think you meant to say Brazil Nuts.

  • Muhammad Ibn-raqib
    Muhammad Ibn-raqib 3 days ago

    Your diet calculator still says loading results

  • Aam World
    Aam World 3 days ago


    SMART TECH POLAND 3 days ago

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  • eugean stepantsov
    eugean stepantsov 4 days ago +1

    Half of this stuff is null with Intermittent fasting. I kicked keto diet off with a 24 hour fast.

  • dilwich123
    dilwich123 5 days ago

    I'm a vegetarian . . . . . I'm fucked.

  • Chalron Bjork
    Chalron Bjork 6 days ago +3

    Mistake #6 - being so rigid you can't stay on keto

  • Junior Basketball
    Junior Basketball 6 days ago +2

    You lost me at “Gluconogenesis”

    • abseiduk
      abseiduk 3 days ago

      Junior Basketball

    • Junior Basketball
      Junior Basketball 3 days ago

      abseiduk Yes I know that. That’s why he lost my interest.

    • abseiduk
      abseiduk 3 days ago

      Junior Basketball
      Is it pronounced gluco-neo-genesis

  • voteforsocks45632
    voteforsocks45632 6 days ago

    This diet reminds me of the South Park episode where the flip the food pyramid upside down

  • CH iii
    CH iii 8 days ago

    If you plan your start date, make that first day a minimum of 24 hrs water fast with some nice long walking to burn up those stores. This will help get you in to Ketosis faster.

  • Mark Cherry
    Mark Cherry 8 days ago

    This true if you don't workout... If you workout the higher protein is used to repair muscle tissue breakdown...

  • Calyptico
    Calyptico 9 days ago

    1) is wrong. Gluconeogenesis is extremely inefficient and happens all the time at a pretty steady state. The amount of glucose it produces should not get you out of keto, and it's supposed to feed the organs that can't use ketones as fuel.

  • Ionuț sth
    Ionuț sth 9 days ago +4

    Starvation is the key!

  • Robert Pup
    Robert Pup 10 days ago

    I work out everyday, how can i only have 20% protein intake? It's nothing. I need like 165g of protein for body weight. I used a ketogenic calculator and it says i can eat 80g of fat and 165g of protein. with 20g of net carbs. But that's not 20% protein.... My question is, do i stay in ketosis like that? I want to get more lean but keep my muscles.

  • Антон Борис
    Антон Борис 11 days ago

    This guy doesnt know what he's talking about. It's annoying.

  • melchor cui
    melchor cui 11 days ago

    How to loose weight.
    Be poor

  • Search
    Search 12 days ago

    Athletes don’t diet and exercise we eat and workout!!!!
    Eat as much as you want whatever you want and do weight left for 2 hours and I will Guranitee the results!!!!
    Don’t make your body starving, get a healthy body by giving all the nutrients and do hard core workout

  • Nick Hahn
    Nick Hahn 12 days ago

    Gluconeogenesis. 7 syllables.

  • why not
    why not 12 days ago

    Are u a doctor? A nurse? A dietician? NO so stfu! So you found articles online by doctors and u learned how to talk in a convincing way dont we all know not to trust online articles?

  • Grant Mckenzie
    Grant Mckenzie 13 days ago

    Your link tells me to have 86g of protein on a keto diet yet protein will put you out of ketosis 🤔

    • Anthony A
      Anthony A 13 days ago

      As long as you're having like Double the amount of Fat to Protein or more, you're good. Thomas De Laurer talked about the bullshit surrounding Protein kicking you out of Ketosis in one of his videos. I forgot the name of the video though. He's a credible source of Info though. Protein only becomes a problem when it's really close to the amount of Fat you're getting and (obviously) if it's exceeding the amount of Fat in your Daily Intake.

  • Joe G
    Joe G 16 days ago

    PB with Chia Seeds and iced coffee with a tspn of HWC and dash of cinnamon helped me go from a 12.5 A1C to a 5.9 in 3 months. At the point now where I don't ever feel hungry and am losing weight like crazy. Down to what I was 15 years ago. PB has become my "snack".

  • Missy Nissy
    Missy Nissy 19 days ago

    Why is the speaghetti squash labeled honeydew lol

  • Jason House
    Jason House 21 day ago

    I'm really getting tired of hearing all the stipulations on the ketogenic diet. My doctor told me don't overthink it. That's been the rule of thumb that I've been sticking with, and it's been working. You would never eat enough protein to throw yourself out of ketosis. Your body will naturally go into ketosis when you lower the carb level to where it has to go for the fat. Keeping the fat level up is basically keeping the your energy up. So stop it with the grass-fed beef, the free-range chickens, the low protein and the fat talk. Simply cut out the carbs eat meat and increase your fat level when you're getting hungry in between meals. Lower the fat intake to increase your fat burn. To maintain your level of fat intake and burn fat, try walking.

  • Paul P
    Paul P 21 day ago

    What a bunch of BS - when people who don't are doctors start speaking about keto.

  • L Cobb
    L Cobb 23 days ago

    To simplify for all the comments of discouragement, eat 2 meals a day both within a 6-8 he window. No snacks period. The extended time period with no food will get your body used to burning fat . If you are serious about losing weight , this is the answer, combined with keto diet. Get ready to buy smaller pants and belts😉

  • Cosplay Time Capsule
    Cosplay Time Capsule 23 days ago

    keto diet is basically starvation. It's reallllllly hard

  • Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey 24 days ago

    5:01 ... what was that.????.. Brayzils.??? Isn't it said like the country, Brah-Zil... or have I been pronouncing it wrong all this time!

  • ymimad49
    ymimad49 25 days ago

    i dont know how to do this now. I am confused. how can I do 20 g carb a day without upping protein? what am I supposed to eat? i am on day 5. for breakfast i ate 2 eggs 2 bacon and half a tomato. for lunch i ate a soup i made with hamburger green beans tomato and mushroom, for supper I ate a hamburger pattie without the bun of course. a slice of processed cheese. I am limited in my food until friday when I can get to the store. I am gonna do this but I just am not going to be counting anything other than carbs. its too hard to count percentage. how would i know what percentage of fat. have no clue. I lost 7 lbs in 5days. i am just under 300 lbs i Have a lot to lose.

  • Maggie Bui
    Maggie Bui 25 days ago

    If almond is high carb as you mentioned, then the almond flour is out if the story. The almond bread have so much of almond flour. This is a shocking info.

  • Sylvie Defaine
    Sylvie Defaine 26 days ago

    ...i dun get it..., they say fat, what fat, avocado.. duck skin, pigskin... what? it's too complicated, and for people like me with allergies for nuts and puke from pigskin, butter , avocado or anything that's fatty, how am i supposed to do this ?

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 26 days ago +1

    Great info - but dude stop with the hand motions. It’s distracting and takes away from your content

  • 1 2
    1 2 26 days ago +1

    What onions and carrots have to much carbs! What the hell. Screw this keto diet

  • 1 2
    1 2 26 days ago +1

    What does 20% of protein look like?

  • Mark Frieser
    Mark Frieser 26 days ago

    Eat several meals a day? Bad advice. No chance for insulin levels to remain low (each time you eat insulin spikes) better to eat less times a day.

  • Yijing Shi
    Yijing Shi 28 days ago +1

    I 100% plateud after week 3 of ketosis. Needed to go into a super calorie restricted diet to continue losing weight

    • R2BCH2
      R2BCH2 27 days ago

      Same here. I stagnated after 3-4 weeks although my macro intake has been the same. During the first weeks I lost 5 kg. My ketosis level is constantly above 5 mmol/L. Starvation mode. I think my liver is fcuked up. I reduced my calories to 1200/day with intermittent fasting. If I'm lucky I lose 50 grams average a day but sometimes I gain back 200-300 on a single day. I take potassium and magnesium supplements against the leg cramps and I have the keto recommended surplus in sodium but then my blood pressure goes through the roof on some days.
      I gained 12 kg in a few months after I quit smoking. Now my body seems to have a built in limiter set at a 92 kg minimum. For 5-6 years I wasn't able to get below 90 even on a 1600 cal and regular exercise regime. My metabolism must be FUBAR.

    NO ITS PATRICK 28 days ago

    I’m so fucking mad and frustrated that I’m on antibiotics for my tooth for the next 3 fucking days and I can’t fast and I gained some fucking pounds back dude I’m about to lose my fucking shit

  • Heba merdas
    Heba merdas 28 days ago

    80% fat ? 🤭 like drinking oil and eating butter ?

    • grantorino2009
      grantorino2009 28 days ago

      I thought the same, but it would be more accurate to say that "80% of your DAILY CALORIES should come from fat." For example, eggs & avocado for breakfast; shrimp and asparagus drizzled with a teaspoon (or tablespoon!) of extra virgin olive oil for lunch, and for dinner, a grilled chicken salad with spinach and spring greens drizzled with a home-made olive oil vinaigrette. Have a handful of pecans as a mid-afternoon snack and you've easily gotten "80% of your daily calories from fat."

  • Dr. Evil
    Dr. Evil Month ago

    I am thinking of ditching my natural peanut butter. It is too addicting, and I am in a bit of a stall. I may even ditch the onion on my steak for good measure.

  • Jarosław Jaskułowski

    Show ma a food that has more fat then proteins! This video is a lie.

  • Michael H
    Michael H Month ago

    what movie was that?

  • The One
    The One Month ago

    Just eat low carbs you'll be good

  • Legendary Cool Ivy
    Legendary Cool Ivy Month ago

    Thank you for the advice! There things I didn't know about Keto that you just explain! This makes me want to start keto even more! My brothers has been doing keto and they have a lot of weight! I am going to start doing keto myself!

  • TheConversation
    TheConversation Month ago

    He sounds like Ross

  • Jensen Risko
    Jensen Risko Month ago

    It’s hard to follow someone who spells vegetables with 2 gs...

  • Bra Hoek
    Bra Hoek Month ago

    Mission inposible

  • Jordan Connor
    Jordan Connor Month ago

    How can you get 80% from fat when everything has more protein then fat in it

  • Sgt Brauser
    Sgt Brauser Month ago

    fix 1.5 to 2 x kg of protein then fill as possible with fat instead of carbs. IF 16/8 and be sure your meal isnt composed by only prot or only fat. make 2/3 meal with a balanced combo of them. Try focus prot and the extra carbo after a work out so your muscle can grow and you will be not kicked out from ketosis. And remember, if you choose good food u can eat a lot of kind of it. Check carb they have and take care about food "you dont think have sugar" like no added sugar and low fat. Lot of food have sugar inside like tomato sauce and yogurt. Dont miss carrot because have more carbs then lettuce, pistachio have more then macadamia but u will not deserve to eat them. THE GOAL IS FEELING GOOD. If a day u will go out of ketosis because u need a refeed day, what the problem? u can return on ketosis. You cant stay all life to check what u can eat and what u cant. Keep keto as a life style not a jail. Remember, there is ppl got kicked out from ketosis with 30-40 carb, ppl stay in ketosis with 80-100, depend as your body work. The most important thing is understand if your body work well with this style, because a low carb or low fat diet with a IF can be make u lose weight as well. And remmeber Kcal is Kcal, if u wanna lose weight, u have to be in deficit. You cant eat what u want because body work with fat.


    Bro u r gr8.....

  • shane sherwin
    shane sherwin Month ago

    Great video, my problem on keto was when my wife started doing it with me. When I'm on it by myself I get good fat to protein ratios, she wants to stick to lean proteins and it knocks me out of keto every time.

  • Bobby Hempel
    Bobby Hempel Month ago

    I haven't found a diet that will make me fat yet. I go broke trying to eat enough to gain weight. 6'000 calories a day of mostly fat and protein and i still can't gain weight. I'm 6'5" 170lbs 5% body fat.

  • atexascash3502
    atexascash3502 Month ago

    all these guys have the same haircut LOL

  • RonaldMcPaul BaneGlory

    1:35 Protein won't kick you out of ketosis, that's a myth.

  • Toxic Masculinity
    Toxic Masculinity Month ago

    Wrong. Have you talked to a single person on carnivore?

  • Kyle DL
    Kyle DL Month ago

    Basically you can eat it but not too much meaning dont eat much at all

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago

    I would love it if ONE GODDAMN RU-clip video on the Keto Diet would actually TELL YOU what to eat, instead of what NOT to eat. For God's sake, what the fuck should I get my fats from, what the fuck should I get my protein from, and what the fuck should I get my carbs from?

  • Ste
    Ste Month ago +2

    I was positive about keto untill I watched this. Now it seems impossible not to make a mistake unless you have a on hand dietitian preparing your food for you.

  • AreNee Jordan
    AreNee Jordan Month ago +1

    How does someone count Macros...protein...etc for Keytos

    • KittyThuds
      KittyThuds Month ago

      AreNee Jordan my fitness pal

  • KK D
    KK D Month ago +5

    I give up. This keto diet is just too much 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • grantorino2009
      grantorino2009 28 days ago +2

      Don't give up. Check out Dr. Berg's videos on RU-clip. Much more simple and positive.

  • Will Ruiz
    Will Ruiz Month ago

    Dude it is hard as hell to meet the 2200 calories that carb manager tells me too. It sucks because I actually eat a lot and stay around 10 carbs

  • AcceppT
    AcceppT Month ago

    Carbs aren’t that bad...

  • Marx de los Santos
    Marx de los Santos Month ago

    Just dont eat anymore lol

  • Jerry Watson
    Jerry Watson Month ago +5

    This is way to freaking complicated. GEEZ!

  • Eliel Vladin
    Eliel Vladin Month ago +16

    "enjoying a handful of your favorite nuts" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • rana sayed
    rana sayed Month ago

    Are natural sugar ok to eat in keto dietlike honey 🍯, dates , lemon 🍋 and fruits like apple 🍎 plz reply so that I’ll get idea

    • Thomas Inch
      Thomas Inch Month ago

      rana sayed not really because they still contain a relitavely high level of carbs in them. You certainly can’t have honey but saying that in fairness as long as you stick to under 20g of carbs per day to guarantee ketosis you can have whatever you want for those 20g but you will struggle very much to hit this with the Apple, and honey. For lemon and dates look up the carb content!

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee Month ago

    Overcomplicated the diet way too much.... carbs under 50g a day and 50% fat of total macros every day- simple.... I’ve stayed under 12% body fat following that rule for a year now.

  • Tyler Chick
    Tyler Chick Month ago

    Goddamn just get to the point I got shit to do lol

  • Wendy Alvarez
    Wendy Alvarez Month ago

    Where’s the calculator link ?

  • Mike R
    Mike R Month ago

    This is way Way too complicated. I started keto 3 weeks ago. I've lost weight... But watching this....... Idk😒

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger Month ago +35

    You damn near have to go to medical school to truly understand this diet.

    • Kritav Shah
      Kritav Shah 25 days ago +1

      This guy just makes it seem like that...watch better channels...I just eat 2 800 calorie meals a day along with supplements, going to increase it to 1000 calorie meals in a few weeks once I lose the weight
      All I eat for my first meal are eggs with some butter and cheese for fat and some green high fibre veggies and some low carb nuts like almonds(4 or 5)
      Then I eat some steak, most of the times cottage cheese since I don't eat much non veg other than eggs but sometimes chicken...with some gravy low in carbs like mushrooms or herb along with a few green veggies inside and maybe sometimes a dessert to increase calorie intake
      You can literally eat anything on the allowed foods in keto and follow approx. Percentages, it could even be 65% fat, 10% carbs(I eat fibre a lot, so they are mostly reduced) and 25% protein and still be in ketosis, same with 70%, 75%, 80% etc...you don't actually have to calculate

  • ZeeheCorporation
    ZeeheCorporation Month ago

    1) You undergo gluconeogenesis when in ketogenic state, otherwise, brain, knidney, and red blood cells would just die from the glucose lake.
    2) Fat détection in the gut actualy leads to incretins rise, so in insuline rise too. If you haven't any clearence of such amount of fat comming into serum, you would have serious trouble.
    3) True, having few carbs makes you relativly hypoglycemique, about 0.9 g/l instade of 1g/l and that will be compensate by fat burning AND PROTEIN MUSCLE catabolism. You can not directly convert fat into glucose, you have to dispose of an alternative source of carbon, like in lactate or amino acids, which come from diet or muscles.
    4) Your total muscle mass and heart training make you more adapted to burn fat (as a man), especially when you do regular training, as much as I think you might. "Normals people don't have this capability.

  • Knowledge How
    Knowledge How Month ago

    What the heck dude? Why didn't you mention blueberries? You are just reading bunch of crap. It's coming from you.

  • steven west
    steven west Month ago

    Too much info this shit sounds like a minefield. Stick the basics no refined foods high fat plenty of water and good sleep.

  • Ginjabredman
    Ginjabredman Month ago

    so then you can't gain muscle on keto if you're only getting in 15-20% protein. It's only for extreme fat loss and then once you get to a good base you can start normal diet to build muscle.

  • Henrietta Dean
    Henrietta Dean Month ago +1

    If you mind these people you wont eat anything 🙄

  • Afro Hime
    Afro Hime 2 months ago

    What was that flatbed looking thing???

  • GorrillaQ
    GorrillaQ 2 months ago

    There’s no proof that eating too much protein actually occurs at a significant rate. Gluconeogenesis isn’t really something u get from food. Try to stay under 20g carbs everyday. But personally, if ur doing it correctly, u won’t even have the appetite to eat too much meat. I would stick with spinach and avacado for veggies.

  • Juan G Santos
    Juan G Santos 2 months ago

    I don't see the calculator?

  • Tomoko in 4k
    Tomoko in 4k 2 months ago

    So what your saying is...I should just drown myself in ice cream and cry myself to sleep....watch my videos

  • Mirko Krizmanić
    Mirko Krizmanić 2 months ago

    So the only thing you should eat is butter?

  • Mytrell Hughes
    Mytrell Hughes 2 months ago

    Can I eat organic pancakes with organic syrup on the keto diet ?

  • Sebastien Souphankhaisy
    Sebastien Souphankhaisy 2 months ago +1

    i quit, can someone tell me if what he is saying is bull or completely right?

  • belaistbela
    belaistbela 2 months ago

    Mistake 1 can't bei right, you don't eat a certain percentage of your daily calories as protein (those vary a LOT) but you calculate them and make sure to hit that value or you might end up losing muscles instead of belly fat. And on the plus side it also helps with feeling fuller after a meal. It should be somewhere about 0,8-1,2g of protein for each kilogram you're currently carrying, more if/when your lean body mass or activity level increase. And that's why most people don't have to worry about hidden carbs and so on, they want to be a in large caloric deficit, eat one or two sizeable meals a day (intermittent fasting/omad style) and get enough veggies.. After cooking with healthy oils and adding some cheese or cream there's no more wiggle room left for processed foods...
    For 70 or 80% calories from fat according to your mistake 5 *after* hitting my protein goal I'd have to eat at maintenance and not in a deficit. There's only one variable to cut when you want to lose weight and that's the fat intake (because you already carry enough on your hips...), just make sure you get some healthy omega 3s along your lean organic protein source and eat at least five palms of veggies. The more the better, you feel fuller and they need more time to digest.

  • Shay Ashton
    Shay Ashton 2 months ago

    Wrong! Protein is your goal while keeping track of your calorie intake. When doing keto, if your doing a high fat keto thats reccommended for medical/ therapeutic reasons. But losing weight you train your body to fuel off your fat that your body already has. Eating too much fat can cause you to stall. Also consuming too many calories will cause you to gain weight. As long as you stick to your macros of low net carbs which he doesnt mention. Net carbs are carbs subtracted from fiber. So say you eat a vegetable that is ten carbs but it has 8 g fibers. That would leave you at 2 net carbs for that vegetable. You also cant get kicked out of ketosis eating too much protein that's a myth. I used to think like him at the beginning of doing keto 3 years ago. But now I'm more informed and know more of the ins and outside of this diet since I'm low carb intolerant this isn't just a diet for me but my lifestyle. But each to their own if this works for you go for it. But make sure to do your research and find out what works for your body.

    • Shay Ashton
      Shay Ashton 2 months ago

      Also fat is your lever not your goal. Many foods you eat will have fat in it already so it will add up very quickly.

  • Anouk van der mark
    Anouk van der mark 2 months ago

    Bullshit about the insuline. It regulates the amounts of glucose in your blood. And with that the amounts of glucose you Lose or store. Please educate first

  • Fahad Mohammed
    Fahad Mohammed 2 months ago

    Can I eat 🥝 in keto diet ?

  • Rola's Diary
    Rola's Diary 2 months ago +75

    Bro this is very discouraging lol

    • therealnightwriter
      therealnightwriter 24 days ago

      No, it's not.

    • Shervin Sabeti
      Shervin Sabeti Month ago +1

      Rola's Diary yes I agree I was discouraged by this also, but keep in mind as long as you count your calories you will be fine!

    • KK D
      KK D Month ago


  • GREAT expectations
    GREAT expectations 2 months ago +10

    I'm in day 7 of my Keto diet and I tested 2.0 in ketosis!
    I'M SO HAPPY!!
    I eat my greens, proteins and fats twice a day!

  • Steven Vega
    Steven Vega 2 months ago

    Btw watch dr Berg.

  • Steven Vega
    Steven Vega 2 months ago

    So how much protein per meal? Is 50 grams too much?

  • beatingF*bingeF*eating
    beatingF*bingeF*eating 2 months ago +6

    Wow it's my second day on keto but you discouraged me and now i wanna stop.

  • Manuel Alejandro Velazquez Campa

    Fructose is the same as sugar, shut the fuck up

  • el mantecao que mata
    el mantecao que mata 2 months ago

    all information here: @t

  • lolingyou
    lolingyou 2 months ago

    Life is so short to worry about everything u have to eat...oh my god...eat everything u want but not processed food...moderate ur amount, 3 times a day, eat various, make ur last meal 19:00 drink a lot of water snd enjoy ur life

  • The Wind
    The Wind 2 months ago

    i cant seem to gain weight on keto.........

  • Sabori Saha
    Sabori Saha 2 months ago

    How can I start your program?

  • Diragonoman
    Diragonoman 2 months ago

    I've been on keto about 3 months now and average 200-300g of protein most days and have never been thrown out of ketosis. The protein thing is bullshit and I wish people would stop spreading that around. The diet is simple. Stay within your macros, drink plenty of water and if you go over on protein don't fret it