I Dressed According To My Zodiac Sign For A Week

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • I've been seeing these posts all over Instagram that show different clothes and outfits for different zodiac signs, and so I decided to test them out and dress like my star sign for a week! I also consulted an astrology expert to help me in my quest! I tried out a LOT of different outfits this week, which one was your favorite?
    A big thank you to Miss Mermaid for helping me out!
    Here is her Yelp listing: www.yelp.com/biz/miss-mermaid-venice
    And her RU-clip channel: ru-clip.com/channel/UC0NdcDBgT9MvrvsCDzdkfOQ
    Voyage LA Article: voyagela.com/interview/meet-sirena-pendragon-miss-mermaid-venice/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12646

    HELLO FRIENDS!! whats up late night squad?? what is your zodiac sign?!

  • Kalypso Volkonskaya
    Kalypso Volkonskaya 4 hours ago

    Gemini 😜✌️

  • Mimi Magic
    Mimi Magic 4 hours ago


  • Clara Kaiser
    Clara Kaiser 4 hours ago +1

    As a cancer I can say I am the opposite of all of those sources! I live in colourful sweatpants, gym shorts and t shirts. So I was surprised to hear we were supposed to be classic and feminine. I agree it is fun to read and stuff but it is not true.

  • Seal Lover
    Seal Lover 11 hours ago

    Omfg Salida ur birthday is before mine! Mine is on the 17!!

  • -E • Motion-
    -E • Motion- 15 hours ago +2

    Where is the balance squad at? (Libras) ♎️

  • Dolly Life
    Dolly Life 17 hours ago

    My birthday is 17 july so a am i cancer too😁

  • Blue Smith
    Blue Smith 19 hours ago

    My birthday was on the 17 😃 I love sad even more now 😀😀😀😀

  • Ava Jo Marchesan
    Ava Jo Marchesan 20 hours ago +1

    3:09 lol She groped the shirt look at her hand

  • Sophie H.
    Sophie H. 22 hours ago

    I’m a virgo

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin 23 hours ago +1

    I feel like shes an aquancer cause she likes wearing comfy black outfits all the time but she'll also go out in platform crics and 9 ft long jeans.

  • shimps jin
    shimps jin Day ago

    im a cancer and lol i dont follow it bc i am actually chinese

  • anime._. artist
    anime._. artist Day ago +2

    I'm cancer my rising sign is aquarius I like comfy clothes and the outgoing stuff for me is cosplay

  • v a
    v a Day ago

    technically you’re a cancer leo cusp. should that have been taken account of in this video? 🤔

  • Gabs Souza
    Gabs Souza Day ago

    9:15 this outfit is such a Karen

  • Salads are friends Not food


  • Kitty Playz
    Kitty Playz 2 days ago

    Omg I’m cancer too

  • Rosemary poems
    Rosemary poems 2 days ago +1


  • Emsoz 1414
    Emsoz 1414 2 days ago

    Where did you get the top from the second outfit

  • awESome !
    awESome ! 2 days ago

    The bat style has left the chat

  • Planet Games
    Planet Games 2 days ago

    Am I the only Gemini ♊️?

  • Chanel Forever
    Chanel Forever 2 days ago +1

    holy sheeett im a cancer to YEET

  • Jisha Balakrishnan
    Jisha Balakrishnan 2 days ago +1

    It’s good to see this video since I am a cancerian too

  • Gacha Mina
    Gacha Mina 2 days ago +2

    I'm an cancer too! ♋cancer squad! As an cancer, I love flowy dresses with a wavy cut on the shoulders i like wearing white flowy dresses and I love wearing show off shoulders outfit.

    • Blue Smith
      Blue Smith 19 hours ago

      I like my shoulders out too 😄

  • Yunas
    Yunas 2 days ago

    Watching this 2 years later and realising your birthday was like, yesterday.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Daisy V
    Daisy V 2 days ago

    i’m cancer!

  • minty tae
    minty tae 2 days ago +1

    Her bday was yesterday! happy belated bday safiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie Alig
    Sophie Alig 2 days ago +1

    Ur a cancer too TWINSIES!!!!

  • Cria - San
    Cria - San 3 days ago

    I am capricorn

  • Bárbara Guerra
    Bárbara Guerra 3 days ago

    Was the "fairy on the water" a reference to the hungarian folk tale or was it just a coincidence?

  • jimine mochi0912
    jimine mochi0912 3 days ago

    happy birthday!

  • Maggie Breeze
    Maggie Breeze 3 days ago

    Happy birthday saf

  • Chimy Chang’s
    Chimy Chang’s 3 days ago

    Hey i’m a cancer and today’s my birthday! 🥳 Edit- Me and saf have the same birthday!

  • tay5250
    tay5250 3 days ago

    i actually love the socks w heels

    TIAM TAVAKOLI 3 days ago

    My mom is a cancer and those whole video is the definition of her

  • Mikayla Westra
    Mikayla Westra 3 days ago

    Well, Happy Birthday😂♡♡

  • Hailboo Hauer
    Hailboo Hauer 3 days ago

    What website did u use to find out your first sigh or second I can’t remember lol if anyone knows let me know

  • A&S SATISFYING Satisfying

    Watching this video two years later on ur birthday saf, what a cool moment happy birthday safiya

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 3 days ago

    I’m Aquarius :D

  • penny from m.a.r.s
    penny from m.a.r.s 3 days ago

    Omg 16 today happy birthday

  • Sarina Mulchandani
    Sarina Mulchandani 3 days ago

    Happened to watch this today. Happy birthday Saf!

  • Ankita Baruah
    Ankita Baruah 3 days ago

    Hey its 16 july when i saw this video so funny

  • Melina RP
    Melina RP 3 days ago

    Cancer people are the best! So Safiya and me for an example are the best

  • sydney stallings
    sydney stallings 4 days ago +1

    omg coincidentally watching this on your birthday 2 years later!! happy birthday saf!!

  • Cool Crab Save The Goats

    I’m a Pisces and I firmly believe in the zodiac signs, and water signs tend to be very emotional. (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) For example, Pisces get really sad/pissed/mad easily, (for me it’s being pissed :/) And we tend to be kind and sensitive. Sometimes, people get born in the wrong month, like I knew a guy who is a Pisces, and he should have been a Scorpio. You (at least what I’ve seen on ur channel) fit cancer pretty well. Scorpio’s tend to be annoying and upset all the time, Pisces gets pissed at everything, and cancer is just kinda shy and gets sad easily (basically u get sad easily if ur a water side.) I have a friend who’s a cancer and u two (again, idk u irl, just what I’ve seen) are pretty similar. Was this. comment unnecessary? Yes. Did I forget why I was writing this in the middle? Yes.

  • khadija belarbi
    khadija belarbi 4 days ago

    Where my Leos at?

  • Charlie McCaig
    Charlie McCaig 4 days ago

    In the badge coat you look like female Sherlock

  • May Kim Vy Bang Vo 6Y Vestskolen

    You Born on The same day as my Mom is

  • Payton Meadows
    Payton Meadows 5 days ago

    Actually being dramatic translates to the stages of the moon because where a brave crab sent from the moon

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 5 days ago

    Outfit #2 u look gorgeous

  • pääskynen12 :
    pääskynen12 : 5 days ago +2

    Aayyy! A fellow cancer! I match that style a lot better actually

  • Natalie Irvin
    Natalie Irvin 5 days ago +4

    *Aquarius squad*
    I feel like theres not alot of us;-;

  • Ace Ace
    Ace Ace 5 days ago

    I’m a cancer and I mostly dress like Jughead Jones I’ve done it since May of this year and I feel like I’m myself cause in my other styles that I’ve tried I felt either really girly or I thought I looked like a little boy

  • Hayley Jade
    Hayley Jade 6 days ago


  • Morgan Clark
    Morgan Clark 7 days ago +1

    this is literally the only capricorn comment

  • Royce
    Royce 7 days ago

    OMG your birthday is the day after mine lol

  • Maxine Kirk
    Maxine Kirk 7 days ago

    Aries gang ?

  • kanaka maoli
    kanaka maoli 7 days ago

    July 15th here😘

  • Kitty Pixel biologist

    IM A CANCER!!!!!!

  • Kelserrr
    Kelserrr 7 days ago

    I’m an Aquarius!!! ♒️ and I would never wear the blue skirt 😂

  • Marta H.
    Marta H. 7 days ago

    I am a Cancer too!

  • Kylah Paugh
    Kylah Paugh 7 days ago

    I think I'm secretly an aries

  • Michele Riberdy
    Michele Riberdy 7 days ago

    Day 3 looked fantastic on you!

  • Lia Squad
    Lia Squad 8 days ago +1

    I'm a CAPRICORN 🎂

  • Yoongle Ho3
    Yoongle Ho3 8 days ago

    I’m a cancer too! SKSKSKSKSKSK I agree with the personality bit but the fashion sense...not so much :/ my style is more of a “comfy baby” but my wardrobe right now speaks “comfy clown”

  • sancurlz17 k
    sancurlz17 k 8 days ago

    Can someone tell me what brand is the Pink Corset?

  • Luaylaa
    Luaylaa 8 days ago

    Cancer yaaaa

  • shriya kulshrestha
    shriya kulshrestha 8 days ago

    I loved the aries outfit choices. They would go great together. I am an aries💕

  • Lilly Wilmoth
    Lilly Wilmoth 8 days ago

    I’m a Gemini beech

  • lys her
    lys her 8 days ago

    Where my Leo's at ♌