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Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
    This video is dedicated to my father who is blind in one eye and can barely see out of the other. ~Narrated by Electric Universe Eyes
    Author: Anthony L. Peratt, Fellow, IEEE
    Abstract-The discovery that objects from the Neolithic or Early
    Bronze Age carry patterns associated with high-current Z-pinches
    provides a possible insight into the origin and meaning of these ancient symbols produced by man. This paper directly compares the graphical and radiation data from high-current Z-pinches to these patterns. The paper focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on petroglyphs. It is found that a great many archaic petroglyphs can be classified according to plasma stability and instability data. As the same morphological types are found worldwide, the comparisons suggest the occurrence of an intense aurora, as might be produced if the solar wind had increased between one and two orders of magnitude, millennia ago.
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  • Electric Universe Eyes

    Who is here from today’s video? 🤜🏼⚡️🤛🏻 😜🤠😎✌🏼👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  • TJH
    TJH 3 years ago +4

    Nice work! You should do this more, you have a very nice and soothing voice. That and some illustrations would be enough...

  • ME1
    ME1 Year ago +1

    Excellently put together, thank you.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      Thank you! His live presentation is also worth watching! ANTHONY PERATT, PLASMA INSTABILITIES, AND PETROGLYPHS - 2005 TP World - MIRROR - ru-clip.com/video/BG13-_UyBu4/video.html

  • Tater Crosley
    Tater Crosley Year ago +1

    Can I get a recap of the natural phenoma involved here? I take it the plasma phenomena and toroidal shapes were visible in the aurora at one time long ago, correct? And that was caused by exceptional sunspot / sunflare activity? Is there more to know about this situation, how long it lasted, what the short and long term effects were, if any, etc? Just trying to connect the dots. Thanks in advance.

  • Angela J
    Angela J 3 years ago +3

    the figure that looks like a stick man with arms up and legs kind of squatting- is there an intermediate form of this where you would see the central torso 'stick' form with the arms up, but the legs would not be visible, or vice-versa? I am fascinated with the strong resemblance of some of these forms to cave drawings of thousands of years ago, where some of the symbols were exactly the same of the much later Phoenician script. ru-clip.com/video/hJnEQCMA5Sg/video.html See this video, and pause at 6:50 to see the symbols. You can find the Phoenician script anywhere.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Angela J Here is one of my favorite cymatics artists - ru-clip.com/video/dIwN0C6K_ek/video.html

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +3

      Angela J I agree with you. I believe the “trumpets” describes were the audible results of such discharges. Cymatics - the vibration of material from frequency and amplitude is quite an amazing test.

    • Angela J
      Angela J 3 years ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes Thank you so much for the quick answer! ru-clip.com/video/-MmWeZHsQzs/video.html here is one about sounds from space, I am sure the movements of the planets would affect these sounds as well. What do you think about some sounds being specific to the symbols, and people tried to imitate the noise seen with the pattern? you know the thing where they put sand on a metal plate or horizontal speaker, and then vibrate the plate or speaker, and it makes repeatable patterns based on the frequency of sound? wouldn't it be wild if the patterns in the plasma were the basis of our actual written languages?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Angela J The forms changed shape based on the movement of the planets and the variation of density/intensity of the plasma discharges between the differing charged bodies. Our ancient skies were very different than we know today and our ancestors left records worldwide that we are just now understanding what they really mean. It’s not dumb history or “just cave art”. It’s the real history - we are descendants of the survivors, which is why it’s engrained in all the world cultures and symbolism.

  • Ancient Indian Guru
    Ancient Indian Guru 3 years ago +3

    We still draw it in our house. At the time of Kaali Puja(Devi Kaali) at october.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Thank you for sharing! We have Halloween in October - all about candy, death, ghosts, scary and creepy times. What a weird tradition we blindly hold here in the states. Sounds like the planet Venus left her mark in many ways...

  • MrTechne
    MrTechne 2 years ago +1

    thank you!

  • The Azazel Morningstar
    The Azazel Morningstar 2 years ago +1

    Rinne mé iarracht cara a dhéanamh. Mar is gnách bhí sé ina falsa agus liar cosúil leis an gcuid eile. Nathair eile. Téann gach droch-intinn ar ais go dtí an seoltóir

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago

      Seo iad na laethanta deireanacha, a chara. D’fhan mé mo shaol ar fad don nóiméad seo agus táim ullmhaithe go meabhrach do gach a bhfuil le teacht. Síocháin leat, a dheartháir.
      In response to: "Scariest 9 words in the American Language."

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago

      I had to translate that one - "I tried to make a friend. As usual he was a fake and a liar like the rest. Another snake. All bad intentions go back to the conductor".
      HEY, IT'S YOU!!!! What's up, my friend?

    SHOCKWAVE 3 years ago +7

    plasma cup huh ? or is it the GRAIL that Christ used lololol now I know what the holy grail is thanx my ally !!!!!!!!

  • R M
    R M 2 years ago +1

    This only makes sense in a flatearth model, plus I think outer space is water not dark energy or whatever they tell us...also I think this event was way more recent, maybe a couple hundred years ago not a couple thousand