Misogi-harae / 禊祓

  • Published on Jan 16, 2016
  • Words :Shinto prayer " Misogi-harae "
    Music: tamachang
    VOCALOID: Yuzuki Yukari
    "Misogi-harae" is an old congratulatory address of the Shinto, pray to gods to remove “kegare” which is all bad matters such as a crime, disaster, bad feelings, a disease and the death.
    ** Album “Syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism By Vocaloid” **
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    Japanese traditional religion “Shinto” says that there are myriads of Gods such as God of Sun, Moon, Sea and so on. When Buddhism came, our Japanese received Buddha as a member of Gods.
    Japanese celebrate the New Year in Shinto shrine, and goes to church for Christmas, are buried in Buddhist temple if they die. Japan has the unique culture that Buddhist, Christian, Judaist and Muslim are respected equally.
    The composer tamachang (TAMAWARI Hiroshi) who was born in Japan which is a permanently neutral country of the religion suggests new religious music. He reorganized Buddhist Scriptures and Shinto Prayers which had been chanted in Japan more than 1,000 years into modern sound.
    This album is sung by VOCALOID which is the singing synthesis software that is high technology of Yamaha produced.
    Digital Diva sings songs that are not to be able to sing by human being to link our minds.
    The existence of VOCALOID is Zen. Because they do not live, they are not troubled. They call us in the voice that opened up realization. VOCALOID sings the peace of the soul by the mysterious voice for international harmony.
    歌詞 神道祭文「禊祓」
    音楽: tamachang
    VOCALOID: 結月ゆかり
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    扉絵・題字:イマタニタカコ door.from

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