Macro Pupil Constricting in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • British people are not known for great eye contact, but Gav steps up his game by looking deeply into Dan's eyes... From about 2 millimeters away to find out how quickly a pupil constricts.
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    The Speed of Pupil Dilation - The Slow Mo Guys
    Filmed at 1000fps and 500fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
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  • Aesthetic Team
    Aesthetic Team 4 hours ago


  • Cameron Wright
    Cameron Wright 10 hours ago

    When I shine something in my eye the donut is green and yellow,

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic Day ago

    gross. i want to cut off his eyelids!

    KC LEACH Day ago


  • get_vtec 5
    get_vtec 5 Day ago

    3:10 name of the music?

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 2 days ago

    And you can buy a similar one that shots

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 2 days ago

    I know where you got that he has a channel

  • Abbas Ahmed
    Abbas Ahmed 2 days ago

    Allah-hu-akbar (God is greatest)

  • tyler duncan
    tyler duncan 2 days ago

    Is this the Gavin from rooster teeth?

  • Abdul Waleed
    Abdul Waleed 3 days ago

    The was looking like sunflower

  • Farhad The Gamer
    Farhad The Gamer 3 days ago

    6:09 I thought I was the only one who could do that......

  • T_r_i_g_g_e_r_e_d _C_h_i_k_u_

    *Thenks for thes😊*

  • -MTG- Blue Gamer
    -MTG- Blue Gamer 3 days ago

    Thats Prettiest thing i ve ever seen

  • Panther
    Panther 3 days ago


  • Giuzu
    Giuzu 3 days ago

    I really think the shades of tifferent colors are fascinating.
    This was the most beautiful vid I’ve ever seen on youtube, hands down.
    Mesmerizing af

  • Dark Punisher
    Dark Punisher 4 days ago +1

    I think the iris is slimy to stabilize our vision, like a gimbal

  • SamDDBS
    SamDDBS 4 days ago

    6:15 hey i could do that too

  • Night Bleeding
    Night Bleeding 4 days ago

    7:16 this ''jelly'' thing is the autofocus of the eye 😁😁😁

  • Mahin Patel
    Mahin Patel 4 days ago +3

    His eyes got OIS technology 😂😂😆😆

  • stevric Mascarenhas
    stevric Mascarenhas 4 days ago

    It's just like aperture in camera lens

  • entnixe
    entnixe 4 days ago

    do a slow mo on snail's eye ..

  • Stephen Samuel
    Stephen Samuel 4 days ago

    since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.
    For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse
    (Romans 1:19-20)

  • Fresh Avacado
    Fresh Avacado 6 days ago

    5000th comment

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar 6 days ago

    03:06 Save your time
    If you want to thank me ...then make it blue

  • Gamer929 W.I.P.
    Gamer929 W.I.P. 8 days ago

    Its SFW but also NSFW at the same time

  • Sky Mackenzie
    Sky Mackenzie 8 days ago +1

    Is Dan the long lost brother of Q from impractical jokers

  • Skylar Willow
    Skylar Willow 8 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Sample Text
    Sample Text 9 days ago

    Eye damage?

  • PoisionTap
    PoisionTap 11 days ago

    How to make a human blind

  • SebArt
    SebArt 12 days ago


  • Jesse McKenzie
    Jesse McKenzie 13 days ago +1

    It’s just a tiny LED doughnut

  • BorisW150
    BorisW150 14 days ago

    How anyone can see the amazing design and function of the human eye and not believe in God is beyond me. Cheers.

  • PyroJasonExplodes
    PyroJasonExplodes 14 days ago


  • amy lee
    amy lee 15 days ago

    I wish they had then brought in someone with a really brightly colored iris

  • Kayla Brand
    Kayla Brand 16 days ago

    Try a close up of skin mites. You would need an even stronger microscope lens!

  • Charles West
    Charles West 16 days ago

    FYI Its not the Iris constricting it's the pupil the Iris is the colored party the pupil is the black that's the one that's constricting

  • SR.Strontium
    SR.Strontium 18 days ago

    Stabilization in our eyes

  • Dishu is GAMING
    Dishu is GAMING 19 days ago

    6:53 its optical stabilization like in our phones 😂😂

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo 21 day ago

    Our Irises look so funky in close up. I forget they look like they have hairs or whispy bits in them and aren't just solid colour.

  • Martha G.
    Martha G. 22 days ago

    Well that sure made me feel... watched...

  • Mystery Mystic
    Mystery Mystic 22 days ago +1

    At 6:14 I can do that aswell Dan it is so cool to see it

  • _alysugh
    _alysugh 23 days ago

    my eyes are wiggling whilst watching this

  • Pedro Oliveira
    Pedro Oliveira 24 days ago


  • Pratap Patil
    Pratap Patil 25 days ago

    It's not half, its everything u see is seen by each eye

  • ThisIsDK
    ThisIsDK 26 days ago

    Those are some funny I descriptions. I personally think the iris looks like a pineapple

  • John howard
    John howard Month ago

    The commentary in this video made my day....

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Month ago

    6:12 I can 2!

  • Tracey Jacobsen
    Tracey Jacobsen Month ago

    5:39 it looks like hair inside of our eyes...
    Does anyone know what our eyes are made of? Some sort of chitin like our hair, teeth and nails...?

  • sascha schneiter
    sascha schneiter Month ago

    You have to do this again but with light from the side and som more people! That would be fantastic

    MUSA AMAN Month ago

    Instead of "light" why don't use "inferred"!

  • Matts Koldewijn
    Matts Koldewijn Month ago

    I would love to know if professors use these videos to show biology to their students...

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas Month ago

    Dan's iris might be the coolest iris ive ever seen.

  • FilmTyrant
    FilmTyrant Month ago

    Really neat!

  • Prithvi Srivatsav
    Prithvi Srivatsav Month ago

    I stared into Dan's eye for so long, I fell in love with him

  • Soph Stan
    Soph Stan Month ago

    Also they can do it in my left eye if they want cause I can see anything in that one so the light would not bother me!

  • Soph Stan
    Soph Stan Month ago

    Have they never got new coats? Love that it’s brilliant! Also has shown how many experiments Dan has been put through!

  • Hossein Ghanbari
    Hossein Ghanbari Month ago

    nice guys

  • Mic Krout
    Mic Krout Month ago

    This made my eyes water.

  • Tia Downes
    Tia Downes Month ago

    The pupil is a hole from the cornea to the retina and the iris tightens to decreases light intake to the retina and loosens to increase light intake to the retina. So, those wired looking layers of holes in the iris are a bunch of important micro muscles.

  • CoRteZz
    CoRteZz Month ago

    кто тут руский

  • SeshYown Studio
    SeshYown Studio Month ago

    that's stabilization

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio Month ago

    I clicked on the video and it started from here 😂 0:40

    FRED PHILIP Month ago

    There's a lot of order in the human anatomy but still a bunch of mad men try to convince us about some stupid evolution.

  • Xight
    Xight Month ago


  • Seth S.
    Seth S. Month ago

    iron mans arc reactor

  • duck head
    duck head Month ago

    subhan Allah

  • Kamran Sohail
    Kamran Sohail Month ago

    whats that background music at 3:34 ?

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen Month ago

    human eye stabilisation just like a camera

  • Cyfrin
    Cyfrin Month ago

    3:06 when the MDMA kicks in and youre off your nut

  • PatCh
    PatCh Month ago

    1. Dan should be holding the end of the lens until it is in position so his fingers can block it from poking his eye.
    2. You can have permanent vision loss from looking into the sun even for only a few seconds (though this is probably not as bright it still made me cringe).
    3. You don't need such a bright light, nor do you need the light entering centrally for pupil constriction (would've saved Dan from much pain from looking straight into the light).
    4. 4:55 pupil constriction*
    5. Awesome footage!

  • whocantexplain
    whocantexplain Month ago

    I used to know this kid in Boy Scouts that got off to eyes and specifically eyes dilating. I’m sure he’s loving this video. He actually asked me to film an eye dilating when I got the new iPhone 5s in slo motion. I refused.

  • MarsanGamer
    MarsanGamer Month ago

    i will never sleep

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl Month ago

    If you need a lab rat for more iris videos I'm volunteering

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl Month ago

    I think the iris ones are my faves!!

  • Mike Athoe
    Mike Athoe Month ago

    dude that closeup was mind blowing

  • Naomi Coraggio
    Naomi Coraggio Month ago

    I love hearing Gav stumble around in the dark

  • Jalo Krause
    Jalo Krause Month ago

    I can shake my eyeball can you

  • De Spydar
    De Spydar Month ago

    Im going to develop a phobia of irises

  • l stars
    l stars Month ago

    You should try this again with different colors and different motions

  • McDonald’ s
    McDonald’ s Month ago

    Sponsored by Illuminati

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf Month ago

    I've wanted one of these lenses since they put it on kick starter

  • Travis Stockton
    Travis Stockton Month ago

    SO you made it jiggle... but can it clap?

  • Alex Gruev
    Alex Gruev Month ago

    Almost vomited, i dont know why.

  • Logeswaraan Chidambaram

    Can you catch the light moving in slow mo.. I mean do slow mo on light

  • Wee Tod
    Wee Tod Month ago

    Hey gab where is ur flamethrower?

  • Rafael Jillet
    Rafael Jillet Month ago


  • BOOM! Television
    BOOM! Television Month ago

    6:15 Dan, what happened?

  • BOOM! Television
    BOOM! Television Month ago

    0:24 = yeah I get what you're saying...

  • Nazrin Hakeem
    Nazrin Hakeem Month ago

    The eye looks like SUNFLOWER😂😂🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • Primo Bud
    Primo Bud Month ago

    *30000 MILES*

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 2 months ago

    Imagine watching this in Vr this would be teryfying

  • uciz syahreza
    uciz syahreza 2 months ago

    Nikmat tuhan manakah yv kalian dustakan QS. Ar rahman

  • SheNoob
    SheNoob 2 months ago

    I have a strong stomach, but for some reason, this video made me really queasy

  • Mahesh soni
    Mahesh soni 2 months ago

    That's amazing.

  • Cyro R. Júnior
    Cyro R. Júnior 2 months ago

    What about a video with the reaction of blind people and other deseases?!

  • Matthew Ingram
    Matthew Ingram 2 months ago

    Now take LSD.

  • Patricia Lynn
    Patricia Lynn 2 months ago

    This was a great one!

  • Pin-Wu Yu
    Pin-Wu Yu 2 months ago

    in the name of science, we salute Dan!!!