Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's Enderman

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
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    Minecraft is a GIANT game full of many mysteries. So many that I could do a CRAZY amount of theories on it. Today we're going to focus on one of my favorites - the Minecraft Enderman. What are they? I want to get into the nitty gritty of these Slenderman-like creatures, so get your scalpels ready Theorists! We're cutting into the secrets of the Endermen!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert , and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Vozird
    Vozird Month ago +50007

    This is a possibly pointless detail, but when you look from the enderman's eyes in spectator mode, the colors are reversed. So end stone looks like cobblestone.

    • Sleepless Sleep
      Sleepless Sleep 26 days ago


    • Blob Brothers
      Blob Brothers Month ago


    • Scarlett is deppresed
      Scarlett is deppresed Month ago

      @Intense but that doesn't explain why they get hurt when in contact with water

    • Mr . Cool
      Mr . Cool Month ago

      @J. Lee Tillery i can help you with that i can invert my cellphones color and play minecraft and saw that endstone looks like cobble with a little bit of green

    • YN 7
      YN 7 Month ago

      Awe mann

  • Karen Yancey
    Karen Yancey 2 hours ago

    9:32 the knowledge was lost

  • Taylor Sorensen
    Taylor Sorensen 3 hours ago

    Great... now I want to play Minecraft again.

  • Theguywhobuiltamountain In Minecraft

    The reason they have ender pearls is because of the villager you see dead in the cage that’s how they got them

  • Creeper PotatoASD
    Creeper PotatoASD 4 hours ago

    And also blazes could be ppl that got trapped in the nether and ate stuff their like the endermen

  • SaltyCookie66 N.
    SaltyCookie66 N. 4 hours ago +1

    You should talk about the fossils found underground in Minecraft. Perhaps large beasts roamed the lands eons ago.

  • Creeper PotatoASD
    Creeper PotatoASD 4 hours ago

    They don’t like u bc u make them remember them when there human days and their endermen bc they got infected by the enderdragons breath...

  • Sam Rimmer
    Sam Rimmer 4 hours ago

    Do ghasts next Matt

  • ayalla z
    ayalla z 6 hours ago

    you genius

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 9 hours ago +1

    What if endermen came from the nether. They share the same eye colour as the nether portal. What if the portal they made to our dimension was made to escape the hell they created in the nether.

  • iShouldBeBanned
    iShouldBeBanned 9 hours ago

    You're the reason Minecraft is back on the top again!
    Who else agrees?

  • Hannah Jackson
    Hannah Jackson 11 hours ago

    I was fighting the enderdragon and it hit some of the endermen and all of them started chasing it

  • cardboard
    cardboard 11 hours ago

    Endermites could be a pest that feeds of ender pearls and that's why ender men don't like them.

  • Anh Vo
    Anh Vo 11 hours ago

    wow this so scary and smart he explanning so much

  • Tieriney Holmes
    Tieriney Holmes 15 hours ago

    Apparently the ended language is just reversed English (Source: Minecraft PE loading screen)

  • XDcutebaby_pandas
    XDcutebaby_pandas 20 hours ago

    ok ive been playing minecraft for 5 years and ive been wanting to know about it

  • Odell_salty_ 1
    Odell_salty_ 1 21 hour ago

    If humans came from apes how come apes still exist 🤔

  • joseph lach
    joseph lach 22 hours ago

    My Theory: I hope the creator of this video reads this comment and takes it seriously because I have some criticism, and my own theory. Scientifically speaking, you should go where the evidence leads, and not speculate. The strongholds do provide evidence that people traveled to the end. The chests and structures provide evidence that people made those structures, or at least built those chests. However, the rest of your theory is just speculation. There is no evidence for Minecraft evolution. Similarities don't determine causality. Endermen looking like humans doesn't prove they were humans, or vice versa. Just like correlation doesn't determine causality. But what we can do is look at all the evidence to see where it leads without unnecessary speculation. I'll also throw in some deductive reasoning. I'll leave off where you did before the evolution theory, starting with the ender dragon itself. 1) The ender dragon is in the end. 2) It gains health from those giant beacons. 3) It tries to kill you. Looking at point three: The fact that there is a flying dragon trying to kill anyone who comes to the end shows that people probably wouldn't have had time to build structures or do anything productive. However, those beacons couldn't have shown up by themselves. They are a structures that are very complicated and advanced. Someone or something must have built them. That leaves us with some possibilities. 1) Either the structures and health beacons were built by an entity before the dragon was there. 2)Those structures and health beacons were built by a people who the dragon was passive to, or tamed by. Because the beacons heal the dragon, the evidence shows they were probably built for the dragon. Therefore I lean on possibility 2. Because the chests look man made, it looks like people were the ones to build them. Therefore, people possibly built even the structures in the end, and the beacons. What about the enderman in question? There are no clues about them other than their ability to pick up blocks and maybe talk. Based on the evidence, there is no reason to believe that endermen weren't there at the beginning when people and the rest of the game was created. Since we know they come from the end, and they teleport, and there is no way to the end except through ender pearls which only endermen drop. Evidence shows that endermen found their way to earth from the end before humans found their way to the end. Here's a better question: Where did the dragon come from. We know that all living things reproduce, so I theorize there are other dragons. Did they come from somewhere else other than the end, or from the end itself? We don't know. There is no evidence either way. Cliffff hangger. Hope y'all took the time to read this. I think it's pretty well thought out based on the evidence. At least I hope the creator of this video takes it into consideration.

  • Eliptical
    Eliptical 22 hours ago

    Hey guess what

    Sans is Patrick

  • Animo Dragon
    Animo Dragon 22 hours ago


  • potato stoot
    potato stoot 22 hours ago

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  • chase h
    chase h 23 hours ago

    how if they were the endermen how did they get the ended pearls

  • Riley Cass
    Riley Cass 23 hours ago

    in 343 he used an ax to dig dirt

  • Kyla Kendrick
    Kyla Kendrick Day ago

    I hated the talking. I will never be able to listen to an elderman without getting creeped😂😂

  • Bruce Sr.
    Bruce Sr. Day ago

    This means that parrots actually talk now

  • ana satterfield
    ana satterfield Day ago

    3 things 1: its dream cuz how can u see mobs and go to nether and end 2: the portal to end looks like a black hole so they turned black color 3:the end is the moon the nether is inside the. Sun

  • ana satterfield
    ana satterfield Day ago

    When u kill the ender dragon u get achevement free the end and the gods of words are the first players if u already did this sry 😪 like if u agree

  • Killarii Astral
    Killarii Astral Day ago

    Or maybe this game is just a regular game with NO lore at all. Just for the enjoyment.

  • Clayton Yarbrough

    So try this... Endermen are the original angelic type guardians of the end. They endermen eventually learned to communicate with men to warn man of an apocalypse that eventually killed off everyone but Steve and Alex.

  • Guess Who?
    Guess Who? Day ago

    In the game it said the language was backward English

  • PeRsOn Gavrocks
    PeRsOn Gavrocks Day ago

    I think that the endermen were friends with the dragon, and they built pillars to heal it. And they couldn't kill their friend. Maybe the dragon saved them?

  • Jacob Saumaka
    Jacob Saumaka Day ago

    How about their allergy to water

  • Karen Yancey
    Karen Yancey Day ago

    Well,that was depending.

  • Liam Harper
    Liam Harper Day ago

    Fortnite can burn in hell for eternity

  • Tay Tay101
    Tay Tay101 Day ago

    About the dragon head on the end ship thing, I have a theory that they DID
    defeat the Ender Dragon, but the dragon egg hatched, which is why there is a
    dragon, it’s the baby.
    MatPat I had the idea for what happened to the mine shafts

  • Regular, Non Threatening - Berries

    Is it bad that all i want from this channel now is more Minecraft??

  • Redigit _YT
    Redigit _YT Day ago

    Did..did you just chop a dirt..

  • Marta Duarte
    Marta Duarte Day ago

    Creeper, awe man

  • Miki Nikulainen
    Miki Nikulainen Day ago

    I think why endermen hate endermites is that endermen before got some sort of virus from endermites

  • Me and Friends Vlogs1!

    If the ender man were humans and don’t know how to use weapons then would they try to defeat the ender dragon. Then would they still have the ability to use weapons if they wanted to go back to the overworld then would they still know how to use weapons

  • Mae Lydia
    Mae Lydia Day ago

    I was so into this and then 3:41... Did you just... Grass block... With an ax...

  • Monicasongcat
    Monicasongcat Day ago

    2:14 *did i just see Just Shapes and Beats?*

  • Makenzie Wilson
    Makenzie Wilson Day ago +7

    I REALLY want to know what ghasts are and why in the world they're crying.

    • ana satterfield
      ana satterfield Day ago

      Cuz there probly slimes soul and when it looks a slime it cries mat pat please a theary bout dis

  • Hot_Headed_Redhead
    Hot_Headed_Redhead Day ago +1

    *gasp* do you think endermen attack you when you look at them for to long because they are self conscious about how they look!?

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia Day ago +1

    Why do they attack you when you look at their eyes

  • Zoe Marshall
    Zoe Marshall Day ago

    what happened to the earth in ark Survival Evolved???

  • Avon V.
    Avon V. Day ago

    3:42 did u just use an axe to break dirt?

  • Jackalo Melon
    Jackalo Melon Day ago

    Matt pat play the tracks backwards enderman speak backwards

  • yaboydamo 13
    yaboydamo 13 Day ago


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    renzo cosico Day ago

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  • Karel De Winter
    Karel De Winter Day ago

    Endermen can hold tnt 🧨

  • Electronic Bamboo
    Electronic Bamboo Day ago +1

    Maybe enchantment language is enderman language

  • Owen Wolf
    Owen Wolf Day ago

    Wait 3:40 did he just use an axe on dirt!? Eve an idiot would know not to do that

  • Juan Toledo
    Juan Toledo Day ago

    But if the endermwn are stuck how are a significant number of them in the overworld prior to the defeat of the dragon? Wouldn't they all be isolated to the region known as the end?

  • Stahwk
    Stahwk Day ago

    But how could the people use enderpearls if they were the source of them? Hmmmm. 🤔🤔🤔

  • JevilOffcial
    JevilOffcial Day ago +1

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  • Annu gamer
    Annu gamer Day ago

    boy, communication scares me .-.

  • Vi-bez
    Vi-bez Day ago

    It could be notch and other guy

  • Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

    Tall, black, broken english, purple, steals, cant swim, disappears...

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Day ago

    Wait but if there were the first creators- how did they die if there were no mobs to kill them, since you know... humans are zombies
    Besides... slimes... spiders.. umm. Idk