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Wallace Thornhill: Threads of Evidence | EU2014

  • Published on Apr 14, 2014
  • Looking for a fast track to comprehensive education on the Electric Universe? Those most eager to learn are invited to the EU Workshop, November 14-16, 2014 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. This event will be led by Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbott, who are preparing full summaries of their life's work, something that has never been presented publicly. Wal's talks will be complemented by additional material from electrical theorist Dr. Donald Scott, and Dave's presentations will be reinforced by Ev Cochrane, author of several essential books on the ancient sky. Seating will be limited. Check out: www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014...
    Wal Thornhill asks how scientists recognize evidence. The Electric Universe recognizes evidence sifted forensically from all disciplines and astronomical records stretching back thousands of years. Wal will contrast this with the tunnel vision of today's specialists, who are not trained to see any relevance of other disciplines or to refer to observations more than a few years old. The contrast between the two approaches is to be seen in the great scientific surprises of the past few decades. Why were these discoveries so shocking to scientists? And when seen from an electrical perspective, why are they so predictable?
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Comments • 166

  • hoptoads
    hoptoads 8 years ago +19

    I love Wal's humble yet engaging talks. More scientists need to learn the art of simple conversational tone. Wal always says so much with few words, and the points he makes never leaves one feeling ambiguous about his meaning or intent. Great stuff, Wallace. I look forward to more of the same.

  • Stephen Shaw
    Stephen Shaw 8 years ago +16

    Thank you #ThunderboltsProject
    Mr. Thornhill, i admire your determination and dedication to changing the way we look at universal structure. i thoroughly enjoyed this presentation; thank you.

  • sean sullivan
    sean sullivan 6 years ago +4

    truly a great and courageous undertaking to get the science community to take a fresh look at the cosmos and maybe advance science to the next level , thank you all in the electric universe project

  • gator8287
    gator8287 2 years ago +2

    I am so glad that Immanuel Velikovsky inspired Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott as World in Collision inspired me to also look more closely. These 2 men are outstanding, thank you!

  • stardust51
    stardust51 8 years ago +8

    Loved it hope that there is more from him,thank you for the upload i enjoy this

  • GypsyKing
    GypsyKing 7 years ago +11

    he is my hero scientist speaking the truth

  • SverreBrungot
    SverreBrungot 8 years ago +4

    I need more!! More stuff from the conference, please!

  • James Burrough
    James Burrough 3 years ago +1

    I was attracted to the Electric Universe after hearing the evidence from a couple of ideas. The truth just has a certain ring to it. It’s unbelievable I didn’t hear any honest attempt to explain these possibilities till 2018 at 50 years old. Wow!

  • Chris Higginson
    Chris Higginson 8 years ago +2

    Thank you so much for this.
    I have been s Velikovsky fan for more than fifty years and I am delighted that you are carrying the torch onwards

  • Zen Master Hubba Bubba
    Zen Master Hubba Bubba 8 years ago +2

    "In order to progress, we need to think the unthinkable."
    Don't you know it! Orthodoxy is absolute death and stagnation to the advancement of any form of thought or consciousness.
    Wal, thank you so very much for bearing and sharing your light with all the world! Your work has most certainly changed my life, and how I view most everything; for the beauty of the Electric Universe Model is that it DEMANDS unity in everything, and it never fails to meet that demand.
    Pure elegance.
    Thanks again! An outstanding talk, as always! ;)

  • kayville007
    kayville007 8 years ago +7

    I truly do appreciate you and your mind, Mr. Thornhill :)

  • Mhi kl
    Mhi kl 5 years ago +4

    I came to appreciate the Electric Universe, Thunderbolts Project because I had given up on science as an early teen upon hearing about the Big Bang Hypothesis. It was dead science and even its greatest founder came to regret his child scribbling to his end, desperately scribbling to his end, desperate to overcome his shame. EU TBP brought/brings true science back to foundations of reality. Dark Ages are over. Charge on, Wal, David and all the great thinkers coming into the light of Thunderbolts science.Namaste and care,Mhikl

  • Alexander Banman
    Alexander Banman 8 years ago +1

    I was particularly interested in what was stated about electrons having their own orbiting particles. I had a friend who told me about a theory from an obscure scientist, who stated that the entire universe is simply made up of different kinds of motion: rotating motion, back and forth motions, etc. It was an interesting idea that seems to possibly be in line with this one.
    On a different note, I can't help but recall tribal experiences, "Singing with the stars" type stuff, when you mention the electric model of atoms being like a symphony. It seems we are coming full circle in the Sciences, staring back in the face of the Spiritual.
    An astrologer I knew once said that everything must come full circle, that what goes outward will always return. It seems that has finally happened in science by way of this theory, and it feels like coming back home.
    Thank you. +1

  • Dreamdancer11
    Dreamdancer11 5 years ago +15

    Anything closer to Tesla and further away from Einstein is a win....

  • John Brooking
    John Brooking 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for a really wonderful talk about the Electric Universe.

  • CARPO719
    CARPO719 8 years ago +5

    Excellent. Just absolutely excellent.

  • DreamEater777
    DreamEater777 8 years ago +3

    Greatness in the making, I cant wait to see what the world will become in 30 years

  • Jon Mallary
    Jon Mallary 8 years ago +3

    Revelation, rising of the third awakening. Path to understanding the complex simplicity of all things. Our lives, the world and the universe. Thank you thunderbirds project. This concept is truly revealing, calming and enlightening.

    • Chani J.R
      Chani J.R 8 years ago +1

      Thunderbirds? xD F-A-B Dad

  • Aubrey Loschuk
    Aubrey Loschuk 7 years ago +53

    The standard model is held together by career risk.

    • Jon Bain (Music Videos)
      Jon Bain (Music Videos) 3 years ago +1

      Much of it was originally a smokescreen to hide how nuclear weapons function. Often pervasive lies have a purpose. When relativity came on the seen nuclear weapons had been theorized; albeit vaguely. That purpose having long since passed; the lie persists.

    • GaryR55
      GaryR55 4 years ago +6

      Career risk, ego and, perhaps an agenda to control humanity's knowledge and understanding.

  • Shean Crane
    Shean Crane 7 years ago +15

    Has anyone talked to a neuroscientist about the extreme similarities between the electrical structure of the brain and the filamentary structure of the universe on a cosmological scale? It's quite intriguing if you ask me. How is it that the fibrous neurological pattern in the brain, is repeated on the universe by a cosmological scale. Moreover, how the microtubular brain structure is apparent in many other fractal and electrical phenoma. Just a thought... a big thought. EDIT: I brought it up because I drove me to wonder if everything we observe, we interpret via the brain, and the brain produces thoughts that are just copies of itself. I realize how silly that sounds, but the similarities are remarkable to me.

    • Sudheer Gautam
      Sudheer Gautam 6 years ago +2

      +Sheane Crane .
      watch Athenes theory of everything

    • fsommen
      fsommen 6 years ago +3

      +Sheane Crane Good question.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago

    "The most difficult obstacle I find is to accept evidence that conflicts with the stories we've all been taught are facts. We can be blind to evidence if it is deemed impossible. We deny evidence if it conflicts with our beliefs. We interpret evidence on the basis of our stories about how the universe works, for us. Scientists are human and can be blind to evidence for decades, or even centuries."

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago

    "We can stare at clear evidence for centuries without recognising it, because the meaning is unthinkable."

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 5 years ago

    Another great talk from Wal Thornhill who has given us and the students of the future a great base to work from.

  • Tim Burd
    Tim Burd 7 years ago +1

    I continue to be influenced by the best minds out there Mr. Thornhill - and I thank you for being one of them. -- I wrote this moments ago and thought it would be relevant here. "The independence required is great. It includes every thought all minds are capable of, with no restrictions of time. All manners of thought accepted in all ideas prone to individual states constitute the potential of each and every one of us. Accepted without ownership of prejudice, sensed but not influenced into reality, we witness the truth. I purge from my body and mind, all past resistance of habit, those beliefs that keep me from moving forward into the abyss of design." I would love to come down for your next lecture and hope to do so.

  • Vernon Brown
    Vernon Brown 8 years ago

    Great presentation! This universe is certainly the electromagnetic universe.

  • Jr JMc
    Jr JMc 8 years ago +1

    Keep up the great work . You have so much commonsense .

  • Timgeo84
    Timgeo84 8 years ago +3

    I would like to see more experiments!!

  • streuthmonkey1
    streuthmonkey1 8 years ago

    A 'must watch'. Especially if you are new to the Electric Universe.

  • BecomeTheOne
    BecomeTheOne 6 years ago +3

    The whole tale of Mother Earth and Humanity's journey would make The most amazing Epic.
    I hope at least one multi billionaire with enough connections to get such a Movie produced under the guidance of Wallace and others here at the Thunderbolts project will manifest.
    What a fantastic gift to leave future generations if done true. What a fantastic way to educate. A real benchmark tale. A first. The Movie that brought about the Paradigm shift.

    • BecomeTheOne
      BecomeTheOne 5 years ago +2

      James the lengths some are going too to hold back a shift in consciousness for the betterment of mankind is staggering and dim beyond comprehension..
      I myself was poisoned when the food I grew got sprayed with Monsanto's Round Up a few days before I cropped and juiced it.
      This lead me to passing out and being hospitalised after my appetite plumetted. The fitment of a 48 hour heart rate monitor picked up a drop in heart rate at precisely the time I meditated. No amount of protesting on my part was able to stop the consultant issuing me with an ultimatum. Loss of driving licence (And carreer)or consent to being fitted with a pacemaker type device which was supposed to kick in if my heart rate dropped to low.
      I was allowed to drive for the 3 month wait for the operation though which was way beyond odd.
      Once fitted I was unable to sleep longer than 2 hours (usually less) or meditate during the 9 months plus it took to get the damned thing removed.
      A statutory driving ban of 6 months was imposed which I am still bound by. Despite all now agreeing I have no heart condition I am now labelled as delusional and depressed and have a psychiatrist assessing my mental state since my sitting in the cardiology department threatening to take it out myself last October.
      The appointment provided in the August to get the job done (On my Birthday) turned out to be an hour long meeting with the same ignorant consultant. The resulting letter from that meet completely ommitted everything I mentioned re the poisoning and meditation.
      I had to initiate a complaints procedure just to get my side of the saga on paper. This adharmic bunch of misguided swine have wrecked my business and my decades long regular tm and yoga practice.
      Not sure what the heart consultant was fed re my character prior me meeting her but whatever it was one thing is clear, A hatchette job had been done on it.
      I slept and dreamt like a babe for the first time in 9 months straight after the device was removed. One thing I have gained is sympathy for anyone suffering sleep deprevation. The loss of memory alone was a shocker.
      ps. I once put myself forward as a Natural Law Party candidate when most seeemed unwilling. One of the main points the Party was bringing to the attention of mankind was how damaging Round Up and Glyphosate where to all life. The very substance used to weaken me back in late 2015.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +2

      +Swiftdigger, A paradigm shift is indeed in order and will come about whether we want it to or not. It is just a matter of time before this information gets into more hands and we recognize what`s at stake, sanity!

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +2

      +xkguy in a sense you just described Wal Thornhill as his work is leading the way to a clearer understanding of our true history and therefore possibly preventing the destruction of much of if not all of humanity by our own hands. I believe in the video (Stars in an electric universe) Wal mentions doing a science fiction story like you described about the true story and introduce it as science fiction which in that form would be believed by many and or a block busting sci fi movie. I believe it would be great as it is better then science fiction and truly happened.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +3

      The work of Wal Thornhill, Dave Talbott, Ev Cochrane, the late Dwardu Cardona, Dr. Donald E. Scott and so many others has already set the paradigm shift in motion an IMEX movie would only be the frosting on the cake and yes future generations will thank the thunderbolts folks for all the work they`v done on their behalf I know I am.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago

    "We cannot expect fundamental change to be welcomed by most experts. Real change must come from us, and real scientists will judge where their future lies."

  • Hossausage
    Hossausage 8 years ago +5

    Wallace radiates with Badass.

  • Love & Division
    Love & Division 7 years ago

    At 21:00 Wallace talks about instantaneous communication between parts of a system. If it is correct that the planets orbit the sun in the same plain, not at a speed of light delayed plain, then these concepts lead to a simulated reality. If a force is applied to the near end of a rigid body then the far end of the rod must be informed to begin moving at the same time the force is applied to the near end. The planets must be informed to move in concert with the sun, the sun does not inform the planets but the information is coming from a source that can distribute information to the sun and the planets simultaneously. This also means that the system of a non-rigid body, say something like a rope has a different algorithm, one that says if you place a force on the near end, then the far end does not move until some time later. Meaning, cause and effect are simulated, just as they would be in a video game. In a video game of soccer the computer character's foot does not actually cause the ball to move when kicked, rather the ball is informed to take on a trajectory as if the character's foot had momentum. This also means that in our reality momentum is simulated. In the real world if you hit a ball with a bat the ball does not move because it was hit by the bat, but the ball moves because it was informed to move in a certain trajectory if the bat makes contact with it. All momentum is simulated.

  • McDaniel77
    McDaniel77 8 years ago +2

    Thanks for your work, I'm currently developing a true physical theory.
    Gravity is a side effect of electro magnetic interaction.

    • McDaniel77
      McDaniel77 8 years ago

      @Ed Martell
      Glad to read you again. You rose two questions. First we always thought radioactivity is something we don't know and we can not alter. We were not told or we didn't listen. It is an observational fact, that radioactivity changes during the year, it's more in winter (north hemisphere and lower in summer). They don't know why, but I can tell. The earth moves around the sun, during one year cycle the earth comes close to the sun, the difference between summer and winter is 5.000.000 km. During winter, we are 5 million kilometer closer to the sun. The electromagnetic influence closer to the sun causes higher radioactivity. It's always EMI, the cause for stability and radioactivity is based on the same principle - the one and only principle called electromagnetic interaction.
      The funny thing is, no one could every disprove it, because everything we know about our world is definitely based on EMI.
      We live in a 3D world, all our machines work with EMI. That's it.

    • ED Martell
      ED Martell 8 years ago

      Thank you for the compliment You wrote : "There are many unstable atoms, because they could switch out of resonance and then they will dissipate".
      That begs the question : What force causes atoms to "switch out" of resonance? And, for that matter, what force causes the resonance in the first place?
      Dissipate? Perhaps by lowering or raising vibratory conditions, they, simply, move into a different dimensions unseen by our machines?

    • McDaniel77
      McDaniel77 8 years ago

      @Ed Martell
      I like you and your stand of view. As you mentioned, I think you were mislead by mainstream with their so called, quantum-spilt-instant-information or what ever. What they did is, they split an object into two parts, then they observed one of them and could tell you immediately what the other part does. That sound really awesome, but it isn't!
      When you split an object and you know the properties before you split it, then you can always tell what the second part is doing, when you observe the first part. This is because of momentum conservation and stuff like that. There is no quantum magic involved, it's standard logic.
      Sorry, but I will never ever get a noble price, because I don't have connections to the committee, they gave Higgs a price, but not the CERN scientists, because they didn't really found something. It's all fakery, but with a noble price linked to CERN and Higgs mainstream will think: "CERN > Noble Price > Higgs > futher support = Money for nothing"
      You are quite right with vibration and resonance, atoms are stable because of resonance. There are many unstable atoms, because they could switch out of resonance and then they will dissipate.

    • ED Martell
      ED Martell 8 years ago

      I really don't think that we disagree that much.
      I'm more of a philosopher and get ruffled at direct statements presented as absolute fact. In my view, nothing is absolute and proven until the entirety of the knowable universe is comprehended, explained and demonstrated. I believe that is the scientific method.
      Your work seems extremely complicated, to me, yet interesting.
      How easily in your website translated into English using a translation software like Google?
      One more thought... the term, Electromagnetism, is misleading and should be replaced with a more inclusive term, thus, instilling a new thought process. I am drawn to the idea of the atom (which you mentioned often) and its properties. The resonance or vibration of these things whip around in a cloud of uncertainly faster than the speed of light and, it has been shown that, two particles ,separated from the host, instantaneously effect one another... no matter the distance of separation. This is, for me, is the most perplexing discovery in Quantum Mechanics and I believe the ultimate formula at communication at vast distances. At least as far as phenomena such as this have been discovered.
      It is my opinion that the key to understanding the so called reality of the universe, both physical and ethereal lies somewhere within this principle. Observable non-locality reacting at a distance. If you, in your work, can figure it out... more power to you... and a Nobel Prize should be forthcoming.
      All my best

    • McDaniel77
      McDaniel77 8 years ago

      @Ed Martell
      You are close to what it really is. We know a lot today, we should know that electromagnetic interaction is the only way to "communicate" with our universe.
      Our brains work by electricity, everything is based on EMI. There is now way to disproof, that EMI is wrong and fictional DM, DE or BHs are correct. In science, the theory with fewest assumptions is preferred. EMI theory doesn't recommend any fictional stuff like mainstream does.
      My own reality theory is in german language and in development - found at www.dierealitaetstheorie.de
      Best regards!

  • KlarLogik
    KlarLogik 8 years ago

    I liked the speech, except the part about the atoms. The so called "electrons" of a nuclear atom have never been directly observed and exist only as a symbol. I'm convinced that the nuclear theory of the atom is incorrect and would encourage everyone in the thunderbolts group to read the first few chapters of "The Case Against The Nuclear Atom" by Dewey B Larson. It can be read online for free.

  • Phil Francis
    Phil Francis 8 years ago

    As more and more people become aware of all the electric evidence and the continuing failing of the Standard Model which should have been dumped decades ago, they are waking up to the type of world that we live in rather than how it is incorrectly described by the main stream but is taught as fact.

  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie 5 years ago

    At some time in it's development, the BBT will get a total rework, if only because it was named casually by competitive scientists, so it began subject to a dismissive preliminary judgment and still has a lot of sensible criticism. If the apparent explosion is interpreted as phase separation and distribution, it's a much more approachable science, (instead of name-calling politics). Much the same goes for Relativity, QM and EU?
    And for evidence; modulation (eg sound/radio), on a wave/phase boundary does so at a point of integration of the fields (eg as a particle locus). Collectively, for the universe, that could be a description of the constantly shifting phases modulated by uncertainty in one principle of superposition. Ie it suggests that effects like the "Arrow of Time" is a sequence of fractal expansion/contraction - phase shift (in situ), against a integral sum of zero change.
    These comments are related to the EU suggestion that gravity is fine scale field of polarization. Seems likely. (?)

  • Teslasuniverse
    Teslasuniverse 8 years ago +1

    A new dawn for science, I am so excited!

  • ThePultzFamily
    ThePultzFamily 8 years ago +1

    This man is wise!

  • cornifron
    cornifron 8 years ago

    Here again Tesla Knew...
    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”
    ~ Nikola Tesla
    "So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though
    the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet."
    ~ Nikola Tesla

  • Randy Atkins
    Randy Atkins 8 years ago +2

    You have to admire the approach.

  • Tom Laddus
    Tom Laddus 4 years ago

    amazing presentation

  • trouble with the curve
    trouble with the curve 8 years ago +1

    A step in the right direction when explaining the reality of creation!

    • trouble with the curve
      trouble with the curve 8 years ago

      @John Sargeant Wow ,you have some facts right but you make a jump in logic that I don't see .Your statement as above so below is profound !Yes, everything is electric!

    • John Sargeant
      John Sargeant 8 years ago +3

      Observing the mind of God, you mean? As above, so below..... Stars are neurones passing electrical information about the state of the whole. Bit like a brain does. Or exactly like a brain does. If we are alive then the universe is alive because we are it and it is us - one and the same.
      Yes. You are a god.
      Creation is ongoing because we are all gods creating it together with Prime Creator and with our sisters and brothers 'out there' beyond the senses (mostly).

  • quinto190
    quinto190 6 years ago

    Alfven's plasma physics in space makes much sense to me. But if the Sun is not heated from inside, where is the energy coming from?? It must come from a process, that produces excess energy.
    Velikovsky's planetary shift ideas are a little too fantastic for me.

  • imir8atu
    imir8atu 8 years ago

    This was better then sex. Thank You so much for your work. I live with ASD and today was an Aspie nightmare Iambic so sad but this video brought me some peace. Again thank You...

  • BecomeTheOne
    BecomeTheOne 6 years ago

    It is the Coherence in brain and other Centres that gives TM Siddhis the ability to levitate. Wise Wal :)

  • herbert the snail
    herbert the snail 6 years ago +12

    aussie legend.

  • Love & Division
    Love & Division 8 years ago +1

    I love the EU scientists' willingness to question standard models. Here's a question for EU: What happens to the EU theory when it encounters the evidence of a young universe? An infinitely spatial universe can not also be eternal because of Olber's paradox. So you need either a beginning in space or a beginning in time.

    • Love & Division
      Love & Division 7 years ago

      Hub Pages have a YT channel?

    • Love & Division
      Love & Division 7 years ago

      I looked at the article and found these flaws with the reasoning: Hub Pages the author says 1) "galaxies are not uniformly distributed" But here Pages fails to provide evidence that there are directions in the night sky that can be probed with out intersecting galaxy light. You probably seen the Hubble pictures where the telescope was aimed at a deep space portion that looked dark, but after long exposure the sight was densely populated with galaxies. 2) Pages claims that "there is a finite number of galaxies in an infinite space" But this arrangement would collapse because there would be a necessary center of gravity. I'm sorry but I found the article to be amateurish and contradictory. Pages fails to defeat Olber's paradox.

    • Love & Division
      Love & Division 7 years ago

      So how do you explain the finite energy density of the universe in light of Olbers' paradox?

    • Love & Division
      Love & Division 7 years ago

      I'm talking about the universe as we experience it, not the need for infinity and eternity, I understand these are necessary, but the universe that we experience is replete with a finite energy density. Can you answer this in light of Olbers' paradox?

    • michlever
      michlever 7 years ago

      Your need a beginning and a size because your brain can not imagine or conceive of eternity or infinity. However if you think it through, and this might take considerable time, depending on how fast you are, there can not possibly be a beginning or a size to the universe. The mind boggles.

  • Antioxidant
    Antioxidant 8 years ago

    thank you, standing applause.
    i´m addicted to EU, give me more!!!

  • carson b
    carson b 8 years ago

    Thank You!!!

  • Adrian Ghender
    Adrian Ghender 8 years ago

    I think making available to the public all the conferences of EU2014 for free would really help gaining more visibility for EU

  • Mircheeks
    Mircheeks 8 years ago

    If, in our lifetime, during the pursuit of scientific honesty by electric universe researchers, we happen to observe a quasar being ejected from the center of our own galaxy, that could potentially have Big Bang shattering implications. I think ill name it the Arp of all quasars.

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor 8 years ago

    He will be in future textbooks

  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 6 years ago

    Hi, I am very enthousiastic about the EU, but there is mainstream criticism on this model, and when I look at presentations like this it is hardly ever dealed with.
    This site gives a few problems with the EU model, and some are really idiotic, like claiming special relativity IS true, because gps calculates it and wouldn't work without it.
    But others are somewhat better. How is the thermal spectrum of the sun reconciled with the electric model of the sun?

  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie 5 years ago

    At some time in it's development, the BBT will get a total rework, if only because it was named casually by Fred Hoyle, so it began subject to a dismissive preliminary judgment and still has a lot of sensible criticism. If the apparent explosion is interpreted as phase separation and distribution, it's a much more approachable science, (instead of name-calling politics). Much the same goes for Relativity, QM and EU?

    • David Wilkie
      David Wilkie 5 years ago

      "Happening" is continuous, the universe is a wave, so what appears to be a bang, explosion or inflation is an effect interpreted according to the methodology used to read it. The word "wave" is a linguistic limitation because there is no convincing explanation of what it means in the chosen context. "All is Vibration" , one oscillating connection, all information perceived from the continuous point of view now, ...why is it taken for granted that there is a special case of this interpretation of a special event we decide to read according to preferences?
      I grew up with Sir Fred's stories and once thought he had the best of them, even though he emphasized that a scientist listened to everyone, but thinks their own thoughts and hands it on to the next generation. Experience causes universal uncertainty, it's a principle, no less.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      I`v listened to Sir Fred Hoyle and he spoke of the big bang in a negative sense in that he disagreed with the theory see the video (Dark Matter) you can rework the big bang theory all you want and it will show nothing because it never happened!

  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 6 years ago

    And can someone please take this and build the hoverboard they promised we'd have in 2015?
    Seriously this has huge implications, is there any work done on antigravity? It seems that with a simple charge and shielding we should lift of:)

    • BecomeTheOne
      BecomeTheOne 6 years ago

      Try Area 52 3 4 5 and 6. Getting in may prove troublesome.
      You could learn the TM technique and progress onto the TM Siddhi program and levitate yourself using your own consciousness.
      Then there are all those shed boffins whom have had the good sense to keep their heads low.
      Corporations and the psychopaths whom profit by them kill people whom threaten their plans for total world domination and the enslavement of mankind.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago

    Simplification rather than complication... Simple, real-world concepts return science to everyone."

  • Yoan Dragiev
    Yoan Dragiev 8 years ago

    It's always a pleasure to hear Wal give a speech but there's hardly anything new here.

  • Michiel van Hemert
    Michiel van Hemert 7 months ago

    each time i watch/listen thornhill, i think : 'wtf have i done at school(s) ?!'

  • Richard Todd
    Richard Todd Year ago

    I so much want the EU to be right about black holes the standard view thinks it is unequivocal that they exist. I like the idea that it is a plasma focus at the centre of our galaxy all galaxies. it makes more sense to me. Its like static electricity in intergalactic space, and the movement of a galaxy passing through it will draw current to the centre and then is shot out tens of light years out into space in the form of x rays and gamma rays and matter including quasars which are thought to be the nucleus of new galaxies. and far from black holes devouring stars it is the birthplace of new galaxies, and this process has been going on and will for infinity. Also I feel the process of evolution requires the universe to be older than 13 million years old, and for our planet being much older than it is thought to be. I just don't believe in the big bang, but this raises the question of whether the universe is a closed system or not? as I understand it closed systems do not exist in physics, but also we should be not suspending all known laws of physics for any singularities either. I guess we just need to know how the universe works, anything outside of that is pointless speculation. I quite often fall asleep listening to Wall with my imagination fired up. I have favourite videos i watch and try to understand things. It is a big subject to take in.

  • MrHoojaszczyk
    MrHoojaszczyk 8 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago

    "There is no sound foundation for modern cosmology."

  • tubermier
    tubermier 8 years ago

    In addition to the article I posted below on SYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKY, is this vision I had in a dream several years ago concerning the fall of Lucifer. I was perplexed over why Lucifer would throw everything away in his bid to become like the MOST HIGH, and sit with HIM in the Congregation in the sides of the NORTH. God showed me. I feel special to have been given this dream.
    I was taken to Mars and was in the main square of a magnificent golden city of amazing size and splendor. Millions of his subjects filled the square and he was giving an oration, likely telling them why he deserved to ASCEND into the heaven above them and sit with the MOST HIGH. As he spoke he started to grow in stature as his unbridled ego made him into a giant before his subjects, who were agreeing with him with chants and applause and screams like a massive rock concert. He got so big he began to dominate the buildings, like a mad giant whipping the people into a frenzy of idol worship. The Bible says he had already became corrupt by then, as he may have changed from a benevolent king into a dictatorial tyrant, who created a caste system and began to horde the wealth to himself. Closest friends and( family) if family was even a part of it. God may have created the angels in family type groups but we just don't know) may have been given high positions and soon you have a corrupt Oligarchy. Theft of property and land may also have been common. When a small planet is so highly developed the land use become more important, and the King may have need of your land for a new project he wants to develop. COMMUNISM was born on Mars, and then he decided he was WORTHY to sit with God in his Heavenly planet -sun SATURN overhead. Big mistake, and that is why our solar system is strewn with the remnants of a destroyed Empire. ISAIAH 14: 12 -15 tells that story.

  • Sean Archer
    Sean Archer 8 years ago

    Anyone else get goosebumps when they hear the intro music?

  • Xtroverted Hermit
    Xtroverted Hermit 8 years ago +1

    If you fail to grasp the impossible, then the only result is to get left behind.

  • Fibonacci Sucks
    Fibonacci Sucks 8 years ago

    What was first: Electricity or Consciousness?

  • Chani J.R
    Chani J.R 8 years ago +1

    “The problem of the source of a star’s energy will be considered; by a process of exhaustion we are driven to conclude that the only possible source of a star’s energy is subatomic; yet it must be confessed that the hypothesis shows little disposition to accommodate itself to the detailed requirements of observation, and a critic might count up a large number of ‘fatal’ objections.” -Sir Arthur Eddington, The Internal Constitution of Stars. This "process of exhaustion" was nullified by the shock discovery of the solar wind at the beginning of the space age, yet no revisiting of the foundations of solar theory followed.

  • Baz Metse
    Baz Metse 8 years ago +2

    Does anyone know what Vellikovsky says about why if the other planets in our solar system have moved around why the Earth didn't move. We know that it mustn't have moved because if it had moved even slightly everything on Earth would have perished either by freezing or over heating. The position of our planet is critical for life as we know it, any ideas anyone? I thought about this last night and wanted to know if anyone knew or if Thunderbolts had an answer. thanks

    • feenix219
      feenix219 7 years ago +3

      @Baz Metse
      The eruption could have been caused by the cataspaphes; it could have been part of the same series of events. Most natural disasters have their origins in the electromagnetic connection to the universe around us, i'm sure.

    • Hivolt Arc
      Hivolt Arc 8 years ago +3

      @Baz Metse WELL DONE! I love to see a civil exchange of ideas instead of the usual banter.

    • Baz Metse
      Baz Metse 8 years ago

      @Ed Martell Thanks for that, I'm very aware of this topic and keep up to date with all that Thunderbolts puts out though I haven't read the Essential Guide to the EU and will endeavour to download it. The reduction of our gene pool has been linked with the Toba eruption from what I've read and it was the Sans people of Africa that repopulated mankind. Thanks again

    • ED Martell
      ED Martell 8 years ago +2

      Hello Bas. Velikovsky does indeed claim that the Earth has moved. He recognized that the Earth was bombarded by the detris of the super-colossal comet, Venus, and affected greatly, several times, in its orbit. As far as the destruction of the living things on this planet, keep in mind that over 99.99 percent of everything that has ever lived is now extinct.
      It has also been shown that the human race was reduced by 90 percent or more during the catastrophes that resulted from the planets (including Earth) knocking about and the human gene pool was reduced by, at least, 85 percent.
      Keep in mind that the Earth has not always been under the gravitational influence of the common sun, or Sol. Earth, Mars and other smaller satellites were in conjunction, in an axily aligned system, with Proto-Saturn. (Proto-Saturn because it was a brown dwarf star at that time) that encroached into the Sol system and the gravitational and electrical disturbances (plasma discharges more powerful than thousands of H-bombs) that resulted were catastrophically devastating to the flora and fauna of both Earth and Mars and are recorded in every creation myth through the world cultures.
      This idea is extremely difficult to wrap one's mind around. A great many people, simply, refuse to do so and cling to the old models of astrophysics regardless of the new evidence emerging from the Electric Universe theory.
      I recommend that you download and read the ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE from the THUNDERBOLTS, INFO site... it is FREE and will answer your question much more fully (plus many, many more) than I am able.
      Also, read the SUN series of books (there are four of them so far) written by Dwardu Cordoba. These are available in the THUNDERBOLTS book store.

    • Baz Metse
      Baz Metse 8 years ago +1

      @John Sargeant Thanks, there plausible reasons, It's still a reasonable enough question, If our seasons are reliant on even as finite as a 23% tilt on our axis.

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 8 years ago

    See the RU-clip series om Cold fusion/ anti-gravity explained in detail. see if it adds to this.

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 8 years ago

    Tesla had an idea about electricity called the Longitudinal wave. Or Di Electric. or scaler waves.

  • Brian Sutherland
    Brian Sutherland 3 years ago

    Yes. The universe is self-sustaining energy. Where did all the energy come from?

  • stephen cartwright
    stephen cartwright 7 years ago

    Gravity what is it? No one knows it seems to know except Marc Mc Cutcheon (The Final Theory). The mere mention of a force means you don't know what is going on. So though I agree with a lot of what you are saying you are still conforming to their paradigm. Is this on purpose or innocent?

  • MrPatex21
    MrPatex21 8 years ago

    thought provoking

  • Sean Chamberlain
    Sean Chamberlain 4 years ago

    That aint a theory ! This is a theory! Pulls out electric universe knife :O)

  • Jon Bain (Music Videos)

    Thornhill gives Einstein too much credit. Einstein does not describe what gravity does. Newton on his own is more accurate.
    In fact Einstein does not even describe what his own formula do. All such conclusions are mere faith-based assumptions.
    I reckon I must be virtually the only person who as ever actually applied Einstein's formulae in evolutionary algorithms. I have seen others claim to do this but not in published algorithms. They only publish graphs which I have proved could not have taken into account all of the premises of relativity.
    Full details and free algorithms here:

  • Sidney Pickering
    Sidney Pickering 8 years ago

    Okay in N.M. they always ask red or green - hot or cold. So which do you prefer?

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris 8 years ago +4

    I am a truth seeker.

  • Scott Fichter
    Scott Fichter 5 years ago

    No, it's not speed. It's quantum entanglement in the 4th dimension. ru-clip.com/video/EguwaPRmamY/video.htmlm3s

  • DeadringerFRED
    DeadringerFRED 8 years ago

    The heretic is always the impetus to a paradigm shift... ; )

  • Travis B. Masterson
    Travis B. Masterson 8 years ago


  • Johnna Funkhouser
    Johnna Funkhouser 6 years ago

    I think I am going to cry.

  • ivo van der Rijt
    ivo van der Rijt 8 years ago

    I have a new model of light.
    Vixra 1303.0169.
    Plz feel free to review. All feedback is appreciated.

  • JoeyDBIV
    JoeyDBIV 8 years ago +3

    Wal, sing my ~

  • #41337
    #41337 8 years ago

    All forces are Electrical.

  • David Bosh
    David Bosh 8 years ago +1

    If you use all the evidence, where is the biblical evidence? I think the bible fits in perfectly with the electric universe model.

  • puddingpimp
    puddingpimp 8 years ago +2

    "Newton's Law has no time variable, time doesn't appear in any equation"
    What are you talking about? F=ma
    F = force
    m = mass
    a = acceleration = second derivative of displacement with respect to TIME.
    This theory of electric fields as the source of gravity provides no explanation of terrestrial gravity. Simply put, we can create electric fields on earth, and we can place charged particles (ping pong balls, or ions, it doesn't matter) in them. we can balance the force of the electric field acting on the particles to counteract the force of gravity, and thus levitate the particles. If we change the charge of the particles, say by rubbing them against a woolen sweater, the mass of the particles has not changed significantly, the force of gravity acting on them has not changed significantly, but the force imparted by the electric gradient has changed tremendously. From this simple experiment, we can deduce that gravitational and electric forces are distinct, and cannot be the same force.
    I find it rather difficult to take credulously a "plasma physicist" who fails to comprehend rudimentary calculus or simple experiments which can demonstrate the distinction between the force of gravity and electric charge.
    "It pays to be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out" -Richard Feynman

  • Christopher Calder
    Christopher Calder 2 years ago

    At this moment I am about 75% in appreciation the EU model-theory. The description of the Sun as being both fusion powered AND electricity powered makes sense to me. Critics of the EU theory have claimed to me that it means stars are just light bulbs lit by electricity from space. The fact that Dr. Thornhill acknowledges that some type of nuclear fusion occurs in the Sun's photospehere allows me to believe his Sun model could actually be accurate. His descriptions of the atom are believable, but of course I have no direct knowledge of these matters and just enjoy the theories that make the most sense to me. His theory does make logical sense. Where I disagree with Dr. Thornhill is that you can get reliable evidence from ancient wall paintings and legends. Other people have used the same evidence to claim that alien beings have visited the Earth in the past. The cave drawings are Rorschach tests. You can read anything you want into them. Don't forget that these ancient people drank alcohol, took mind altering hallucinatory drugs, had dreams and vivid imaginations, and were entertained by fiction just as we are today. I think people should have a very low level of confidence in any evidence obtained from ancient mythology. Also, I flatly reject any notion that humans suffer from any collective memory of traumatic events 10,000 years ago from our collective unconscious. I also reject reincarnation, souls, "spirituality" of any kind, and have a very dim view of new age alternative medical treatments and homeopathy. I don't think they work any more than the placebo effect. Yoga and meditation make you feel good and are healthy activities. The therapies sold by new age healers are based on hype and profit motive, in my opinion. I do find Thornhill's interest in ESP and the connectivity of our electric brains and electric consciousness with the entire universe quite appropriate. All we know is electricity because that is what we are. Our consciousness is electricity in exquisitely complex formations. I have written a lot about these matters at meditation-handbook.50webs.com/

  • Kevin Rutkowski
    Kevin Rutkowski 8 years ago

    Ironically the Center of Consciousness just had their 20th Anniversary. Does the EU have a theory of Consciousness? It's seems like the missing link.

    • 11thstory
      11thstory 7 years ago

      @Aubrey Loschuk some would agree with you.

    • Aubrey Loschuk
      Aubrey Loschuk 7 years ago

      @Kevin Rutkowski The theroy of consciousness simply put "there is no objective world out there"

  • Reefs Roost
    Reefs Roost 7 months ago

    Food for the algorithm 😉.

  • Sejus Seven
    Sejus Seven 8 years ago


  • Main 1
    Main 1 7 years ago +2

    Wallace, is it possible to create artificial gravity? Also what is do you call the particle inside an electron that could travel between galaxies within seconds