Feeling Lonely? This Might Help… | Russell Brand

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • The survey of 55,000 people found that 16-24 year olds experience loneliness more often than any other age group.
    11 Percent of Millennials 'Always' Feel Lonely

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  • Mitch Coleman
    Mitch Coleman 13 hours ago

    Thank you for these. I am going through a very hard break up and being sober. It is hard. Dealing with life on lifes terms. I feel a constant loneliness and feeling of rejection. I have trouble getting her off of my mind and then my mind goes all sorts of places. I do not want to use or anything. I love what you said. Become friends with this loneliness. I should meditate mkre I am guessing. Any good advice for dealing with the sadness though ?

    NICKY POWER Day ago

    Bleak, I lost my twin flame.
    Through my own stupidity.
    Love you rusty.

  • marcus telepneff
    marcus telepneff Day ago +1


  • Mary Gold
    Mary Gold 3 days ago

    Being one who doesn’t engage in social networking sites and social media sharing platforms... having RU-clip makes me feel guilty for participating in this promotional culture that has been manufactured by our economic structure.
    Subscribing to Mr. Brand balances my conscience.

  • chipperfield
    chipperfield 3 days ago

    I'll be 25 in a year, I'll wait it out

  • Tara king
    Tara king 4 days ago

    im very lonely /depressed in a houseful of poeple

  • BVA Bookings
    BVA Bookings 4 days ago

    you are funny be gla to get out of the house hahaahha xx

  • Jason McLaren
    Jason McLaren 4 days ago

    Not to put you on a pedestal but you sir, are a Guru. I love your video's.

  • Rob 5000
    Rob 5000 5 days ago

    God Russel Brand seems like such a good guy

  • Felix Calvillo
    Felix Calvillo 5 days ago

    I was a self centered jack ass I realize it when I lost it all.

  • sueszoo777
    sueszoo777 5 days ago

    Thank you Russell. I’m developing a real understanding about the true self we are meant to be and that stripping away the meaningless is giving me focus on the meaningful.
    You’re very brave to share your own experiences and I really admire and respect you for your courage. Thank you for helping people like me! 🙏🏼❤️👍🏼

  • Lion-O Jones
    Lion-O Jones 5 days ago

    16-24 aren't millenials.

  • Dan Dawson
    Dan Dawson 5 days ago

    Gen Z not millenials

  • Bro. Floyd
    Bro. Floyd 7 days ago

    Hey Russell, I hope you read this. Thanks bro.

  • carly louise bewley
    carly louise bewley 8 days ago

    I'm struggling Russell. Codeine addiction,to mask heartache,loneliness and self loathing. Never felt like I fitted in anywhere,and just never felt good enough. X I have joined commune and I'm trying to change. Need to find my lifes purpose..

  • Coco The Cockatoo
    Coco The Cockatoo 8 days ago

    Send me your number then dude, if you ever want to come have a J with someone who doesn't care your a celeb or someone Interested in chatting your shit to any of the media I'm around if ever near the Midlands Russell

  • Lucas Gambera
    Lucas Gambera 8 days ago +1

    I am just coming to realise that to feel any emotion at all is an acknowledgement that the variations between pain and content are varied, but to want to wish away a primitive basic, self protecting, motivating growth is to run away from the very thing I consider living. I was 13 at er n I first starting using heroin "happy 13 b'day" I'm now 38 an just starting to believe that the pain I feel is healthy, is real and can leads me to desperately reach for any source of external comfort. I see it like reaching for a blanket when it cold it's always served me well to escape an to numb, dismiss and bury the untainted reality I consider life. I've known nothing else emotionally I'm extremely immature, my sub conscious constantly revs in a hyper or catatonic state shit scared that I'll get stuck with me and only me the very thought of being present in my life has become so frightening that like a soldier I prepare daily for battle knowing that should the existence of emotions or feelings arise ive gathered enough external sources that no matter when or where I won't get caught out. Until the drugs don't work, they just make it worse and I sit uncomfortably knowing that be it good bad or painful my existence throughout the day is one where living is treating my thoughts feelings and emotions with some degree of fear but in order to deliver on the person I believe I am then it's time to start to realise that injecting heroin an A grade pain killer, be it emotionally, was not fucking normal and I got a short hand. I had no guidance no role model an no sense of my emotional self. I believed the artificial bs confidence substances gave me until I realised that I'm in no way confident because it's not even me. Of course there's some level of personality traits I bear whilst affected but unless I'm able to sustain such a character with or without then my fragile state is exactly that vulnerable. In realising my feelings, be it good, bad or painful ones, I may have just found the first step to growth and to living. I am the best and only person that can bring about a change in thinking, I can learn through my feelings how to live and come back to being able to be present in my one an only life. In my quest ive been researching, watching, reading and putting together a plan as to how to live as my best self. Im lucky that although id constantly done my best to avoid any sense of emotions i had been exposed to the very best and worst of what i see humanity has to offer. I spent a l arge portion of my late teens an 20's in jail another enviroment that warps the sensibilty to thrive back outside those walls. Where the complete opposite of what i'm seeing is required to live functional and happy. Violence is the first and mightiest of tools where showing emotion is frowned upon and weakness leaves you vulnerable, so lock up your feelings and emotions for another day. Look after yourself and don't concern yourself with anyone else's business, don't get too close to anyone or anything as its likely to be gone at a moments notice. Your not in control of your basic thoughts your responsibilities are few, your told when to wake up when to eat what to wear where you can live and where u can live, your then released an expected to instantly be a responsible adult yet you've got no experience even being a responsible kid. Then your out no home family support or even a guide as to what to do next. Your old friends can't relate, your family isn't in a position to help you feel different weird an totally alone. That's when I felt most alone it wasn't d open the slot for weeks with nothing more than old ripped ralph magazines in fact the break from the main yard could be taken as a holiday, it's when you don't know how to help yourself and those around you don't know where to start either. Lonelines as mentioned is pure perception and true in my experience, materialistically I'm content with the basics it's relationships I live for yet the beauty about jail is, in having very little your totally reliant on being true to yourself and learning to rely on your personality. The relationships there seemed more untainted an pure, if someone was being unfaithful to there trueself then two things happened their facade wore them down and there true identity would more often than not reveal itself so I learnt to appreciate differences embrace my own uniqueness and that being the truest version of yourself was not only the easiest most fulfilling but also took the least amount of energy, the contradiction that it takes losing everything to appreciate the little things. The friendships were a paradox as true and as real as they were they soon showed that the environment had massive impact on the person, those same people i thought i knew were never that same person whenever we'd meet again outside. Drugs socio economic status jealousy and all else bad about criminals soon tainted the time spent building friendships that didn't resemble the ones iniatially formed. I never wanted to be a crool waste a near decade in jail in be left feeling id wasted my potential, with that comes shame disappointment despair anger resentment and grief at losing the transition from a boy to a man. So making the choice to reintegrate become a civilian and mould back into society was both the easiest and hardest choice to persevere with. My so called jailmates seen my attempt to go straight a betrayal, like i somehow thought that choosing to move on was a big f.u to them I somehow thought I was too good to waste my time ripping off cash to feed an addiction only to spend more time in than out. An to the new civilian community I believed I was a fraud most people tend to make judgement when you tell them your a heroin addict from a young teen you just got out after 8 out of 10 in but your wanting to change an please can you take kindly too me as they hide there valuables, not only that but yeah you live an expensive suburb except your part is those tall project looking ghettos ya mum told you to avoid an no there not just for refugees and yes you do pay rent 25% of your wage. People like to think they not judgemental but even I consider that all a bit much. So I'd start a new job entry level powithin at 38 and I felt more alone then than ever I couldn't allow myself to form any meaningful relationship, just incase I come undone and it was soon apparent most people have little else in the way of lives outside of work and everyone's business is everyone's business. The empty feeling knowing that your just as good as anyone but for a sliding doors moment outlaying your arm just to feel accepted at 13 would define the next 25. I now after writing my thoughts see the irony in that decision to want to belong would torment me for at least the next 25 excluding me from a feeling of belonging and learning to use my perception of loneliness to use each end of the spectrum as my motivation to look with for contentment and to share my mistakes and make others journey a little more informed on how we are stuck with one certainty and that is we must choose how we conclude on what happens to us and with that we have the full power to choose to grow or hide. Never intended on writing this much would love to hear an y feedback. Regards L.G. and I'd call you Russell if I had ya number.

  • Carlito Gio
    Carlito Gio 8 days ago

    Media biasness a fabrication of reality. Brilliant quote for what I have been suffering from that's why I try not to watch television and soap opera and all that garbage that make me feel like rubbish

  • dr zuu
    dr zuu 8 days ago

    ahh wisdom at last. nice one russell

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash 9 days ago

    Give you a ring ... but no number! LOL

  • ShreddedDos
    ShreddedDos 9 days ago

    Today I learned millenials are 16 and not 36.

  • jadler10
    jadler10 10 days ago

    I'll chat with you if your lonely, I was never addicted to a substance but what you say still speaks to me. Thanks Russell.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 10 days ago

    don't need any pocket mosquitoes buzzin around in me pocket mate, but i will say this: love the baudrillard plug but wanted some more substance, like his notion of the simulacrum or Desert of the Real (i think that was him? idk).. anywho ya i read him a long time ago but forget much of his stuff - how about a viddy on jean bodiddy?

  • G Dog
    G Dog 10 days ago

    Social media makes me feel lonelier than I’ve ever felt before , it’s just a bunch of people you don’t know trying to show off to hide how miserable and pathetic their pointless existence.I prefer to just live my miserable existence until I die and turn into a squirrel

  • Yaron Langer
    Yaron Langer 10 days ago

    me too 24 girlfriend and have you try DMT?!

  • ruby eve
    ruby eve 11 days ago +2

    Get a dog (if you’re financially stable and have time for one.)

  • Nicole klover
    Nicole klover 11 days ago

    It would be nice to have a nature walk with you some day. ❤

  • dog person
    dog person 11 days ago

    Because there stupid zombie phones get a fucking flip phone problem solved. It's fucking pathetic

  • guy savanna
    guy savanna 11 days ago +1

    Russell did your dealer care about your future or just the cash. id rather be alone for months and months than connect with the trash and scum that fill this island ..plastic people sucking multi cult abortion culture looking for other to abuse and rob .Russell your a good speaker .

  • Col Willis
    Col Willis 11 days ago

    Thank you Russell

  • Mel Bel
    Mel Bel 11 days ago

    The subscribing video at end makes me laugh loads.. I don’t think he really wanted to say like a little a pocket mosquito I think he wanted to say like a little pocket vibrator but he couldn’t 😂 🙈

  • Expat Johnny
    Expat Johnny 11 days ago

    I feel like all negative comments about millennials, are observations of generation z, wrongfully applied to millennials, who are now 40 years old.

  • Survival Of The Fittest

    Thank you

  • Melissa Iglesias
    Melissa Iglesias 12 days ago

    You are so smart. The wisdom 👌. Marry Me!!!!

  • Zoe Mackness
    Zoe Mackness 12 days ago

    I'm totally in the place of mostly happy with being on my own and choosing carefully who and what to fill up My life with and to dedicate the time and effort that those relationships deserve. It took me about 2 years of battling loneliness.

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 12 days ago

    Hey Mr. Brand, I love your videos and mission that you have begun. I just have one question. I would consider myself a capitalist. I think that capitalism only works if you believe that people are generally good. Now capitalism has never worked for everyone, but in a world with limited resources, no economic system will work for everyone. I'm not trying to argue for capitalism ( I certainly don't believe I have presented any ideas that you have not thought of before), but I am confused why you think capitalism plays a role in today's youth feeling of loneliness? Social media plays a huge factor, and yes capitalism helped create that, but I wouldn't say innovation is a negative of capitalism, but a great positive. I think people are generally good, but also we are built to fend for ourselves first (even spiritually and emotionally). I love how you talked about how we walk around with crowds of people as a background, and it would serve everyone if we took time to recognize individuals as a unique soul. I don't know if you are going to reply to this or if you read the comments, but I would love to hear some more of your thoughts, or maybe if you could direct me to someone's book/any other work on this matter? Anyways, love your stuff and you are an inspiration. May you always seek God!

  • Robert Meyman
    Robert Meyman 12 days ago

    That's not how old millennials are.

  • NovemberRain
    NovemberRain 12 days ago

    thank you

  • jessica rosario
    jessica rosario 13 days ago +1

    My life is upside down and listening to your videos in a time when I can’t breathe let alone function is such an amazing thing. Thank you

  • Strabby Crabby
    Strabby Crabby 13 days ago +6

    it's been quite a time when someone gave me an advice to take some acid

  • David Richards
    David Richards 13 days ago

    you are starting to bore me these days

    • David Richards
      David Richards 13 days ago

      i know what you are saying is true, but it's just a matter of getting off your arse and getting on with real life

  • Bandana Sharma
    Bandana Sharma 14 days ago

    Whoa I was never lonely at those ages!! But grew up a middle child and a bit over crowded.. loved my alone time back then! Now, 39, single since 3 years. Work life balance is good. No crisis and yet starting to feel bored and lonely. Is it social media addiction? Or is it isolating being a truth seeker abd always feeling this friction when you know the other people are buying the lies?

  • aj palkow
    aj palkow 14 days ago


  • the walkin dude
    the walkin dude 14 days ago +1

    I'm not lonely, but I am alone.
    These videos help, and I really appreciate that.
    I keep going. I hope only the best for everyone.
    Maybe, one day, I'll meet someone. Maybe a friend, maybe a lover, god willing the one person can be both.

  • robnhood
    robnhood 14 days ago

    and all the couples hide in there caves these days..

  • robnhood
    robnhood 14 days ago

    Haha, let me give you a news flash baby"

  • Sturm
    Sturm 14 days ago

    i believe lonliness has swept the planet because of social media and information technology.
    we live in our phones, which have completely eradicated the nature of human interaction by means of the internet and social media.
    meaningful relationships based on trust and commitment are long gone. even in a wonderful, and seemingly perfect relationship... not only can every guy or girl that your boyfriend or girlfiend has ever known can talk to them privately and instantly... but so can every other man or woman in the entire world...
    every single minute...
    of every day...
    just waiting...
    with their never-ending supply of likes or good morning private messages with shit like 😉 in them...
    the odds are in nobodys favor.
    god forbid y'all have a fuckin fight...

  • Gloria Winchell Callahan's Universe

    I’m not a millennial. No I have more experience than that . I realize most people are just ass holes for the most part now, lol😂 🤘🤟😜😘

  • Gwenhwyfar Reagan James


  • Burke T. Daigle II
    Burke T. Daigle II 15 days ago


  • Burke T. Daigle II
    Burke T. Daigle II 15 days ago


  • Puddle Peter
    Puddle Peter 15 days ago

    Russell Legend mate I feel like I know you every time I see you your beautifully articulating my belief's whether I had them before you said it or not !!!!

  • jim war
    jim war 16 days ago

    Yo brO!

  • Lorenza Lombana
    Lorenza Lombana 16 days ago

    Overcame the toughest obstacles in my life thus far in 2019. Actually, I'm not really lonely for once because conquering so much has made me really fall inlove w myself :) But I'll still be your friend, Russell!

  • boarderx949
    boarderx949 16 days ago

    It’s time... Let’s talk! Russel Brand please pm

  • jack bran
    jack bran 16 days ago

    Well you're a celebrity Russell. Not everyone gets to bang Kerry Paty.

  • 3 Toe Pete
    3 Toe Pete 16 days ago +1

    This crazy German is on to something.

  • joey badabing
    joey badabing 17 days ago

    Till this day people speak about how you went to key recovery in wallingford/Chester. Kind of run down neighborhood with really old homes. Ive read it in your book as well. 🙏✌👊

  • VA Wat
    VA Wat 17 days ago

    of course we all like attention and the feeling we are accepted. I know this feeling of loneliness very well. it started when I was child and it never disappeared (I am 57). and I am sure it will not disappear because its inside me. I lack connection with myself and I lack connection with the world around me.(no I am not a cellphone junkie). I live remote with my husband, I am terribly depressed and anxious and I dont want to connect with the world around me because of my anxiety. so that makes me running around in cirkels, doesn't it? although I see it right now while I am writing, I am still reluctant to make a step towards.......how stubborn can a person be?

  • adam false
    adam false 17 days ago

    The problem is if a schism occurs psychologically. One side affirming the predjudice against oneself, the other confirming the guilt for not attaining companionship or connection, both determined to convince you that you are undeserving of attention or belonging.
    A vicious cycle that then loops in on itself. What's worse is then any connection or potential affection one might get, if not met, then reenforces the inadequacy and lonliness one feels and makes one apprehensive to try again.
    Cheers Russ!