James Gurney explains warm and cool gamut mapping

  • Published on Oct 27, 2011
  • Dinotopia artist and creator James Gurney explains colour gamut mapping, including warm and cool mapping.
    Visit Jame's blog for even more insight from the artist: gurneyjourney.blogspot.com
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  • Freddy Gonzalez
    Freddy Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Amazing more of these tutorials please.

  • jose ortiz
    jose ortiz Year ago

    This is EXACTLY the lesson I've been looking for since your collab with Stan Proko. Thank you for this

  • Tanzerite Nye
    Tanzerite Nye 2 years ago


  • Brad Strawn
    Brad Strawn 2 years ago +2

    More of that please!

  • Aimee Fritz
    Aimee Fritz 3 years ago +14

    Great video! Also the sticky note that says BLAST is really awesome, I'm gonna stick that up in my wall to remember those things
    B: big brushes
    L: large or small
    A: accents last
    S: soften edges
    T: Take your time

  • dwintster
    dwintster 5 years ago +2

    I just want to ask if you are limited to the shades and tints within the colour gamut you have selectedÉ I was doing a quick cheeta study and found myself darkening the colours a little and lightening them to get the values I needed to describe the form in that bright out door african lighting.

  • Tony Stencel
    Tony Stencel 5 years ago +10

    This is worth watching over & over and over again

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 6 years ago +3

    Great video. I see how chroma and hue fit in all this, but what about value?

  • Connie Nobbe
    Connie Nobbe 6 years ago

    This is sooo helpful!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Regan Music
    Regan Music 6 years ago +2

    welcome to mono recordings.

  • Ghooph
    Ghooph 6 years ago

    That's very well explained. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge! :)

  • teachmeps
    teachmeps 7 years ago

    like you only hear it out of the left speaker? lol

  • xXKiragaXx
    xXKiragaXx 7 years ago +1

    Oh wow, this is pretty helpful~ ^^

  • CherryLunar
    CherryLunar 7 years ago

    The audio seems to be messed up before 0:48. I could just be wrong, but I refreshed the page a few times.