Top 10 Best NikkieTutorials Videos

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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    These are the best NikkieTutorials videos! She’s without a doubt one of the biggest beauty RU-cliprs in the game and for this list, we’re looking at the most entertaining, original and informative videos from this makeup guru. From Snoop Dogg narrating her makeup routine, to her Power of Makeup video with Kim Kardashian West, join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 NikkieTutorials Videos.
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Comments • 67

  • MsMojo
    MsMojo  Month ago +5

    Which RU-clipr should we cover next? Let us know who you want to see below!

  • Selena Rios
    Selena Rios 24 days ago +1

    talented unproblematic beauty QUEEN we stan

  • Sansa K
    Sansa K Month ago +1

    Top 10 Jeffree Star videos

  • Mia Krämer
    Mia Krämer Month ago

    That‘s the kind of content i want to see 😍

  • Karen Reta
    Karen Reta Month ago +1

    This is such a random video, but I'm so here for it...

  • elena kharybina
    elena kharybina Month ago


  • Manda Detrick
    Manda Detrick Month ago +2

    I feel like MsMojo is running out of things to make content about.....

  • Farrell Stillman
    Farrell Stillman Month ago

    Y’all should do a Top 10 Jenna and Julien moments!

  • Saul Pinzon
    Saul Pinzon Month ago

    YAS! Nikkie 💖😭

  • Ashley Kegley
    Ashley Kegley Month ago

    I found her by default a year ago. I'm upset I didn't find her earlier. She's absolutely gorgeous and talented. She's not problematic. At all. Her lips are perfect and is honest about the work she's had done. Plus her tatts are amazing. 😍

  • Ashley Bradford
    Ashley Bradford Month ago

    She does amazing make up works and she just seems so nice

  • Leanna Cherner
    Leanna Cherner Month ago +12

    Should’ve included the tutorial for her late brother.

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad Month ago +1

    Yass queen

  • Dana 182
    Dana 182 Month ago +18

    Not gonna lie, don't really watch beauty om youtube. But Nikkie is such a queen. Proud to be Dutch💛

  • Naforbe
    Naforbe Month ago

    Umm 🤔🤔

  • Jo Withrow
    Jo Withrow Month ago +1

    I live nikkietutorials. Especially that she tries to stay out of drama. Her makeup is amazing.

  • Stephan Jansen van Vuuren

    How much did Nikky pay you guys for this video? I would love one about me so people can create a fund raiser for me

  • Dawn Sardella-Ayres
    Dawn Sardella-Ayres Month ago +3

    Thanks to Snoop, concealer applied via beauty sponge must now be referred to as "double-dip."

  • Krystina Steigerwald
    Krystina Steigerwald Month ago +1

    Glam and Gore would be awesome to see

  • Rachel Foord
    Rachel Foord Month ago

    Start tagging Nikki 😂😂

  • Lippy Witch
    Lippy Witch Month ago +1

    should do another bc the video with the death of her brother was a really could vid

  • Anička Hrušková
    Anička Hrušková Month ago

    I miss here Make-up therapy

  • The Ancient Lantern
    The Ancient Lantern Month ago +2

    I. LOVE. Nikki’s tutorials!!! Awesome and beautiful chickadee and HUGELY talented!!! ⚡️🍕❤️👍🏼

  • Mrs. B For Life
    Mrs. B For Life Month ago

    Nikki is ok, but KiKiis the beat. One of the all time best makeup tutorials Kiki Makeup Tutorial @benjibrown1. She put you to that wafflehouse yellow. You will thank me later.

    WETDREAM Month ago +1

    She looks like the kinda chick that consumes litters of vodka and acts like a bitch behind closed doors but gets on camera and acts all Disney.

  • Adam Haynes
    Adam Haynes Month ago +1

    A famous beauty RU-clipr who's fat. Go figure

    • candi0826
      candi0826 Month ago

      Adam Haynes oh take a hike asshole at least I’m not a judgemental asshat like you are. Being judgmental rude makes you more uglier than she is. If you don’t like “fat” people here’s a fucking clue don’t watch the video.

    • Adam Haynes
      Adam Haynes Month ago

      candi0826 I just looked up her instagram and big surprise, Cankles and double chins galore. What a great beauty standard to be set by her. If you're as ugly as she is, just cover it up with makeup. Then you'll look ugly and foolish.

    • candi0826
      candi0826 Month ago

      Adam Haynes have you actually looked at her Instagram no she isn’t. And if that’s fat to you, you need some serious help.

    • Adam Haynes
      Adam Haynes Month ago

      candi0826 You have what's called Denial. She's fat. Just accept it.

    • candi0826
      candi0826 Month ago

      Shut the heck up she is also super tall so her body is proportionate to her height.

  • TBA1991
    TBA1991 Month ago

    *EX-boyfriend, Rick

  • Chelsea Blount
    Chelsea Blount Month ago

    Tyler Oakley

  • Meg McConnell
    Meg McConnell Month ago +1

    there’s literally no challenge she cant do ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lost in Light
    Lost in Light Month ago +8

    Top 10000 controversies James Charles has inserted himself into

  • Red panda Leila dook
    Red panda Leila dook Month ago +3

    I just got into niki and I’m so mad at myself for not watching her sooner

  • CheL Gazm
    CheL Gazm Month ago +2


    • CheL Gazm
      CheL Gazm Month ago

      @TBA1991 I wasnt aware of her UNTIL I started watching this video, she was so annoying I couldn't stand watching it til it was over, so I paused...added a comment, then moved on to something that doesn't make me wanna put my foot thru the TV.

    • TBA1991
      TBA1991 Month ago

      CheL Gazm Then why are you watching?

  • Curlz N Curvez
    Curlz N Curvez Month ago

    I vote for Jackie Aina next!

  • Felonius Gru
    Felonius Gru Month ago

    Jeffree star jeffree star

  • A S
    A S Month ago +2

    Nikki is ze kween💙

  • Wiseman Ca
    Wiseman Ca Month ago +16

    Do top 10 Glam&Gore videos

  • Cathalijne Bastings
    Cathalijne Bastings Month ago +12

    Do a top ten people we want to see as a drag race guest judge video and make nikkie number one while you at it!❤️❤️

  • adhi kwok
    adhi kwok Month ago +1

    next the queen of youtuber guru jeffrey star, or james will hits 10 M viewer

    • MsMojo
      MsMojo  Month ago

      We did Top 10 James Charles Videos here: :)

  • Look it's Sam
    Look it's Sam Month ago +8

    Tbh how can you even rank them

  • Hi. Goodbye
    Hi. Goodbye Month ago +5

    Do Jackie Aina next!

    • Hi. Goodbye
      Hi. Goodbye Month ago

      Maxine Carter yeeeeessssss

    • Maxine Carter
      Maxine Carter Month ago

      Hi. Goodbye Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie!!!!

  • Kirangopal Singh
    Kirangopal Singh Month ago +1

    Heeeeeeeellllo Ms Mojo ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sally Ximena Márquez
    Sally Ximena Márquez Month ago +1

    ICONIC 💕✨

  • Andres Moreno
    Andres Moreno Month ago +1

    First love Nikki