Cheapest Seoul Hotel - A Tour of My Extremely Mini Room!

  • Published on May 27, 2012
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    One things that really surprised me in Seoul were the high costs of living and doing just about anything.
    I guess if you were to come from Europe or North America, the prices wouldn't be too bad, but coming from Southeast Asia where prices are quite low, Seoul was very expensive.
    Food and accommodation were the two main things that drove up the prices, so when I visited Seoul I really wanted to look for a place to stay that was on the cheaper side of things.
    That's when I found Seoul hotel mini rooms where you can get a private room for yourself for about $15 per night. Even a dorm bed at a Seoul hostel can cost $15 - $25 per night, but you could be crammed into a room with 10 other guests.
    The mini room on the other hand is about the same price as a dorm bed, yet you get your own private room.
    Another bonus of staying in the mini room was that there was free rice and kimchi all day and night so I was able to save some money on food as well!
    Have you ever stayed in an officetel mini room in Seoul?

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  • Tom Vacili
    Tom Vacili Year ago

    Hello thanks for the video can you tell me the address of the place ? Thanks again

  • Dot Bullfernandez
    Dot Bullfernandez Year ago +1

    You seem like a frugal or cheap something. You

  • Neilson Buenaventura

    mark Wiens you are the best mate

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen Year ago

    You said 15 U S one person a night
    So if i have two person
    Do they have room for two
    How much

  • Naresh M
    Naresh M Year ago

    Oh man, I'm watching Mark here in dec 2017 and this video is of 2012. The humble beginnings of Mark's great travel food channel.

  • Deka Syaumpraninra

    WOW that is sooo SMALL....

  • Snap exoskeleton
    Snap exoskeleton 2 years ago


  • TH2643 Seo
    TH2643 Seo 2 years ago

    This place is not suitable to live. All these rooms are so small and close to each other. When there is a fire, it is not worth to stay here as hotels in Seoul are affordable. Around $150 per night will do.

  • Asteri ETERNAL
    Asteri ETERNAL 2 years ago


  • Kit Chow
    Kit Chow 3 years ago

    How to book a rm? If u can let me know thanks!

  • sojutime
    sojutime 3 years ago +5

    An OfficeTel is a one room apartment with private bath etc. That's not an OfficeTel. It's a Goshiwon.

    • sojutime
      sojutime 3 years ago +2


  • camsy24
    camsy24 3 years ago +1

    thats basically all that is needed most of the time is to explore , really thanks

  • Meta Fitrian
    Meta Fitrian 3 years ago

    Hi mark, actually u're cute w/out ur "TOM" shirt 😄

  • Dirty Mota
    Dirty Mota 3 years ago

    Lol before airbnb or what fam?

  • Queenie pang
    Queenie pang 3 years ago +1

    any cheap place than have elevator , cuz i am bringing my granparents there they arent really active 😂😂

  • I Want to Buy a Kitten

    Actually looks uglier than a capsule hotel.

  • Joel Graham
    Joel Graham 3 years ago


  • Lita Ong
    Lita Ong 3 years ago

    hey, it's a nice video, can you tell me if I am going to stay for 5 days only, do I need to get a tourist visa? I'm a US green card holder.

  • Craig Ross
    Craig Ross 3 years ago

    Bargain. What's not to like?

  • kaoutar ahmed
    kaoutar ahmed 3 years ago

    is they a place cheaper than this one korea in rent is soooo expensive than mine 'morocco)

    • kaoutar ahmed
      kaoutar ahmed 3 years ago

      canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada no never said that if u read my comment again u will see that i said they are educated when it comes to school and university sibject but out of school subjects they are sucks

    • canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada
      canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada 3 years ago

      Koreans are not number 1 but they are in the top and they are very educated nation and people.

    • canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada
      canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada 3 years ago

      @Kaw tar wtf.are you talking about .Korea has the highest literacy rate.I have many Korean Friends in Canada.Lots of them study in McGill university they all tell me that studying here is very easy.than how come Korea is developping very fast.

    • kaoutar ahmed
      kaoutar ahmed 3 years ago

      canadaisdirtyuglycoldboringshitasscountryfukcanada well first of i know that korea is better second koreans are not well educated they are very limited they are educated academicly only but out of korea they don't know it at all and i have many korean friends that study 17 hours but they know nothing about life and no information about the life around them third i am not from middle east as u know or u might not know morocco is reaaaaally different from all arabic countries with many things and u can look for that and see especially in languages and u can tell that morocco is effected by france thats why we have an europian system same as algerie .

  • maria a
    maria a 4 years ago +4

    Is it safe for ladies to stay there??

    • Satyadev Dhawan
      Satyadev Dhawan 3 years ago

      +김철수 Still, women should be careful. Rape is not uncommon

    • 김철수
      김철수 4 years ago +11

      Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world

  • Andrew Flyer
    Andrew Flyer 4 years ago +5

    I would book a Goshiwon, next time, they are a little smaller, but at least you have your own toilet and shower :)
    They also offer free rice and kinchi.

    • Ana Sakura
      Ana Sakura 11 months ago

      How much for a nite ? 2015...? After 3 years hopefully it wont be far different. 😅

  • Alex The Fangirl
    Alex The Fangirl 4 years ago

    If I go to Seoul, I will rent an officetel. Looks a lot better than an actual hotel!

    • secret
      secret 2 years ago

      KpopFangirl1206 lol

    • Alex The Fangirl
      Alex The Fangirl 4 years ago +1

      @Indo Banged but I don't know you and plus I'm too young to go out traveling. I'm 14 and I'm supposed to travel at like 20. But I wish I could. :(

    • Good to Talk
      Good to Talk 4 years ago +1

      +SnsdFangirl1206 let's visiting seoul together next year

  • Givemore Chiguvare
    Givemore Chiguvare 4 years ago

    thnks man i wil be travellin to Korea with no doubts before dec

  • 233beecroft
    233beecroft 4 years ago

    Hi Mark, should do more on accommendations.
    Another great vid.

  • YoonJi Annie Kim
    YoonJi Annie Kim 4 years ago

    Omg... This is so depressing... I cant believe hes recommending this sh*thole to stay in Seoul.

    • YoonJi Annie Kim
      YoonJi Annie Kim 4 years ago +1

      @L Da these places are actually dangerous. so why don't you stfu

    • YoonJi Annie Kim
      YoonJi Annie Kim 4 years ago

      these places are actually dangerous. so why don't you stfu

  • Aagii Shagdarsuren
    Aagii Shagdarsuren 4 years ago

    This Officetel in Dongdaemun is at Russian town, 5 minut walk from Mongolian town. They have bigger rooms with kitchen for only 50,000 won per night. U can cook : ) There are also lots of shopping malls around.

    • nino nikki
      nino nikki 4 years ago

      50, 000 per night? Jesus christ, I use to spend that much plus a call girl. but that was 20 years ago. lol

  • makan_teman louivin
    makan_teman louivin 4 years ago

    hey mark i love the way u save your money by not spending in unnecessary things :)

  • Keith R
    Keith R 4 years ago +23

    free rice and kimchi???? i couldn't ask for anymore... =P

  • Nicotine Griffin
    Nicotine Griffin 4 years ago

    i usually prefer guesthouse over hotel when i travel to seoul
    you can get a room with attached bathroom for $50-$60 in namsan or myeongdong area

  • Matsci101
    Matsci101 4 years ago +1

    I use to pay 20000 Won for a room with its own bath/shower sink etc in Itaewon back in the day. But free rice and kimchi is DLUX! Nice score Mark!

  • John P
    John P 4 years ago

    Can some one provide a link or name of this hotel? How does one go about finding these? Is this unique to Korea? Is there anything like this in Tokyo?

  • Midala40/ D and A's Food Review

    What was the hotels name Mark. Was it hard to find? was it safe did your room lock when you went out. any Key deposit?? Look forward to hear from you mark. Great Information. god bless Mark

    • youbetyou
      youbetyou 2 years ago

  • jaymeez
    jaymeez 4 years ago +1

    Excellent Advice, Can't believe I've never seen this vid before

  • rtc7788
    rtc7788 4 years ago

    lol i stayed in a hotel for about 3 weeks at $90 a night in seoul T.T

    • hijmpmasta4
      hijmpmasta4 4 years ago

      do you remember the name of the place??

  • PKBitchGirl
    PKBitchGirl 4 years ago

    One hostel in Dublin (Generator Hostel) can cost as much as UK£50 per night for a dorm room, granted it's a really nice room but they don't even include breakfast in the price

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName 4 years ago

    Is Seoul expensive?

  • Mr Dacus
    Mr Dacus 4 years ago +5

    It looks like a good place. Not too impressed w/ the "bathroom" though.....

  • Dorothee Shimada
    Dorothee Shimada 5 years ago

    i am soon going to seoul,can i rent a goshiwon without being a student?

  • Sunny T
    Sunny T 5 years ago

    WIt, the sink is a tap on the wall, so low almost on the floor?

    • Keith R
      Keith R 4 years ago

      @Bibi Landin Its their handicap accommodation!

    • rtc7788
      rtc7788 4 years ago

      You can pick it up..

  • mamabok
    mamabok 5 years ago

    i salute your wife Ying for staying in such a small room while traveling. i'm spoiled and always stay in nice hotels when i travel.

  • Joe B
    Joe B 5 years ago

    i remember when plane tix to korea used to be 1100 round trip. now i can get a round trip flight + 9 days of 4 star hotel for 1500.

  • J
    J 5 years ago +1

    OMG...This accommodation called by Goshiweon is really not good. Yes.. this is really cheap. Actually this place is for students who don't want to get very cheap room, not for tourists. Nowadays, Many guesthouses open in Seoul and this is a little bit cheaper and more convenient cuz this is for tourists. Regular price of guesthouses is around US 20-35$. And if you want to find private rooms and washrooms, you can go 'Motel'. Motel is usually for tourists who are traveling with cars, but in Korea this is kind of cheap hotels. Regular price of 'Motel' is 40-60$ for weekdays and 50-60$ for weekends.

    • Echo Ann
      Echo Ann 2 years ago

      KWON KIJUNG the price u said for staying in motel is like around 40-60$ right? Is it for overnight or i mean 24 hrs rate staying in motel ? Thank u

    • Inquisitve m
      Inquisitve m 5 years ago

      what about tokyo? cheapest place in tokyo that is not bad..

  • norashid jeran
    norashid jeran 5 years ago

    Hmm shared bathroom...

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 5 years ago

    These rooms were nowhere near this nice when I was there 1968-1970 but the price was right, about 300 - 500 won or between $1 and $2 US in the various rural Korean villages. I really don't remember how much it was to stay in a room in Seoul as I usually stayed at the transient barracks at Yongsan. Seoul was always a very cool place to visit, lots and lots of old stuff, temples, palaces, temples, the zoo, iteawon village and much more. In 2 years over there I was never satisfied that I had seen everything I wanted to see in Seoul.

  • nobody knows
    nobody knows 5 years ago

    wait you said rooms hotels cost 15 - 20 dollars .and that lil room 15????

  • nobody knows
    nobody knows 5 years ago

    wait you share the kitchenbathroom?

  • Why yes, I fart Rainbows!

    Very interesting. Thank you for this!

  • Seibi Ehsen
    Seibi Ehsen 5 years ago

    15$ for 1 night ????

  • beccamarinelli
    beccamarinelli 5 years ago +2

    This is definitely a Goshiwon. I was so shocked to see it because this is where I'm living now. I'm a floor above where you were though.

    • RazzDejaStar
      RazzDejaStar 5 years ago +3

      What is this Goshiwon called? Where is it located? Address, etc.

  • charmcasy
    charmcasy 5 years ago

    honestly i stay in india.. n goin by indian standards it was realy cheap.. coz a decent room even in india costs around rs1500 -2000 around $30 so if its korea n at this unbelievable rate u r gettn private space then it realy inexpensive! moreover they r even offerin rice n kimchi thts juz lyk icin' on the cake! but ofcourse those who hail from europe or america this prices wud be dirt cheap!

  • taraamalee
    taraamalee 5 years ago

    I was looking for hotels near Myeongdong shopping area (I live and work in Thailand now) and it's like 4,000 baht a night. I'm only going for 6 nights and it's so expensive. I feel like I'm in Europe all over again. However airfare from Bangkok to Thailand is way cheaper than Los Angeles. Are there any places you recommend for a solo female traveler that's safe?

  • KissTheR1an
    KissTheR1an 5 years ago

    When I went to New York for family emergency, the Hotel were costing too much, I stayed in the the officetel in Chinatown too. It was not fun for me. I was so sad:( can't not believe my ny trip screw like that!

    • Itallaboutwatithink
      Itallaboutwatithink 5 years ago +1

      But then you have to think... any family emergency is not fun. Hope all is well for you and your family.

  • MoReuGettDa
    MoReuGettDa 5 years ago +16

    I wouldn't call this an officetel, which would be more like a studio/one room apartment.
    This looks like what Koreans call a Goshiweon (고시원), which is basically a boarding house for students prepping for government tests, like the bar exam. Some have an attached or nearby 식당(eatery) under the same management where you can purchase meals on a weekly or monthly basis.
    They are good if you like quite, because even though the walls are thin, the residents are all seriously studying and won't tolerate commotion that interferes.
    Some offer lower rates for less desirable rooms (basement rooms, no window,etc). Could be as low as 10-12$USD, but they also may not have internet included.

    • wyliem
      wyliem 5 years ago +1

      gosiwons are even smaller than the officetel about the size of a small walk in closet with a bathroom.

    • Rajitha Kawshalya Mailan
      Rajitha Kawshalya Mailan 5 years ago +4

      yea its a Gosiwon..

  • Jonathan Pilarca
    Jonathan Pilarca 6 years ago

    mark, need to now which officetel did you stay

  • seoulourmovie2013
    seoulourmovie2013 6 years ago

    Yeah.. Seoul is definitely not cheap! I love your tiny room though. It does look cozy. Try posting this video on It's is a global video clip contest where a famous Korean film director will select the best clips that are uploaded and use them to make a movie about Seoul. Best of luck!!!

  • VelvetGeisha
    VelvetGeisha 6 years ago

    i have lived in smaller apartments than that...and here in scandinavia the prices are waaay higher..

  • Cherrie Yap
    Cherrie Yap 6 years ago

    May I know what's the name of this officetel ? (: Would love to visit that place. please link me the contacts. Thanks!

  • rayver nunez
    rayver nunez 6 years ago

    very cheap and its good if you will stay for quit little time.iwant to stay there for a week what is the recommended motel for me..thanks a lot..

  • SparkzMxzXZ
    SparkzMxzXZ 6 years ago

    Hello! Do officetels let you stay if you are just a tourist? or do they require a minimum staying period? thanks :)