What Tyler Henry Told La Toya Jackson About Michael's Death: 'It Tears You Apart'

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • "Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry and La Toya Jackson talk to TooFab about connecting with the late Michael Jackson about his death.
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  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 19 days ago


  • Z- Woohoo
    Z- Woohoo Month ago

    Look at this sanctimonious little asshole. Fake fake fake fake. I believe this can be done, but not by this pretentious phony.

  • idaslpdhr
    idaslpdhr Month ago +1

    How could he connect with a dead MJ when he's living in Ireland at the moment

  • Viva Trump
    Viva Trump Month ago

    3 gay guys

  • jodecy
    jodecy Month ago

    What a nonsens!!!
    I Dont believe a word...

  • elaine morgan
    elaine morgan 2 months ago +1

    Has anyone else noticed how studied his ‘smile’ is.....makes me want to pie him right in the face.....she says sweetly !

  • elaine morgan
    elaine morgan 2 months ago

    I don’t know if his ‘clients’ are in on this scam...hope not, but this guy needs to stop. Cold reading and research is where he gets his info and I think it’s deplorable that this playing on people’s grief is allowed to continue. Unless you accept it for purely entertainment and take it therefore as the rubbish it is.

  • Kimberly Nope
    Kimberly Nope 2 months ago

    I feel bad for her, she so wanted to be famous but ended up infamous trashing her family

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper 2 months ago +2

    anyone else curious about the leaving neverland allegations and this reading!!

  • Kallie Dolbeare
    Kallie Dolbeare 2 months ago +17

    Michael wants us to move on everything's ok. ;) I am glad he is.

  • Athena Grimes
    Athena Grimes 3 months ago

    Wasn't Latoya the Jackson who did psychic phone readings?

  • Cynth Wise
    Cynth Wise 3 months ago

    He actually believes his own BS...has convinced himself its okay because its psychologically comforting..Even though lying is wrong...This show is so popular because people want to believe so badly...whts wrong with not knowing, we aren't supposed to...Obviously we all think differently about it..Also give these Celebs another photo op and its a wash....

    VASHTA NAVADA 3 months ago +4

    So what was this information no one new of apart from Jackson family.

    • Craig Bowen
      Craig Bowen 2 months ago +2

      Brighton lad it’s PRIVATE they’re not gonna say it and make it not private.

  • Shireen Worthington
    Shireen Worthington 3 months ago +1

    Not convinced by this guy at all. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • marie lynn paquet
    marie lynn paquet 3 months ago

    It's too late for tears...sorry ! He need of you before he died not after...those words was...help, help help, i need help. No-bo-dy answering.... no-bo-dy. Please let him rest in peace now.

  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 3 months ago

    "Its okay, dont worry about me" aka.. 🎶leave me alone, girl.🎶. Fake ass sister.

  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 3 months ago

    They BOTH fake. Smh. LaToya didn't even like her brother .... 👀 RU-clip that . 💁😡

  • Trina Souter
    Trina Souter 3 months ago +1

    She looks like Eartha Kitt looked when she was 80...

  • Jen Worth
    Jen Worth 3 months ago +1

    WoW did Tyler Henry knew who Latoya was?? Cause that would be a first for Hollywood Mediums medium to know with who he is talking 😂

  • Baby Dragon
    Baby Dragon 3 months ago

    Since she had so much surgery she doesn't look like him anymore.

  • Andreas Landgren
    Andreas Landgren 3 months ago +3

    Two frauds in the same video

  • Jami Burns
    Jami Burns 3 months ago

    I already know I’m gonna get some hate so do what you do! But this kid is a fake, now I see it! He couldn’t possibly picked up MJ, cause he has been busy since day 1, chasing little boys around the spirit realm, he found that he can’t get in any more trouble so he said “ To HELL with it! “ lol! 😂 😝 😆

  • Truth Spoken
    Truth Spoken 3 months ago

    U both are frauds.... ok bye boy

  • Truth Spoken
    Truth Spoken 3 months ago +1

    He’s not dead

  • Cynthia Stevens
    Cynthia Stevens 3 months ago +1

    Tyler is a fraud.

  • Sherry Bevell
    Sherry Bevell 3 months ago


  • LaDonn Monroe
    LaDonn Monroe 3 months ago

    Latoya didn't like Micheal!

  • Rachael Kesha
    Rachael Kesha 3 months ago +8

    This video was a waste of time! Searching for the actual medium reading. Bic Bye 👋 lol

  • Lee
    Lee 3 months ago +3

    I just fell in love with La Toya. What an amazing spirit she is!

  • Pebbles Isinglish
    Pebbles Isinglish 3 months ago

    Latoya is adorable!

  • Timarra Wall
    Timarra Wall 3 months ago

    Michael to me is a pedophile and I hate his ways. I'm going to burn and break all of my music collection tomorrow. I don't need him in my life anymore.

  • Timarra Wall
    Timarra Wall 3 months ago

    There is another MOOCH trying to suck micks fame. Koocky latoya batshit crazy jackson. Plastic surgery by the the same nose job guy. it don't matter if michael was a pedo or not. This family will eat itself alive through greed and tabloid shit.

  • Goddess Goddess
    Goddess Goddess 3 months ago

    I always thought Latoya was the prettiest of all of her sisters. She should have been a model back in the day.

  • AS W
    AS W 3 months ago

    Gosh what overly dramatic people.

  • Shannon Cavanagh
    Shannon Cavanagh 3 months ago

    She was awesome on maslked singer. New respect.

  • Joy Miller
    Joy Miller 3 months ago

    I see a buttcheek and a script for Raltegravir in my crystal ball

  • Mieka xiii
    Mieka xiii 3 months ago +1

    Tyler looks tired.. this was a bit draining for him I think

    • Z- Woohoo
      Z- Woohoo 3 months ago +1

      Yes I’m sure all the money and fame, false praise and pretending he is anything other than an opportunist must be exhausting. Sorry I’m not taking this out on you, it’s this kid, he just pushes every one of my trigger alarms and the message that I have that’s “ interesting and coming in very strong, that I’m referencing “ is that he sucks and is a complete and total sham, who did not earn the coveted position he had been placed in.

  • Ra Jr
    Ra Jr 4 months ago

    I can't stand these phonies. He was asked to do a reading on the spot for someone and made the claim he couldn't do it because of the area. Medium my ass, he's just a mediocre liar who is getting paid to weasel people and celebrities are helping him to keep a career. Shady babies across the board.

  • Rachelle Garrison
    Rachelle Garrison 4 months ago

    Plleeaassseee!! LaToya also drops hints that Mike is still alive in at least 12 videos ! She's so fake in everything !

  • Handy Manny
    Handy Manny 4 months ago +1

    Latoya is WAY more normal than MJ

  • Shalynn Biedinger
    Shalynn Biedinger 4 months ago


  • Sigrid Rojas
    Sigrid Rojas 4 months ago +1

    Latoya you not supposed to be looking for medium you know is agaisnt Jehovah's principles and it is from satan to obstain from it !!?

  • Ronnie A
    Ronnie A 4 months ago +1

    Volume would’ve been awesome

  • Black Barbie
    Black Barbie 4 months ago

    Latoya looking like Casper the ghost 👻 lol

  • Janet Adams
    Janet Adams 4 months ago +1

    At 2 minutes 47 seconds there is an evp saying “ yeah “

  • Nicole Joy
    Nicole Joy 4 months ago

    I wish Tyler would come here and read our family

  • Nicole Joy
    Nicole Joy 4 months ago

    I hope they all feel more at peace

  • A Rarefind
    A Rarefind 4 months ago

    Everyone knows in the Jackson family except Latoya she thinks he's gone,???? no she's working it for the money

  • Bella Darla
    Bella Darla 4 months ago +12

    The interviewer legit could be on birdbox... those eyes

  • Herbert Parker
    Herbert Parker 4 months ago +3

    This Tyler guy is fake as hell.!!!

  • DD Bears35
    DD Bears35 4 months ago +1

    I mean I believe in mediums because I am one I do believe that he’s very smart but doing only Hollywood stars and acting as if you don’t know who the fuck they are and you notice he always says no offense but you look familiar but I don’t know your name or I’m not familiar with your music bullshit I mean I’m sure he acted like he didn’t even know who Michael Jackson was that much you know but he’s smart he’s getting money from these people that can actually afford him. There is only a couple few legit ones and a lot of the stuff that he tells them they already know or it’s well known on Google it is not hard to have a policy of people investigate.... I’m not saying he’s fake 100% I think he is definitely sensitive to energy but tell us something that we don’t know like really give us something not something that’s well known ,

  • Karla Jean
    Karla Jean 4 months ago +1

    Latoya looks amazing!

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele 4 months ago


    • Classic MG
      Classic MG 4 months ago

      Tiger Steele God don’t make useless nothings that’s not very nice..All we need is love love is all we need.. peace

  • Thinkand van Watch
    Thinkand van Watch 4 months ago

    I tought that Tyler guy where fake!!

  • Tanya Forman
    Tanya Forman 4 months ago

    I know you guys don't believe this SHIT lol.....

  • Linda Alcorn
    Linda Alcorn 4 months ago

    Has Priscilla Presley contacted u.

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson 4 months ago

    Demons have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. They are assigned to certain areas and they are extremely wise master to decievers. They know what to say to make people think wow! It's really a shame so many people are blinded and buy this stuff when it's really demonic activity messing with you.

  • GiGi Maloney
    GiGi Maloney 4 months ago


  • Kathleen DeShazer
    Kathleen DeShazer 4 months ago +1

    Latoya wearing that 1980's headband is hilarious!!! Omg LMAO
    I can't even take this mess serious!!! Lol 😂

  • Matthew Ledesma
    Matthew Ledesma 4 months ago

    I love me some la toya

  • Emery Biggar
    Emery Biggar 4 months ago +9

    I'm spiritual but a non-believer of Tyler Henry

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams 4 months ago +1

    Did Michael say how many little boys he had sex with and ruined their life’s

  • Aroha Love
    Aroha Love 4 months ago +3

    I love her voice she's so sweet

  • Carl Brunswick
    Carl Brunswick 4 months ago +43

    Of course she was nervous to see what Michael was going to say because she dragged his ass all through the 90s up until TODAY

    • moondee lundee
      moondee lundee 3 months ago

      @Carl Brunswick she was also jealous of MJ success, there another RU-clip video of it. Both latoya and Mj (around 25 years age) give interview. Later on latoya poses nude pictures and video for playboy. She had screws loose on her head.

    • Christine Tucker
      Christine Tucker 3 months ago

      She really did drag him threw the mud.

    • Christine Tucker
      Christine Tucker 3 months ago

      Facts !!!!!!!!

    • Joe Ann
      Joe Ann 3 months ago

      she was with an ABUSIVE caucasian SLUG, who she ALLOWED to RULED her.

    • LudeleNYC Brooklyn
      LudeleNYC Brooklyn 4 months ago +2

      Back then she was basically being controlled and abused by her evil husband and I believe that her husband kept her drugged in some way.

  • Yvonne Styhr
    Yvonne Styhr 4 months ago +9

    Not sure why La Toya is still wearing the work out band from the physical video of the 1980's.

    • Just Deborah
      Just Deborah 4 months ago

      Totally just brought me back to my second grade gym class with that comment LOL thank you

    • J Done
      J Done 4 months ago

      Yvonne Styhr it’s her style. I love it. Yassss Chile. I want me one with a lace front and baby hair

  • dennis michael
    dennis michael 4 months ago

    I still think Michael is alive...La Toya slipped in an interview not long ago verifying that. A slip of the tongue (freudian slip). Michael was a trickster and will always be a trickster. Talented but very, very, weird. Diabolical in a way.

  • deb smith
    deb smith 4 months ago +7

    Sorry he’s just a dude ran by demons that’s what a medium is demons are envolved nothing more

  • Sandra Soderquist
    Sandra Soderquist 4 months ago +2

    Tyler Henry is an idiot

  • Maya Simon
    Maya Simon 4 months ago +3

    Latoya looks really good. She's aging great

    • MrDoublehappy
      MrDoublehappy 4 months ago

      She wants to know if he is still dating boys in heavin !!!

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini 4 months ago +1