V (김태형 BTS)'s amazing vocals

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • V (김태형 BTS)'s amazing vocals
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Comments • 3 596

  • Carlo a pepas Cuevas
    Carlo a pepas Cuevas 4 hours ago

    Bv que ases con la negra fea 😣😣

  • Nysl
    Nysl 7 hours ago

    Song starting at @7:05 guys?

  • Mozart Syahira OFC
    Mozart Syahira OFC 11 hours ago

    V suara korea bgtttt lembut lembut basah kalo jungkook lembut lembut

  • yule Queen
    yule Queen Day ago

    What's that song called that tae was singing in the kerioke room I've been trying to find that song for a long time

  • Taehyungie 95
    Taehyungie 95 Day ago

    Song at 3:24 ? 💜💜

  • taehyung kim
    taehyung kim Day ago

    I so love my sweetie baby’s voice 🔥💜💜💜

  • K Silence
    K Silence Day ago

    3:33 please stop it

  • ᴋᴇɪᴋᴏ sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ

    Also known as, the most handsome guy as an idol. That's right

  • Nur Sema ORAL
    Nur Sema ORAL Day ago

    5.55 what is song?

  • Dreamcore TV
    Dreamcore TV Day ago

    I'll admit I used to think this boy had no actual talent 😭😭 what a stupid ass bitch he's voice is so unique😥🙏🏻

  • Kim Noura
    Kim Noura Day ago

    I love u so much tae tae ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Evelin Cabello
    Evelin Cabello Day ago

    He has a pretty voice

  • Elina Marxer
    Elina Marxer 2 days ago

    3:59 gave me chills through my whole body ngl

  • Belen Flores Ortega
    Belen Flores Ortega 2 days ago +2

    I love you Tae Tae ♥
    Tu eres mi razón de seguir adelante te amo bebe ♥

  • Tô Phúc Như
    Tô Phúc Như 2 days ago

    1:13 please link or name's song
    Please give me list name of songs in this video clip

    • Tô Phúc Như
      Tô Phúc Như Day ago +1

      @YoYo V thank you so much 💜

    • YoYo V
      YoYo V Day ago

      Oh gosh here we go(not in order): Move, Hug me (1:13), Miss right, Butterfly, 4'o clock, Merry Christmas, Dead leaves, Hold me tight, Eyes nose lips (this is Teayang's song from Bigbang), Spring day, Someone like you(cover), I need you, Born Singer

  • purit chaya
    purit chaya 2 days ago

    1.35 what song

  • Ferl Jane Hayo
    Ferl Jane Hayo 2 days ago

    Saranghaeyo Vvvvv😘

  • Suga Blade
    Suga Blade 2 days ago +6

    For me, he is my fav vocalist in BTS.. his singing is just so interesting, i love his soulful and deep voice so much, i can't even explain how i feel every single time i listen to his singing, but i just crying over his singing in Scenery.. hug me.. 4 o'clock.. stigma.. singularity.. hold me tight...house of cards. And i just feel----- ahhhhh you know when i listen to spine breaker.. silver spoon.. boys with fun...ex I can't even believe he is the same person. his voice is so unique.
    Edit: Sorry for my bad english

  • vanhung dao
    vanhung dao 2 days ago

    Happy day Bang Tan

  • agni jingga
    agni jingga 2 days ago

    Oppa taehyung I LOVE YOU

  • Marleny Ureta
    Marleny Ureta 3 days ago

    5:18 kookie y el hoseok ayudando a su esposo :v

  • Marleny Ureta
    Marleny Ureta 3 days ago

    vkook señores 3:28

  • Shasia Rahma
    Shasia Rahma 3 days ago


  • Emilia Maj
    Emilia Maj 3 days ago

    0:50 what song? ❤️

  • Mai Anh Le
    Mai Anh Le 3 days ago

    Mợt mỏi với ông này =))))

  • Kim Taetae
    Kim Taetae 3 days ago

    Có bạn nào cho mị biết đoạn 2:23 là bài gì hơm

  • soni gayo
    soni gayo 3 days ago

    와 목소리 진짜 너무너무 좋은데?!! 무반주일때 더 좋게 들리는 거 같다 목소리에 맞는 곡 만나서 제대로 진가 발휘하면 좋겠다😲😍👍

  • Esmeraldito Prishka
    Esmeraldito Prishka 3 days ago

    Klaiw 👄👄👄👄👄ego eimai o ben lushi h legomenh xwra alvania.’ ( h alhtheia einai oti otan genika arwsteno to synaisthyma mou zhtaei panta stgnwmh .) ‘ 🍫

  • Uria Park
    Uria Park 3 days ago


  • Yonilda Peligro
    Yonilda Peligro 3 days ago

    I like you v 💓💓

  • taetae love love
    taetae love love 3 days ago

    크리스마스 캐롤 꼭 만들어주라~귀가 녹아 없어질 것 같다~💜💜💜💜

  • echo echo
    echo echo 4 days ago

    1:24 Good job

  • masgibran peak
    masgibran peak 4 days ago


  • ChuMisKie 101
    ChuMisKie 101 4 days ago +1

    i nearly teared cause of this XD i became an army since 2015 and was in 5th grade a proud ARMY until now but then I thought 'look how talented and grown up my baby TaeTae have become T^T' and remembered he was still singing miss right, converse high, etc.

  • Sude Plr
    Sude Plr 4 days ago

    Taetaetaetaetaetaetaetae 😍😍🇹🇷🇹🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Pranjali
    Pranjali 4 days ago

    00:42 is which song?

  • Tofan Endy
    Tofan Endy 4 days ago

    1:57 what song please?

  • Vi135Will
    Vi135Will 4 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this compilation! TaeTae’s voice is mesmerizing! Can’t wait to experience his growing range as he continues to transform and challenge himself! 💜💖🔥#NewArmy

  • Hi There
    Hi There 4 days ago

    I died at 5:59 like really died💔💔

  • ARMY Blink
    ARMY Blink 4 days ago

    1:34 please song!

  • Tae V
    Tae V 4 days ago +6

    I'm sad cause in dream glow there is no Taehyung voice :(

    • Hello there 69
      Hello there 69 Day ago

      He's gonna release a song with J-Hope about 4-5 hours from now

  • Tidak Aktif
    Tidak Aktif 4 days ago

    I'm crying 😢😢😢

  • Pooking TV
    Pooking TV 5 days ago

    God gifted people bts

  • Theodora Sihombing
    Theodora Sihombing 5 days ago +1

    3:32 hehehhehe i like it

  • khushi yaa
    khushi yaa 5 days ago


  • — M i r i v k
    — M i r i v k 5 days ago

    Tan lindo. 💙

  • Ailsa Mentari
    Ailsa Mentari 5 days ago +2

    your voice so sexy😩

  • Atomicatom
    Atomicatom 6 days ago +3

    I saw his singularity live performance I thought he lip sync so I’m here omgggg master of vocals!!!! Just falling in love with him

  • S/ n das fanfic
    S/ n das fanfic 7 days ago


  • Agnes Yuspita
    Agnes Yuspita 7 days ago

    I love suga,rm,jhope rapper,, I love jommin dance,, I love jk sweet voice, and I really really love deep voice taetae..

  • irana Mik_ze
    irana Mik_ze 7 days ago

    4:00 Omg his voice😍😍🔥

  • Ra hyung
    Ra hyung 7 days ago

    8:10 who know? What song that taetae sing???

  • EmCarBin 232
    EmCarBin 232 7 days ago

    0:58 what its song?

  • Nipamoni Deka
    Nipamoni Deka 7 days ago +2

    Deep voice in the world...I love you V😍😍😍😍

  • ً die4tae
    ً die4tae 7 days ago

    i need to hear 6:43 in full!!! if someone knows where i can listen to this song, reply PLZ :(

  • แทแทจะไป พลูโต

    What song at 5.05

  • แทแทจะไป พลูโต

    What song at 05.05

  • Moni Alam
    Moni Alam 8 days ago +2

    Wow v you song very nice i love you song
    Very very nice

  • MakeUp Fever
    MakeUp Fever 8 days ago

    What's the name of the song at 7:18 ??

  • V BTS
    V BTS 8 days ago

    who is listening while seeing the comms?

  • 쩡이곤듀[아미 늪덕 멜로디 ]

    한국인분들에게 추천하고싶은 내용들

  • Ella Rose1129
    Ella Rose1129 10 days ago

    3:00 whatttt is this

  • Lina Bouaskeur
    Lina Bouaskeur 10 days ago

    انا ابهرني صوت جين وجيمين😍😘😘😍😘😘😍😘😘😍😍

  • westanBlackPink
    westanBlackPink 10 days ago

    *Who gave him the right I-*

  • Sério Ana??
    Sério Ana?? 10 days ago

    Does anyone know this song? 5:55

  • Tcrb Ub
    Tcrb Ub 11 days ago

    Anyone can help me. What is the title in minute 1:10 ? That is original song of drama Korea?

  • Aisha Angel
    Aisha Angel 11 days ago

    His voice is magical... Mesmerizing

  • Aisha Angel
    Aisha Angel 11 days ago

    He is really nice

  • Fernanda García
    Fernanda García 11 days ago

    What is the full video of the minute 10:08

  • lara Bts11
    lara Bts11 11 days ago

    Aw ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗😗😗😭😭😭😭😭

  • sanju luv
    sanju luv 11 days ago +3

    Tae's voice is as deep as an ocean 💜💜

  • Bella Pearce
    Bella Pearce 12 days ago +3

    *How are you NOT in love with Tae?!?!?* 💜

  • Dr. Safa Nassereldin
    Dr. Safa Nassereldin 13 days ago +1

    What are the songs sung in this video

  • Rezha Marcelo
    Rezha Marcelo 13 days ago


  • Enrique Aguaysol
    Enrique Aguaysol 13 days ago +3


  • Jian Hong
    Jian Hong 13 days ago

    0:39 is what song?

  • ღDay UwUღ
    ღDay UwUღ 14 days ago +1

    Esta es una de las cosas por las que soy Taehyung Biased v:

  • сандара алексеева


  • BTS Violet
    BTS Violet 14 days ago +3

    Having a deep voice dont matter its the Meaning your giving to the people

    BUTTERCUP Jones 14 days ago +3

    My bias is Min YoonGi but my favorite vocalist is V. His deep voice is really soothing.
    I think each member has something I love. Jimin is so handsome and beautiful and his voice is like something out of this world.
    Jungkook is beyond with that voice. He takes songs to another level and in your soul. Jin can really move you to tears with his voice and lyrics.
    RM is an amazing leader, he takes care of them and his rap and vocals are raspy and a turn on. Lol
    Jhope sounds exactly like he does in his album. His sunshine attitude makes me smile everytime. His hopeworld album was immaculate.
    Finally Suga, my bias. He has given me hope to stay strong through his lyrics.
    BTS has really changed my life . I hope one day I could tell them how they have helped me. Made me laugh when I cried. Made me smile when I frown. Made me happy when I was sad. Gave me love when I felt alone.
    Thank you BTS, BigHit, and to my fam ARMY

  • sabrina,ara channel ara


  • sabrina,ara channel ara
    sabrina,ara channel ara 14 days ago +1


  • sabrina,ara channel ara

    Ganteng banget 😚😚😚😍😍😘😘

  • Taehyung
    Taehyung 14 days ago +2

    My bais

  • Shahad Alhaider
    Shahad Alhaider 14 days ago

    Does anyone know the song taekook were singing at 5:34 ???
    Please if anyone knows tell me 😍😭

    • 태형김
      태형김 14 days ago

      hello do you know the song in 00:39

  • Aneta Miženková
    Aneta Miženková 15 days ago +91

    In my opinion V has the most interesting voice from BTS

  • isabelle Caroline
    isabelle Caroline 15 days ago +1

    4:34 music ?

    • S Y
      S Y 10 days ago

      isabelle Caroline 4 o’clock

  • Modupe Agbi
    Modupe Agbi 16 days ago

    2:08 jung kook is jealous, v is so cute

  • No Name
    No Name 16 days ago +5

    One like = one person who loves TaeTae❤️

  • Velazquez Mila
    Velazquez Mila 16 days ago

    2:09 what song is that?

  • anD SpRiTe
    anD SpRiTe 16 days ago +1

    Why won't BigHit give him more lines? :(

  • Mahathi Reddy
    Mahathi Reddy 16 days ago

    Pure as a “♥️”

  • Its Jian
    Its Jian 16 days ago

    Where can I find 0:00 - 0:15?

  • Jung MinYu
    Jung MinYu 17 days ago

    What song in 0:41

  • usup santorian
    usup santorian 17 days ago +2

    Taehyung has a beautiful voice ❤

  • nerie lonapse
    nerie lonapse 17 days ago +1

    5:54 what's the name of the song? It sounds familiar but idk lol

  • dimitris ketsetzis
    dimitris ketsetzis 18 days ago

    Can you please tell me how I am going to tell them apart?
    I am a new army and I don't know how to tell V apart cause I think he is the best and I can't tell him apart please army's help me

  • 함먼김
    함먼김 18 days ago +1

    I Crying ... So Beautiful Visual!