Musicians Who Passed Away In 2018

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Music can be the key to unlocking a myriad emotions in us, so it’s tough to say goodbye to the musicians who passed away in 2018. These artists touched us all in some way with their artistry and it’s hard knowing we’ll have to spend the rest of our days without ever seeing them live in concert or hearing them release new music. Thankfully, we can honor their memory by listening to their work and introducing them to prospective fans. Greats like Aretha Franklin and Dolores O’Riordan may have left us, but their amazing music endures. And though we didn’t get to see the full fruition of the careers of young artists like XXXTentacion and Avicii, we can take comfort in know that their bodies of work will stand the test of time.
    It’s definitely hard to say goodbye to artists you enjoy, but it’s probably equally difficult to learn that musicians you thought were still active have quietly passed within the past year. Grieving is a process that’s different for everyone, but we believe that the process can start just by acknowledging that these artists have left us. We may not have them around to thank in person, but we will always have their music and the memories that they’ve provided. Join us as we remember and pay our respects to these musicians who left us way too soon.
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    Dolores O'Riordan | 0:16
    Jim Rodford | 0:55
    Dennis Edwards | 1:43
    Jóhann Jóhannsson | 2:39
    Daryle Singletary | 3:32
    Avicii | 4:19
    XXXTentacion | 5:14
    Ellen Joyce Loo | 6:02
    Aretha Franklin | 6:43
    Ed King | 7:32
    Mac Miller | 8:18
    Devin Lima | 9:16
    In memoriam | 9:50
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  • Grunge
    Grunge  4 months ago +8

    Which of these artists impacted your life the most?

    • arttime timeart
      arttime timeart 16 days ago

      Elvis presley

    • Sean Connors
      Sean Connors Month ago

      None. They’re entertainers. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Neil Armstrong - these people and others like them have impact on my life.

    • Paul Kazakoff
      Paul Kazakoff Month ago

      Aretha Franklin,Ray Thomas.

    • monmixer
      monmixer Month ago

      Ed King. As a teenager I cut my teeth as a guitarist learning his parts on the Skynyrd albums that he recorded with them. It was a helluva great guitar lesson. He was older than the rest of those guys and had already had success as a recording artist with Strawberry Alarm Clock. He was the meat and brains in the early Skynyrd stuff. He didn't get along with Ronnie's redneck attitude. I talked to him via facebook a few times about a year before he died. I was surprised that he answered me. but he truly did and was every bit the great human being that I had a vision of. I think that skynyrd had no choice but to invite him to the rock and roll hall of fame. He was a huge part of their early structure. glad they did that.

    • Joseph She Han
      Joseph She Han Month ago

      ROnnie james dio !!, Stevie R Vaughan ,jimi Hendrix and Johnny cash , Johnny lee hooker!! :-)

  • Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker

    Who gives a fuck about rappers? They arent even real musicians. Worst list of dead people ever.

  • Porkchop
    Porkchop 18 hours ago

    Roy Clark was the biggest death for me, he is the reason why I picked up the guitar. He really should have gotten more notoriety

  • David Herskowitz-Hale

    I cannot express in words how much it means to see you post that information at the end. That could save a life, and I commend you for that

  • Mike 2x2x
    Mike 2x2x Day ago

    How did they dye????

  • caroline clare
    caroline clare 10 days ago

    may they all rip xx

  • Julie Raymond
    Julie Raymond 13 days ago

    All that rap is for crooksnow anyway.

  • Julie Raymond
    Julie Raymond 13 days ago

    See what I mean? We have become a disposable society, where if it doesn’t stimulate anyone’s brains 15 seconds-15 minutes, you can forget it. Nobody can be patient that long anymore.

  • zebras don't fly for a reason a perfect world all douchebag (and they are all douchebags) edm idiots would die suddenly...

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 21 day ago

    Hard to fathom how one of the greatest guitar players to ever walk the planet, whose abilities and talent to make any stringed instrument sing were not human, is kind of an "honorable mention" on this list...I guess they're not ranked in any specific order, I get that, but you've got somebody named Mack Miller being profiled (who is that dude anyway, seriously never heard of him) but not someone with the resume and talent of Roy Clark?! The man was extraordinary.....

  • rjdalchow
    rjdalchow 21 day ago +2

    Rappers and DJs are NOT musicians. Never were, never will be. Rap and hip-hop is NOT music. Never was, never will be.

    • Derek De La Cruz
      Derek De La Cruz 14 days ago

      RaP aNd HiP hOp Is NoT mUsIc shut yo dumb ass up

    • x heitsmae x
      x heitsmae x 20 days ago +1

      rjdalchow Well, when you make music, you are technically referred to as a musician. 😂 Just because you don’t like a genre, doesn’t make it not music. There is art & talent in every genre whether you can see it or not. Rappers spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes months thinking of lyrics that flow together well & can relate to others listening. As for DJs, they aren’t traditional musicians (obviously because they don’t play traditional instruments), but still make art people can relate to & love. There is such thing as music evolution.

  • sirmugman
    sirmugman Month ago

    lemmy died in 2015 fast eddie in 2018 the only one left of the orgnial motorhead line is phil, flithy animal, once he's gone the orgnial motor head is gone, few on here i didn't know had died either

  • justmadeit2
    justmadeit2 Month ago

    Sometimes people wish they were famous, or wish that they would make it as a musician but its not always what it seems to be. In many ways being famous is not natural and some cant cope with it. If you have any issues or things that bother you then being famous will just magnify your problems

  • M. M.
    M. M. Month ago

    Except for the "honorable mentions" (slap in the face) at the end, the only two people I've heard of are The Queen of Soul and the Cranberries singer. RIP Vic Damone and Roy Clark.

  • Ricky B.
    Ricky B. Month ago

    Excuse me, I believe Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane...The 'a' in Balin is pronounced like as in Ballad...a little bit insulting since he was kind of fairly famous at least well known in the music Business more than most of the others mentioned here...Thanks.
    Not to take away from them or their accomplishments ...

  • Scooter w.
    Scooter w. Month ago

    Non of them impacted my life and if they did I would be looking for a life.

    • BeatlesFan3287
      BeatlesFan3287 Month ago +1

      Plenty of successful people were impacted by certain musicians; maybe not the artist themselves but their music. You sound a little full of yourself if you ask me.

  • Michael McGuire
    Michael McGuire Month ago

    How did they die

  • B Laws
    B Laws Month ago

    DJs dont make music. They just steal it

    • B Laws
      B Laws 8 days ago

      I get your point but only partly agree. Of your list only one is even remotely recognizable. Certainly no superstars there. And a shiny sound board is not a musical instrument until and unless you can actually create the sounds with it and compose something out of it. Granted that some do coax some unique sounds out of it but no one can name any song they have heard. Interesting conversation. Thank you
      PS. I may be wrong. Opinions are wide and variable which is why I respect yours. It’s great we have so many forms of music to enjoy.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      B Laws like I said, that’s a DJ, a Disc Jockey. If you’re ONLY a DJ then yes, you aren’t a musician, you’re mixing prerecorded music, which takes its own form of skill, but that’s not related. BUT the Superstar DJs that exist now such as Avicii was, aren’t JUST DJs, they are also producers, which is making music, that’s essentially what a superstar DJ is nowadays, producers who just perform their music in the form of DJing. So yes, the Superstar DJs that exist now, are musicians because they are more than just simply DJing.

    • B Laws
      B Laws 8 days ago

      No. They play recordings of music. By definition DJ. Taking off your shirt and bouncing in a confetti storm is not making music

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      They do make music, or at least DJs that are also Producers, if you’re just a DJ all you do is play music in a “new” manner by mixing it on the fly at performances, but if you’re a DJ/Producer than you are a musician, they make their own original songs. And these big names we see are all DJs/Producers, such as Avicii, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Kygo, David Guetta, Skrillex, The Chainsmokers, etc...

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane Month ago

    DJ's aren't real musicians. Scratching records and turning knobs isn't music.

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart Month ago

    I didn't even know Pete Shelley had passed until you barely even mentioned him and yet all these no name hacks are featured. You lose one subscriber

  • Serpent of Old
    Serpent of Old Month ago

    No accounting for peoples taste

  • Samuel Stag
    Samuel Stag Month ago

    almost dead
    old farts playing music..
    good for them

    • BeatlesFan3287
      BeatlesFan3287 Month ago

      Glad their dead: every rapper thug that died in a drive by. Wish were dead: Samuel Stag.

  • Paula Gallant
    Paula Gallant Month ago

    You forgot Bearded Guy, Mike Taylor from- Walk off the Earth. WOTE- He passed on Dec. 30th 2018 R.I.P Bearded Guy. :'( The band wont be the same without you.

  • Scott Murphy
    Scott Murphy Month ago +1

    10 years from now most people won't even remember who most of these "musicians" were.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      Scott Murphy I see there’s no showing you, you’re all insults and rude behavior, too shrouded by your opinions that aren’t based in fact and your inability to view change as anything but negative. If you have over 26 billion streams, songs that hold records and were certified 86x platinum, behind some of the most recognizable songs in history, and have been referred to as “unfathomably talented” and “the Mozart of our time” by fellow multi platinum musicians that have been in the music business for many decades (granted not as long as since 1970, but it doesn’t take 50 years for a musician to know how to view music), all while being the age of 28 and having been a self taught musician from 16 years of age, then I think when peers give you a title, it should be without saying that it holds a lot of merit. I’ll leave it at that

    • Scott Murphy
      Scott Murphy 8 days ago

      @dLd My you sure like to hear yourself talk don't you? And composers like Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky worked on a plane no one in modern music can even approach. I have been a musician since 1970 and as far as I am concerned, any music past the early nineties is pure SHIT.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      @Scott Murphy Avicii is behind some of the most recognizable and iconic music of not only the last decade but of all time, you may not have heard his name, but you've undoubtedly heard his music, songs such as Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, Levels, are all incredibly iconic. Id take a listen to them to see if you might recognize them. He also has the numbers behind his name to back up his prolific and influential music, Wake Me Up for example has 1.8 billion views on RU-clip, and over 850 million streams on Spotify, it was also at one point the most streamed song of all time and is the 8th most downloaded song of all time in the UK, as well as being certified over 86x platinum worldwide. Although numbers aren't everything, I just brought them up to get an idea of the size of some of his songs. He also was incredibly influential, one of if not the most influential musicians of the last decade, and one of the most for all time. Almost any music you hear from the last 5-10 years has been influenced to some degree by him, he mixed genres of music together that broke down barriers, he took risks and tried new things that no one had done or thought of before and would end up changing music. (and please don't use your opinions to decide that it's all bad, whether you like the music or not, its still music and Avicii was largely influential in it).

      And for the part where you say "NO ONE" in modern music could be seriously compared to Mozart, Avicii was comparable to him. From accounts of musicians who worked with him or had the chance to see him work, they all say he was incredibly talented and special. Wyclef Jean who worked with Avicii on a few songs said that Avicii had the symphony in his head and that he'd only seen that once before, and that was with Michael Jackson, he also compared Avicii to Bach. Armin Van Buuren who has been in the music business for over three decades said that Avicii was the Mozart of our time. Chris Martin of Coldplay said that Tim (Avicii's real name) was incredibly talented and the whole crew at Coldplay (who Avicii had produced for on songs like A Sky Full Of Stars and Hymn For The Weekend) following the release of Aviciis new posthumous album which features a song sung by Chris Martin, said "We were all in awe of his unfathomable talent. Still are.". Nile Rodgers, a guitarist whose worked with thousands of musicians and bands and has worked on many hit songs, said that Avicii was "the most talented natural melodic writer I've ever met, and I've been doing this for over 40 years.". Many other musicians, singers, bands, etc... who have and or haven't worked with Avicii in the past have said that he inspired them heavily and opened their eyes to what their music could one day sound like, or have said that working with him was an incredible experience and that it was life changing. Artists such as Charlie Puth, Mike Posner, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Imagine Dragons, Kygo, Aloe Blacc, Mike Eizinger, Nile Rodgers, Liam Payne, etc...

      And this is all about a guy who was never classically trained, he was self taught and just had a natural talent. His melodies were what made him special, he was a perfectionist who knew what he wanted and would spend up to 16 hours in the studio a day to work on music, he was extremely passionate about it. He changed lives with his music. He did things no other musician has done, and things no other musician probably will ever do again, he truly was comparable to the greats like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc... as essentially, he was the Bach, or Mozart, or Beethoven of our time.

    • Scott Murphy
      Scott Murphy 8 days ago

      @dLd Never heard of him. And NO ONE in modern music could be seriously compared to Mozart. I love classic music and have 10 records of his music.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      Scott Murphy I mean, that’s an opinion, but ok.
      And there’s a few that will be remembered, I know Avicii will be at least. You’re not called “the Mozart of our time” or said to have been “unfathomably talented” by fellow musicians and peers for nothing.

  • Joshua Burton
    Joshua Burton Month ago +1

    And Roy Clark was huge and 1 of the best guitar fiddle banjo and mandalin player there was. Gets a mention as he haws Roy Clark he did way more then he haw

  • Joshua Burton
    Joshua Burton Month ago

    XXXTENTACION dude beat and strangled a pregnant women he definitely deserved to have his balls kicked so hard they pop and maybe a little maimed then locked up. He didn't deserve to be killed he was so young. But men who beat women especially a pregnant 1 are the lowest scum there is. And the world is a better place without guys like that. But locked away not killed. And I don't think there is rehab or redemption for beating women.

  • Joseph She Han
    Joseph She Han Month ago

    WHAT? YOU left out RJD and SRV . And I guess Scott wieland is not a musician , and neither is Scott stapp ??? :-)

    • Joshua Burton
      Joshua Burton Month ago

      I think you missed the video description it said musicians who died in 2018 Scott Weiland died 12/3/2015. SRV died 8/27/1990.and Scott Stapp is not dead it was a Internet hoax he is still alive and creeding it up

  • Don Sylvester
    Don Sylvester Month ago +16

    A f***ing DJ is NOT a musician in any way shape or form. Stop it.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago +1

      Yes they are, let’s talk about this like adults and have a civil discussion, I’d love to hear your thoughts and I ask that you listen to mine too.
      A DJ itself is not a musician, they simply play already made music in a “new” way, but nowadays the term “Superstar DJ” refers to those who not only perform and DJ, but produce their own music. It’s counterintuitive but DJs who make their own music too are indeed musicians.
      The reason they are is because they are still writing melodies, learning musical theory, mixing and mastering, learning sound design, etc... there’s a lot that goes into it. Just because they’re using technology doesn’t mean it’s not music, the technology isn’t doing it for them, it’s simply an outlet, it’s a place to “store” it essentially. As a Producer myself I can say that there is a lot you need to learn about music and music theory in order to make music, even if you’re not playing a physical instrument, you still have to learn musical theory, know how to play the piano, know scales and how to transpose, what keys vocals are in and how to match them to melodies and chords, how to tune instruments, how to mix and master, etc...
      Many of these “superstar DJs” actually do know how to play physical instruments as well, all of them know the basics of piano to some degree, but many too know much more than simply that. Avicii played Piano and Guitar and was classically trained in both as well as being self taught in his earlier years, Martin Garrix can play the Guitar, Kygo was classically trained in Piano, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers was taught to play the drums and Alex Pall can play the Piano, there’s many more too that play physical instruments on top of producing electronically, the starting point for many of these big name DJs was first learning physical instruments, not all started that way, but quite a few have. There’s a lot more to the world of DJing and Producing than meets the eye. Some DJs too also sing, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Drew Taggart, etc... and while they may not be a Michael Jackson or Madonna, they’re still singing.
      Also I think the accolades and acknowledgement by those in the music industry that aren’t DJs and are “normal musicians” speaks up for them being “musicians”. Chris Martin and the whole team from Coldplay (who Avicii had produced for on a few occasions, such as the songs A Sky Full Of Stars and Hymn For The Weekend) have said Avicii was incredibly talented and said following the release of Avicii’s posthumous album “TIM”, which features a song sang by Chris Martin, that “We were all in awe of his unfathomable talent. Still are.”. Nile Rodgers too, who worked with Avicii on many occasions said “Avicii was the most natural melodic writer I’ve ever met, and I’ve been doing this for over 40 years.”. Mike Posner, Imagine Dragons, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, Aloe Blacc, Mike Eizinger, etc... have all said how Avicii inspired them and for those of them that he had worked with, said how talented he was, or how it was very special and life changing. DJs aren’t their own entity in a separate world of music, they’re all connected and to see how these “traditional” musicians speak of and talk about DJs, it shows that, they too, are indeed “musicians”.
      I’d love to hear what you have to say, I want to understand all sides of this argument over DJs.

  • Onurb Senutna
    Onurb Senutna Month ago

    so you guys focused on soundcloud rappers, a guy from a boy band that nobody remembers, a chinese pop singer probably only famous in asia, a one hit wonder DJ and a country musician that probably only coutnry fans knew about, and then for honorable mentions you leave Vinnie Paul, Randy Rampage, Pete Shelley, Eddie Clark, basically some of the most influential names in rock music. Who comes up with these lists??????

  • NecroWar
    NecroWar Month ago

    some of this list deserve respect , some makes u feel sad when its related to health or depression , but from all this list that piece of garbage shit named X, this is the type of person that you feel JOY inside yourself by hearing that he died oh sorry KILLED as a low life criminal that he is from the police , i salut the officer that shot him and if it was the victim's house who shot him them i salute that man/woman, X is really a total disgrace on this list

  • Cotton Hill
    Cotton Hill Month ago +17

    Roy Clark was a better musician than anyone mentioned here. He only got a quick honorable mention ?

    • Sergio Scarponi
      Sergio Scarponi Month ago +2

      I gave you a thumbs up but that was a hard call with so many talented folks. Roy could do anything. Amazing.

  • Eta Okumagba
    Eta Okumagba Month ago

    OMG no! RIP

  • rileyandmike
    rileyandmike Month ago +1

    Some of these are true legends, the rest are . . . not much

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 Month ago

    No loss when a rapper leaves this planet. A few down, many more to go.

  • thunderbuddy88
    thunderbuddy88 Month ago

    Had to give a thumb down, how the hell could you give more time to shitty DJs and rappers but quickly say Vinnie Paul of Pantera 😡 he was one of the best drummers ever and influenced many people.

  • Enfirnity
    Enfirnity Month ago

    booohooooo avici killed himself ... a kid who has what most people dream of and still isnt happy ... well i wont cry for him cuz if you are so high on life (and other shit) that you forget where you came from and think theres no other way than killing youself well ... lets say i wont be the one who will say its so tragic ... bla bla fucking bla.

  • BradleyVolk3
    BradleyVolk3 Month ago

    i like how you just throw in the most talented musician with the most storied career on this whole freaking list, Roy Clarke, at the very end of the video like he was just some rythem guitarist for a one hit wonder band. it was ROY FUCKING CLARKE for gods sake. im not even a fan of country either. bitches better recognize.

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn 2 months ago +1

    "Classic covers" = Karaoke.

  • threadsofmadness
    threadsofmadness 2 months ago

    Sorry, but rappers and edm turds are not "Musicians" in any loose definition of the word! That is FACT! Musicians play instruments! If all the do is play stolen sound samples or rap vulgar poetry then they are not musicians.

  • Allan McMillan
    Allan McMillan 2 months ago


    TRJC24PRS 2 months ago

    It seems insulting to put Vinnie Paul in a "honorable mentions" segment

  • The Groovylmp
    The Groovylmp 2 months ago +1

    Vinnie Paul!

  • Papi SpringRoll
    Papi SpringRoll 2 months ago

    I’m only 20 and I think it is really interesting that I’m gonna see all these rock gods pass

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch 2 months ago

    Didn't Avicii die somewhere in the gulf of Oman?

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago

      He died in Muscat Oman in his hotel room he was staying at while on vacation.

  • GreenSlyCooper71 _
    GreenSlyCooper71 _ 2 months ago

    Aretha Franklin died in the hospital not at home

  • GreenSlyCooper71 _
    GreenSlyCooper71 _ 2 months ago +3


  • arkie74
    arkie74 2 months ago +1

    "fast Eddie" is gone now.
    thats the end of MOTORHEAD.
    but they will never die!!!!
    \m/ \m/

  • arkie74
    arkie74 2 months ago +1

    so Delores O'riordan drown because she was drunk. why was nobody keeping an eye on her if they knew she was drunk AND WANTED TO GO FOR A SWIM?
    in most circles, if everyone starts gettin' tore up, somebody keeps an eye on them. sorta like des. driver...there is supposed to be a des. caretaker that stays sober enough, to say "no you have had enough" ,... they are to take care of those of us that may be puking lol and need to be turned over on their side...SO THEY DONT FUCKING DIE LIKE Bonn Scott IN THE BACK SEAT OF A CAR (suffocated on his own puke) ...probably less than 50 ft away from some of his crew, or the other guys in the band, who knows ...but had someone kept an eye on him, they could have turned him over, forever changing the history of AC/DC. not everyone knows the rules of partying.
    they are simple, one or 2-3 depends on how many people, stay sober enough to make sure no one accidentally DIES!!!!
    its sad and kinda stupid. what a waste.

  • Mrs. V Hedlund
    Mrs. V Hedlund 2 months ago

    Best song of Lynyrd Skynyrd is Simple Man. Covered by Shinedown. Emotional and amazing

  • iTouqan
    iTouqan 2 months ago

    I dont understand how a guy who beat his pregnant wife gets a full section while a man who besides being a great drummer, LOST his brother due to murder is getting a simple Honorable Mention!!

  • Danny Mayo
    Danny Mayo 2 months ago

    Peter Quaife was the original Bass player for the kinks, not John Dalton.

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer 3 months ago +3

    Everybody dies. At least these folks got to leave a mark in history. Me, I’m like a puff of smoke adding my carbon back into the system. I made no difference at all. I feel very expendable. Oh well.

  • Woody Rosenschein
    Woody Rosenschein 3 months ago

    DJ and Rappers are NOT musicians.

    • Ariens World
      Ariens World 3 months ago

      Woody Rosenschein how is that so? Where is your proof?

    • Woody Rosenschein
      Woody Rosenschein 3 months ago

      @Ariens World Obviously,listening to that type of music makes you unnecessarily angry and hurtful. I stand by the fact that DJ's and Rappers are NOT musicians.

    • Ariens World
      Ariens World 3 months ago

      Yes they are you tool

  • Doug Palmer
    Doug Palmer 3 months ago

    The only one thats a star is Aretha the redt are nobody's that noone gives a shit about

  • Jimo
    Jimo 3 months ago +10

    Wow. Dude can operate 3 CD players at the same time on a stage. Give him a trillion dollars.

    • dLd
      dLd 7 days ago

      That's wildly inaccurate in every way

  • Edward st.antoine
    Edward st.antoine 3 months ago

    Franklin did not live in Detroit....

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 3 months ago

    You forgot Ed King was the bass player on the pronounced album and his tenure in strawberry alarm clock

  • lil dan r
    lil dan r 3 months ago

    R.i.p to all them pros

  • Tom Heemskerk
    Tom Heemskerk 3 months ago

    wait dj rockstars? come on they are not they are shit to me they dont know what real music is they destroy good songs to make the songs in there style!

  • Paige Hostler
    Paige Hostler 3 months ago

    Avicii 😭

  • Michael Suder
    Michael Suder 3 months ago

    I really don't remember The Cranberries being that large of a band. Had a couple hits. Or this another case of because an artist dies younger than what they should, their success and talent is blown out of proportion?

  • Wild Pyraah
    Wild Pyraah 3 months ago

    Lil peep and xxxtentacion both deceased did and still manage to change my life in a different way constantly and have saved my life many a time so all you pussy bitches being disrespectful. Keep that fucking energy when you see me you cunts.

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 4 months ago +17

    Those were MOTOWN songs the Temptations performed, not just "pop" music bro...and wtf is up with puttin Roy Clark and Vinnie Paul as afterthoughts?!!

    • Choco Manger
      Choco Manger 24 days ago

      MOTOWN was pop. "Pop" is short for "popular".

  • simon hendriks
    simon hendriks 4 months ago

    And they all passed away buy the numbers.

  • D B
    D B 4 months ago

    Let's just get something straight here... DJ's and Rappers ARE NOT Musicians.

  • Blackmetal Bastard
    Blackmetal Bastard 4 months ago

    Erik Lindmark Vocalist/guitarist of Deeds of Flesh and founder of Unique Leader records.

  • No TV Cinema
    No TV Cinema 4 months ago

    RIP Glenn Branca. The man's music left a huge impact on me. Great stuff.

  • Bayan1905
    Bayan1905 4 months ago +6

    Roy Clark was a hell of a musician, and he was long before Hee Haw, he also acted in movies and shows (on an episode of The Odd Couple for instance), before and after Hee Haw. Comparing him to some of the "musicians" here, like EDM boy and the 20 year old woman beater / rapper and the rapper McNuggett or whatever the hell his name was, isn't even close. Those two are specks of fly crap on a windshield compared to Roy Clark. Ray Thomas and the Moody Blues have been one of the biggest and most popular bands of the 60's and 70's, and Eddie Clark from Motorhead deserve more than that honorable mention crap compared to these hip hop fly by nighters and one hit wonders.

  • mrcellophane99
    mrcellophane99 4 months ago

    What about Honey Lantree and Chas Hodges? - America doesn't have a monopoly on musicians

  • Hans S
    Hans S 4 months ago

    Suicide?..Just believe the following and live FOREVER in HAPPINESS:

  • Reggie Holder
    Reggie Holder 4 months ago birthday.ouch.

  • Reggie Holder
    Reggie Holder 4 months ago +1

    you also forgot country singers Lari White and Troy convienent

  • Will Dwyer
    Will Dwyer 4 months ago

    Aretha Franklin also sang at Governor Jennifer Granholm's inauguration in Michigan on New Year's Day 2002.

  • Ivana Zepeda
    Ivana Zepeda 4 months ago

    RIP Hardy Fox

    KIEFER NEALY 4 months ago

    Losing Randy Rampage from Annihilator and D.O.A., I still have their song Alison Hell and the album cover of the 1989 debut album, Alice In Hell.

  • Kings Of Leon
    Kings Of Leon 4 months ago +3

    I missed Dolores. My mom and I got upset. She was young

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger 4 months ago

    Who could argue that Ben and Urethra Franklin were America's greatest couple. R.I.P.

  • Sponsored
    Sponsored 4 months ago

    They was taken out by the Elites. It's the same story with all of the Artist in the Entertainment Industry.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 4 months ago

    The Temptations wanted me to audition on drums for them but I didn't figure I'd fit in.

  • DDavid Mac
    DDavid Mac 4 months ago

    thanx Bro Much needed.

  • sjames1955
    sjames1955 4 months ago

    John Dalton was not the original Kinks bass player. Pete Quaife was. Sloppy.

  • john jablonski
    john jablonski 4 months ago +1

    rappers are NOT Musicians!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Kyle
    John Kyle 4 months ago +1

    Here in Texas still waiting for Lari White to drive up to the intersection and flirt with me. She was a beauty.

  • Colin Butler
    Colin Butler 4 months ago

    Hey RU-clip, your F****** Stupid commercial interuptions were MUTED and SKIPPED during this video...why ? NO ONE FUC**** CARES !

  • eddo1983
    eddo1983 4 months ago

    You left out session bassist Joe Osborn. He was part of the Wrecking Crew in the mid to late 60's.

  • Billy Angus
    Billy Angus 4 months ago

    The late Ed King was also one of the co-founding members
    and lead guitarist of The Strawberry Alarm Clock......
    (who's best known for their signature 1967 psychedelic classic, "Incense & Peppermints)

  • Vincent Whitley
    Vincent Whitley 4 months ago

    Suicidal thoughts don't appear overnight. Reach out to your "Goofy Friends" they hide it better than anyone.

  • Plasmodium Vivax
    Plasmodium Vivax 4 months ago

    rappers and DJs are not Musicians ...most pop stars aren't even musicians ...what crap

  • David Weber
    David Weber 4 months ago

    Clydie King, one of the amazing backup vocals on Sweet Home Alabama, also died but one week into 2019.

  • convergist
    convergist 4 months ago

    Did not even know that Pete Shelley, Glenn Branca and Mark E. Smith died last year. Damn.

  • MrMustard2U
    MrMustard2U 4 months ago

    Ya & a few of these musicians were MURDERED BY THE STAR WHACKERS....

  • upfrontbear74
    upfrontbear74 4 months ago

    What about Steve Coy from Dead Or Alive

  • Dennis Harcourt
    Dennis Harcourt 4 months ago

    dont for get the lead singer of soundgarden

    • The Bruce
      The Bruce Month ago

      Chris actually died in 2017

  • VonWenk
    VonWenk 4 months ago

    Is it pronounced Marty Ballin (as in ball) or Ballin (like "Val")? And is "reports of a falling woman" just how the police reports are translated?

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus 4 months ago

    vulture x deserved to die for raping and choking several women he was evil mentallly ill and is now in hell with the synogogue of satan

  • Michael Archuleta
    Michael Archuleta 4 months ago +1

    Deloris is a goddess

  • chumbuckery777
    chumbuckery777 4 months ago +1

    Ever notice how almost all gay or lesbian people have some sort of mental illness? It's no surprise that homosexuality is itself a mental illness. But liberals will never accept it, even though many many scientific journals and trusted think tanks have proven it time and time again. Ignorance and denial doesn't negate facts. But all of you LGBT(whatevers) can keep telling yourselves that if it makes you feel better.

  • Gerber Bernstein
    Gerber Bernstein 4 months ago +12

    A DJ cannot be a masterful entertainer. They stand behind a turntable and wave their hands. They are also NOT musicians.

    • dLd
      dLd 8 days ago +1

      A DJ alone is not a musician, but a DJ/Producer who many of these big names, such as Avicii, are. Producing music is still being a musician, you need to know scales, keys, how to play the piano, how to tune instruments, how to mix and master, etc...
      And also you don’t need to be on drugs to be entertained by a DJ, I’ve enjoyed many live shows and performances while sober. Really that part just comes down to personal preference of whether or not you enjoy those types of venues and that genre of music, but I’m not here to argue, to each their own in that regard.

    • LEETgaming network
      LEETgaming network 2 months ago

      @VonWenk key word ENTERTAINED NOT MUSICIANS BUT ENTERTAINERS the only people you can literaly call a musician out of edm is deadmau5 and thats purely because his sound is generated by guitar riffs

    • Jimo
      Jimo 3 months ago +1

      @VonWenk Anyone who has been "entertained" by a DJ was gacked on coke and molly.

    • VonWenk
      VonWenk 4 months ago

      So if anyone has ever been entertained by a performance staged by a DJ, that makes you a liar, doesn't it?

  • Gerber Bernstein
    Gerber Bernstein 4 months ago

    Dennis Edwards' wife was charged with domestic violence and elderly abuse, shortly before he died.

  • Dean Budgell
    Dean Budgell 4 months ago

    Since when are rappers “musicians”? Talented yes! But musicians no. Just like any singer. I wouldn’t call Frank Sinatra a musician either.