The SMALLEST Watercooled build I've ever attempted...

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
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    So I finally got my Ghost S1 case in silver that I have been waiting on all year long... why did I agree to custom watercool this thing??
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  • JinxyyGames
    JinxyyGames Day ago

    I need a phil laughing compilation in my life...

  • Caleb Bodnar
    Caleb Bodnar 2 days ago

    Don’t say dis please

  • Weldon Wen
    Weldon Wen 15 days ago

    8:13 Jason is a Toon!

  • Kijas
    Kijas 18 days ago

    8:18 NEVER NEVER EVER EVER do that again!!!! Imma have nightmares now!!!!

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 18 days ago

    Hey JayZ, or viewers, is there anywhere that you have posted all the components for this build? Want to do a sff just like this but I have never wc'd before so I wanna copy your list of fittings and etc.

  • BroGamer
    BroGamer 23 days ago

    That case needs some WD-40

  • Page 11 Racing
    Page 11 Racing 24 days ago

    Just suck on it!

  • RainBowCake2010
    RainBowCake2010 24 days ago

    8:10 time for Tourette’s

  • summit vision
    summit vision 25 days ago

    Has a bottle of beer on the table as he says it’s not that bad to build in

  • random anun
    random anun 29 days ago

    cough cough* bend the case cough cough*

  • Kurt Guy
    Kurt Guy 29 days ago

    How dumb are you? Run 5meters of hose off both top holes and hook your hose up and blast the air out. Done.

  • 9Ball Music
    9Ball Music 29 days ago

    thinking of this setup, do you think the Alphacool eisbaer extreme would have fit in the case? thanks!

  • Cartoum Atchoum
    Cartoum Atchoum Month ago

    can you give us an estimate about the total cost of that build?? that would be interesting :)

  • Swamidas M
    Swamidas M Month ago

    What is the graphic card he is using

  • Neil Haroldson
    Neil Haroldson Month ago

    6:48 You've digressed.

  • geeklahfye
    geeklahfye Month ago

    Disliked for the disturbing noises :(

  • Angry Beaver
    Angry Beaver Month ago

    Jay you could have used a swiftech rad/pump/res combo. Solve 2 problems and should fit.

  • Neculta
    Neculta Month ago

    Oh that's louqe, not Loki. Lol

  • Zanllan
    Zanllan Month ago

    Is no one gonna mention how he keeps droppin shit like Linus?

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto Month ago +3

    dude, they make radiator/pump combos, block/pump combos, in line pumps, etc.. theres a million options

  • 1castellp
    1castellp 2 months ago

    i'd opt for the gpu side panel to be tempered glass

    • Adam Major
      Adam Major Month ago

      Would only be viable on watercooled setups. The ventilation from the panel is major when you have an air cooled GPU

  • Paolo Acuna
    Paolo Acuna 2 months ago

    Interesting. :)

  • Jonathan Holbrook
    Jonathan Holbrook 2 months ago +2

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  • AyZoid
    AyZoid 2 months ago

    I'd of bolted a rez to the side but okay lol
    But also I don't build pcs often or like ever besides mine so

  • Dakota Reno
    Dakota Reno 2 months ago

    This video is more comical than informative XD XD

  • TheDandyCarrot
    TheDandyCarrot 2 months ago

    Shame you cant get a custom block for the card with a reservoir built into the perspex. I'm thinking a second chamber to the side of the cooling section that matches the small amount of extra space in the case.

  • Deadly Nerd
    Deadly Nerd 2 months ago

    Now hard tubing

  • Luis Deleon
    Luis Deleon 2 months ago

    Help me build my computer

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita 2 months ago

    6.10: LinusTechTips rubbed on, go see a specialist!

  • Voldorac
    Voldorac 2 months ago

    If you think that you have enough space now, imagine how it is for me mounting my Silverstone 800W SFX-L ... = NO SPACE WHATSOEVER!

  • bu tre
    bu tre 2 months ago

    you probably could have just gotten that nzxt water cooling adapter and used a second block/pump combo there. I've seen water blocks where the water comes off the side instead of the front, something like that should clear no problem

  • deminybs
    deminybs 2 months ago

    You can't just turn the system on to get the air out of the cooling loop?

    • bu tre
      bu tre 2 months ago

      he's running just the pump. trying to run everything else as well will just mean you're accomplishing the same thing but overheating your components.

  • Andre Klumpe
    Andre Klumpe 2 months ago

    ph ph ph ph ph ph sexy playboy

  • rippedray
    rippedray 3 months ago

    also could you add a second pump into this loop if you found somewhere to hide it and wanted to keep the aesthetic of the fractal design cpu waterblock?

  • rippedray
    rippedray 3 months ago

    do you think a nzxt kraken 240 could move the liquid in a pc that was the same as that except with only 1 radiator?

  • vuk dale
    vuk dale 3 months ago

    10:36 is that one of those exploding power supplies

    DESTROYER64 3 months ago

    calm done hannibal lecter

  • gamertaboo
    gamertaboo 3 months ago

    8:16 You ate some fava beans and a nice Chianti didn't you?

  • Sebastian Borusiński
    Sebastian Borusiński 3 months ago +2

    If pump can't move the water beacuse of trapped air bubbles just try use your lungs instead. Yea, blow or draw in one end of circulation.

  • JakeIsWayBlack
    JakeIsWayBlack 3 months ago

    I subbed for the tech vids, but I stay for Phil's laugh

  • rippedray
    rippedray 3 months ago

    i cant find the fractal design waterblock/ pump you tried using. did it come off a AIO? and if so am i able to use the Kraken x52 aio to power that build you made there?

  • rippedray
    rippedray 3 months ago

    what kind of fittings do you use and what diameter and hose do you recommend? first time custom loop builder here.

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli 3 months ago

    Who needs small PC cases. They fucking suck.

  • ExtraGlutenPlz
    ExtraGlutenPlz 3 months ago

    Phil is mad cringey

  • Lucy Etherington
    Lucy Etherington 3 months ago

    UK I9 9900K RTX 2070 32GB DDR4

  • darknesschilled
    darknesschilled 3 months ago

    dude...!!! Get a damn foam table top man...!! i swear one of these days ill really die watching u...

  • m333pm333p
    m333pm333p 4 months ago

    You know the concept of a "swear jar". Every time you say the word digress. You need to put $5 in a "digress jar" for diabetes or cancer.

  • Jirya
    Jirya 4 months ago

    someone call linustechtips Jayz is trying to steal his clout again xD 6:00

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake 4 months ago

    I like these videos because, of course I want to know more, learning is always it's own reward, but I could learn from any pc building channel. The only difference is, Jay is genuinely hilarious.

  • tanner goodwin
    tanner goodwin 4 months ago

    Literally any situation "I digress".

  • Bryce Gillam
    Bryce Gillam 4 months ago

    Wow either Jay is an old fart and his face aged very well or he's lost a lot of weight. The more you know

  • KIP
    KIP 4 months ago

    C'mon jay
    There are watercooled phones out there!
    You can do this

  • Etangela Zhanea
    Etangela Zhanea 4 months ago +1

    Idk nothing about computers yet I watch these videos... lmao

    • copycat shinobi
      copycat shinobi 4 months ago

      Ahahhaha I've been watching this videos for years 2/3 years and I learned a lot!
      Even bought my own pc components and build my own Desktop

  • tonexd1
    tonexd1 4 months ago

    I love your builds Jay, it’s amazing to see what’s possible these days, so Thank u very much for showing all of this..👍

  • Khalid Hebshi
    Khalid Hebshi 4 months ago


  • TheMadSlug
    TheMadSlug 4 months ago +3

    I lost my shit when you did the lip thing! I let rip a big healthy laugh!
    Thanks for the entertainment.
    I haven't been following your vids for long but i'm glad i found your channel.
    You're an entertainer and also helped me plan a value ryzen based gaming pc, BUT I DIGRESS!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Mattias Forsberg
    Mattias Forsberg 4 months ago

    Why not just work with a closed-circuit CPU Cooler as well as a closed-Circuit GPU Cooler mounted at the places you showed in the clip, then you will save a lot of space too and they will keep your system cold as well without any extra job relining and filling the system up with coolant.
    Just curious. ;)

  • Rotor Daze
    Rotor Daze 4 months ago

    I can always count on Jay for a good laugh.

  • RcXWillXx11
    RcXWillXx11 4 months ago +4

    I think Linus transformed into jay and took his place.....

  • Jason LeBouef
    Jason LeBouef 4 months ago

    8:19 I snotted.

  • Timothy di zazzo
    Timothy di zazzo 4 months ago

    What about hard tubing huh. Jay. Huh.

  • Joey Davis
    Joey Davis 4 months ago

    Been subscribed to you for a very long time Jay, enjoy your video’s alot. That being said i appreciate your choice of ads, i have had NordVPN for a long time as well and i appreciate you supporting products you actually care about. Keep on being you man, your a great person.

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard 4 months ago

    I want to see a build in a DAN case under water!

  • DOOTNOOT -Menkalinan-
    DOOTNOOT -Menkalinan- 4 months ago +1

    there is room for a flat reservoir like a barrow boxfish 150.
    if you invert the PSU position (so the greater clearance is on top the psu, you can place the reservoir flat on top the power supply.
    additionally, you may even have enough clearance for a res-pump combo like the phanteks glacier 150 if combined with a stock ddc.
    either way, you need to move that power supply; you have lots of wasted space around it.

  • lesabre1972
    lesabre1972 4 months ago

    yah you lost it.LOL

  • asaf alachmi
    asaf alachmi 4 months ago

    8:15 tf????

  • Chris Shaw
    Chris Shaw 4 months ago

    i thought i heard "cock block combo" ... Is it just me?

  • Guus Cornelissen
    Guus Cornelissen 4 months ago

    5:48 sounds like borat in the supermarket. :P

  • Binx
    Binx 4 months ago

    Parts list?

  • BoopLoopy
    BoopLoopy 4 months ago

    Loved those bloopers. I also held my elbow in pain when you smashed it at the end XD

  • yoyo's fpv
    yoyo's fpv 4 months ago

    Wicked tiny build. I was wondering about the smaller cases and water cooling them but I don’t know how to oc a desktop and truthfully I’m a little scared to attempt it

  • Matthew Alan
    Matthew Alan 5 months ago

    I was expecting something extreme, like the Raven RVZ01 or an Elite 110. That build seems down right spacious compared to some of my previous builds.

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101 5 months ago

    Silence of the lambs reference

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101 5 months ago

    Lol Hannibal lectur

  • Karlos Killzone
    Karlos Killzone 5 months ago

    8:10 hello again clarice.

  • Anitan EU
    Anitan EU 5 months ago


  • DerpyTurtle
    DerpyTurtle 5 months ago

    if he could just make an entire setup with all those parts he has laying around that would change my life lmao, kinda wanna upgrade from this hp conpaq.

  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 5 months ago

    What crack indeed! XD

  • BaTtLeFiElD ThReELMG
    BaTtLeFiElD ThReELMG 5 months ago

    Will you have my babies?

  • Owen Davis
    Owen Davis 5 months ago

    Micro center is the best!!

  • Rick James
    Rick James 5 months ago

    Hey there Jay! I'm literally waiting on my ghost s1 to get here and I'm wondering what model sfx power supply that is? I'll take all the room I can get in that case!

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 5 months ago

    like the a10s80dp

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 5 months ago

    dude xigmatek makes waterblock/reservoir combos

  • HackAzoid
    HackAzoid 5 months ago

    Hey Jay, I just brought this case myself. I'm think about size constrictions, so I thought about going with the Swiftech drive x3 aio. Maybe that aio would help for a cleaner build?

  • Nick Kashab
    Nick Kashab 5 months ago

    should have gone for a 1080 mini

  • Christian Ivarsson
    Christian Ivarsson 5 months ago

    Your editor deserves an Oscar or something. He's awesome

  • Doctor Duck
    Doctor Duck 5 months ago

    Can you write the parts in the description?

  • Aidan Grasley
    Aidan Grasley 6 months ago

    Is this bird box themed

  • Jayjay Sevilla
    Jayjay Sevilla 6 months ago

    Wheres the memory? Did he use nvme?

  • TooForTea
    TooForTea 6 months ago

    Did he just build a next Gen console lol

  • Antonis Laios
    Antonis Laios 6 months ago

    Alphacool Eisbaer GPX Extension Set 90

  • Antonis Laios
    Antonis Laios 6 months ago

    Alphacool Eisbaer 240 CPU GTX 1080 Ti Poseidon OR Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti Pro ,,,please make this video to redeem yourself

  • Delta895
    Delta895 6 months ago

    All of your hand rubbing in the beginning of the video made me feel warm.

  • Rodello's Studio
    Rodello's Studio 6 months ago

    The radiator talking made me think of snakes. For reasons.

  • Connor Decker
    Connor Decker 6 months ago

    Jay, I've been following you nearly every day almost 6 years now ... wow ok 6 years, yea. But anyways, I'm getting ready to tune my Fiesta ST and my Mustang GT and I want to build a full ATX system into my 03 Mustang that way I can always tune on the fly listen to music or control my intercooler chiller(hoping to get subfreezing intake temps in summer) I've got my power requirements figured out. But I'm having trouble deciding how I'm really going to incorporate it into the car, any ideas?

    • Connor Decker
      Connor Decker 6 months ago

      Not gonna use a case, wanna do and open mobo

  • Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne Pepper 6 months ago

    Damn, are you funny Jayz!!!

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 6 months ago

    I want a nice Chianti now.....

  • Robert Baldwin
    Robert Baldwin 6 months ago

    Jay you've been challenged!!!!!

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 6 months ago

    ah, the wonders of cocaine when applied to a brilliant mind.

  • F Maz
    F Maz 6 months ago

    Can't you 3D print your own custom reservoir to fit oddly shaped voids? (ie: over the MB, around the CPU block).
    (There is also irregular space in the top part next to the fans.. Not sure about the pipes tho.)