The Disturbing History of the Suburbs | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • Redlining: the racist housing policy from the Jim Crow era that still affects us today.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Adam Conover, CollegeHumor's resident know-it-all and major bummer, takes on society's biggest misconceptions.

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Comments • 28 418

  • Lidija Cullen
    Lidija Cullen 16 hours ago

    Always ignore sveater dog people

  • Jose Reyes Bonilla
    Jose Reyes Bonilla 21 hour ago

    Ok now I regret not appropriating the fact that my parents were able to find and buy a house and we're Latino living in the suburbs where I barely see whites

  • shortea
    shortea Day ago +1

    3:25 holographic tumbleweed

  • xXGIMpL0rdXx
    xXGIMpL0rdXx Day ago +1


  • Gmoney 67
    Gmoney 67 3 days ago

    Is this a real game

  • Do not subscribe to Me

    This video has taught me some things, racism is stupid(duh). It’s also taught me government regulations are stupid and so are tax-funded schools.

  • Darby Murray
    Darby Murray 3 days ago

    What a fucking cuck. So because people in the past were racist, it is now okay to be racist towards whites?

  • Awesome Arreguy
    Awesome Arreguy 4 days ago

    I'm Mexican American and I live in the suburbs and I don't see a lot of white people

  • Ryphini's Gaming
    Ryphini's Gaming 4 days ago

    I live in the suburbs and there's about a fifty-fifty split between black people and white people

  • joey tribiani
    joey tribiani 4 days ago

    I hate videos like this that tell you everything that's wrong and offer no ideas on how to make it right.

  • joey tribiani
    joey tribiani 4 days ago

    This guy needs a haircut Jesus

  • Cameron Nikpour
    Cameron Nikpour 5 days ago

    Wait my suburban neighborhood is very diverse? What the heck

  • Sam Studios
    Sam Studios 5 days ago


  • Joshua Uy
    Joshua Uy 5 days ago

    Thats why more and more black and other races are forced to do crime without that sht boom no crime no problem

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo 5 days ago

    I literally learned this last month in my History class

  • e6400ultra
    e6400ultra 6 days ago

    Nothing more annoying than some smug, privileged white dude, who looks like a reject from Hunger Games, preaching about this.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 7 days ago

    The government invented the hood and segregated schools.

  • CuprumVampram
    CuprumVampram 7 days ago

    damn, look at that dislike bar.
    Clearly this video has been fodder for a lot of Internet arguments with butthurt racists.

  • The Only Blue Corn Scone

    Who used carcasonne figures? You.

  • me and i
    me and i 8 days ago +3

    "America is a place where there is freedom, liberty and rights for everyone!"
    -Litteraly every American

  • Pelegdolev238 Wackyycool238

    In the suburb that I lived it was mostly Indian, then again, it’s was in the Silicon Valley soooooo...

    • Band VENOM
      Band VENOM 2 days ago

      Pelegdolev238 Wackyycool238 ew Indians 🤢🤮

  • sign543
    sign543 8 days ago

    This is unbelievably infuriating. What’s so infuriating is that most of us waltz through life having zero clue about any of this, even though this information is obviously right there for us to know.

  • yeee haw my dude y
    yeee haw my dude y 9 days ago

    Whelp, now I feel like shit for living in the suburbs.

  • fenafeses
    fenafeses 9 days ago


  • Music
    Music 9 days ago

    So what, am I supposed to move to the ghetto to make people there feel any better? I live in a suburb with like 75% Latino and black houses and it’s nothing like what you explain, this is only true for the lazy people my parents are both Hispanic and started from nothing and we now live very comfortably, you’re just poisoned by leftist views and manipulation to make you believe us minorities are weaker and poorer than other people but it has nothing to do with systematic housing racism.

  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez 9 days ago

    I actually have had first hand experience with the education thing. I went to a title one school (lower income) yet got less opportunities. My mom began working at a higher income school and the students had better educational advantages and could pick and chose what teachers they got verses my school where teachers didn’t care because they were the worst ones out there.

  • Maygirl348
    Maygirl348 9 days ago

    I live in an extremely diverse suburb, i had no clue about all this stuff before now.

    • m Johnson
      m Johnson 3 days ago

      You have to ask yourself why that is?

  • Sinathi Kunene
    Sinathi Kunene 10 days ago +1

    Why does this make me mad, even though I dont live in the US..

  • TheDerpyDog
    TheDerpyDog 10 days ago

    The amount of racism this country is built on is ridiculous

  • Lazuli Rose
    Lazuli Rose 10 days ago

    I didnt like this one....

  • Bob Even
    Bob Even 12 days ago

    This can all be explained in one thing
    16% of the population cause 50% crime

    • Zach Thompson
      Zach Thompson 7 days ago

      @Bob Even but those programs don't do nearly enough to completely solve the problem. If they did, homelessness and poverty would not be a problem.

    • Bob Even
      Bob Even 7 days ago

      Zach Thompson no it dose happen but that’s why there are welfare systems and food stamps to help those in need

    • Zach Thompson
      Zach Thompson 7 days ago

      @Bob Even so you're saying that what i said NEVER happens?

    • Bob Even
      Bob Even 7 days ago

      Zach Thompson no single parent hood is the primary result of poverty.

    • Zach Thompson
      Zach Thompson 8 days ago

      @Bob Even so poverty has no impact on single parenthood? so according to you, there's no way that men would refuse to take care of their child because they lack the financial means to, leaving the child in a poor situation and the father going into debt paying child support, forcing him to turn to crime to repay it?

  • Jennifer Nowlin
    Jennifer Nowlin 12 days ago

    What about the people who are white and poor

  • Lacey Crabill
    Lacey Crabill 13 days ago +3

    You can’t lie though that kid is adorable

  • Oscar Trent01
    Oscar Trent01 13 days ago

    Most MLK streets went through safe neighborhoods when they were originally named... LoL .

  • Sonal Mathai
    Sonal Mathai 14 days ago

    Is this excluding naturally integrated suburbs say like New Rochelle

  • Devin Ruud
    Devin Ruud 14 days ago

    Soo. FDR is no longer a Democrat savory?

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 14 days ago

    I don’t know one black person in my neighborhood but i actually know a lot of Indian people in my neighborhood so actually it’s not mostly white where i live, even though it is a very stereotypical white neighborhood

  • John Russell
    John Russell 15 days ago

    4 million out of 300 million people is close to one percent. I guess Adam can ruin everything except math.

    • Clive The Führer
      Clive The Führer 8 days ago

      Looks Like you didnt go to School 1,333 is closer to 1 than 2.

  • Sebastian Schelmety
    Sebastian Schelmety 15 days ago

    This kid is smart af

  • boysponge705
    boysponge705 15 days ago

    Who eats straight kale?

  • AshesToDust
    AshesToDust 15 days ago

    One of my favorite things about my city is how incredibly diverse it is.

  • half of India
    half of India 16 days ago

    Maniac Magee.

  • Peachy_ Avacados
    Peachy_ Avacados 16 days ago

    It wasn’t until I went to 6th grade that I realized how my school was mostly made up of white kids and I didn’t know why

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 16 days ago

      Because white people sre rhe majority in this countey thats why

  • Linx
    Linx 17 days ago

    This explains sooo much!

  • Dylan Sylvia
    Dylan Sylvia 18 days ago +1

    I hate white people. They are fucking racist. All of them.

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 16 days ago

      Good i dont like you either

      SUOMYNONA 17 days ago +4

      Ok, but what you said is also racist.

  • Nann R
    Nann R 18 days ago

    Race Wars Blacks n Native Americans Unite!!! APTMH!!

    • Nann R
      Nann R 16 days ago

      @XepA you white people are the daughter of Babylon.
      Isaiah 14:21-22 King James Version (KJV)
      21 Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.
      22 For I will rise up against them, saith the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the Lord.

    • Nann R
      Nann R 16 days ago

      @XepA so why would your white ass reply to something that doesn't include u. You English put the natives in slavery before u brought blacks on slave ships to the AMERICA'S
      Revelation 13:9-10
      9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.
      10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    • XepA
      XepA 16 days ago

      @Nann R British

    • Nann R
      Nann R 16 days ago

      @XepA whats your nationality?

    • XepA
      XepA 16 days ago

      Native Americans don't need too, they like living like their ancestors for some odd reason. Probably culture.
      Hispanics would probably help you guys

  • Henry Kartos
    Henry Kartos 20 days ago +2

    except for NYC

  • Gracefulcubix Z
    Gracefulcubix Z 20 days ago +1

    Same history except everyone was segregated regardless for 4 literal millennia ( the last 2 were especially brutal for a minority). This religious segregation partially resulted in mass blindness to the EIC as EVERYONE (except non native) had their income literally go in flames. This applied to as far as kings. The colonial landowners were prices who gave one room for an entire cost of an expensive hotel in certain cities which resulted in unclean habits done outside( washing eating etc). If you ever visit my country and see garbage on the road. The fault partially lies on those landowners. The rest is us as we are kings of procrastination when it comes to this. Please prove me wrong...Please!!!!

  • Tom Peterson
    Tom Peterson 21 day ago +3

    I am sorry us whites don't destroy our neighborhoods. So very sorry.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 21 day ago +3

    Well, I don't live in the suburbs, so none of this applies to me. I live in my townhouse during the spring, my country estate in autumn, summer at my villa in the south of France, and winter in the Caribbean.

  • Ninas Felicillow
    Ninas Felicillow 22 days ago

    I’m a Australian Latina and the fact that people not only people from my culture but lots of minority’s have to deal with this makes me sad however if you’re into musicals and want one that tackles this subject really well I would recommend “in the heights”

  • Kim Mason
    Kim Mason 23 days ago

    Learned about this in university. Glad to see it portrayed so clearly in a video.

    • Jarosław Kurek
      Jarosław Kurek 22 days ago

      I'm so sorry about your university :( It must be a shithole.

  • WTF no
    WTF no 23 days ago +3

    Ah the Suburbs
    The whitest kind of neighbourhood

  • Dimitriy Godz
    Dimitriy Godz 24 days ago

    I dont care, I don't want to live near non-whites.

    • Dimitriy Godz
      Dimitriy Godz 10 days ago

      @Nik I understand what your saying but I just prefer to live near whites. I get along with them better. I hate alot of the things the black community does but I'm not going to assume that all black people are like that. Again, is ould just prefer to live near whites people.

    • Nik
      Nik 10 days ago

      @Zach Thompson There's no point in reasoning with people like Dimitry. Winning an argument with a racist piece of shit, even more so on the internet, is impossible. We can only hope that some day they'll realize their own fucking stupidity.

    • Zach Thompson
      Zach Thompson 10 days ago


  • Thug Rose
    Thug Rose 24 days ago

    Even if the premise is true. What do you propose CH? Reparations paid by whites to blacks?

  • Dixie Hamilton
    Dixie Hamilton 25 days ago +1

    *insufferably white* as in my neighborhood doesn't look like Detroit or Venezuela

  • Captain Coconut
    Captain Coconut 25 days ago

    Now i feel bad that I’m white...

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 16 days ago

      @XepA adam's sources are all literally himself or bullshit

    • XepA
      XepA 16 days ago +1

      @Dixie Hamilton They never said That and said the opposite. The guy tells Adam is he racist and Adam says no.
      Where does it say you should feel ashamed about being white, this just showed us segregation

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 16 days ago

      @XepA its propaganda to feel bad about being white

    • XepA
      XepA 16 days ago

      @Dixie Hamilton What why is this just propaganda?

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 25 days ago +1

      You shouldn't this video is just pure propaganda thus admins guy is retarded and makes lame arguments

  • Mountaine Mumbler
    Mountaine Mumbler 26 days ago

    Come to Jim Thorpe it's a mixed bag of poor for everyone and I mean everyone

  • Trust Joe
    Trust Joe 26 days ago

    I live in the suburbs and on my street there is a black family, three mixed families (all black dad white mum) and Indian family so it’s not that white

  • Sadie Baez-Sanchez
    Sadie Baez-Sanchez 26 days ago +3

    That kid’s voice crack tho so cute yet hilarious 😂 1:22

  • Dorien Foroutani
    Dorien Foroutani 27 days ago +1

    good thing i don't live in America

  • Insomniac Hart
    Insomniac Hart 27 days ago

    How long before we change anything though? TBH SOME people need to hurry up and die so the new generation can take over and get rid of this caveman way of life these old people hold on to so hard...

  • ry
    ry 29 days ago

    That's bullshit about minorities getting higher rates with the same credit. Underrighters dont see what color the person is. The person taking the application dosnt get to decide if approved or not.

  • ry
    ry 29 days ago +1

    That's what the Democrats did.

  • I’vechangedmyname Today

    29k dislikes in 2017-2019? Are you kidding me? How are you still racist?

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 10 days ago

      @Nik adam doesn't even give any sources lol this is just pure propaganda to make whites hate themselves

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 10 days ago

      @Nik everywhere in this video???

    • Nik
      Nik 10 days ago

      @Dixie Hamilton Fake facts? Hmm... Where? Enlighten me please.

    • Dixie Hamilton
      Dixie Hamilton 25 days ago +1

      Its because im racist its because thus video is literally giving out fake facts its pure propaganda and admins won't take up anyone on a debate

  • Nicole Song
    Nicole Song Month ago

    2:47 That Sims 3 music.......

  • Diadlo
    Diadlo Month ago +7

    Yeah well, half this point is invalid, being from a poor family and neighborhood doesn't stop you from climbing.
    My parents are both cocaine addict and I lived my entire childhood in poor neighborhood and never got a single thing from my parents.
    I'm not a billionaire but I'm still managing to be ok in life and keep on working on myself to be able to do even better for myself now that I have ressources that I didn't had when I was young.

    I've lived and seen generational poverty and all I can tell you is that those who stay poor just became ok with the fact of living poor, so they don't even try to climb anything.
    It's true that it is hard living in poverty when you're a child but it is also untrue that your neighborhood and family background will say everything about you. That's just an excuse black people use because they were fucked in the past, lots of black people still manage to get out of these bad neighborhood, even though they also come from bad neighborhood and poor family.

    The only thing stopping anyone is motivation to become better or actualy physical/mental handicap.

    • gfoot99
      gfoot99 25 days ago

      Austin N the zero-sum game wasn’t in the money but seeing you’re the type to vouch for a guy like Shapiro, I can understand how you missed that

    • Austin N
      Austin N 25 days ago

      gfoot99 Oh boy another snowflake here. Literally watch any Ben Shapiro video on income inequality. Poverty is NOT a zero sum game. Since bill gates makes another million, he doesn’t take a part of your pie... he makes a whole new pie.

    • gfoot99
      gfoot99 25 days ago

      Nobody is saying that it's impossible to get out of poverty. All he is saying is that it is extremely hard when you're discriminated based on skin color. Even more so, think of how many people who got out of poverty had to compete with other people trying to get out of poverty. Not everyone could win, it's a zero-sum game.

      Also, poverty does cause a physical/mental handicap in some cases. OR maybe you haven't heard of the immoral drug testing done on black mothers in the early to mid 20th century?

    • Austin N
      Austin N 28 days ago +2

      You’re the only one speaking any truth in these comments, but no liberal will like this comment because it’s reasonable and they can’t argue with you since you have first-hand experience. Props though.

  • RedCowCat
    RedCowCat Month ago +2

    What's wrong with white? That's racist!

  • Michael Andersson
    Michael Andersson Month ago +1

    Holy shit! Thats cruel

  • Manny Bruce
    Manny Bruce Month ago

    30,000 dislikes . I assume this information does not fit into their narrative of their grandpa pulling himself up by his own boot straps without needing any government assistance , or how some people refer to it today " entitlement programs " 😂😂😂.

  • Audrey Murray
    Audrey Murray Month ago +1

    i live in levitown

  • blackbutterfly233ify

    I can't even pay attention because of the Sim's music lol

  • Quade Q
    Quade Q Month ago

    Just goes to show how disadvantaged you can become if you are prevented from investing your money, or you don't invest your money, into productive assets. Home ownership and retirement accounts are the way to build wealth, and our investment, or lack there of, can compound greatly over the years. It is amazing that limiting access to home ownership could make such a huge difference. One can only hope that the situation set up by historical policy improves now that red zones no longer exist.

  • Karnivore Volpe
    Karnivore Volpe Month ago +4

    K but this was an incredible metaphor. Loved the use of a game, really made it understandable for everyone.
    O an Im white but have been and will apparently always be in the "RED ZONE"..

  • Metawarp
    Metawarp Month ago +4

    -> If you liked this video, you might want to see a rebuttal of it.
    There's one made by this RU-clipr Alternative Hypothesis. It's pretty good.
    (Re: History of the Suburbs)

  • RinBinIsHere
    RinBinIsHere Month ago +1

    I got lucky, I’m not Caucasian at all yet I still live in a good neighborhood. I wish all people could live like I got to

  • The Chef
    The Chef Month ago

    It’s different in Canada. The suberb I live in has a majority of coloured people and our school budgets come off of federal budgets in stead of places with higher property tax so most schools are the same. And it had been proven that the Canadian school system is better than the u.s one

  • Ciera Starlight
    Ciera Starlight Month ago +1

    I'm writting a paper and this video explains things very easily.

  • Electrix Animation
    Electrix Animation Month ago

    Trump has made a what i think is a good policy to combat this: low income neighborhoods would be designated as “opportunity zones” and low corporate taxes would be in those areas. This meant that businesses would follow the tax cuts to these disadvantaged areas, helping the local economy

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther Month ago +1

    yes these people do try to live a different life.... i did security at a community...they have meals at the table..they all go out to eat at the same time...they have many rules that they tax if you dont follow...they use the main room as a show rooms and no one ever traffic in them...they love to know your business and yes they are racist sometimes undercover but it will show

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Month ago

    I wanna play this kinda board game ,it just builds an economy by itself

  • The Ninc
    The Ninc Month ago

    Those are Carcassonne pieces!!

  • Snuffle Ufigus
    Snuffle Ufigus Month ago +2

    Adams tone of voice is exactly the tone of voice you would use to screw people out of really important things. Screw you Adam ,you geeky shyster.

  • Lilgod Zilla
    Lilgod Zilla Month ago

    A depressing monopoly

  • beef chief
    beef chief Month ago

    0:02 holy dog with a blog flashbacks

  • Mercce
    Mercce Month ago

    See what racism did and still id doing kids? Don't be racist. Care for other races.

  • The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

    Yes FDR's New Deal fucked black people. Republicans were against it. Keep voting Democrat you fucking retards

  • Kosmic Koehn
    Kosmic Koehn Month ago

    "...passing down their wealth and advantages to future generations"
    "Finally, I can move. I don't have enough money."
    >implying whites have money and pass it down
    >implying blacks don't
    Seems like something other than the housing market is racist.

  • Electro Squid
    Electro Squid Month ago

    This is why i support the GOP. We need free school choice

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago +2

    I unsubscribed from this channel and TruTV because of Adam :)

    • Tony
      Tony Month ago

      @Gabz VI Thanks :) you did the same I assume

    • Gabz VI
      Gabz VI Month ago

      Ooh congratulations

  • kkk Rebelion
    kkk Rebelion Month ago

    See this comrades? Go to our land with no racism, no segregasion, and no capitalists
    -Joseph Stalin

  • Bob Even
    Bob Even Month ago

    This is incredibly leftist

    • Bob Even
      Bob Even Month ago

      Edward Worthington it has been proven just that the scarce income for family by race was that white Family has a higher income because of larger family’s. Ad just blames white people for issues. Aka white people

    • Edward Worthington
      Edward Worthington Month ago

      Bob Even truth hurts snowflake

  • J Brown W.
    J Brown W. Month ago

    Jesus Christ this guy’s pseudo intellectual hackery is vomit inducing.

  • Toxified Sushi
    Toxified Sushi Month ago

    What is there an Asian neighborhood too now?

    • Malik Mack
      Malik Mack 18 days ago

      Yea they been had that look up chinatown in Chicago, LA and New York and in other cities

  • jstnsmutek
    jstnsmutek Month ago

    Moral of the story, move to suburbs if you can and be white.

  • Diego Zavala
    Diego Zavala Month ago +1

    LOL my dad grew up in the barrio in the 80's and didn't bitch about "privilege", which is why we aren't poor, not too hard.

  • Katipunerong Unggoy

    Explain Detroit

  • Lisa Enerdal
    Lisa Enerdal Month ago

    The frickin sims muuuusic!

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett Month ago

    I’ll have you know, my suburb is very diverse! Also, are seriously going from door to door telling people that their neighborhoods are too white, so they ought to be offended?!

  • Vina Kahtri
    Vina Kahtri Month ago +1

    4:46 I can vouch for this. my school has a high drop out rate and is everyone thinks we’re terrible subs used to tell us that we where disrespectful and we belonged there we had to get our pipes removed and replaced because pipes and we have asbestos in a gym (We still use that gym as long as we don’t open the closet it’s fine.) we get very little government funding they’re too busy spending all their money on the school in the rich people neighborhood. While the school that is 78% minority groups (non white people) gets nothing we’re just now Getting our school fixed up but instead of earth quake proofing their moving the portables and fixing the Gyms but at least no more asbestos.
    At least we do have Ap courses.