Turbo Crosskart - 300hp Hayabusa Turbo Engine

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
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  • hermuneee _
    hermuneee _ 2 months ago

    Yes only toy

  • Elbert Creed
    Elbert Creed 2 months ago

    Congratulations on the most disappointing video on youtube!! STFU and show us top speed or go away!

  • crusaderr
    crusaderr 2 months ago


  • You Axehole
    You Axehole 2 months ago

    Front suspension, big tire, aero, wheelie bar.

  • ose 14
    ose 14 3 months ago

    Siinä on ollu taas meikan tuutu tekemässä turbon teijän crosskart

  • Kratom Reviewer
    Kratom Reviewer 3 months ago +1

    You could have 1/2 the horse power and it be exactly the same. Make it AWD and maybe you’ll be able to use some more of the power.
    But I love the concept! Also I can see undercut on all the welds from a mile away 😂

  • Isaac Byler
    Isaac Byler 4 months ago +1


  • Eleazar Salas
    Eleazar Salas 4 months ago

    Stunts Freaks sorry you could help me with the buggy measures

  • Nate Bennett
    Nate Bennett 4 months ago


  • Roy May
    Roy May 4 months ago

    just a suggestion - remove your battery and fit a supercapacitor inline with the alternator, you would have to jump start it first time round but weight savings :)

  • Luís Romeira
    Luís Romeira 4 months ago

    plz test it on track, i need to see it race. Pick some slicks to go with it and this thing is going to be a track monster!!!
    It will make some supercar owner cry

    • Luís Romeira
      Luís Romeira 4 months ago

      i sould put a gopro in top of the exhaust

    • Luís Romeira
      Luís Romeira 4 months ago

      that hayabusa engine screaming and some boost added to hit, would sound crazy

  • Demanded
    Demanded 4 months ago

    that looks good BUT Would look better with my 2.2l turbo car engine

  • Ken Design
    Ken Design 5 months ago

    Put a wideband 02 sensor in it. That thing was lean popping hard. It's going to cook if you don't get more fuel in it!

  • Lukas Mayrwoeger
    Lukas Mayrwoeger 5 months ago

    Omg 222.222 views!!!

  • Vd Nn
    Vd Nn 5 months ago

    How much cc

  • Toni Mettovaara
    Toni Mettovaara 5 months ago

    Tehkää video jossa ajatte kunnolla

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez 6 months ago

    What kind of shocks are those?

  • Rueben Schiavello
    Rueben Schiavello 6 months ago +1

    Starts driving 11:32

  • nick payne
    nick payne 6 months ago

    I think I wore out the skip ahead button. Keep the talking short sweet and to the point. Like write some stuff down so you don’t get so lost during filming lol

  • Phillip Van Rensburg
    Phillip Van Rensburg 6 months ago

    um mahh maa ma :)

  • mdftrasher
    mdftrasher 6 months ago

    It can fly to, right? ;-)

  • Troy Crowder
    Troy Crowder 6 months ago +1

    good work always there will be some bad with the good i have the cross cart i built from the ground up as you said always something to adjust or change i have come to expect that so yes i think i know what you mean i am going to subscribe to your channel i like your stile good luck i will be watching for sure

  • Elias Emanuelsson
    Elias Emanuelsson 6 months ago

    where the fuck is this thing, I need more! more content on the busa crosskart! don't let me suffer like this D:

    JOOGSQUAD 6 months ago +2

    You guys are awesome. Living the dream!!!

  • darrin goodbrand
    darrin goodbrand 7 months ago

    Never see a buggy with a Kawasaki h2 engine turned to hell be great to see

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 7 months ago

    Buggy it's cool , sunglasses not so cool blind men

  • Daniel keirstead sr
    Daniel keirstead sr 7 months ago

    Chk fuel bypass regulator on the rail

  • Anubrata Chakraborty
    Anubrata Chakraborty 7 months ago

    *A Hayabusa engine produces ~197 BHPs, Not 300 BHPs.*

    • Anubrata Chakraborty
      Anubrata Chakraborty 6 months ago

      @Artturi V-T can you imagine an engine which is designed and made to produce 197 HP can deliver using turbocharger almost 1.5x power at 300 HP without getting blown? I mean, How is it possible?

    • Artturi V-T
      Artturi V-T 6 months ago

      They said it has turbo on it...

  • Fabio Koxhaj
    Fabio Koxhaj 7 months ago


  • joel bergström
    joel bergström 7 months ago

    What an idiot, says everything twice..

  • Guy Morris
    Guy Morris 7 months ago

    That computer has got to be worth a small fortune.

  • Jose Antonio Camacho Torres

    where can i get the pedals

  • Twoleggedkumulava
    Twoleggedkumulava 7 months ago

    I'd really like to see this complete and terrorizing your town's roads!!!!

  • Lewis L
    Lewis L 7 months ago

    Like it

  • slag man
    slag man 7 months ago

    Shut up and drive the fucking thing!

    BUD LIT 7 months ago

    Why are those shocks so big
    Edit , and no springs

  • Super chevy
    Super chevy 7 months ago

    Y'all have blue prints for this I can have

  • dityo kurniawan
    dityo kurniawan 7 months ago

    Its badass dude... Amazing!!

  • Twisted R Racing
    Twisted R Racing 8 months ago

    Great video

  • Natanas Poskus
    Natanas Poskus 8 months ago

    Put biger whels

  • Alif AF
    Alif AF 8 months ago

    I want to buy this car!

  • MK Decaf
    MK Decaf 8 months ago

    Aina se hajapusa joka paikassa

  • Christopher Pillaging
    Christopher Pillaging 8 months ago

    Ditch the fmu . Get an aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator set you fuel pressure to whatever is recommended for the injectors and fuel your running and tune from there with ecu editor /woolrich . No need for anything other than a good high pressure fuel pump, good injectors , a apfr and a proper tune no need to go oldschool with a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. And make sure you have no boost leaks. Find me on Facebook @ chris pillaging if you need help. Theres a reason your reving fine in neutral and not under load because you arent building boost in neutral (unless your using antilag/2step) . Cart looks awesome i cant wait to build another

  • Matouš Litera
    Matouš Litera 8 months ago

    Interesting, idling like a normal straight piped car but then you rev it up! Awesome

  • Aku Korhonen
    Aku Korhonen 8 months ago

    Tuota näppäimistön reunaa voisi hiukan juohentaa vaikka putkella. Käsi yltää jos johonkin paukku käy, saati jos kehikko myötää.

  • Todd Bearden
    Todd Bearden 8 months ago

    it's a no-brainer why the fuel pressure drops when you floor it. it's because it is sucking up the fuel in the bowls of the carburetor therefore it's pushing more fuel and the pressure drops because the float bowls are open when the pressure is high is when very little fuel is being passed. no brainer guys come on

  • cabdragon333
    cabdragon333 8 months ago

    Psycho kart

  • ray rep
    ray rep 8 months ago

    if that engine is Fuel injected, you will need a boost referenced fuel regulator after the fuel rail not before the fuel rail and injectors. You may also have to upgrade the stator for more amperage to run that 20amp pump

  • Cameraworks Ltd.
    Cameraworks Ltd. 8 months ago

    Check voltage on battery at idle, should be getting about 13.8-14.2 volts

  • Cameraworks Ltd.
    Cameraworks Ltd. 8 months ago

    Cdi ignitions on japan sportbikes are voltage regulated

  • Cameraworks Ltd.
    Cameraworks Ltd. 8 months ago

    Also check voltage regulator...

  • Cameraworks Ltd.
    Cameraworks Ltd. 8 months ago

    You should empty your gas tank and fuel rail. Sometimes water can get in the fuel, ie... rain, water, ethanol fuel...

  • pate boii
    pate boii 8 months ago


  • Troy Watty
    Troy Watty 9 months ago

    Tips gas makes you move inwards and hand brake slide out wards and ur oversteering way to much flick and gas

  • Fredrik Flodin
    Fredrik Flodin 9 months ago

    Check the tank. My friend hade the same problem whith his ice car. Is the tank filld whith foam? Is there any smal bits or peaces in the filter?

  • Liam Cloov
    Liam Cloov 9 months ago

    Please. Say "Turbo"... not fucking turPo! And please stop saying "card" to cart

  • Norbert Jungholt
    Norbert Jungholt 9 months ago

    The differential of the doser is off, it is essential for turbocharged engine.

  • mat werry
    mat werry 9 months ago

    don't change the fuel pump, its because you don't have a boost reference hooked up to the fuel pressure regulator. message me if you have any questions

  • Feelsbadman
    Feelsbadman 9 months ago +1


  • Cloutless
    Cloutless 9 months ago

    1:1 crosskart