OnePlus 6 Quality Control REVEALED - Epic Factory Tour

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • Thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring this video! Check out their pop-up events page for more info (Linus will be at the NY pop-up!)
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Comments • 9 152

  • the best noob 75

    I wonder if they do this to the oneplus 7 pro...

  • Jake Lake
    Jake Lake 5 days ago

    This kind of quality we need from a phone makers also worth the bucks

  • brent oberlin
    brent oberlin 14 days ago

    Eventually robots will take over these jobs I bet unfortunately

  • Snake
    Snake 17 days ago

    Meanwhile other manufacturers do this completely automated.

  • DWPlays
    DWPlays 19 days ago

    This was painful to watch.

  • Manish
    Manish 23 days ago

    final tumble rotator scene and his expression was similar to tom and jerry

  • ITron Legend gaming
    ITron Legend gaming 27 days ago

    What the heck windows 7 just stop oneplus

  • Joshua Lantz
    Joshua Lantz Month ago

    Wow that was lit!!!

  • Gold Expert
    Gold Expert Month ago

    Everyone there looks exactly the same

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    Wrong! There is no % in defects. There is only a PPM parts per million rate that comes from a CPK calculation of the process that calculates the overall confidence levels based on established deviation levels.

  • Manya Keebler
    Manya Keebler Month ago

    All that testing is nice and well but then in the real world the phone will fall on that one piece of sharp edged gravel.

  • Juan D' Angelo
    Juan D' Angelo Month ago

    06:48 Windows 7...

  • Edwin cruz
    Edwin cruz Month ago +7

    It is so stressful to see a phone drop like oh my God

  • Sanki Obito
    Sanki Obito Month ago +3

    @12:11 nice razer bag logo blur out

  • Jeremy Brooks
    Jeremy Brooks Month ago +1

    Loved this! What a great opportunity!

  • Rae Summers
    Rae Summers Month ago +9

    M pretty sure those workers were annoyed as fcuk with his unnaturally high pitched tone.

  • fuNjiaa
    fuNjiaa Month ago

    Sigh. China does some amazing things. The world has really benefited in many ways to China's growth, but the ways things are going at the moment they are being made out to be bad guys. Not everything they do is perfect, but then no country in the world is perfect either. I really hope this tariff trade war between the US and China ends soon. Nobody is a winner in that. The whole world will suffer from that, particularl poor Chinese people who are only just catching up to enjoying what we all enjoy in modern Western life.

  • scoobtoober29
    scoobtoober29 Month ago

    I'm sweatin over OP. Great motto

  • Radoch
    Radoch Month ago +3

    Some people: "I hate linus. And anything tec-related"
    Me: "why are you gay?"

  • Antonio Song
    Antonio Song Month ago

    Im starting to like Chinese phones. One plus was cool to let this guy show all the ins and outs of factory development.

  • Magnus Nilsen
    Magnus Nilsen Month ago

    say tech...

    LAFOLLETTER Month ago

    To all neoliberal "free trade" Luddites. No. technology does not destroy manufacturing jobs, it creates, them, but, most critically, in The PRC's, non profit, CCP owned manufacturing input complex. Interesting fact, The PRC isn't even in the bottom 50 countries for wages. They have monopolized manufacturing with their state owned non profit manufacturing, and NOT mainly through low wages. So, ironically, Western outsourcing parasite executives make more profit in The PRC, mostly because there are fewer of THEM there.

  • Tejay Eyan
    Tejay Eyan Month ago
    see that

  • Tejay Eyan
    Tejay Eyan Month ago

    Boring linus see unbox therapy lew video so fun to watch....Don't mind love u both and i am subscriber to both of u LTT n Unbox Therapy, But miss your scrapyard wars..

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo Month ago

    I want one :)

  • Davitron Rudolph
    Davitron Rudolph Month ago

    I didn’t expect to be as impressed as I was. I feel very comforted with my 6t on the way knowing they’re tested this well. Although I’m a little bummed mr headphone man won’t have touched mine. 😭

  • Akbar khan
    Akbar khan Month ago

    Apple! hello apple? u there???

  • Luca Embshoff
    Luca Embshoff Month ago

    2:06 Oh shit that's only Windows 7!

  • Vicman Eztrada
    Vicman Eztrada Month ago +2

    Y faltaba el comentario en español👍
    Mirando el video desde mi oneplus 6t
    Comprate el tuyo no lo dudes

  • Eugene
    Eugene Month ago

    The worker behind is like what's this guy talking about ??????

  • Osiris VIII
    Osiris VIII Month ago

    Sad to watch them all work depressing

  • SCUBAelement
    SCUBAelement Month ago +4

    I still love my oneplus 3t 128gb, great vid, thanks!!

  • SCUBAelement
    SCUBAelement Month ago +1

    Linus' 'how it's made, very cool

  • Renni
    Renni Month ago

    can these factories supply nailclippers?

  • Tristan Du Pre
    Tristan Du Pre Month ago

    13:32- "just slips one into his pocket"

  • Ward Zahran
    Ward Zahran Month ago +2

    Well you changing the title FUCKED UP your place in RU-clip searchs.

  • Ryans Motoride
    Ryans Motoride Month ago +2

    And The Title was changed. Nice too

  • Awad Badr
    Awad Badr Month ago

    That's why oppo is expnsive.. Fantastic quality test

    • Osiris VIII
      Osiris VIII Month ago

      Oppo? This video is on One plus.

  • A New Shoe Wall
    A New Shoe Wall 2 months ago

    so many phooonnnesss

  • StarChomp
    StarChomp 2 months ago

    They're basically slaves

  • eddy lim
    eddy lim 2 months ago

    How it made

  • pricetagcloud
    pricetagcloud 2 months ago

    Need a mechanical butt... For... Testing reasons...

  • Helping Mind
    Helping Mind 2 months ago

    Oneplus is also increasing their quality day by day.

  • Boophly
    Boophly 2 months ago

    i like that they has blurred the razer logo in the begining

  • Helxcy
    Helxcy 2 months ago +2

    Plz tell me they don't sell those dropped and tortured phones. Cuz im thinking off buying a one plus 6 and I don't want to buy phones that are like already dead

  • nafis ahmad
    nafis ahmad 2 months ago

    so test em phones so rough and then sell us those?

  • JulioAbel90
    JulioAbel90 2 months ago +3

    8:28 the only genuine smile in the whole video basically
    They all look so miserable at work, might have something to do with the stupid hats they have to wear.

    • Brasley Cope
      Brasley Cope Month ago

      They have to be still and focus they can't loose consentration

  • Md Juman
    Md Juman 2 months ago

    Oneplus 7

  • Abraham Nemuel Tan
    Abraham Nemuel Tan 2 months ago

    8:04 that Chinese dude was shocked

  • Ubaydullah Rabbani Community Project

    oh boy. im getting one soon as well inshaAllah

  • jon saeel
    jon saeel 2 months ago

    Smartphone torture room!!!

  • M3h3ndr3
    M3h3ndr3 2 months ago

    I thought this was more automated o0

    OSCAR BADILLO 2 months ago

    One plus must have given all the 4 year old employees a day off

  • OliwierTM
    OliwierTM 2 months ago

    Phone Abuse

  • Manab Dutta
    Manab Dutta 2 months ago

    If only apple did those things the iphone x has rough edges all round it...... sigh

  • GameGuy
    GameGuy 2 months ago

    ...socks and sandals linus? Really?

  • Brett Nanney
    Brett Nanney 2 months ago

    This is a kind of phone advertising I can get behind! This it makes me more comfortable to buy a OnePlus device in the future.

  • Jaden Rintharamy
    Jaden Rintharamy 2 months ago

    it’s like fucking Willy wonky and the chocolate factory

  • PowAndWow
    PowAndWow 2 months ago +2


  • yeet
    yeet 2 months ago

    What about robot polishing.

  • Kai Yuen
    Kai Yuen 2 months ago

    Dude fuck off and leave the workers alone, if you need commentary do a voiceover. These dudes work there all day as it is and they don't need your loud ass screaming at a camera from 5 feet away. And for fucks sakes why are you actually going up to them and just being like "hey give me this thing that you could get fired or reprimanded if I break in a language you likely don't understand!". I mean at least you're not the Paul brothers goin doin jank shit to people's culture but you aren't exactly being cool either. Dude so disrespectful and I could swear every dude with a channel like this acts the same damn way.

  • Rocket Bollocks
    Rocket Bollocks 2 months ago +3

    Watching on my OnePlus 3 and I'm upgrading to the 6 later this month

    • Rocket Bollocks
      Rocket Bollocks Month ago +1

      Yeah I'm replying to this on my new 6t got it yesterday it's awesome

    • Styled
      Styled 2 months ago

      Get 6t or wait for 7

  • Almost PG
    Almost PG 2 months ago

    8:36 They record the phone doing *WHAT* into a mechanical shaker?!

  • Mikhail Angel
    Mikhail Angel 2 months ago

    Lenovo k3 note have similar quirky picture of QC personnel on brand new unit

  • Triparadox Clifford
    Triparadox Clifford 2 months ago

    So my phones apparently have been dropped over 10,000 times before I even own it.

    What a great day to buy a phone..

    • nkl
      nkl 2 months ago

      You are retarded kid, you really think oneplus has thousands of phone dropping machines instead of just a few for testing the manufacturing and design process?

  • Taufik Akhmal
    Taufik Akhmal 2 months ago

    Laugh in note 9.

  • Dilan Gilluly
    Dilan Gilluly 2 months ago

    The phone still sucks. Mine failed after 8 months and now only charges when it wants to. OnePlus support is no help as they won't cross ship the phone (something Motorola has done for me in the past). I will never buy another one of their phones again unless they make it right.

    • Ritwik Reddy
      Ritwik Reddy 2 months ago

      Yes, they don't have enough service centres as samsung has

  • t k
    t k 2 months ago

    always interesting to see production process of something..

  • Tomé Crespo
    Tomé Crespo 2 months ago

    nice 16min ad

  • Helabi Esabis
    Helabi Esabis 2 months ago

    only Linus uses gloves? I am not suprised...

  • Panmei Lungdaini
    Panmei Lungdaini 2 months ago

    Much better than the whole iPhone production.

  • Anton Gustafsson
    Anton Gustafsson 2 months ago

    #16 min of constant pitchy excited adult slamming comments on not that exciting stuff. I barely can handle 5 min of constant speech from this guy. Think I have headache now

  • Mad Titan
    Mad Titan 2 months ago

    the title is misleading

  • salman man
    salman man 2 months ago

    holy cow i met my daily driver

  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 2 months ago +1

    Wow that’s why I put full force to get the fucking charger cable out of my OnePlus 6

  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 2 months ago

    I have this phone now...

  • Kyle Phonasa
    Kyle Phonasa 2 months ago

    Everyone in the factory is like "fuckin hate these people"

  • VooDoo
    VooDoo 2 months ago +1

    Oneplus 5T = Legendary Performance.

  • Afaq Shuaib Khattak
    Afaq Shuaib Khattak 2 months ago

    8:29 > that smile...that damn in love 😍

  • Dexter Estacion
    Dexter Estacion 2 months ago

    I fucken New it.Iphone is Made in CHINA

  • gingerbread man1980
    gingerbread man1980 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the video just gone and got my self a one plus 6t

  • Colin Averill
    Colin Averill 3 months ago

    "Little, tiny PC." Anybody else hear Gru's voice there?

    • Timothy Augustine
      Timothy Augustine 2 months ago

      Now that you mention it, he does sound a bit like Steve Carell. Especially when he's excited

  • Kevin Calderon
    Kevin Calderon 3 months ago

    Wow I would do anything to work there!

  • Seth Solpico
    Seth Solpico 3 months ago


  • GameBoy Freak
    GameBoy Freak 3 months ago

    all this just to watch porn on the metro

  • pVoqz
    pVoqz 3 months ago

    3:43 Be careful Linus, don't drop it.

  • FZFazn
    FZFazn 3 months ago +1

    As a guy who works in a factory i can only say. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

  • Olofty85
    Olofty85 3 months ago

    Does he have fuckin socks an sandles on

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 months ago

    Man, One Plus goes out of their way to try to be the best of the best :)

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera 3 months ago +2

    Thank you so much linus, now i can buily my own production line of phones. I hope oneplus doesn't mind me using their designs. As a engineer these are easy to rebuild.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera 3 months ago +2

    I'd like a rubdown and then a wipedown. Please.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera 3 months ago +1

    All those poor and poor people (could never afford half of such a phone).

  • [RRG]_Co2
    [RRG]_Co2 3 months ago +1

    It actually supprised me that he did not get a warning for being too loud😂😂

  • pro sound
    pro sound 3 months ago

    is that windows 7 I see?

  • Belindos9
    Belindos9 3 months ago

    😹😹😹😹 the music at 9:50 Thanks for making this video, awesome footage

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 3 months ago

    ALL THIS DID WAS PROVE THAT THEY TAKE SHORT CUTS. Like the sticker. I will stick to Samsung.

  • dante42lk
    dante42lk 3 months ago +4

    Linus attempts to hit puberty once again

    • Arjia
      Arjia 3 months ago

      tried to hide it haha.

  • Piotr S
    Piotr S 3 months ago +2

    This was very interesting. I thought that production itself is more automated, but I guess it would be too hard to achieve considering how often new models are released (and all machines have to be changed / reprogrammed / recalibrated for each new model). I must say I'm quite impressed by the level of testing (and this is coming from a guy who used to work as a production tester designer).

  • Raza Haider
    Raza Haider 3 months ago

    the like/unlike thing hooked me. A channel that actually asks you to press unlike if you don't like it? My subscription

  • Franklin Bolton
    Franklin Bolton 3 months ago

    13:48 The Linus Machine. Also RIP headphone check guy.