OnePlus 6 Quality Control REVEALED - Epic Factory Tour

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Comments • 80

  • fanofCOH
    fanofCOH 2 days ago

    Im more curious who designs the machines and tooling to make stuff like this? who lays out the production floor as needs change on the phones. neat vid

  • Jaumaster 69
    Jaumaster 69 4 days ago

    Oneplus has been caught cheating benchmark, lying about bezel size and stealing our data

  • Rupesh Sahu
    Rupesh Sahu 10 days ago

    Definitely they didn't tested one plus 7t like this , its glass back and back camera shatters very easily with pocket height drop

  • Sany One
    Sany One 11 days ago

    Oh shit when Linus picked up the box with phones , my brain went , PLEASE JUST DON'T DROP SHIT ..
    But then i saw the video's content , and i wished i just saw Linus drop something instead of this torture -.-

  • Movie Tambayan
    Movie Tambayan 14 days ago

    I wish one of this you give me😶😊 thanks gob bless

  • Ane Ree Gunnarsen
    Ane Ree Gunnarsen 17 days ago


  • Wall-e
    Wall-e 20 days ago

    When you is slurrrrring your words cos of adhesive fumes lol

  • Amen Sheani
    Amen Sheani 21 day ago

    Wow! Superb Quality control. Look at the the devotion and concentration of these workers.
    And that cute smile at @ 8:28? Priceless...

  • Branimir Bogosavljev
    Branimir Bogosavljev 22 days ago

    Android is not really a preferred operating system for me but if I would have to choose definitely one plus.

  • DoubleView
    DoubleView 22 days ago

    first time for over 100 people to see a short lesbian in their factory touching all their stuff

  • Jesse Conlan
    Jesse Conlan 29 days ago

    Watched on my OP 7t McLaren. Great video, and great phones from 1+

  • Pc freak
    Pc freak Month ago

    My A3 survid a hole Flor with no damitsh

  • Brent Oberlin
    Brent Oberlin Month ago

    I'm surprised all the workers don't have to ware gloves hopefully they get paid a good wage

  • Macieg
    Macieg Month ago

    More videos like this pls!!!

  • Néstor González
    Néstor González Month ago

    wow, what other companies do all the hard tests like OnePlus???

  • iAlphx
    iAlphx Month ago +1

    This is cool and all, but where are the bathrooms?

  • Collyn Smith
    Collyn Smith Month ago

    Wat the fuck phone are these ppl making

  • jail_Brreaker
    jail_Brreaker Month ago

    Sandalen mit Socken!?! Bruder muss los 😅😉

  • Emir Kamikaza
    Emir Kamikaza Month ago

    Corona virus

  • Michael Constantin
    Michael Constantin Month ago

    Why I bought a OnePlus 7t pro McLaren

  • oopsitsdeleted
    oopsitsdeleted Month ago

    What's your job?
    Them: _I scrape glue off phones_

  • Mrxplayz Double games

    Imagine working for oneplus but having an Apple phone

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago +1

    For the first time in his life, Linus is above average hight.

  • AppleMatt124
    AppleMatt124 Month ago

    4:56 gotta love those finger condoms

    ARMORED LP Month ago

    Chinas name is now corona

  • Shadow_ Playz
    Shadow_ Playz Month ago

    Buying a phone and seeing pictures of the factory it was made in. Man I would laugh but immediately save the images

  • Bladex TV
    Bladex TV Month ago


  • Jarrett Embry
    Jarrett Embry 2 months ago

    Is Linus actually under 5’6? Surely not...

  • Casey Kreicar
    Casey Kreicar 2 months ago

    nail clippers?

  • Robert Antonio
    Robert Antonio 2 months ago

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  • James Stclair
    James Stclair 2 months ago

    linus is seriously geeking it out here

  • Ferenc Ungvári
    Ferenc Ungvári 2 months ago

    Clearly these are not "Apple certified" product engineering practices... This is exactly how I prefer and expect a manufacturer to behave like

  • Aurimas Lab
    Aurimas Lab 2 months ago

    0:54 - fingernails :F

    HAMZA'S TECH TIPS 2 months ago

    lol why are chinese peope, inspecting it visualy they cant see .. idoits

    ps:this is a joke

  • Cam_da _otaku
    Cam_da _otaku 2 months ago

    I mean jordan not joe

  • WillyRTXGaming
    WillyRTXGaming 2 months ago

    So this is why my phones always get a cracked screen in the first week - assholes dropped it 250.000 times already in the factory smh life is unfair

  • Karthik S
    Karthik S 2 months ago

    All stand

  • shayzad Ali
    shayzad Ali 2 months ago

    From where I can buy OnePlus6T back panel . It's fall down from my hand and it's broke 😭

  • Xambersand
    Xambersand 2 months ago

    one plus six is seven

  • Bror
    Bror 2 months ago

    Good work comrade...

  • Two Nerds In Canada
    Two Nerds In Canada 2 months ago

    Socks in sandals. Don't you have some Czech ancestors, Linus?

  • Darude
    Darude 2 months ago

    11:52 translates to "originally iPhone torture room"

  • Paul Kuvener
    Paul Kuvener 2 months ago

    Oh sorry, 1 more thing.... So he bloody pocketed a phone?!!! Geez, wouldn't every single one of you people pinched one too?!!! (Mate i would've taken more than one.., just sayin' lolol) 😉

  • Static Charge
    Static Charge 2 months ago

    For reference, -40° C is equal to -40° F

  • Cool Compilation clips!

    wow we get to tour a sweatshop

  • Object of Virtu
    Object of Virtu 2 months ago +47

    Me watching this on my One Plus 7T with tears in my eyes: "stop saying headphone jack over and over again..."

    • Rupesh Sahu
      Rupesh Sahu 10 days ago

      One Plus 7t can't survive these tests. Its glass back cracks 10/10 times you drop it from pocket height

    • max gillard
      max gillard 2 months ago +2

      its so close but still so far away

  • Darude
    Darude 2 months ago +34

    Security at factory door: Mr Linus, what is this phone doing in your pocket?
    Red faced Linus: Errr, I was balancing it on my head and err... it must have *dropped* into this pocket.
    Camera man: Happens everytime he visits a shop or factory.

  • Manish Meshram
    Manish Meshram 2 months ago

    That's insane

  • JMPeRager
    JMPeRager 2 months ago +21

    8:28 Her smile made me smile. It was so cute I could die haha

  • Daniel Grubelic
    Daniel Grubelic 2 months ago

    Had my one plus 5t for ages. What a modern smart phone should be

  • Mooody Jhay
    Mooody Jhay 2 months ago

    OnePlus 6 user here 😅
    Since 08-2018 to until now 12_30_2019
    I brought from Amazon Japan 🇯🇵

  • Enhanced UK
    Enhanced UK 3 months ago +1

    And when the cameras are turned off the coke comes out and drug manufacturing continues 😂 - On a side note that's the best quality control I have see. Definitely buying one.

  • Lanto Razafindrabe
    Lanto Razafindrabe 3 months ago

    your voice goes to heaven..... always hahaha disturb employees sometimes..when testing

  • ZarterBoy
    ZarterBoy 3 months ago

    15:35 the moment you realise you need to call PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Electronics)

  • JustBrainless - TechnikEcke

    Where does they test their batteries

  • helen lucero
    helen lucero 3 months ago

    Do u gift me 1unit..or one 2nd hand cellphone...i have no money 'to buy this cp..i

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 3 months ago

    I’d love to see how Apple and Samsung torture test their devices.

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 3 months ago +1

    Thank you millions of Asian people, for working so hard to bring the world such amazing devices.

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 3 months ago

    I’m always amazed so many people have to touch these things along the production process yet there’s not a single fingerprint in the final product.

  • Marshall Cohen Carter
    Marshall Cohen Carter 3 months ago

    *Where are the slaves*

  • Dicks X McIronCocke
    Dicks X McIronCocke 3 months ago

    That special dial code for the test menu is *#808# just type that in your stock dialer and it'll take you there before you hit call.

  • Flux Capacitor
    Flux Capacitor 3 months ago

    Worker was wearing flip-flops... LOL I guess OSHA doesn't exist in China.

  • Randy
    Randy 3 months ago

    I guess they didn't see the need for an earphone jack or wireless charging person. Sad.

  • ninjafireball
    ninjafireball 3 months ago

    11:25 just like matrix those employers faces are dead centered bored out of their minds

  • Steven Encarnacion
    Steven Encarnacion 3 months ago

    The poor guy at 5:10 is bleeding 🩸

  • Viktor Szolgai
    Viktor Szolgai 3 months ago

    well they assembled my oneplus 6 properly :)

  • Kipper Klank
    Kipper Klank 3 months ago

    Take that apple

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 3 months ago +2

    They have a torture chamber
    Seems like the stole the idea from someone in the history ^_^

  • Papa Muerte
    Papa Muerte 3 months ago

    OnePlus should hire jerryrig for durability test.

  • lordhaven111
    lordhaven111 3 months ago

    One out of every 3 probably wants to kill themselves. Apple installed a suicide net for their factories. Wonder if this place does anything like that

  • joshhdtx
    joshhdtx 3 months ago

    1.5 years later after buying my OnePlus 6, I've bought no extra screen protectors or cases and it's never given me a problem, other than a few software glitches here and there. But now I'm waiting on my OnePlus 7T Plus to come in the mail

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier 3 months ago

    I wonder how Xiaomi Control is though

  • Boah
    Boah 3 months ago

    And yet Oneplus 7T still has display issues and they brushed it off as "normal thing to happen" :\

  • Grendel _
    Grendel _ 3 months ago

    Given Linus' record of dropping things, I am surprised that they handed him ANYTHING during this video :)

  • Fermium LABS srl
    Fermium LABS srl 3 months ago

    that guy was not wearing proper ESD compliant shoes.

  • Sercane TV
    Sercane TV 3 months ago

    Is all the employees wearing finger condom?

  • CaDiamond
    CaDiamond 3 months ago

    Advertisement is getting smarter

  • Zack Bailey
    Zack Bailey 3 months ago

    This video is literally great!

  • GOTPink is the realest ships ever

    Look at all these underpaid and overworked people

  • Random Tricks
    Random Tricks 3 months ago

    One plus just won my heart