Trump impeachment inquiry day one highlights

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Donald Trump cared more about investigating his political rival Joe Biden than the fate of Ukraine, according to dramatic testimony from a key witness in the first impeachment inquiry hearing before the American public. As Adam Schiff, the Democratic chair, gaveled the House intelligence committee into session, cameras from every major network carried the proceedings to millions of Americans, some of whom were encountering the allegations against Trump for the first time
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    Trump cared more about investigating Biden than Ukraine, key witness reveals ►
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Comments • 196

  • Guardian News
    Guardian News  26 days ago +6

    Trump cared more about investigating Biden than Ukraine, key witness reveals ►

    • Gavin Bissell
      Gavin Bissell 25 days ago

      Key witness reveals the whole thing is a joke and basically made up

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 25 days ago

      @Mark Turner It's blocking my links - just Google the things I said earlier. That's why people accuse Trump. If only they could offer their unquestioning loyalty to him, like me.

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 25 days ago

      @Mark Turner I'll let you Google yourself to find Trump and the Clintons being best friends - before 2016 - even him backing Hillary against Obama (praising the amazing job she was doing). It's all theatre, folks.

    ONI MERCADO 6 days ago

    ???? _____ ????

    ONI MERCADO 6 days ago


  • bessie sewell
    bessie sewell 8 days ago


  • bradley osornio
    bradley osornio 18 days ago +1

    2:58 why do they want to oust the whistleblower so bad, he needs to remain anonymous until they decide whether trump should be impeached, after everything is done, until then he could be in danger

  • bradley osornio
    bradley osornio 18 days ago

    These republicans remind me of detectives that pressure you into saying that they want to hear 2:37

  • Brian Hyde
    Brian Hyde 20 days ago

    If a country knowingly elects a corrupt president why the heck would they want to impeach him? Being a sex pervert, sucking up to dictators, bribing another nation using millions from taxpayers, nepotism. insulting the world's best. etc. none of this matters a fcuk anymore to the average American. America has lost any greatness it once had in the world. But that's what the people chose.

  • Carl Peterson
    Carl Peterson 21 day ago

    I agree with Schiff that the whistleblower should tesitfy! He said many, many times that the WB would. Oh wait he lied? not Schiff.

  • sad sushi
    sad sushi 21 day ago +6

    All the 3 million dollars raised for this could have been used for the homeless.

    • Joe Farma
      Joe Farma 21 day ago

      Dems don't want to help the unprivileged... They just want power

  • jimmy1132
    jimmy1132 22 days ago +3

    We've gone from ...he didn't bribe anyone or commit a crime to witness intimidation. This is a joke & is embarrassing to our country. Pelosi & Shift need to be tried for treason!

  • Frozen Retro !
    Frozen Retro ! 22 days ago


  • Thanos The Mad Titan
    Thanos The Mad Titan 22 days ago

    Damn, that burn at the end. Every Trumptard felt it.

  • Richard Magee
    Richard Magee 23 days ago

    " I have to admit to a pleasant surprise in the edit"

  • Q ball
    Q ball 23 days ago +1

    Without Trump Epstien would still be alive !! Poor Geoffrey .And Andrew would have got away with shagging Kids !! Its such a shame Hillary lost ...... Isn't it ..

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 23 days ago

    Pick and shovel leadership is what's needed...ooops! let's impeach him not sophisticated enough for the camp followers?

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 23 days ago +1

    Impeach ALL plutocrats!

    • Adam Chapman
      Adam Chapman 20 days ago

      Ha! They can't impeach themselves!

  • keflar5
    keflar5 23 days ago

    Gaurdian.......of paedophile globalists.

  • blueyes6474
    blueyes6474 23 days ago

    A fact that the term “never trumper “ is being used in government hearings is sad, trump and his followers have spent more time coming up with derogatory terms for people who don’t support him than anything else is pathetic

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper 23 days ago +2

    Trump is the best president America ever had with out a doubt.

    • Mike w
      Mike w 23 days ago +1

      Yes he is

  • Nena Radicevic
    Nena Radicevic 24 days ago +10

    Homeless, poverty, criminal, drugs,migrants, farmers, mid class low pays so many problems and they don't care. Dems or Republicans

  • Sea King
    Sea King 24 days ago

    The Schiff hit the fan! Deluded Schiff and the 80 year old tart Nancy Pelosi are psychopathic liars. All because Hilary Clinton is a sore loser. LOL

  • Radley2612
    Radley2612 25 days ago +2

    So far more suspicion of dirty dealings by democrats than anything else

  • Radley2612
    Radley2612 25 days ago

    Its all conjecture smells like a attempted coup

  • john s
    john s 25 days ago

    Jim jordan i salute you sir you are the truth.

  • john s
    john s 25 days ago +1

    Impeach schiff 'weasle"

  • Elliott James
    Elliott James 25 days ago

    We shouldn’t support Ukraine’s military if they are participating in corruption with joe Biden I don’t understand how they are trying to put trump on the stand

    • Elliott James
      Elliott James 25 days ago

      Nick but Biden is still a politician and very rich i know trump gave his hotel business to his son and I don’t trust that either but we need to let the corrupt politicians investigate each other and if joe Biden is using is son to get rich and run a political campaign and if Ukraine is paying him they could be influencing his policies and that’s bad

    • Nick
      Nick 25 days ago

      because Trump is president, Biden's son is not....? how hard is that to understand

  • Chad Hadley
    Chad Hadley 25 days ago +2

    While this is going on congress is signing the re enactment of the PATRIOT act. This act is way worse than anything mentioned in any of these hearings.

  • c carville
    c carville 25 days ago +2


  • Barry Johnston
    Barry Johnston 25 days ago

    Democrats are desperate !!! Nothing here to impeach Trump !!

  • martynblackburn1977
    martynblackburn1977 25 days ago

    The Dems are trying to impeach him based upon nothing. They are so desparate Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Waters, Warren, Sanders, what a horrible lot.

  • e s
    e s 25 days ago +10


  • susan scelfo
    susan scelfo 25 days ago +3

    If this is the best witnesses the Democrats have, they are in big trouble! These elitist suits testifying are proof why Trump was elected!

  • JP
    JP 25 days ago +1

    So in other words for trump to avoid being impeached they just have to keep scaring the whistleblowers from showing up.

    • JP
      JP 24 days ago

      @Luxx except a threat a against their life?
      How many Hooligans do you think are gonna be after someone who provides evidence to jail their president?

    • Elijah Solomon
      Elijah Solomon 25 days ago +1

      if there even is a whisteblower. my bet is this whole thing is a puppet game.

    • Luxx
      Luxx 25 days ago

      If the case is solid they have no reason not to show up.

  • leonsam12
    leonsam12 25 days ago

    I hope our tax dollars are not paying for this foolishness

    • stuart mcdermid
      stuart mcdermid 25 days ago

      @siri david false

    • siri david
      siri david 25 days ago +1

      but they are happily paying for Trumps lavish golf excursions

  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner 25 days ago +10

    It must be very painful for the guardian and it's fanboys to watch Trump win win and win again.
    Next week we should get the report on the FISA abuse when saint Obama tapped the phones in the Trump towers, deep joy.

    • michael heredia
      michael heredia 20 days ago

      @susan scelfo Then you understand that the trump admin only released the aid when this blew up in their face correct?

    • susan scelfo
      susan scelfo 21 day ago

      @michael heredia you need to read Morrison's transcript. I read it last night. It's over two hundred pages and gets into the timeline of the release of the security aid.

    • michael heredia
      michael heredia 22 days ago

      @susan scelfo He also said ukraine understood the only way to unfreeze the aid would be to agree to a public investigation into trumps political opponents.

    • susan scelfo
      susan scelfo 22 days ago

      @michael heredia Taylor never said that! He stated the aid was paused and he did not agree with pausing the aid.

    • michael heredia
      michael heredia 22 days ago

      @susan scelfo Yes Ukraine got the aid after trump got caught. If you listened to taylor ukraine understood the aid would not be released until they publicly stated they would do an investigation into trumps opponents.
      "Did any of the witnesses have direct knowledge from anybody that Trump was leveraging aid in exchange for an investigation?" Yep one is testifying that very soon in fact.

  • BenjoBanjoo
    BenjoBanjoo 25 days ago +13

    Yeah...Trumps gonna win...again. Just like the past 3 years of continuous winning and making the democrats look foolish.

    • michael heredia
      michael heredia 22 days ago

      @Seaside Strangler Easy to be born rich. Easy to win the presidency with russias help.

    • Sanzu River
      Sanzu River 25 days ago

      @Seaside Strangler Yeah, surprisingly, Trump proved that you can be both of those things and still be incompetent, corrupt, and a sorry excuse for a human being.

      Also, being able to spell words or form coherent sentences doesn't seem to be a requirement for the aforementioned positions either.

    • Seaside Strangler
      Seaside Strangler 25 days ago +4

      @Sanzu River Yeah being super rich and the president of the United States that's a real losing position.

  • Charlie ZzZ
    Charlie ZzZ 25 days ago +11

    Nice burn from Peter Welch at the end there.

    • owleyes Malignaggi
      owleyes Malignaggi 20 days ago

      @Juan David Barahona Gonzalez Trump did nothing wrong . Hunter Biden and his son on the other hand broke the law with the countless favours Biden did for his sons company - we all know that's the only reason they paid someone with zero experience or qualifications 50 thousand dollars a month. And, Trump, is the one being investigated? If you can't see any wrong in that then you need to admit your hatred for Trump is clouding your judgement.

    • Retrovirus
      Retrovirus 25 days ago +1

      @Juan David Barahona Gonzalez Lol, watch the video again, Welch mentions that Trump started it all lol. Harsh burn.

    • Juan David Barahona Gonzalez
      Juan David Barahona Gonzalez 25 days ago

      more like disobeying the law the whole point of a whistle blower is to report what he heard towards congress if he doesn't want to come to the impeachment meeting he doesn't have to come its not part of his job. He or she cannot be forced to the meeting and Peter Welch knows that is just that he wants to influence people or normal everyday people like us to think the whistle blower did wrong.

  • Ali Biba
    Ali Biba 26 days ago +1

    What you heard did not happen. It didn't happen.
    ---> No sir. What did you just say?

  • Ali Biba
    Ali Biba 26 days ago

    What is the plural of NUN without any underwearZ?
    NUNEz or NUNEs ?

  • D K
    D K 26 days ago +12

    Schiff heard it from a friend whooo, heard it from a friend whooo. Schiff heard it from a friend Trump be messing around!

    • Deon Van der Westhuizen
      Deon Van der Westhuizen 24 days ago

      Got it the first time around.

    • Kay_J
      Kay_J 25 days ago +3

      D K Trump can testify at any time 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • D K
      D K 25 days ago +1

      @Kay_J FYI - The whistleblower can not testify under US identity protection...Shifty Schiff is the only person who can allow it! Trump testifies Everytime he is in front of the camera. His answers will not change under oath, because he is not lying! You have no idea what your talking you?

    • Kay_J
      Kay_J 25 days ago +2

      D K still gonna say it... Let him testify 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 26 days ago +1

    Just wondering what is the actual situation with the son earning a million bucks for sweet FA. Also if you're reading Hunter, and have some employment tips for me, I'm all ears.

    • michael heredia
      michael heredia 22 days ago

      I wonder why a lawyer from yale who created his own firm earns millions....

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 26 days ago

      It's called ingratiating yourself with the most powerful country in the world.

    • Sam Harding
      Sam Harding 26 days ago +1

      Ez have your daddy be vice pres

  • si sla
    si sla 26 days ago +1

    There were only low lights this sham is a pathetic stunt pulled off by desperate criminals

  • PAUL brewer
    PAUL brewer 26 days ago +9

    False world

  • Andi amo
    Andi amo 26 days ago +20

    I'm always surprised that a UK's left-wing newspaper's RU-clip channel it's the place to meet Trump supporters.

    • Gavin Bissell
      Gavin Bissell 25 days ago +3

      There's pretty much no left wing guardian supporters and in the UK people generally get the gist of due process and evidence.

  • Anant Iyer
    Anant Iyer 26 days ago

    Sleepy z z

  • Rizza Quinto
    Rizza Quinto 26 days ago +1

    Thats why duterte is better than trump!

    • M H
      M H 25 days ago

      No body has proven themselves to be better than Trump within the US political system.

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 26 days ago +1

    Impeach our queen too

    • Eli Eli
      Eli Eli 25 days ago

      @Juan David Barahona Gonzalez she is german and she must repent for her family crimes send her to germany

    • Juan David Barahona Gonzalez
      Juan David Barahona Gonzalez 25 days ago

      @Eli Eli no she is not come on I am not for UK myself but even I know that only the Queen's ANCESTORS where German not the queen she isn't from germany nor German and even if she were, Germany would still not have too take responsible for someones wrongdoings just because of their nationality, if the queen would have done crimes in GERMANY that would be a different discussion.

    • Eli Eli
      Eli Eli 25 days ago

      @Juan David Barahona Gonzalez cuz she is from germany

    • Juan David Barahona Gonzalez
      Juan David Barahona Gonzalez 25 days ago

      @Eli Eli UK is a independent nation that used to be all over the world, why can't they just put the queen in prison for her wrong doings instead of having other countries have to deal with the responsibility?

    • Eli Eli
      Eli Eli 25 days ago

      @Juan David Barahona Gonzalez then she will go to Switzerland

  • Whitehart 13
    Whitehart 13 26 days ago +10

    Oh my this is such bs it's unreal. What a surprise the guardian are on it.

    • The Neo-Epicurean
      The Neo-Epicurean 26 days ago +6

      This is a much fairer summary of key moments than others I've seen. The key point was you can't sack someone from the most important job in the world by second or third or fourth hand hearsay... It's madness. If you overhear a voice on the other end of a mobile of someone else's call, then you might have simply misheard! They all admit that. Total waste of time and $

  • Ryan Batchelor
    Ryan Batchelor 26 days ago

    This is wan load a pish.

  • Paul Haylor
    Paul Haylor 26 days ago +5

    These degenerate democrat politicians discus'd questions merely speculative, they have bastardize'd the law of evidence with conjecture and hear'say, the rule of law is an order made by a judge or court referring to a particular case and not a principle to which action or procedure conforms, they have opted to corrupt proceedings by using the rule of verb;"exercise sway or decisive influence over the proceedings"The democrats are showing themselves to be not the guardians of liberty, but a rabble of renegade's chosen to corrupt the thought and language of these proceedings.

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 26 days ago

      It's a political process not a legal one. That's why there's no lawyers and why Trump can't face his accuser. The rules are different.

  • Mr RayPhotO
    Mr RayPhotO 26 days ago +10

    Here's a nothing burger served right before elections. Talk about meddling...

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 26 days ago

      @Mr RayPhotO unfortunately that happened AFTER Hunter was cleared. The fact that he was cleared by a corrupt prosecutor does not seem to be a narrative Trump supporters go for.

    • Mr RayPhotO
      Mr RayPhotO 26 days ago +1

      You gotta be kidding right..? Biden blatantly admitted to withhold loan money unless the prosecutor who was looking into his son's business affair was fired. For that to not go unchecked is ridiculous in itself. Judgement never had a chance.

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 26 days ago

      Well, Trump has admitted (and the 'transcript' confirms) that Trump did what he's accused of. I guess that it's just a matter of judgement if he was acting as President or as Trump.

  • Mazza Spitz
    Mazza Spitz 26 days ago

    new book out - elderly uncle running pants less!!! that should be the new trump line... that is hilarious ... but true

  • Cromwell Brasenose
    Cromwell Brasenose 26 days ago +10

    Waste of time.

  • Bill West
    Bill West 26 days ago +1

    Scumbag losers trying to overthrow a President. Stand for something. You might get a few votes.

  • Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.

    What a complete waste of tax dollars.

    • Derezzed 666
      Derezzed 666 26 days ago +1

      Andi amo trump has grounds as to why there needs to be an investigation, no one said a word when the democrats funded a British spy to create a unverified dossier with blatant lies which they then used to push for a Russia investigation which amounted to nothing

    • Andi amo
      Andi amo 26 days ago

      It depends on if you think there should be limits on the presidency. You have to ask, if someone on the other side used the power of their office for their own benefit - would you be ok with it. If not, then you should support this.

  • It's Ok Rock Lee
    It's Ok Rock Lee 26 days ago +17

    Witch hunt just before the 2020 election...

  • FRAME 62
    FRAME 62 26 days ago

    Those anybody know who it is or might be?

    • Happy Hiker
      Happy Hiker 26 days ago +2

      Mr potato head cupcake he who must not be named Trump broke the democrats now its a fallen party

  • Happy Hiker
    Happy Hiker 26 days ago

    Shadow banning my family guardian nothing rude just facts

    • Leo Cor
      Leo Cor 26 days ago

      Yes again shadow banning nothing rude just facts and logic

  • Brad Schneider
    Brad Schneider 26 days ago +8

    This country has spent time, money (Muehler) on finding truth about 2016 election. Trump asks about any evidence of wrongdoing in 2016 election--- AND HE BECOMES THE BAD GUY?!?! BULL YOU KNOW what. Such a blatant display of hipocracy

    • Leo Cor
      Leo Cor 25 days ago

      @Brad Schneider means to hide only I can see what I put on.

    • Brad Schneider
      Brad Schneider 25 days ago

      @Leo Cor what is shadow banned?

    • Happy Hiker
      Happy Hiker 26 days ago

      @Leo Cor everytime this channel does the same with brexit supporters nothing rude just who you support I try explaing the facts and logic behind the scam and shadow bann but if you get a comment strait away and reply quick you can bypass it.

    • Leo Cor
      Leo Cor 26 days ago

      If I comment hopefully your comment will not get shadow banned I know your likes will be.

  • Nick
    Nick 26 days ago +10

    this is so dumb! the senate will never vote to oust him, so he will have another notch in his belt going into the next election! this was the wrong move! put some forward who can actually beat trump instead of pushing for this!!

    • Craig Minto
      Craig Minto 26 days ago +3

      Thien Le You don’t have to be a “Trumper” to see the woeful ignorance of someone who compares your President Trump to an actual out and out dictator.

    • Thien Le
      Thien Le 26 days ago

      @Craig Minto oh well, you better say that to Trumpers. They need it more than I do. Oh they also need to take ethics 101. Are you Trumper?

    • Craig Minto
      Craig Minto 26 days ago +4

      @Thien Le Please seek an education.