• Published on Dec 5, 2018
    - Derrick Rose: Hall Of Fame Acrobat
    - Blake Griffin: Hall Of Fame Posterizer
    - Giannis Antetokounmpo Hall Of Fame One Man Fastbreak
    - LeBron James: Hall of Fame Relentless Finisher
    - Kemba Walker: Hall of Fame Ankle Breaker
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Comments • 316

  • KingSwish
    KingSwish  8 months ago +54

    Thank you guys for all the suggestions on part one! Let me know what other players I missed 🤔

    CEC HOOPS 2 months ago

    Dirk nowitzki: Fade Ace

  • JustinAaronPlays -
    JustinAaronPlays - 2 months ago

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Clippers announcers: OH MI OH MY

  • Hoops Bucket
    Hoops Bucket 3 months ago

    HoF CP3 Lob city passer

  • Nolawi Domenico
    Nolawi Domenico 4 months ago

    Jr Smith doesn't have any Hof badges! Absolutely NONE!

  • KingKakiko23
    KingKakiko23 5 months ago

    Kyrie Difficult Shots?!?

  • Ton Letling
    Ton Letling 5 months ago +1

    Jarret Allen future HOF rim protector

  • Ryan Giammanco
    Ryan Giammanco 5 months ago

    JR=Bum, take him off

  • Jeffy Xe
    Jeffy Xe 5 months ago

    For Blake griffin why did one of his teammates push him?

  • Maverick55
    Maverick55 6 months ago

    What about kemba mid range deadeye

  • Malik Taylor-Williams
    Malik Taylor-Williams 6 months ago

    I miss when Blake used to body bag everybody

  • Patrixx Mirhan
    Patrixx Mirhan 6 months ago +1

    DRose has all of these tbh

  • coachbey481
    coachbey481 7 months ago +4

    I feel like Rojon Rondo doesn’t have dimer on god I think it’s flashy passer

  • Twice 2x
    Twice 2x 7 months ago

    I think mid/deep range deadeye should go to KD....

  • Winston_MSU _5
    Winston_MSU _5 7 months ago

    I just realized Giannis travels a lot.

  • Jordan Grayson
    Jordan Grayson 7 months ago

    J.R. Don’t shoot open shots

  • Dominic Lorenzo
    Dominic Lorenzo 7 months ago

    Zaza got the John Cena/Brock Lesnar Badge. 🤣

  • ElipseNova
    ElipseNova 7 months ago

    4:15 antetoukunpo looking like a nut

  • nassim ali
    nassim ali 7 months ago

    Idk but it’s fun when u watch giannis son cause he does it to everyone that guards him

  • JP O.
    JP O. 7 months ago

    so happy to see rondo on here

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon 7 months ago +2

    JR Smith - clutch performer

  • DrizzE YT
    DrizzE YT 7 months ago

    Rondo has dimmer and flashy passer

  • Blackheart
    Blackheart 7 months ago

    Kyrie is acrobat, not Drose

    • CJquick
      CJquick 4 months ago

      Blackheart what u be smoking🤡

  • Six rings Of steel
    Six rings Of steel 7 months ago

    Korver for catch and shoot that’s what he did for all of his carrer

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 7 months ago +1

    Latrell Sprewell for Bruiser anyone know what he did to his coach when he was on the Warriors? 😏🤫

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 7 months ago

    DeMarcus Cousins should have the expressive badge

  • nxp1
    nxp1 7 months ago

    Curry with hof limitless range

    RAYHAN SYAFA MAULANA 7 months ago

    klay=hof catch and shoot

    NAHAYO MARTIN 7 months ago

    Where is steph curry?!

  • King Durant
    King Durant 7 months ago

    KD midrange deadeye, Westbrook one man fast break, Leonard lockdown defender, chris paul pick pocket.

  • Taking Back Our Lives
    Taking Back Our Lives 7 months ago

    How the ball explodes out the rim when Giannas dunks is incredible

  • Wali Muhammad
    Wali Muhammad 8 months ago

    4:20 giannis always dunk like the jumpman logo

  • IamGio _
    IamGio _ 8 months ago

    Tbh giannis has posterizer too

  • VJ The Youtuber
    VJ The Youtuber 8 months ago


  • jeje arino
    jeje arino 8 months ago

    Derozan is not even there yet

  • Don Cartwright
    Don Cartwright 8 months ago

    I think Westbrook owns that "one man fast break" badge

  • Darneal Lewis
    Darneal Lewis 8 months ago

    In the next video I think lebron james should get the chase down badge

  • Mist4 P3rf4ct
    Mist4 P3rf4ct 8 months ago

    Jr Smith is really good at slam drunks

  • Aidan Wirick
    Aidan Wirick 8 months ago

    lmao 1:28 everybody is looking everywhere

  • Ze Goated
    Ze Goated 8 months ago +6

    When jr on that henny he don’t miss😂

  • JDG
    JDG 8 months ago +1

    U really could have the current drose clips too cuz that boy still got it in my opinion

    • CJquick
      CJquick 4 months ago

      JDG he's Soo slept on bro

    ZAKARIA TAWFIQ 8 months ago

    How did kemba had ankle breaker instead of kyrie

  • David Petty
    David Petty 8 months ago

    KD : Difficult Shot, Mid-Range Deadeye and Limitless Range And More🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Aubrey Pfumojena
    Aubrey Pfumojena 8 months ago

    1:18-2:08 wtf rondo how the hell r any of them possible especially 1:28

  • Osn conscience
    Osn conscience 8 months ago

    Klay is obviously the deep range deadeye

  • Ben Shaw
    Ben Shaw 8 months ago

    JR Smith
    *getting high before a game then losing it for the team in the last seconds*

  • Gerelt-Od Tsogtbaatar
    Gerelt-Od Tsogtbaatar 8 months ago

    Greatest of greats badge for Brain Scalabrine.

  • JayDid UrMom
    JayDid UrMom 8 months ago

    Did he give Jr Smith a hof badge

  • Zander Rabon
    Zander Rabon 8 months ago

    7:20 4 steps??

  • Brody Tiritas
    Brody Tiritas 8 months ago

    jr smith should have henny hof

  • Andrew Jaikaran
    Andrew Jaikaran 8 months ago

    Kemba be like be humble sit down

  • Lasha Lewis
    Lasha Lewis 8 months ago

    Do best plays from the 2017-2018 All-star game plzzz recreated in nba NBA 2K19.

  • Vitor Vasconcelos
    Vitor Vasconcelos 8 months ago

    Really liked the video, my only upset was DeAndre being the lob city guy not Anthony Davis. Not saying DeAndre isn't deserving, just wanted to see Davis, make a 3rd one and put him there. Relentless finishes I think DeMarcus Cousins could fit. Although it isn't like derozean's mid range, KD pull up game could fit as mid range, for post game a guy like Duncan could fit, idk, just keep making these videos and I will keep watching and upvoting

  • TunezCottage
    TunezCottage 8 months ago

    Let's just take a second to admire Blake Griffin doing a spin move into a poster, even Drose in his prime struggled with doing that one, he usually finished with a layup. Just wow.

  • Wallace Leung
    Wallace Leung 8 months ago

    Giannis travels on half his fast breaks

  • Jaxson Darling
    Jaxson Darling 8 months ago

    I have a problem with you not giving James harden anything but you gave Lebron two

  • brian deans
    brian deans 8 months ago

    And to think Chris Paul Rips this man rondo every possession on Hall of fame difficulty 😭😂

  • Onyx Arthur
    Onyx Arthur 8 months ago

    Kyrie shoulda got the ankle breaker but ok

  • Wali Muhammad
    Wali Muhammad 8 months ago

    5:19 wasn’t even that deep

  • HAMI2
    HAMI2 8 months ago +4

    Kyrie has better handles than Kamba and should be the one with HOF ankle breaker

  • BugattiTru
    BugattiTru 8 months ago

    these videos are fire brodie🔥🔥🔥 keep making the badge videos

  • Gonçalo Almeida
    Gonçalo Almeida 8 months ago

    Blake doesnt have it anymore, JR has difficult shots not deep range deadeye and whiteside has joke of a player on HoF

  • Brendan
    Brendan 8 months ago

    Brick Wall - Steven Adams
    Break Starter - Kevin Love
    Flashy Passer - Nikola Jokic
    Just some that I can think of

  • Cray-Z PR
    Cray-Z PR 8 months ago

    Where tf is KD??????????

  • Thegoat Of sunset
    Thegoat Of sunset 8 months ago

    How about James harden? Supernatural floper

  • Thegoat Of sunset
    Thegoat Of sunset 8 months ago

    Where is kd? Relentless betrayer

  • Ricardo Blanco
    Ricardo Blanco 8 months ago

    Rondo should’ve been flashy passer

  • leon donadic
    leon donadic 8 months ago

    Lebron James hof alley oop finisher

  • ForgottenEnergy
    ForgottenEnergy 8 months ago

    Wouldn’t rondo be flashy passer

  • Kanye Is A Fetus
    Kanye Is A Fetus 8 months ago

    Rondo should have hof flashy passer

  • Michael Yepez
    Michael Yepez 8 months ago

    Were’s giannis posterize

  • Saucy Beats
    Saucy Beats 8 months ago

    4:55 jr traveled hard😂😂

  • Tom Brady lost to a backup

    LeBron charge card

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim 8 months ago

    Lonzo Lob City Passer

  • AimbotCxn
    AimbotCxn 8 months ago

    😍Hit😂Or Miss🙄I guess they never miss 😩 huh? 🤨You got a boyfriend 🤞🏽I bet he doesnt kiss ya 🤣mwah 😎
    He gon find 😜 Another Girl 😏 And he 😤 Wont 🧐 Miss ya 🤪 He gon 😈 skrrt and hit 🤫👊🏽👊🏽 The Dab 🤷🏽‍♀ Like 🤳🏿 Wiz😤🙃Khalifa 😭😭