Scarlett Johansson and Niall Horan Make Cecily Strong's Christmas Wish Come True - SNL

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Scarlett Johansson hosts Saturday Night Live on December 14, 2019 with musical guest Niall Horan.
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Comments • 155

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 26 days ago +2

    Scarlett’s so talented and stunning like always♥️

  • Megan -
    Megan - 27 days ago

    Ok but where is scarletts jumper from

  • ohmyreeceb
    ohmyreeceb Month ago +1

    im so glad niall is here and that he didnt say a word - lovely

  • Camila Garcia
    Camila Garcia Month ago

    Niall 😍😍

  • Big Man
    Big Man Month ago

    Did she say she wants skeet in her equipment

  • Hazza Trin
    Hazza Trin Month ago


  • Not Called Greg
    Not Called Greg Month ago

    have they got liam or zayn on next week? cause there seems to be an ongoing 1D member theme this series

  • Danyal Wiggins
    Danyal Wiggins Month ago +1

    Next time I need Niall in some of the skits I need more Horan

  • Zoe Leanne
    Zoe Leanne Month ago

    Ahhh I can’t believe this just happened!! I love Niall and Scarlett sm 😭😭

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis Month ago

    Colin just contracted HPV from scarlet... wtf!?

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 Month ago +1

    Brain-damaged smoker as host, no-name "musical" act. Good luck with that.

    • Beatrice B
      Beatrice B Month ago +1

      tripjet999 .. no name musical act my ass..

  • Evan Moyer
    Evan Moyer Month ago

    I may watch SNL for the first time in a long time just because Scarlett Johansson is hosting. Maybe she'll wear kind of sexy outfit and I'll be able to wank off. After all she is 1st class wank material.

  • Sigrun Hüttner
    Sigrun Hüttner Month ago

    i don't know if i'm gayer for scarlett or for niall

  • Lupton2000
    Lupton2000 Month ago

    I hope Cecily Strong will a sing a Christmas song on this week's or next week's show.

  • James Viice
    James Viice Month ago

    need a niice new sweater for weekend updates drunk bit

  • notforprofittho
    notforprofittho Month ago

    I hope they plan on getting Louis Tomlinson soon.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Month ago +1

    Hey Scarlett, still waiting on that Rub and Tug movie.

  • phantom 7 cross rose

    never heard of them 😇

  • 20Mike Masimalo
    20Mike Masimalo Month ago +11

    Nialls the perfect one with Scarlet for the holiday skit.

  • Aniyunwiya Ageya
    Aniyunwiya Ageya Month ago +1

    Again? Just because she's fucking/marrying a cast member? Is there NO ONE left in Hollywood that will agree to host? Gee, at least there's a "new" show two weeks in a row...shocker!

  • Benzaiten
    Benzaiten Month ago +4

    what a group of attractive people! I'm not jealous at all.

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez Month ago +1

    he looks like Ramsey Bolton´s younger brother

  • PlainJane
    PlainJane Month ago +1

    Having a pro Israel actress on for a Xmas show is shitty. Will she be doing a skit about murdering Palestinian children, nurses, press agents, the handicapped? Or maybe a skit about harvesting organs from Palestinian children?
    Fuck her and SNL, GENOCIDE and those who support it ARE NOT FUNNY.

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    All i want for SNL is better writers and music guest that doesn't suck.... I guess there's always next season🤔

    • RedDevilSkillz
      RedDevilSkillz Month ago

      Nialls great, you will see, unless you don’t watch.

  • David K
    David K Month ago +1

    There better be a bit with Colin! Maybe Scarlet & Chad with Colin being the creeper we all know he is?

  • Matthewjim
    Matthewjim Month ago

    Next week is Eddie Murphy

  • Santosh Srinivasan
    Santosh Srinivasan Month ago

    There just HAS to be some kind of sketch or joke involving Colin and Scarlett dating 😂😂

    • David K
      David K Month ago

      @Michael Blodgett right... that's why it would be funny if Chad (Pete Davidson) was messing around with Scar Jo.

    • Michael Blodgett
      Michael Blodgett Month ago +1

      They are engaged.

    • David K
      David K Month ago

      How about Scarlett and Chad? Poor Colin.

  • The Noisy Spectator

    Too late! I am crossing Cecily strong off my Christmas list!

  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago

    Victim of the Pismo Beach disaster relief.

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner Month ago

    Fuck Niall and his fetishization of bi women

  • tensix tag
    tensix tag Month ago show is so basis that it hurts. loved you since home alone 3. please be smarter in the future.

  • mr mr
    mr mr Month ago

    So they going all one direction this year

  • Shamel S Bishwakarma

    Scarlett Johannson 😍

  • Poochie
    Poochie Month ago


  • TL L
    TL L Month ago +1

    So.... is this supposed to be funny?! 🙄 Looks like another terrible #SNL weekend awaits us, like the entire season so far!

  • super duper
    super duper Month ago +2

    niall with scarlett!! how iconic is that

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez Month ago

    Who’s that dude?

  • None Ya
    None Ya Month ago +1


  • Gourmet Chicken Nugget

    Cecily is me. Favorite actress and artist all in one😵sign me uppp

  • Abigail Lee
    Abigail Lee Month ago


  • Emmy Boo
    Emmy Boo Month ago

    Bring back butt song

  • Key Limepie
    Key Limepie Month ago

    We had to read the Scarlett letter book when I was in 7th grade.

  • fahi sam
    fahi sam Month ago +7

    Don't waist the host acting skills again like what you did with J Lo

    • Howdy Justice
      Howdy Justice Month ago

      A waist is part of your body dumb dumb.

    • Fletcher Peterson
      Fletcher Peterson Month ago

      fahi sam jlo didn’t have any acting skills to waste lol

  • jake C
    jake C Month ago +1

    52 people with good judgment.

    HxMEBxYZxNLY HBØ Month ago

    Scarlett my wifeeeeee

  • Valerie Johnstone
    Valerie Johnstone Month ago +11

    Scarlett Johansson is the greatest person alive

  • Josshers
    Josshers Month ago +1

    I feel like Cecily never does these haha

    • Jerry Booth
      Jerry Booth Month ago +1

      I think her last was Paul Rudd.

  • Jib Guy
    Jib Guy Month ago

    Blob fish skit ,,, whatzzz up all time top 100

  • David Stout
    David Stout Month ago +9

    Just a hint of Steve Martin's Christmas wish list skit.

  • Anthony Rupert
    Anthony Rupert Month ago

    So why isn’t her fiancé in the commercial?

    • Jack Johnston
      Jack Johnston Month ago

      He is one of the co-head writers for SNL and worrying about that, because he's probably going to be up till 4am writing and revising + editing sketches. He also has to worry about his own appearance on weekend update. When someone has only one time slot of screen time, they're expected to have quality jokes that aren't half assed.

  • Sam Tallarico
    Sam Tallarico Month ago +7

    My Christmas wish is to wake up to find Cecily Strong in my bed.

    • Conniption 86
      Conniption 86 Month ago

      Samantha Tallarico I’ll take Niall if you’re taking Cecily.

  • Sapphire Dill
    Sapphire Dill Month ago


  • Goat Otaku
    Goat Otaku Month ago +2

    Can't freakin wait for this Weekend Update

  • REYLAT 360'
    REYLAT 360' Month ago +1

    I love you Scarlett!!!!

  • trap sam
    trap sam Month ago +1

    she a fine lil white gurl

  • King Breezy Boii
    King Breezy Boii Month ago +1

    What is up with her mercedes!!!???

  • TercerOjoEli
    TercerOjoEli Month ago +2


  • Poopy Lasagna
    Poopy Lasagna Month ago +47

    Here is my butt as I lean against the wall, I shake it up and down, I toss it all around babay.......

    • TT xo
      TT xo Month ago +1

      Here is my butt as I lean against the wall, I drop it to the ground bay-bay.

  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee Month ago +2

    I’ll get you that ski equipment Cecile.

  • Gabriel Moline
    Gabriel Moline Month ago +3

    Scarlett Johansson has always been great, and recently, she has been killing every interview. She obviously is one of those humans that their qualities are an elevated consciousness of actualization.