The REAL Bob Lazar Story: Inconsistencies, Contradictions, and Lies.

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • An Historical Documentary and Parody of the Bob Lazar Area 51 story. Think you know Bob Lazar?? Think again!
    A summary of my research on Bob can be found here:
    The complete Lazar timeline:
    Why Polygraph Tests Cannot be used as legal evidence in a court of law:
    More evidence against a secret installation at Papoose Lake:
    Erik Davis who worked for classified projects at Los Alamos as well as Bob Bigelow during the same time as Bob, also claims that Lazar was just a Kirk Meyer Radiation Health Monitor
    Incoming plane turns into saucer:
    #BobLazarisback #boblazar #TakeBacktheMIC
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  • Tracy Brethouwer
    Tracy Brethouwer 2 hours ago

    I've always believed Bob Lazar...but that babyboy yacking... not at all, a bit jealous!

  • TheArea51Rider
    TheArea51Rider 3 hours ago

    Well done. I hope you do a series of updated versions.

  • Ayman Dexter
    Ayman Dexter 2 days ago +1

    US Government itself have released footage of unidintified spacecrafts ....and this moron wasting his time making a shit video..

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris Day ago

      @Ayman Dexter It shows a high level of arrogance and stupidity.

      Lazar is 100% full of shit. You'll fucking believe anything, dumb-fuck.

    • Ayman Dexter
      Ayman Dexter Day ago

      @Robert Dillahubris lol you think I watched a minute of it??!! How's my comment pathetic moron?

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris Day ago

      I notice that you can't refute a single thing he says in this video with your pathetic comment.

  • Phil Draper
    Phil Draper 3 days ago

    Joe rogan

  • leghunter
    leghunter 5 days ago

    Ground Saucer Watch performed extensive computer analysis of Billy Meier's "beamships" back in the late 80's. Their conclusion was they are total hoaxes.

  • S Tman
    S Tman 5 days ago

    Ligo did detect the gravity waves finally!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 15 days ago +1

    That reporter is deluding himself. He insists people lie about something easily verifiable like education to get a job but it doesn't lead to him realizing that people also lie to make money and get notoriety, especially when it's unverifiable.

  • The Moon Mystery
    The Moon Mystery 15 days ago +1

    Bob Lazar And John Lear are UFO prostitutes

    PURPLEFISH 17 days ago

    Fuck this video this. Oh in the truth for sure nobody has the time to make this crap up he's not even gaining anything if anything he's probably losing. Fuck this video. This photo no shit and he's trying to argue be a writing on the screen some lame-ass shit

  • Marshall Wolfe
    Marshall Wolfe 21 day ago

    There are a couple facts here that are wrong. Number one of which is with his probation officer. he held strong about attending mit and cal tech with her and the judge even thought they could have claimed him for perjury.

  • maddhatter1219
    maddhatter1219 21 day ago

    I DON'T know that Lazar is truthful or not...however, we DO know that the government LIED about him being contracted to work for it, we DO know that they went so far as to scrub his Social Security records of having worked for them, Knapp HAS produced evidence of this. We DO know that even the hospital that he was birthed at denied he was born there...until Knapp tracked down the freakin MD that delivered him!!! As for his college years, who knows. If it's possible to erase a person's birth, social security records and more, then it's possible to wipe those too. However, what if he did lie about his college education? I've bore witness to more than one person (LinkedIn or otherwise) who lied about their education to get a good job. Isn't right, but it happens.
    So, we have the government implicated in lies, some degree of either complete ineptitude as it relates to record keeping OR deliberate deception.
    Again, I don't know if Lazar is being truthful, BUT if he isn't then he's managed to fool a lot of people and even ace a polygraph. So, if Bob is lying, he should clearly go into politics or acting because he is stellar at it!

  • Taming Gravity
    Taming Gravity 22 days ago +2

    Love what you're doing with bringing forth possible warp drive technologies. I do think you are brilliant on the tech. And I certainly hope that you are successful getting it to work and bringing it to production!
    However, I also happen to think Bob Lazar is not lying about his work history with alien technologies in Black Budget projects. John Lear is another story though. I don't think he lends credibility to anyone!

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 22 days ago +7

    Not saying he’s telling the truth but
    You misspelled undergrad 9:00 now I have to discredit everything you say

  • Friar Talk
    Friar Talk 24 days ago

    This video is too emotionally manipulative, I know that "aliens" aren't from other planets, but for all I know, Lazar may truly believe that they are, and for that matter, I don't know how much of what Lazar says is what he honestly believes, but I _have_ noticed that all the detractors I have seen are always just trying to emotionally persuade the audience to make emotionally based judgements. Just the facts man, on that point Lazar at least wins for better conduct.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      Lazar is full of shit, as shown by the facts in this video, regardless of whether they're being couched emotionally or not.

  • God LOVES ugly
    God LOVES ugly 24 days ago

    Its so sad that people are actually duped by bobO, this moron can be disproven so easily. I dont understand, Why believe in b.s that this guy spews ? Kinda sad really then again I remember that there are also mormons and realize most people are cattle. Because if guys like this obvious loser,fraud,hack, can trick u then ur probably stupider then he is just a yeoman whose learned a few more tricks then u might comprehend and this makes him right ? .....hmmm... kinda sad actually ✌

  • Jestin Wagner
    Jestin Wagner 26 days ago +4

    He not lying y’all can’t expect the fact that we’re not alone🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Drew Cumens
    Drew Cumens 26 days ago

    THis seems like a government misinformation video. Funny the same people who claim you’re an idiot if you think we are alone are the first to call bullshit on the most legitimate story of ufo and aliens but take ancient aliens as facts

  • Mike Faz NYC
    Mike Faz NYC 27 days ago

    Funny, Your same arguments were made against Snowden.

  • moekhn
    moekhn 28 days ago

    Some how this supposed fraud knew about the test schedules and element 115 before most of the world. Cmon people einstein never finished high school or college you dont need a education to be a genious. The gov. Hired him without credentials on purpose to easily dismiss him as a nut job. he never said he HAD A doctrite of any kind he said he was there to back engineer one of the crafts engines. Twisting words around doesnt prove anything but your own stubborn stupidity

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago

      but bobs science of UFOs is wrong.. gravity waves if they exist or dont makes his claim bogus. bobs not a genius he ran a brothel and told knapp who outed him lol

  • Cortez Westberry
    Cortez Westberry 28 days ago

    Everybody he knowns is hidden in a secret Base and has been quite a while but he's still working

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago

      whos working.. bob is a fraud.. even Ive proved it. but yes underground in desert makes sense. to rid the heat as well. but listen to earl greys mom video I did.. shes the real info on all this not bob

    JOHN DOE 28 days ago +1

    produced by the FBI CIA

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      Cries every weak little bitch when their beliefs are debunked.

  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein 29 days ago

    He does not live anywhere near Las Vegas, he lives in Michigan. Laingsburg, Michigan

  • johnny takisawa
    johnny takisawa Month ago +1

    Aliens are the new religion. Dont mess with peoples beliefs lol.

  • ProjectProof
    ProjectProof Month ago +4

    589 likes vs 555 dislikes....🤣that's tough

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago

      as bad as the trolls on mine too lol.. espc my secureteam exposing fake leaker videos

  • ProjectProof
    ProjectProof Month ago


  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein Month ago +3

    18:39 You were wrong there, it's possible that some elements from outside of our solar system are unknown to us and we're never found in meteorites or under my bed. It's "possible". It's also "possible" Kate Upton will wake me up with a BJ tomorrow. Not likely but "possible" "" "" "" "" "" "

  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein Month ago

    I think they left the "demon ball" or whatever it's called at 95% (sub crit) and something went wrong and it went from sub and safe to supercritical without the sweet spot where there's an equal amount and everything is peachy.

    • Pmni
      Pmni 28 days ago

      Israel Wolstein ok and now?

  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein Month ago +1

    552 Dislikes means you are doing something right. Well done!! people WANT TO BELIEVE so bad, they would MUCH rather believe a lie than be forced to accept the truth.
    One of the best Bob Lazar video I have seen.

    • Epic
      Epic 29 days ago

      Israel Wolstein pretty much people are to lazy to research it themselves they see one video of his story believing him instead of seeing the lies

  • SinistaN
    SinistaN Month ago +1

    He lied on the education that is almost certain. Although he may have gone to classes at MIT or at least caltech. It's easy to sit in on lectures, just sit in the back. But he didn't get degress from both of those schools. He may have something like an associates in electronics or something but thats probably all. That doesn't invalidate the story entirely but makes you wonder what else he lied about

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago

      so corbell he had a chance to finally come clean on that point with a good excuse right? one lie means cant trust any of it..

  • mitchell dring
    mitchell dring Month ago

    I realised 2 minutes in your a dickhead. Lazar is for real.Nobody can keep a lie and be so consistant with it for 30 years,nobody......unless you lived it and its true.You are taking tiny flippant parts of statements and connecting dots whilst ignoring the key parts of his story.

  • Andrew Keener
    Andrew Keener Month ago +5

    The people who are out to pin him as a liar are scared shitless of the true reality.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      @Andrew Keener Sounds like you're trying to psyche yourself up to keep believing in bullshit, Andrew. Yours is the classic reflex of a bullshit believer.

    • Epic
      Epic 29 days ago +1

      The people who believe him are easily convinced people the man is lying UFOs aren’t at Area 51 Roswell was just a weather balloon it’s cool to think another wise but it’s fact

    • johnny takisawa
      johnny takisawa Month ago +2

      @Boomie789 that's an interesting way of looking at it!

    • Boomie789
      Boomie789 Month ago +3

      Lol, maybe it's the other way around. Since religion has lost its footing in the western world. People are terrified of being alone. People are terrified that's it's up to us, and nobody's coming save us.

    • 666hobart
      666hobart Month ago +3

      I'm not. I've seen the reality we live. And Bob is still lying...

  • Mello
    Mello Month ago

    There is one way to find out
    Area 51 on 20sept

  • Jim Woodard
    Jim Woodard Month ago

    well trolls, he did have some information that turned out to be very true on Element 115 they said did not exist could not exist back when Bob was our first came out with us information 30 years ago but now it does exist and that's just one case so want to know you will cry baby bitchs just go back down to Mommy's basement and shut up

    • Jim Woodard
      Jim Woodard 12 days ago

      Robert delirious . Moscivium was synthesized in 2003 that means they released it they told people about it in 2003 and Bob talked about it at least eight years before that. So you are a real Mental Giant aren't you troll. but we know what your Trolls are and their anything--but mental Giants

    • Jim Woodard
      Jim Woodard 12 days ago

      well you must be getting your information from that that whole RU-clip station of the onion. Why don't you just search Element 115 a little bit bonehead. Because Element 115 is on the Periodic the periodical chart now and in case you don't know what that Shard is search that too. The one thing you won't find on there is your intelligence because there isn't any to find. And it just amazes me and all that this information so easily to come by with just a quick of a mouse people like you think you can get out there and disseminate lies and nobody will ever figure it out. The basement's calling you

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      "he did have some information that turned out to be very true on Element 115 they said did not exist could not exist back when Bob was our first came out with us information 30 years ago but now it does exist and that's just one case so want to know you will cry baby bitchs just go back down to Mommy's basement and shut up"

      Screeches the imbecile who ignores that nothing Lazar has claimed about 115 turns out to be true...

  • KnowMe
    KnowMe Month ago

    He's a liar!!

  • Gavin Goldsmith
    Gavin Goldsmith Month ago

    These debunkings aren’t really all that great. Seems to me if aliens were to travel here they would have to be able to bend space with a gravitational device which something our human ant brains couldn’t do.
    No do I believe all this? I’m indifferent. If this she was made, no more oil, no more cars. Would change everything. Hell people wouldn’t even believe in religion anymore. So that’s why the government wouldn’t ever release it.

    TPHVICTIMS Month ago +1

    If it’s too good to be true? I’ve always felt there was a bunch of misinformation in his story.
    However, I think there are some things that need to be investigated.

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago

      yep he cant name one of his professors from unis or people in the class hah

  • OnTheAir89
    OnTheAir89 Month ago

    How do you even have followers?

    • AlienScientist
      AlienScientist  Month ago

      Because I debunk the frauds and show people the REAL stuff:

  • Cory Kent
    Cory Kent Month ago

    Not a fact that you would find 115 just floating around. We just barely realized that certain elements that we’ve never seen before can be created by the collision of two neutron stars. We’ve only recently seen this happen, and have seen just how intense the reaction is. FACT! 🤣

    • sdk kds
      sdk kds 15 days ago

      We've been colliding atoms for decades, try harder bot

  • Cory Kent
    Cory Kent Month ago +3

    Hmmmm.....he did it all for money? Man, I wonder why he passed up the 1.3 million for his story & script to be made into a movie.....
    I know! Maybe you should find that out, and add it into this VERY WELL done RU-clip video........yeah......

    • Sabre Flurry
      Sabre Flurry Month ago

      @AlienScientist oh, please tell us how you know, this or its just an assumption right?

    • Cory Kent
      Cory Kent Month ago

      AlienScientist really? Please drop a link showing the paper trail to this new evidence. Until then, I can’t possibly believe you.

    • AlienScientist
      AlienScientist  Month ago

      Uhm.. Because he knew that would look bad for him... Which is why he arranged to have Corbell pay him through his wife instead!

  • Cory Kent
    Cory Kent Month ago

    Aaah, cute! Another video trying to debunk Lazar. Tell me, if he made this all up, how did he know that S-4 was 17 miles due south of groom lake? Literally nobody knew that, until they fucked up and let it slip to George Knapp that it existed.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 11 days ago

      @Cory Kent They didn't, though. "S4" refers to Papoose Lake, another dry lake near Groom Lake. There is no secret base that has been acknowledged by the air force to exist at Papoose. It is a restricted area, though, as it forms part of the Area 51 complex.

      Try again.

    • Cory Kent
      Cory Kent 12 days ago

      Robert Dillahubris : Uuum, yes it does. Nellis AFB admitted that it does, back in 1989.
      Try again

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      "how did he know that S-4 was 17 miles due south of groom lake?"

      Ummm, because it doesn't actually exist.

  • riley long
    riley long Month ago


    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      George Knap is just another bullshit artist. Your fake account is a complete lie, just like your attitude.

  • Irish Michael Downey

    Tupac brought me here.

  • Augustin R.
    Augustin R. Month ago

    This has to be the most stupid video I`ve seen in RU-clip existence. "Why they don`t use 247 " ? FOR THE SAME REASON WE DON'T USE 115 YOU FUCKING IDIOTS, BECAUSE WE DON`T HAVE IT

  • Scott Xavier
    Scott Xavier Month ago +1

    I feel like I need Aderhol to follow along.

  • David Myers Phd Bsc ImechE.

    Lazar could be telling the truth.Just not everything.

    • TheOutThereChannel
      TheOutThereChannel 28 days ago +1

      no hes lying.. but the cop out is he was hand a book with wrong info so they could monitor him for months and see if can keep it secret before giving him the real info.. but who knows.. he didnt last that long.. frankly him going to desert to watch instead of pull head him and see where it was going to go makes story suspect and he wasnt misinfo cos of that

  • Banana Lana
    Banana Lana Month ago

    If Bob is a liar I would eat smoke and Eat panda feet🐼 cop on people totally Lidget Bob Lazar is the real-1-15👽👽👽

    • George Papps
      George Papps 18 days ago

      Id serve my own bollocks on a plate with ketchup if bob was lying

    • riley long
      riley long Month ago

      What fucking language are you trying to speak???

  • Two headed Tasmanian
    Two headed Tasmanian Month ago +1

    Everyone says bobs full of shit, but as we have seen in the last month with the Wilson document leak these things are real and many of bobs facts line up with the briefing paper. People like to say show us the paperwork/proof do you really think they would let these documents be accessible by the freedom of information act, little bits and pieces get through but the majority of the information will never be seen by the public as it’s not kept like other information

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      !Two headed Tasmanian Lazar is 100% full of shit. Nothing he's said is scientifically compelling.

    • Wallah Habibi
      Wallah Habibi Month ago

      Two headed Tasmanian I think the Area 51 memes have spiked searches on bob

  • mr cash cashiers
    mr cash cashiers Month ago +4


  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago +9

    Your basic understanding of chemistry isn't great.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago +1

    We can also synthesise gold. But the rate of production would mean spending millions to produce a few grams of gold.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago +11

    15:08 very weak argument.
    Bob is correct in saying it is very difficult to synthesise any element 115 that may be stable, as our current processes are very random and 115 is likely to have a vast number of isotopes.
    Super heavy elements have an incredibly short half life and so difficult to detect.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      @Alpha Wolf Lazar claimed that it's stable. It's very far from stable. He's a fraud.

    • mr cash cashiers
      mr cash cashiers Month ago


  • Ken wilkinson
    Ken wilkinson Month ago +1


  • Paulo Constantino
    Paulo Constantino Month ago

    Amazing. Well done. This guy is a dirty liar.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      @Augustin R. "This OTHER conspiracy is true, so Bob MUST be telling the truth!" pathetic.

    • Augustin R.
      Augustin R. Month ago

      and 9/11 was done by terrorists right ?

  • Kosher Moses393 & Rogue

    If u cannot see thru Bob's lies then you're one dumb motherfucker

  • rockmom h
    rockmom h Month ago +10

    I lived in Las Vegas all my life (56 yrs old) nellis airforce base through sunrise mountain. I had friends whos parents worked for EG&G and could not ever talk about work. Nuke test site, you could feel it and hear it. There were plenty of unexplained activity. Plenty of times the power would go out in the entire city would shutdown for hours. A bogus reason for it. I can go on and on of everything that happened there. We did experience UFOS. Always a bogus explanation (weather balloons) wether this guy says who he is, there is something going on in area 51.

    • Cynicalisrealist
      Cynicalisrealist 29 days ago +1

      rockmom h Can you go on more about your experiences? This is valuable information that helps prove his stories. I hope you are genuine, I’m sure happy to hear this. So have you ever seen a ufo?

  • Randy Lancaster
    Randy Lancaster Month ago

    Open your eyes!
    Yes, our Gov lie. Now and always.

  • Dont Lie Tell The Truth

    I'm still not sure either way. Nothing proven!

  • blxtothis
    blxtothis Month ago +2

    “Mr Lazar is correct, I can verify this as I worked with him at S4, he was never at 51. I will bring evidence when I return in 2 million of your earth years” - J-Rod, (ex of Zeta Reticuli)

  • Guinea54
    Guinea54 Month ago +4

    Regardless of this being a hoax or not.. Why the assumption that other element's couldn't have been forged in locations 30 million light years away with different sets of circumstances. You mean to tell me every element and property of matter would all be found right here ? I realize everything stemmed from a single point, but the universe is so vast with so many differing variables... Making an assumption that matter wouldn't have formed/evolved differently in other places seems silly to me.

  • mr facts
    mr facts Month ago +1

    How come he hasn't made a penny off this when he coukd of millions by now but let me guess a fraud and con man is just gonna give up the kind of money Riighht

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago +4

    Lazar is the real deal! I know because I work at Area 52 1/2 .

  • Latro Geniwile
    Latro Geniwile Month ago

    Just another place where idiots rehash things they know nothing about. Apparently to make themselves look smart.

  • Forest Whitaker's Eye

    Did a toddler put this together? Straight dog poop.

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith Month ago

    Element 115 does exist its been discoved its very unstable

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      @joseph smith Lazar claimed it was stable. He's full of shit.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 12 days ago

      @sdk kds It's in the scientific literature, you piece of shit.

    • sdk kds
      sdk kds 15 days ago

      No official statement has mentioned this

  • jack nolan
    jack nolan Month ago

    I don't see any identifiable inconsistencies or contradictions. At least not anything glaringly enough to rationalize your apparent outrage. Maybe they're somewhere in this convoluted mess. Most of us our here out of morbid scientific curiosity after watching The Joe Rogan Interview. I don't see how you validate your arguments and at least certainly not in layman's terms. If you focused more on how Lazar's story seems like a combination of past UFO related stories such as Roswell, The Majestic 12/ Majestic Clearance, The "9 Discs" of The Kevin Arnold Sighting, Zeta Reticuli Star System of The Betty & Barney Hill Abduction Story, or focused more on his divorce, arrest, and relationship with Lear, we could better follow that. I think Corbell is crazy as a rat in a tin shit house but if nothing else, he strikes me as genuine. There are other stories he could've focused on for a documentary. Plus Mickey Rourke wouldn't lie to me. I don't know my man it just seems like you have a dog in this fight but I can't for the life of me understand who, how, or why. Please let me know because I'm honestly not ridiculing you, I only want to understand your point of view and I dont.

  • Trump-Support-2020 -
    Trump-Support-2020 - Month ago +3

    the showing of the map over and over saying its just a wasteland, what are you the staff supervisor that made this vid, you really think you can google map a secret government installation. Boyyy your all over it!

  • Trump-Support-2020 -

    this guy acts like he has a special interview that proves the Bob guy a fraud. Its the same stuff he’s always said. You wasted our time with this crappy vid, look at your thumbs down,, ive never seen as many thumbs down as thumbs up before. And I bet your a weirdo that liked it 20 times, and had your only 2 friends like it too, theres 22 fake likes, hahahahahahah

  • Herman Baelish
    Herman Baelish Month ago +1

    So Los Alamos hired him after high school? This vid is stupid

  • heavy meddle
    heavy meddle Month ago +1

    Actually... I believed him. But later on he said that he wanted people to not believe him but here he is again trying once more. That for me says he's not sincere. He said clearly that this old stuff wasn't good for him. Sorry Mr Lazar. You were legendary but now you're not anymore

  • leandro escher
    leandro escher Month ago +2

    i dont believe him but i dont believe in this either
    such a shitty debunk attempt
    only make bob look good compared

  • That Retroholic
    That Retroholic Month ago +5

    It's nice to see some folks on the internet are being skeptical about Lazar. Regardless of what you believe, everybody should demand evidence.
    I remember when Lazar first showed up in the 80s, the reason serious UFO folks disregarded him was that he was an associate of "there are cities on the Moon" - John Lear.....that seems harsh but Lear had the rep for being among the kookiest.

    • Gary Reno
      Gary Reno Month ago

      If he had produced evidence, he would be dead.

    HUGO FUGUSEV Month ago

    Lazar has had too many things come true. He knew about Area S4 before the public even knew about Area 51, and accurately described the hanger doors that blended into the mountain side at S4.
    Also, the top secret hand "scanner" he described in detail turned out to be real, with pics of it available online now. Then there is the denial by Los Alamos Labs that he ever worked there, only to have former co workers confirm his attendance along with a phone directory from the lab with his name in it.
    The positives FAR outweigh the questionable points of Bob's Story.
    Lastly, he said the only reason he blew the whistle is because he believed that humanity deserved to know that this technology exists on Earth right now and was being kept from the public. Now he wishes he never ruined his life by blowing the whistle....because humans in general basically suck. This childishly executed video and many of the comments here prove him right. I believe Bob Lazar.

  • Mark Baer
    Mark Baer Month ago

    Why hasn't the US Goverment ever denied his claims. Why does the US Navy have a patent.
    He was telling the truth is why.
    Craft using an inertial mass reduction device.
    United States Patent

  • Patrick Vickers
    Patrick Vickers Month ago

    Okok who tf knows if he's telling the truth about a51 but acting like he doesnt know hus science is ignorent

  • Eric Dempsey
    Eric Dempsey Month ago

    He killed his wife? Wtf lol