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  • Опубликовано: 8 дек 2017
  • Capt. Anny Divya, the youngest woman in the world to fly Boeing777, emphasizes how the strength of a silent promise to oneself and passion to touch the infinite, propels the destiny to decide in one’s favor. This moving talk will teach you how to achieve your childhood dreams with dogged determination. Capt. Anny Divya is the world’s youngest woman commander to captain a Boeing 777. Her flight to victory vignettes her extraordinary life. Surrounded by skeptics and challenged by modest resources, Capt. Anny Divya achieved her childhood dream of becoming a pilot at 19 years of age. She made history finding the power within and made the world sit up and take notice of her exemplary courage, grit and resilience. A winner and a conqueror, she is an inimitable woman of substance. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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    Awesome loved this speech.. Really very motivating

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    be stand as a rainbow to the society

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    Such a great lady u r .....I had also dreamed to become piolet ....bt I streamed into different path......

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    Dear how to join Indian navy little suggestions


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    But we need money to become a commercial pilot....a lot...

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    Mam your views are so strong and unbreakable

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    Dare to dream it's absolutely true

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    nice speach. hurdles comes in every life

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    TEDx this is extremely wrong no one except of armed forces officers are allowed to use millitary ranks as their titles and this authority is given to them by the President of India and Indian constitution!!!! It's not for some airline pilot to be used , please beware of that!!!!

  • malathi shyam
    malathi shyam 2 месяца назад

    Hi.. i am Amulya from class 8. Our didi is from TFI her name is Rehana. She had told about and made us show your video I was inspired very much..
    I had taught that no matter "How we study we need have strong goals"..

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    Her parents are amazing...I respect them a lot

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    I have a dream of speaking on Tedx stage ...

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    My son is very much interested to become a commercial Pilot. We require some guidance .

    • Saurav Kumar Gupta
      Saurav Kumar Gupta 3 месяца назад

      Prasenjit Mukhopadhyay well just choose the Right school for your son Like IGRUA Or chimes avation academy but please I will recommend you To let your son go though Cadet program
      it will cost 1 crore 15 lakhs

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    What a lady !

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    I found this kinda motivative
    Cause i wanna become a pilot too

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    Excellent Speech
    Thanks for inspiring us

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    U r really an inspiration for all indian girls

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    M v Ted x m speech Dena chahti hu

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    dare to dream ... motivational speech ever😍😍💖

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    Thank u mam, I want to become an air hostess.

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    God has definitely given more power to women to bear with this cruel world :)

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    That was such an inspiring speech. You have given a new strength and positivity to everyone. But one of reason of your of success is your family support most of the people don't have that.

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    This woman has it all; IQ, well spoken, gorgeous and she seems very nice. She represents everything with a beautiful person inside and out. I'll bet she would be a great instructor. And one other thing, I'll bet she gets along with women just as well as she does with men. Top notch class.

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    Hi divya here shreekrishna,i have dream to become to become Pilot. However I tried through one of school in USA. Although I dint join because of some wrong info and now I joined wit Bradford aviation academy in Bangalore to parsue diploma in international airport and Aviation operations coureses. I have decided after finishing this course wanna join CPL. So suggest me which is best academy in India or in abroad whichever is good. I am ok with that so revert me back Divya.
    Thanks in advance

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    Jai Hind.

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