Rescuing a 1977 Peterbilt 359 From Its Grave - First Time On the Road in 18 Years

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • EDIT: Thanks everyone for all the views and comments, it's amazing how this video went so viral. If you haven't already, please check out the two update videos I've posted about this 359. If you like what you see, stay tuned for videos on some of Ryan's other trucks...a Kenworth W900A and a Mack Superliner, and possibly others. There's always a new project to work on, whether I'm at Ryan's shop, the shop at school, or my garage at home.
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  • Family Tradition Transportation

    Saw some updated photos of this truck, and the guy who had it redid almost everything on this truck, it's getting a new lease on life, and looks GREAT!!!

  • Mario Eduardo
    Mario Eduardo Day ago

    It's a beauty!

  • battlestarone
    battlestarone Day ago

    If your engine sounded like that you would drive with windows down all day.

  • GetReady4LiftOff
    GetReady4LiftOff 2 days ago

    So fun taking ride on down interstate, Yahoo!!!!! The sound, Yahoo!!!!

  • Hotrod Chris
    Hotrod Chris 2 days ago

    Sounds real good after it warmed up,real nice old Rig

  • Marcus Lyons
    Marcus Lyons 2 days ago

    Clean it up already. I wanna see what it looks like afterwards

  • Corey Form
    Corey Form 2 days ago

    Give it some "Crack"

  • fsss
    fsss 2 days ago

    Very nice )) Hello from Ukraine

  • joerg fro
    joerg fro 2 days ago

    Tja good old mechanic , a less of electronics! It runs to hell and back ! Great amazing ! Greets from Germany!

  • Your President
    Your President 2 days ago

    I work on trucks and trailers for a big company I love seeing these videos! One thing I hate and that fucking “road repair” expensive useless fucks do nothing but damage the truck and trailer with their “repairs”. If you’re gonna pay out the ass make sure they do it right! I mean 1500$ for a tire! Really!? And they give you a used one lol fuck that!

  • EinsamerPuma
    EinsamerPuma 3 days ago +3

    Very nice...
    but don't show it Greta!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker 3 days ago

    Sounds amazing

  • bruno britos
    bruno britos 3 days ago

    Como suena ese cummins! Increible. Que ganas de manejarlo

  • Виталий Петрович

    А еще лучьше подарите мне это авто😊

  • Виталий Петрович

    Напишите хоть что нибудь по Русский

  • terence mac
    terence mac 4 days ago

    mate, im really happy for you, great truck. far out.

  • terence mac
    terence mac 4 days ago

    Nice score.

  • reward reward
    reward reward 4 days ago

    Просрался нормально

  • C. Lassard
    C. Lassard 5 days ago +1

    What a beauty!

  • DD826
    DD826 5 days ago

    does it have a 8 track player or cassette? )

  • Fernando Alves
    Fernando Alves 5 days ago


  • Molly W
    Molly W 5 days ago

    Mother f’ing amazing! It’s like Optimus brought back to life!!

  • carlos hurtado
    carlos hurtado 5 days ago

    Alive big cam 400 !

  • Michele Mirarch
    Michele Mirarch 6 days ago

    Volvo Mek grande volume muso lungo per motore avanti autista per sapere se irradia meno l autista si

  • otowise
    otowise 6 days ago +2

    Omg your adding to co2 and causing climate change said nobody with any sense ever.

  • Imma Lick Yoaz
    Imma Lick Yoaz 7 days ago

    Thats a nice truck, I wish I had one of that peterbilt longnose trucks

  • Banana Justice
    Banana Justice 7 days ago

    Where do you just find a truck?

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  7 days ago

      You'd be surprised, these things are hiding everywhere. Can't tell you how many I've found in the woods or in empty fields. In this case, we found out about the truck through a mutual friend.

  • jetman1963
    jetman1963 7 days ago

    Take that thing to the truck stop for a serious detail!

  • Юрий Литвиненко

    I love the sound of Cummins

  • Artemio Rios jr
    Artemio Rios jr 7 days ago

    Sounds very very nice

  • Artemio Rios jr
    Artemio Rios jr 7 days ago

    Well good thing there no more mosquitos in the area

  • Waheed Bashir khokhar Pakistani

    Better to put some tree branches under back tyres

  • Крым Евпатория

    кто из России,ставь лайк

  • bluelightning414
    bluelightning414 8 days ago

    Gotta get one of these

  • BB Smith
    BB Smith 9 days ago

    how much did you buy it for??

  • jose _Leo815
    jose _Leo815 9 days ago

    What a sweet heart of a machine. They don’t make them like that anymore

  • Hard Prado
    Hard Prado 9 days ago

    У техники есть своя душа , она вам будет благодарна пока в ней есть жизнь !!! Удачи парни !!! Берегите монстра !!!💪💪💪👍👍👍😎 Москва видит вас , мы с вами ....

  • Hard Prado
    Hard Prado 9 days ago

    Спасибо вы дали ему вторую жизнь , и он рад !!!!👍👍💪

  • Hard Prado
    Hard Prado 9 days ago

    Красавец !!!💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍😎

  • Hard Prado
    Hard Prado 9 days ago

    Это супер тягач на нем гонять как на болиде нельзя !!! Это монстр дорог !!!!💪💪💪🙄🤔

  • D Wetick
    D Wetick 10 days ago

    One of my favorite truck videos...That 13 mi. stretch looks like Appalachia+Tobacco Road+Coal Miners Daughter.

  • Bhawal GORsSi
    Bhawal GORsSi 10 days ago

    So beautiful

  • Sons of Otis
    Sons of Otis 11 days ago

    Awesome !!

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel 12 days ago

    Nice truck

  • Ivan Markeev
    Ivan Markeev 13 days ago

    Круто!по чем купили ??

  • Julie Keller
    Julie Keller 13 days ago

    I don't know were y'all from but that's some pretty mountain country side there. Looks kinda like Kentucky

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  13 days ago +1

      Central Pennsylvania actually. Or "Pennsyltucky" as many of us call it.

    FERNANDO VAZQUEZ 13 days ago +1

    Sound good like a real Cummins are you going to restore it?

  • Demetrius Bennett
    Demetrius Bennett 14 days ago +1

    Those old Cummins I have a 1973 cabover kw small can 335 strong truck

  • darryl campbell
    darryl campbell 14 days ago

    Pretty shiny when you dragged it out of the dirt. 18 yrs sitting my ass. pull the other one. lol.

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  13 days ago

      Never said it sat for 18 years. It was off the road for 18 years, doesn't mean it sat there that long. It was only in that spot for about 7 years.


    you need a tow truck to pull it out

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 14 days ago

    Wow four tanks, two per side, how many gallons each?

  • Kunal Kumar Nayak
    Kunal Kumar Nayak 15 days ago

    Overall it's good to see this truck gets a life.. But feeling bad for the environment

  • makoshark40
    makoshark40 15 days ago

    unmuffled engine brakes yuck the reason jake brake laws go so strict and ive had to drive terrifying roads without the jake breaks because people running trough at 3k rpm max engine breaks unmuffled but otherwise beautiful find

  • makoshark40
    makoshark40 15 days ago

    at first the tick sounded abnormal but it cleared out and sounded normal diesel like guess the parts came a bit unlubricated from setting

  • Jose Luis Avila Cruz
    Jose Luis Avila Cruz 15 days ago


  • Nott
    Nott 16 days ago

    Para um caminhão abandonado, ele estao muito novinho. E tem bobo que acredita.

  • Jackson Hornady
    Jackson Hornady 19 days ago +1

    Nothing like a Turbo and Cummins!!!

  • Kenneth Tolbirt
    Kenneth Tolbirt 19 days ago

    I love this truck.

  • Blue Ridge Rebel
    Blue Ridge Rebel 20 days ago

    I would KILL for a truck like this

  • Наёмник Шрам

    Звук мотора мне нравится я кайфую 👍👍👍

  • Y Bienias Y
    Y Bienias Y 21 day ago

    Euro 6 xD

  • Gustavo Camargo
    Gustavo Camargo 21 day ago

    Is the engine the same as the pierce? Here in Brazil there are only about 12 Peterbilt trucks with collectors. The pierce came in the 90's to the firefighter of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo but in Rio de Janeiro there is no, but São Paulo still has these vehicles.

    • Gustavo Camargo
      Gustavo Camargo 16 days ago

      We like big machine and old ones too. I have a Mercedes Benz 2013 model truck and a bobcat 853 both working as I am the operator and driver. I am renovating a Willys cj5 (ford) jeep but it will not have original mechanics but will have a vw AP engine and a 5-speed 4-speed Chevrol (clark) Chevrolet. Sorry for some flaws in Google translation.

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  21 day ago

      @Gustavo Camargo If it's electronic I'm guessing either an ISL or ISX.

    • Gustavo Camargo
      Gustavo Camargo 21 day ago +1

      I joined the fireman in 2002 for small vehicle mechanic and electronic injection, I remember the 450 hp Cummins pierce but I don't know the model. We also had several Cummins C-series VW engines. Now our fleet is mostly VW costellation 17250/31390, Mercedes Benz 1726 and Iveco Magiruz with Cummins engine. All models mentioned are electronic.

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  21 day ago

      I believe most Pierce trucks of this era came with 8v92 Detroits but later ones had Cummins engines. I don't think they used the NTC400 like this truck, though.

  • atique imdad
    atique imdad 22 days ago

    Must change the old and go for complete service

  • Mike Bressler
    Mike Bressler 22 days ago

    Handsome Ol' Boy.. Good rescue, great video... And - FOUR fuel tanks... ?!?

  • Spencer Branting
    Spencer Branting 22 days ago

    Looks like somewhere in Western Washington State.

  • Jerry Riddle
    Jerry Riddle 23 days ago

    Diesel the way god intended: computer and DEF free

  • SandyQuinn50
    SandyQuinn50 24 days ago

    That truck said, I was only resting, bout time y’all pulled me out to play! 😆

  • Michael Wisdom
    Michael Wisdom 24 days ago +1

    That engine was thinking er what's up dude I was sleeping..

  • Markus Stein
    Markus Stein 25 days ago

    this truck was last seen in Convoy, i guess

  • Maax ina Waziir
    Maax ina Waziir 25 days ago

    This is may car

  • Maax ina Waziir
    Maax ina Waziir 25 days ago


  • Николай Матына

    Зачем так долго стартером крутить? Вредители!

  • Richy A Bautista
    Richy A Bautista 25 days ago

    WOOOO..... optimus Prime ....

  • Jarvy Mcmunn
    Jarvy Mcmunn 26 days ago

    Love that truck! Triple digit truck?

    • Jarvy Mcmunn
      Jarvy Mcmunn 25 days ago +1

      @MichaelTJD60 I thought it sounded like you were babying the ol girl and sure she would've whistled loud bellowing black smoke and ran off n left the service truck😁

    • MichaelTJD60
      MichaelTJD60  26 days ago +1

      Yup! We probably would have pushed it into the triple digits if the tires and brakes were in better shape.

  • Jon Ross Texas
    Jon Ross Texas 26 days ago

    Very cool video. enjoyed it