My IMPOSSIBLE Comeback in World of Tanks!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • World of Tanks. Sometimes in World of Tanks I lose almost all my HP early in battle making it look impossible to comeback - well nearly!
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    QuickyBaby's FAQ
    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:
    Use invite code "QBWOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.
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Comments • 407

  • Jirka Forman
    Jirka Forman 3 days ago

    quicky got always luck about total idiots in enemy taeam and super luck when he got 1shot he can bounce all shots on him

  • Luka Kurdgelia
    Luka Kurdgelia 4 days ago

    How the hell did he manage to spot small TD behind bushes? 14:28

  • Mike
    Mike 5 days ago

    i just thougt for a second Jingles is coming back...

  • bodybuilder john
    bodybuilder john 8 days ago

    jeez... this is nothing compare to marty_vole 1vs7 clutch with 100hp vs 3500hp

  • AJ-170A4 Sky Striker
    AJ-170A4 Sky Striker 12 days ago

    Artillery hate can kill someone in world of tanks. Makes mewe somewhat happy.

    FF KONG 16 days ago

    The gun handling(ALSO, in tier 9 E-75)is so horrible,and even you fully aimed,RNGs are always making you mad!Once,I advanced to a T-44,200-300m,I fully aimed,100%crew with BIA, to his upper plate,he is below my position,not well-angled,and I got 2 fly to his track,one ricochet on turret,and 2 ricochets on the upper plate......

  • Ranegh
    Ranegh 17 days ago

    I find myself having some of the best games when im down to one shot

  • Silas Woodward
    Silas Woodward 26 days ago

    what dose RNG stand for?

  • Gerry K
    Gerry K 27 days ago

    My wish for 2020 is that all War gaming staff end up in the Unemployment line!

  • shea welch
    shea welch 29 days ago

    qb just discovered “in retrospect”

  • Rodrigo Campos
    Rodrigo Campos Month ago

    Warthunder is a game with 20 monetizations trash mechanics that keep players away.
    But i just can't get over literally premium shells.
    That shit is just straight pay to win.

  • SH8D
    SH8D Month ago +1

    Its soo funny when Quicky makes the Stridsvagn sound german. haha

  • GenoGENOVA
    GenoGENOVA Month ago

    Type 59 in loot box ?

  • Coffee and Chill
    Coffee and Chill Month ago +2

    So he played like a potatoe the first 5 min, tried to blame it on RNG or whatever and then smashed some tier 6 tanks. Nice

  • horse1066
    horse1066 Month ago

    12:12 QuickyBaby still doesn't know how to pronounce "subsequent"

    • horse1066
      horse1066 Month ago

      Also at 16:47, nobody else in England gets it wrong, it's just him...

  • roman dragomir
    roman dragomir Month ago

    make your own world of tanks version im sure u will make it much better

  • Daniel Nilsson
    Daniel Nilsson Month ago

    How can they even put the E75 name on it? It should have E75 hull armor, Löwe turret and the tiger II gun.

  • TheMan WhoLaughs
    TheMan WhoLaughs Month ago

    Once they changed the game and added a penalty for team killing...I was done. I had a few games where I killed 20 players? I'd kill everything that moved...everything. I watch these videos just to see the strategies of others. I have to say Jingles is the most entertaining. Quicky Baby does a great job too, but hes got no catch phrase. Quicky, you need a real catch phrase.

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long Month ago

    the e75 ts feels like a Walmart brand renegade

  • Kevin Dean
    Kevin Dean Month ago

    Funny, not one obj 703 ll

  • ahsan raza
    ahsan raza Month ago

    Loved the video. Wow you handled the hopelessness good :))

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White Month ago

    What a game. Great comeback QB!

  • ロシイタRosita
    ロシイタRosita Month ago

    came out in blitz before pc wtf

  • Da_Gonozal
    Da_Gonozal Month ago +1

    This thing is just a disguised russian medium tank

  • Y2A Alkis
    Y2A Alkis Month ago +1

    Please don't put your chat up on your stream on sundays (or ever for that matter). It forces all the people who just want to enjoy your content like tv to read your chat - and that chat is so messy and unmoderated, it's not a good experience at all.
    It 100% doesn't "make your stream more interactive". You, the streamer, have chat open in another window. You don't watch your own stream just to read chat while streaming. And the people who actually want to chat have it open. You are forcing all the people who don't want to participate in chat to read it! Please stop!

  • slaggerthord31
    slaggerthord31 Month ago

    How to get good in wot
    Step 1: don't die

  • Truly Offensive
    Truly Offensive Month ago

    HOWEVER! We see that the SECOND shell... doesn't hit as well :D

  • vanvan22
    vanvan22 Month ago

    wow, incredible game QB !!!

  • Jakub Kaczmarek
    Jakub Kaczmarek Month ago

    Do WoT Reddit meme review
    Attempt #92

  • Desto C
    Desto C Month ago

    With only 3 boxes, I DIDn't, get this tank. I rammed it with paper progetto, i did 100dmg and receive 500dmg. This tank has the mobility that i like, just like the E75.

  • Lou Poet
    Lou Poet Month ago

    take the japan heavy tank

  • ReFu
    ReFu Month ago

    3:55 Inhuman reaction :D

  • Coby Graham
    Coby Graham Month ago

    I don't even like this game but like watching you play for some reason

  • ImProVis Studios
    ImProVis Studios Month ago

    Premium tank and premium ammo. Seems legit, no wonder you were able to penetrate well. smh

    • ImProVis Studios
      ImProVis Studios Month ago

      @Joe S i don't really care either

    • Joe S
      Joe S Month ago

      ImProVis Studios dumbest comment ever.

  • Jïnzu Sentan
    Jïnzu Sentan Month ago

    You are born with warpack and rng luck so :D GJ

  • Carlos Liceras Gomez

    Con dinero todo se puede... X_X

  • BestWowVids
    BestWowVids Month ago +1

    said the man who pay pro players to record battles for him....

  • Lou Ferrao
    Lou Ferrao Month ago

    Well played QB, well played indeed.

  • nc30guy
    nc30guy Month ago

    I like the long game but alas it seems the old meta of this game now.

  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel Month ago

    Over my dead body, 你以為你王世堅喔

  • TX2673XA
    TX2673XA Month ago

    That 0:34 say it all. Like usual for WG making a German tank who gets ton of ammo rack/engine/gun/fire.... I think there is a tradition for them

  • Animelordd
    Animelordd Month ago

    my only Pool's Medal with Cromwell B is in this map xD best map for awesome games I guess :D

  • David Zářecký
    David Zářecký Month ago +3

    (Rolling eyes): STRV S1 first kills like 5 tanks, and then can't hit QB's lower plate point blank from 20 metres. As if QB needed that much luck with his skill!

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards Month ago

    This new premium has quite a few flaws but this was a fantastic game QB and very informative.

  • Onicorn
    Onicorn Month ago

    What we hear: "Blip, Blip, Blip"
    What quicky heard in his head: "CRAP CRAP CRAP"

  • The Royle
    The Royle Month ago

    Is the tiger 2 just a joke now?

    • Dale. io
      Dale. io Month ago

      Imo any heavy tanks are, everyone just uses premium only anymore

  • thuering
    thuering Month ago

    This map has always a potential for nice carries...

  • Jonathon Clark
    Jonathon Clark Month ago

    Good effort mate.

  • Lordøfweed
    Lordøfweed Month ago

    E75 ts is sht

  • scraggy983
    scraggy983 Month ago

    @QuickyBaby TOP TIP

  • Warren Black
    Warren Black Month ago

    are we going to ignore that snapshot in 3:55 like QB did? lol, that shot decided that it wants to hit and so even when QB wasnt aiming at the T44 it decided to go around the rock and pen the turret lol, rng at its finest :D

  • ATR DeadlyWafle
    ATR DeadlyWafle Month ago

    Could someone give me advice on how to best kit out the tier 7 IS, Equipment crew skills etc. Much appreciated in advance

  • DeeLate
    DeeLate Month ago

    do a good deed for Christmas and buy me boxes

  • Nacho71 AR
    Nacho71 AR Month ago +1

    I'm wondering where the that last round hit. Cause Greedo definitely shot first ;)

  • Bynk333
    Bynk333 Month ago

    Its unbeliveable that tank does event hawe a scratch on turret or hull.

  • Halfdar
    Halfdar Month ago

    Anybody noticed the similarities with the Leopard 1A4 Turret? Since we don't have a Kampfwertgesteigerte version of the Tier X Leopard, it seems to be strange, that a E75 what is a complete Blueprint-Tank from about 1944 has the turret of the 1980 Leopard 1A4...

  • MajSolo
    MajSolo Month ago

    sounds like a football game

  • JFskeezix
    JFskeezix Month ago

    Seems like a terrible tank to me...

  • Bá Thành Vũ
    Bá Thành Vũ Month ago

    hey quicky, where is your Double barrel. we need that now

  • Scott Kidder
    Scott Kidder Month ago