Have you ever imagined how interstellar travel could work? | Ryan Weed | TEDxDanubia

  • Published on Jun 2, 2016
  • Meet a true explorer who might lead humanity to make interstellar travel a reality by developing the world’s first antimatter rocket. Through his fascinating speech at TEDxDanubia, you will have an understanding on how positrons meet electrons to reach an energy level to travel faster and farther than you could ever imagine.
    The 31‐year‐old Air Force pilot is Co‐founder and CEO of Positron Dynamics, the company that is pioneering the use of antimatter in space propulsion. He has a BA degree in Physics from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, a BSc in Engineering & Applied Physics from Columbia University, New York, a PhD
    from the Centre of Excellence in Antimatter Matter Studies at the Australian National University and is one of 13 fellows at WIRED 2015 Innovation Fellowships recognized for his work in antimatter propulsion.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Lawrence Stanley
    Lawrence Stanley Hour ago

    Why explore space? Because governments who use other people's money are never without the desire for yet another boondoggle.

  • Cooper Nickerson
    Cooper Nickerson 5 hours ago

    Deranged religious man would built antimatter bomb

  • Cooper Nickerson
    Cooper Nickerson 5 hours ago

    Deranged religious man would built antimatter bomb

  • Thomas Zar
    Thomas Zar 9 hours ago

    No I never imagined it. Because it's never going to happen.
    Charming science fiction that's it.

    • Tipsy Mite
      Tipsy Mite 2 hours ago

      I mean it will, but not yet

  • Peter Zurich
    Peter Zurich 11 hours ago

    How about more research on quantum entanglement? That would allow us to get there in seconds.

  • swissirish1
    swissirish1 22 hours ago

    Some say that to this day, the left nostril of Ryan Weed is still whistling

  • jimmy zahir
    jimmy zahir 23 hours ago


  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Day ago

    Nobody has made a high density positron beam except Fermi lab or Cern!

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Day ago

    Fake fake fake, shyster. Getting funding and making a living on fluff. It's too bad because some people really have faith and he is abusing them

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Day ago

    You can't direct gamma rays! They barely refract through any known real world substance. They pass right through just about anything

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Day ago

    Matter anti-matter reactions are not very useful for thrust. The most simple matter anti-matter reactions result in a large amount of gamma rays which are not very useful for thrust generation. And it is enormously expensive and inefficient to make anti-matter, never mind store and transport it. Then in this lecture this guy talks about going faster than the speed of light. My god he may be smart but he is a loonn

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Day ago

    This guy is all fluff. Seems to have the actual academic credentials claimed on their web site, but he also keeps saying he is a USAF Test Pilot. I am sure he is NOT in the US Air Force. I am sure he is not attending nor did he attend the Air Force Test Pilot School. He may walk around there, have some contacts there, but no way is he a USAF Test Pilot. I accuse him of inflating his resume at the very least

  • Robert
    Robert Day ago

    food for thought.

  • Victor Cuellar
    Victor Cuellar Day ago

    Man why is the crowd so dead I would be cheering hard for this guy

  • Gunzmith Dragonkind

    i have invented a real faster the light drive...in fact it is a million times faster then light...the only way to explore the cosmos without being harmed by random collisions with space debris complete;y computer controlled...and in fact it is not a propulsion system at all ....

  • Gunzmith Dragonkind

    this guy wants to fill near earth orbit with space junk to fall on our headas and kill any space ships we send out.

  • Loner Wolf
    Loner Wolf Day ago

    What am i even doing with my life

  • freethinker4liberty
    freethinker4liberty 4 days ago

    It's been two years just now, whats up?

  • UtubeXcalibur
    UtubeXcalibur 4 days ago

    So many indoctrinated and lonely people in the comments. There is only one Earth, one Humanity and the only thing that is required for a fulfilling and meaningful life is, unconditional Love. Consider: Do children ponder about irradiated objects in the sky, other than to marvel at them scintillating (twinkling, for the indoctrinated:)
    Go and hug and love and live. All other answers will come, soon, I assure you ☺

  • Michael Bathurst
    Michael Bathurst 5 days ago

    I’d volunteer to be sent out, never to return

  • Timothy Durpos
    Timothy Durpos 5 days ago

    Clean up this earth

  • Karima Ben lamkadem
    Karima Ben lamkadem 7 days ago

    The wright brothers did not develop flight...someone else did.

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 7 days ago +1

    interstellar travel with humans will never happen ... we will be extinct by then.. lets worry about everything at home first

  • Paul Donvito
    Paul Donvito 7 days ago +1

    it's people like this, often behind the scenes (getting evicted by nervous landlords!) that are inching humanity towards fantastic possibilities. Sir, I salute you.

  • 4energy
    4energy 7 days ago

    What the heck is this guy even talking about? He starts with one thing... then he shows all his boyfriends... so what?

  • Martina Alexandre
    Martina Alexandre 8 days ago

    Very low energy guy

  • Kukipett Kelbozob
    Kukipett Kelbozob 9 days ago

    My god that scam !! he just forget to explain that to create an extremly small amount of antimatter you would need a huge quantity of energy.
    You can't find and collect antimatter like mushrooms in the woods!

  • ybet1000
    ybet1000 10 days ago

    Sublime marketing for M&M chocolates....so obvious 6.51

  • abtheflagman
    abtheflagman 11 days ago

    UFOs are real they will take you on a journey Interstellar

  • anon
    anon 14 days ago +1

    It is amazing that Elijah Wood found time to focus on space travel after his acting career

  • Keshava Govinda
    Keshava Govinda 16 days ago

    how could you travel to the edge of the universe which is 13.5 billion light years away in only 30 years when you are traveling at less then the speed of light? does light also experience time dilation when traveling thought the universe?

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 17 days ago

    Did he say it only takes about 100 years to get to edge of known universe if travelling from Earth at virtually the speed of light?
    And he says travelling at the speed of light to Kepler which is 1500 light years away will only take 12 years. Is this right? I would have thought it would take 1500 years.

    • Sukhbir Sekhon
      Sukhbir Sekhon 15 days ago

      What about getting to the edge of the known universe? Is he right it will seem like only 100 years to the traveller to get there?

    • 99percenter1
      99percenter1 15 days ago

      He means that for the travelers only 12 years will pass. For the people on Earth, 1500 years will pass.

  • Vince A
    Vince A 17 days ago

    As soon as he said global warming , he lost total credibility.

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 17 days ago

    Just move the whole planet 🌎 including the solar system to another universe θ=====>"So" We may already be traveling @ speed of light but we don't feel it because everything is going @ the samespeed
    ✌👽✌ goodnight everyone

  • Sword of S
    Sword of S 18 days ago

    Wow ! I'm ok going back to be nomadic and exploring space. So long earthlings with all your bs.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 19 days ago

    Man probably is going to be able to do some of these things but not in any of our lifetimes. It’s got to be hundreds of years off before any of this could become reality

  • Stephen Carter
    Stephen Carter 24 days ago +1

    On the other hand, we went to the moon 50 years ago and haven't gone again since 1972. I posit that being able to build on existing technology and extrapolate that to larger goals would be lost after 3 generations of non-use, max. The Egyptians built among the most complex engineering structures ever, for centuries they did this, and then they forgot how to do it. The Romans built continent-spanning aqueducts that provided modern levels of water to cities in arid regions, and by the 4th century AD they'd forgotten how to do it. Britons of the 7th Century AD thought the Roman ruins were built by a mythological super-species. Seriously, if further manned space travel doesn't happen in the next 20 years or so, we'll likely forget how to do it.

    • Robert Bonneau
      Robert Bonneau 22 days ago

      Moving at 1,000 times the speed of light would be virtually useless.

  • Stephen Carter
    Stephen Carter 24 days ago +2

    Well done. His conclusion answers a question I've always had: how can we travel beyond this galaxy when millennia would have passed on Earth? This only matters if you want to return to Earth. Multiple Earth-origin exploration civilizations could exist while being unable to have contact across the gulf of time separating them. The solution is simple, we exist independently, ontologically separated by time. So we accept that and say goodbye to Earth. Excellent.

  • just Bfree
    just Bfree 24 days ago

    Wont happen. Not to other galaxies. Not likely even other solar systems. I know the only perceived way possible and the amount of energy required to make it worthwhile would be "pardon the pun" astronomical. The amount of time or resources needed to acquire enough energy is not going to make it feasible and that's assuming you would even survive the ordeal.

  • Apple DiePie
    Apple DiePie 25 days ago

    1:50 lol

  • Haribo 73
    Haribo 73 26 days ago

    Fastest thing on Earth? The French military running away from trouble.

  • m a
    m a 26 days ago

    Best ted talk ever

  • Cyan Diaz
    Cyan Diaz Month ago

    wanna click in w/ opinion of the lightspeed barrier being a matter of sight and not at all of physics

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      "lightspeed" is a universal constant applicable to all massive particles as well as EM radiation, neutrino beams or anything else you might want to consider and its 3x10^8 m/s in outer space.

  • Kun
    Kun Month ago

    Relativity is so insane to me. Thing is, there's probably something we don't know that makes everything in the universe present.

  • Risulfur s
    Risulfur s Month ago

    Just take the whole solar system on a trip around galaxy and noone will get time dialation

  • cliff mcclure
    cliff mcclure Month ago

    You know , there's not enough time for light to travel across the known universe in 11.5 billion years, so, there's that...

  • Imhotep Genius
    Imhotep Genius Month ago

    At 2:12 you claim that 'we' started and were able to explore the oceans...what about all the other humans that had been exploring the oceans before 'us' in europe.....i mean there are africans in fiji...malaysians in Madagascar.....a phd klansman....

  • Jadyyn Starlight
    Jadyyn Starlight Month ago

    1) Like in the book "Tau Zero", you are forgetting that you need to flip around and start decelerating half-way to your final destination or you will simply fly past it very fast. This will probably increase travel time at least 2x and probably 10x (I believe time dilation is exponential). You will probably need some sort of actual shields to protect you from space dust and such in the direction of travel.
    2) I believe the best "propulsion" comes from the "Philadelphia Experiment" and "Montauk Project". This is matter/people teleportation. I think I read somewhere that it is actually being used now to place people on the Moon and even Mars almost instantaneously. A ship like this can probably get to Alpha Centauri in days in several hops. In fact, I believe, we have already colonized planets around stars to at least 1000 LY WITHOUT time dilation. Look into it...

  • F. D.
    F. D. Month ago

    Could potentially have been an interesting lecture... but already at 0:35 came the "global wurping" blurb. Thank you ... next!

  • Charles Long
    Charles Long Month ago

    Not one dollar we have spent on space travel has left the earth. Every dollar spent caused someone to be employed here on earth. So antimatter particles have negative mass. Energy is mass times velocity squared. Regardless of the velocity, positive or negative, once you square it, it will always be positive, so the only possibility for negative energy is a negative mass.

  • Li Mate
    Li Mate Month ago

    Pluto is more then 2 billion kms from here, not 150 million...
    What is he talking about? My god...

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      150 millionkm is 1 astronomic unit (Earth-Sun distance), Pluto is about 40 a.u. from us. Simple mix up on his slide that's all.

  • Peter Northrup
    Peter Northrup Month ago

    Ok. Instead. Of you running your mouth. Then as smart as you think you are. After telling all of us what everyone already knows. Tell us all how to get past the speed of light. I wish i didn't have to work all these years paying my bills and had a job like yours.

  • David S.
    David S. Month ago

    In the 80’s, Dr Emmett Brown discovered that a power source capable of producing 1.21 gigawatts through a flux capacitor was also another means

  • Kai Hanstein
    Kai Hanstein Month ago

    We have to explore by ourselves. We cant send probes! This is the most awesome message.

  • Joe Beeber
    Joe Beeber Month ago


  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller Month ago +1

    Time Dialation is not due to the speed of light but the beginning of the affect of gravity on spacetime at and near the speed of light.

  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller Month ago +1

    Antimatter is the destruction of the Universe. matter is the condensate of the universe. As matter is created so is entangled Antimatter that promotes the expansion of the universe that is dark matter. When these particle of the reverse big bang sublimate in to energy the power is immense. Eventually there will be a cataclysmic event that is the reverse big bang. Cascading deflation. I don't know but it sounds like it could happen doesn't it.

    What really interest me is the focus on using the Universe to Travel from place to place as opposed to propulsion systems that fight the Universe.

  • spurdo sparde
    spurdo sparde 2 months ago

    Adam WEED bro


    "humans' science" is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.

    XAVIERCUERVO 2 months ago

    im here for the weed

  • sg 007
    sg 007 2 months ago

    I always knew time dilation will be the altimate roadblock 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • DeAndre PIG Hinds
    DeAndre PIG Hinds 2 months ago

    Who let this guy on Ted , cmon ted

  • Peter Williamson
    Peter Williamson 2 months ago

    First you go on a space ship, and then you go through a wormhole near Saturn!

  • Mark L'Estrange
    Mark L'Estrange 2 months ago

    You would have to spin the ship[ around and decelerate at 1g for the same amount of time so 'how long it takes to get there is ....errr much longer (my maths fails me.. would it be half as long again?)

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago +1

      twice as long. Compare 3x10^1 years to 6x10^1 years its the same order of magnitude (a physics term).

  • Mick Young
    Mick Young 2 months ago

    15 minute talk on "interstellar travel." Which is only addressed in the last 3 min 7 seconds of the talK? Ugh.

  • Slashed Nutts
    Slashed Nutts 2 months ago

    Don't worry too much about Interstella travel. This rocket will get installed into the US war machine first!! Anyway how is any space ship going to carry enough food and kit for a 1000 year mission??

  • Cameron Pohl
    Cameron Pohl 2 months ago

    Yo that's crazy to think about though. In a single human lifetime, we can get to the edge of the universe, but 13.5 billion years would have passed here. That means that those humans would be getting to their destination with the same tech as when they left 13.5 billion years ago while Earth would have developed in that time. Earth would probably go way more interstellar with technological advances and we'd be our own aliens visiting the new planet we sent people to an unbelievably long time ago. What if we're the new civilization right now and other, more advanced humans are watching over us from afar?

  • GeoFry3
    GeoFry3 2 months ago

    Because poor people do not create tech, they dont create wealth, they dont create opportunities. Space exploration creates all three.

  • Arthi Sanjeevi
    Arthi Sanjeevi 2 months ago +1

    humans have squishy bodies which cannot withstand the speed that antimatter will be taking us. i think the best solution for this problem is the replace many human body parts with robot ones

  • Noscul Grab
    Noscul Grab 2 months ago

    His concept of travelling at the speed of light makes little to no sense. If the faster we go is going to mean earth ages faster and we can get there faster then what happens as a team travels and down here we make something even faster that overtakes the first machine getting there? Figure that one out. We can't even dodge potholes at hyper speed we won't miss an asteroid the size of a fist or bigger. Good luck chuck.

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van 2 months ago

    _🌌12AM Apr 5 2019~_

  • ØCCULT Bass
    ØCCULT Bass 2 months ago

    Thats so scary and it gives me such a lonely feeling.

  • Jediah Francisco
    Jediah Francisco 2 months ago +1


  • Sí Mon
    Sí Mon 2 months ago

    Tough crowd.

  • Darren Gess
    Darren Gess 2 months ago

    How about use gravity against itself using an electro magnetic wave. Such could also create radiation.

  • Mann Face
    Mann Face 2 months ago

    After watching Beyond the Aquarift, I’m hesitant to say I’d take a trip at light speed

    • bennemann
      bennemann 2 months ago

      For me it's after reading "Death's End", the third volume of the "The Three Body Problem" trilogy of science-fiction novels. I don't wanna spoil the great plot, so all I can say is that is makes one really scared of traveling at light speed too. Highly recommended!

  • Dan Adams Jr
    Dan Adams Jr 2 months ago

    I wonder, on your trip that takes 13 million years? If perhaps you would be passed in space by someone on earth that invented a better process than the antimatter rocket? It's kind if comical to think about it.

  • Leland Barker
    Leland Barker 2 months ago +1

    You lost me at global warming.....

  • Noah Gary
    Noah Gary 3 months ago

    I wonder if aliens are having ted talks about how to get to earth....

  • Daniel Toi
    Daniel Toi 3 months ago +11

    If the light from edge of the universe take billions of light years to get to earth, how does a speed that is slower than light speed make it quicker?

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 24 days ago

      @Stephen Carter I think I know what thought is its just my brain cells firing electrical impulses in my nerve cells. My experience is tied up in these thoughts. The only way I can communicate with you is through EM signals sent over the internet maybe. Ergo thoughts communicate at speeds less than c.

    • Stephen Carter
      Stephen Carter 24 days ago

      We have evidence apparently that in one realm time has no role. An event occurring here is communicated instantly across thousands of light years to a receiver. What realm is that? Thought. We also 'know' that the foundational nature of reality is vibrational. So twins could hypothetically instantly communicate via thought across vast distances. It's like time is a limitation we can't currently see beyond, that it's perhaps only a property of our current embedded place in space-time. Maybe by travelling outside this local system of planets we'll find a way outside how we currently see time.

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      @Joseph Hoover NO NO, speed has nothing to do with acceleration. To accelerate you need to do work, use an engine. If you switch engine off you will keep coasting at a constant speed- Newtons First Law.

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      @allankles you mean string-theory (aka supersymmetry) so far just conjecture no evidence that is true.

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      @bennemann At last someone whom understands reality rather than perception.

  • HotelPapa100
    HotelPapa100 3 months ago

    Queen: '39

  • Brad c
    Brad c 3 months ago

    Very interesting

  • Summer Stream
    Summer Stream 3 months ago

    that was an abrupt ending

  • Madeline Díaz
    Madeline Díaz 3 months ago

    i love weed.

  • Brian Ellsworth
    Brian Ellsworth 3 months ago

    When they admit that the moon is flat I will believe in antimatter

  • Neha Kapil
    Neha Kapil 3 months ago

    430,000 mph (690,000 km/h) is the speed of space craft solar parker by nasa which is currently the fastest space craft sir...forget the voyager sir...technology is not bounded by thoughts..

    • Ebenezer eliphaz Barbarossa
      Ebenezer eliphaz Barbarossa 3 months ago

      430000 km per hour is only temporary speed.our current technology is not able to give us so high speed.

  • CowboyChemist
    CowboyChemist 3 months ago

    Right babe?

  • CowboyChemist
    CowboyChemist 3 months ago

    Love me some weed

  • Frank Dickey
    Frank Dickey 3 months ago +1

    Alex Jones was forced to eat his own arm by the government after being sprayed with chemtrails while being injected with the 5G network causing his right ear to turn into a cell phone monitored by the CIA from a "Flat Earth" base on the moon :/

  • Prentiss Boswell
    Prentiss Boswell 3 months ago

    Interstellar travel is impossible due to one word. Debris

    • Daniel Ceken
      Daniel Ceken 3 months ago

      Prentiss Boswell Imagine everyone that’s ever said ”that’s impossible!”. If I traveled back just 200 years and told people we use airplanes, have internet, have had humans on moon, have landed robots on mars and have sent probes outside our solar system, do you think they would reply ”yeah, that sounds possible”? Since technology only accelerates, who knows what we will have come up with in another 200 years? Plasma shields? Gamma emitters on front of the space craft that destroy the debris?

  • chriswillb
    chriswillb 3 months ago

    Wouldn't a collision with a micrometeorite/dust particle be completely catastrophic at those speeds though?

    • tomctutor
      tomctutor 28 days ago

      Said again and again here - NO

  • Dalton Duncan
    Dalton Duncan 3 months ago

    We will have to become nomads again, whether we want to or not. The sun will eventually fry the earth, so if we want earth life to survive we have to take it into space. Eventually the sun will slough off it's outer shell in a ball of hot, expanding gas. We really don't want to be in the vicinity when that happens. So we have to learn how to navigate space if we want life from earth to survive.

  • Nyx Lelouch
    Nyx Lelouch 3 months ago

    Very nice ending, makes me dream!

  • Vincent Jamesderamo
    Vincent Jamesderamo 3 months ago

    sign me up.

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam 3 months ago

    People didn't explore out of curiosity, they did it looking for ways to make money.

  • Tom Hollins
    Tom Hollins 3 months ago

    The point of doing things is to do them and find out new questions that will arise. Finding comets in the kuiper belt makes the kuiper belt inhabitable due to the water. We need to extend our reach into the solar system which will most likely lead to advances that will help use go interstellar with probes, and eventually humans as we "find" things/phenomena/resources/whatever.
    However, we have many people who are short sighted and only want to think about today and tomorrow. Therefore this WILL BE a commercial endeavor and not a government endeavor.

  • Harrison Powers
    Harrison Powers 3 months ago

    Rockets aren't the answer and relativity isn't the enemy. Relativity is the answer and antimatter is the tool. Maybe we could somehow use our greatest possible concentration of energy, in this state of existence, to manipulate space and time?

  • Bu Jin
    Bu Jin 3 months ago +1

    What's interesting is that you might start a journey out to one of these planets that are 12 years away (for your ship) only to find out that humans beat you there! ...because in the 1,500 intervening years we learned how to fold space time.

    • Ko Zero
      Ko Zero 3 months ago

      Imm. Interesting.

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez 3 months ago

    how do you get to the edge of the universe in just 30 years? time dilation?

    • Mann Face
      Mann Face 2 months ago

      It is impossible for matter to travel at the speed of light. That doesn’t mean it can’t get close to it though, and the faster you move the slower time acts on you. Think of the universe as a computer taking a long time to load something really complex, that’s what is basically happening.
      Traveling at 80% speed of light to an object that is 10 light-years away (light would take 10 years to travel there) would take 13 years as an outside observer, but for anyone on the ship, it would be 8 years for them.
      Taking this further, traveling at essentially light-speed means your trip to the where the edge of the universe will take 30 years as a passenger, but 13.5 billion years will pass for the rest of the universe.

    • parajacks4
      parajacks4 3 months ago

      How does that work?

  • Karl Ave
    Karl Ave 3 months ago

    Great speech, maybe thee most anticlimactic severed ending bahaha