15 HUGE Changes Made In The GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update That You DON'T Know About!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • 15 HUGE Changes Made In The GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update That You DON'T Know About!
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    In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - I'll be showing you 15 HUGE changes that Rockstar made today in GTA 5 Online with the addition of The Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update!
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  • MrBossFTW
    MrBossFTW  Month ago +152

    15 HUGE Changes Made In The GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist DLC Update That You DON'T Know About!

    • somebody on the internet
      somebody on the internet Month ago

      Yes I fruit radio what a huge game changing update lol

    • oakley smoker
      oakley smoker Month ago

      Not reduced calls increased calls. I get 6 a minute where I use to get 3. Increase not decrease that means more

      SUPREME MEME Month ago

      It’s nee-shes not ni-ch-is

    • eXo RVMBO
      eXo RVMBO Month ago

      Víctor 375 yes

    • Ali BeatZ
      Ali BeatZ Month ago

      MrBossFTW for the oppressor all you gotta do is call the mechanic

  • That Guy
    That Guy 11 hours ago

    Now they need to make it where you only pay for people car insurance and not jets and tanks when you kill them because that's bs. Any who owns a tank or jet when you kill them it takes 33k from you and they call in another one.

  • A.H-Een
    A.H-Een 6 days ago +1

    They fixed the auto aim on the mk ll! Nice.

  • Brandon Villar
    Brandon Villar 10 days ago

    Did they patched the horse betting finally? I havent been on in months and method doesn’t work

  • Oopity Woop
    Oopity Woop 14 days ago

    I literally got 5 calls, one after another after finishing the heist, so like.

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne 18 days ago

    They also removed Molotovs. I’m not sure why or when that happened :/

  • BestowalPants Gaming
    BestowalPants Gaming 19 days ago

    At 3:43 the lie detector test determined.... that was a lie.
    Yeah no I timed it last night and I got 12 calls within a 10 minute period

  • Kevin Bennersten
    Kevin Bennersten 19 days ago +1

    I have the navy revolver and its a giant, its Nice now that i have all the guns in the game

  • BustDown Thotiana
    BustDown Thotiana 19 days ago +1

    OMG noooo I can't use kill yoself to get off a big ass mountain

  • Freddie Oliver
    Freddie Oliver 20 days ago

    I got an xbox at Christmas and I've been grinding I only relised 2 days ago that Lester hasn't called me about loosing my wanted level and locating a boat/helicopter, I was just curious because I'm level 66 now and it says I have to be level 45 to locate a helicopter I was just curious on why he hasn't contacted me ?

  • mar shal
    mar shal 20 days ago +1

    Gta needs lower price on cars cuz grinding takes hours and hours on end

  • mad max
    mad max 21 day ago

    happy day mk ii trolls need new toy lol good to bad gta took to long to fix that

  • Shaggy2broke
    Shaggy2broke 21 day ago

    Im enjoying whippin out my oppressor when i see someone griefing with theirs, and putting them in the 5 minute timeout.

    FUMANDO MOTA 21 day ago

    That’s gay

  • Sevron Fergel
    Sevron Fergel 22 days ago

    You can still request it fairly fast you just gotta be smart about it

  • 3 Legged Warrior
    3 Legged Warrior 22 days ago +1

    How do i block RU-cliprs? Tired of this guy's garbage ass videos. I can tolerate any other gta RU-clipr but this guy is annoying

  • cagethelonewolf
    cagethelonewolf 23 days ago

    right as i sell gtav they fix all there shit atlest it's on gamepass for 1$

    • cagethelonewolf
      cagethelonewolf 23 days ago

      finally i can get back to shit talking and getting my self into 1v6s ect ect insteed of a 1vmk2oprs army

  • XTr3v
    XTr3v 25 days ago

    Remove the mk2 I have it and honestly it is so boring I’ll stick to my Akula and savage thanks

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 26 days ago

    Mk2 oppressor can still be called in using the mechanic without cool down

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 26 days ago

    They should have an update where you can pick the songs you wanna listen to instead of the radio

  • Rattioly
    Rattioly 28 days ago

    I've killed lots of people with lock on with normal guns

  • David Kehley
    David Kehley 28 days ago

    I still get calls a lot from contacts

  • Rueben Sheppard
    Rueben Sheppard 29 days ago

    You can get around the 5 minute cooldown for mk 2. Just call mors, then go to request personal vehicle rather the specifically mk 2.

  • Farhaan235
    Farhaan235 29 days ago

    Play on 1.5x speed, you can thank me later

  • Simon Pattle
    Simon Pattle 29 days ago

    Just call your terror byte the bike is aways in there. So if your close no problem

  • A Google User
    A Google User Month ago


  • OneOrZero
    OneOrZero Month ago

    finally some changes against tryhard trash thes still can use sticks bombs tho, but this is seriously good for the garbage which ewo's while getting a surprise attack.

  • Randy feltface
    Randy feltface Month ago

    When your doing a pvp and the other guy cheats and then you pull a khanjali out your ass

  • Milo Pool
    Milo Pool Month ago

    All you need to do to get your oppressor Mk II back instantly after it gets destroyed is to have your mechanic bring it to you instead of calling it from your terrabite

  • Whisperr
    Whisperr Month ago

    Looks like rockstar had enough with tryhards

  • Stalker Crew
    Stalker Crew Month ago +1

    I habe the navi Revolver. I recived it from an guy whit an Machete. I met him "where the assasination mission starts" while killing passengers. He looks a bit like trevor, but with an white tank top. I think he is an random event. Also you recieve 50.000$ for killing him. I thought you might want to know this :)

  • Unknown Curly Head
    Unknown Curly Head Month ago

    After ur oppressor gets destroyed and h already requested it on the interaction menu just call the mechanic ..... YOUR WELCOME

  • Suspicious Citrus
    Suspicious Citrus Month ago +4

    Who the hell cares about KD in GTA online, it's completely pointless. Takes no skill to get kills just an over powered vehicle.

  • Driz Foshiz
    Driz Foshiz Month ago

    Rockstar needs to make pvp lobbies. What sucks is not knowing who may be cool and who’s just after killing random people. Or make their icon red when they kill two real players. That way we can actually tell

  • Jake the. Killer
    Jake the. Killer Month ago

    I honestly spent all my money early on when I started to get the mk2 just so I can stand a chance against griefers couldn't do anything without getting destroyed over and over

  • N.X.S 4K
    N.X.S 4K Month ago

    Bruh rockstar need to nerf dmg of opressor mk2, maybe 2 rockets for destroy a normal vehicle.

  • Jack Woodward
    Jack Woodward Month ago +53

    1: "kill yourself" option now has a 5 min cooldown and is unavailable for 1 minute after killing another player
    2: added an "auto invite all" option for properties
    3: five minute request cooldown for the oppressor mk2
    4: reduced the frequency at which players recieve calls from NPC's such as LJT
    5: six new player actions
    6: added over 30 new casino heist related rewards (some give money and rp)
    7: added 40 new tattoos for male and female characters
    8: new outfits
    9: two new weapons (ceramic pistol and navy revolver)
    10: added 50 signal jammers across the map( done it worth it as you unlock Avi as a hacker)
    11: ifruit radio added
    12: twelve new playable games in arcade
    13: six new vehicles
    14: new warstock vehicles
    15: bug fixes

  • _ Penguinpuncher
    _ Penguinpuncher Month ago

    What's stopping me from beating that timer. That 5min cool down is to call it in. What's stopping me from setting it as a terrorbyte personal vehicle, going inside, and grabbing it myself?

  • tyrone asante
    tyrone asante Month ago

    Aye why the police stronger and more annoying?

  • upony 12
    upony 12 Month ago

    I watch you visa but I can't afford PS plus to play online

  • SexyTinderDate
    SexyTinderDate Month ago

    Im still gonna blow myself up 🤷

  • Kristian Jonathans
    Kristian Jonathans Month ago

    You dont need to wait 5 min

  • Kristian Jonathans
    Kristian Jonathans Month ago

    You still can call the oppressor mk2 and then call los santos mechanic even after recovering from morsmutual

  • Kermit The Frag Grenade

    Can't you just request MK ll via mechanic

  • London Luke
    London Luke Month ago +1

    Need carry thru heist my gt on Xbox is QTY5

  • Wizzis
    Wizzis Month ago

    anyone know what’s making the mc buissnesses bug out,making nowhere near as much money from bunker or lockups after this update

  • D Vice
    D Vice Month ago +1

    is the crazy armored trailer still the only place to craft or obtain the better ammo?
    i havent played since the biker club DLC can anyone give me a quick list of major missions and weapons added since?

  • SplitZ HD
    SplitZ HD Month ago +2

    Lol I can’t imagine what this dude would be doing in his 30 s 😂

  • Diego Santana
    Diego Santana Month ago

    Bro I litterly just bought an oppressor like a couple days ago or a week ago and I can’t even try to be a try hard I litterly just bought a terrobyte to upgrade it and I can’t even be a try hard

  • Olga Ayala
    Olga Ayala Month ago +1

    Thank u gta 5 that mark 2 was a pain in the ass

  • ThePenguinThief
    ThePenguinThief Month ago +1

    RU-clip needs a 3x speed option

  • Soldado Palaio
    Soldado Palaio Month ago +11

    Calls opressor from the MC club:
    Opressor gets destroyed.

    Calls Opressor from mechanic:
    Ignores cooldown made by the MC club
    Calls Opressor from the Terrorbyte menu:
    Ascend to heaven

  • The Boxing Fan
    The Boxing Fan Month ago

    I think they nerfed explosive sniper.. it takes 2 shots now instead of 1 shot

  • Dark Pa1n
    Dark Pa1n Month ago

    They use the kill yourself so when they are in a fight with someone and they don’t want to look bad dying from a lower level

  • Reqzss
    Reqzss Month ago

    And stop only keeping the good comments no wonder u barely have any comments

  • Reqzss
    Reqzss Month ago

    Ur channel is dead

  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman Month ago

    Good updates. All those tryhards and griefers will be hurting and will have to actually get good at the game.

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat Month ago

    Nitch or niche

  • Clarke Joe08
    Clarke Joe08 Month ago

    For the oppressor mk ll just call the terrorbyte and enter

  • Bad Toad
    Bad Toad Month ago

    I'm going to look it up, but I'm fairly certain the naval pistol is awarded from a "bonus" single player mission