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  • PZ try to PAUSE ME but I have trick up my sleeve!
    After Chad Wild Clay made VY TAKEN by PROJECT ZORGO! MISSING in TUNNEL (Trapped In Abandoned Hacker Escape Room Challenge) CWC, Daniel uploaded the video SAFE HOUSE is a TRAP by PROJECT ZORGO? (Escape Room Vlog Spying IRL 24 Hours Challenge), and Vy Qwaint created VY vs HACKERS in Real Life NINJA BATTLE Royale (Project Zorgo Chase in Safe House Vent Tunnel) CWC, Chad, Vy and Daniel track PZ4 to solve the mystery of if they can trust her. They see her vlogging on her iPhone and decide they must take her device in order to figure out the truth. Vy uses her spy gadgets to get the iPhone X, but Project Zorgo catches her and challenges the CWC crew to a ninja gadget battle royale in real life! They successfully defeat the hackers and make their way to the new safe house in their extreme makeover tesla model x / DeLorean! Chad, Vy and Daniel enter the safe house and get trapped for 24 hours at 3am. Could it be an abandoned haunted house? CWC finds an ebay mystery box with ninja gadgets and Vy has to crawl through secret tunnels and vents to help Daniel escape. PZ4 finds out while Vy is having a secret discussion with Daniel. This angers PZ4 into battling Vy Qwaint in a Ninja Battle Royale in real life! Vy Qwaint eventually defeats the hacker, but she disappears! In this video the Spy Ninjas, Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay and Daniel crawl through the secret tunnels to escape the not-so-safe house escape room. All of a sudden, Vy Qwaint gets taken by Project Zorgo and goes missing in the vent. PZ4 gets a hold of her and conducts experiment B235 on Vy in hopes to get her to join Project Zorgo. Little does PZ4 know, Vy Qwaint has been training her mind using Mind Shield on the Spy Ninja Network. Vy is successfully able to resist the B235 as well as the Pause Challenge. However, that does not stop PZ4 from taking her to the Project Zorgo Headquarters! Hopefully Chad and Daniel can find Vy Qwaint to defeat the hackers! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Alicia Valdez
    Alicia Valdez 3 часа назад

    vy PZ4! is joining project zorgo!

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah Wagner 8 часов назад

    The company is now i have been on my phone for about to get a few of them lol and I have a few more of the option to go with you

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah Wagner 8 часов назад

    Remember you don't need the kids

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah Wagner 8 часов назад

    The first time you made me think about this one too many times in the past year lease and the other day I was a little bit more than I can do with the kids are going to ZIGG4hi

  • Elle Bateman
    Elle Bateman 12 часов назад

    Who do you like better chad or vy

  • Romana khan
    Romana khan 12 часов назад


  • Kelly Ayemere
    Kelly Ayemere 15 часов назад

    Stop touching them

  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 15 часов назад

    I do like vy and chad also Daniel

  • Aurora's Life
    Aurora's Life 16 часов назад

    Sadly 😔 I don't have spy ninja network

  • Julian Cancino
    Julian Cancino 18 часов назад

    Pz4 you are bad

  • Julian Cancino
    Julian Cancino 18 часов назад

    Pz4 You are meen

  • James Canada
    James Canada 18 часов назад

    Stop pausing Vy

  • James Canada
    James Canada 18 часов назад

    Stop pausing ve

  • Phuong hang Nguyen
    Phuong hang Nguyen 19 часов назад

    Vy qwanit I’m in bed with my friends and family for dinner tonight and then I’ll come to your do you know ur I’m name and do yourself and the girls

  • Phuong hang Nguyen
    Phuong hang Nguyen 19 часов назад

    Is me I’m m ur fan chad and vy and danle

  • Phuong hang Nguyen
    Phuong hang Nguyen 19 часов назад

    Vy qưaint b235 I love you chad and vy and danle

  • Kylie Grace
    Kylie Grace 21 час назад

    I fote pz4 likeet you

  • Amir Havic
    Amir Havic 21 час назад

    I love you vy ö

  • richard legaspi
    richard legaspi 21 час назад

    I love you chad. I love you vy

  • margaux goco
    margaux goco 23 часа назад

    project zorgo is always farting cwc is cool

  • riley edwards
    riley edwards 23 часа назад

    I see one

  • Ashanley Harmony
    Ashanley Harmony День назад

    Im going in spy ninja network

  • Ashanley Harmony
    Ashanley Harmony День назад


  • Isaac's vlogs
    Isaac's vlogs День назад

    I'll help you vy *brings dolloryon*

  • Arfan Hossain
    Arfan Hossain День назад

    The hair looks the same

  • Jemi Santiago
    Jemi Santiago День назад


  • Ginger Foreman
    Ginger Foreman День назад

    Let vy go

  • Ginger Foreman
    Ginger Foreman День назад

    Let by go

  • epain epain
    epain epain День назад +3

    Did you now that pz4 has a crush on Daniel

    DESTINY’S OUTLET День назад

    Wait this doesn’t make sense I thought you were with Chad and Daniel in pz4s safe house Are these videos from a long time ago or what’s going on because I’m confused once I saw you in the vent immediately thought that was Chad’s video from I don’t know a couple weeks ago

  • Adam clayton
    Adam clayton День назад

    Be careful it might still work

  • Ivelin Dorovski
    Ivelin Dorovski День назад

    Remember project Zorgo is always farting

  • Queenie Yambao
    Queenie Yambao 2 дня назад


  • 555 Carter sharer
    555 Carter sharer 2 дня назад

    Mr. Hacker & Marshmallow made a Music video! Chad and Vy Lately I been thinkin I want to a Ninja Hacker

  • Athena Wartman
    Athena Wartman 2 дня назад

    lies* its hapning

  • Danyelle Swain
    Danyelle Swain 2 дня назад

    How do you say I hope you're all right you don't want to be healthy before I said hi and that I wanted to be okay. I just sent her a🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱💛❤💓💜💔💝💗💙💗💖💖💕💅👐👏🍔🌽🍎🍍🍆🍗🍖🍅🍌🍋🍓🧀🍞🍒🍒🍊🍉🍑🌰🍄🍐🍈🌶🍏🍇🍣🍘🍟🍕🍤🍙🍥🍚🌭🌮🍛🍡🍡🍦🍜🌯🍿🍝🍧🍨🍠🍲🍱🍠🍩🍷🏺🍭☕🍻🎂🍪🍰🍬🍭🍯🍹🍸🍷🍾🍶🍵☕🍼🍺🍻🍽🍴🍳🏺🌒🕣🕤

  • La Da
    La Da 2 дня назад

    I have got the app

  • genesis z
    genesis z 2 дня назад

    l love your videos and chad and

  • ahseetuala
    ahseetuala 2 дня назад


  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 3 дня назад

    PZ4 it's not working.

  • Salma Khan
    Salma Khan 3 дня назад

    Chad and vy chad vy

  • Mia On gacha
    Mia On gacha 3 дня назад

    Well where's Part 2!?

  • Zhyahna Kitamura
    Zhyahna Kitamura 3 дня назад

    You guys know she is faFaking

  • Remi Abbar
    Remi Abbar 3 дня назад

    shut up pz4

  • Andrejs Sausis
    Andrejs Sausis 3 дня назад

    Go chad and vy😇🦄

  • Mallory Sears
    Mallory Sears 3 дня назад

    i wish i could see you in real life

  • Mallory Sears
    Mallory Sears 3 дня назад

    + i am sick right now

  • Mallory Sears
    Mallory Sears 3 дня назад

    love you vy i watch you everyday

  • Lacy White
    Lacy White 3 дня назад

    Uhi vy its my first time watching

  • Kami Skyy
    Kami Skyy 3 дня назад

    Zorago defuse 10:55

  • Justin Hernandez Mendez
    Justin Hernandez Mendez 3 дня назад +1

    Justin video

  • Lamin Kabba
    Lamin Kabba 3 дня назад


  • جاسم الحمادي
    جاسم الحمادي 3 дня назад +3

    I L0ve You Ve Queen
    Also Chad

  • Cupcake Toys
    Cupcake Toys 3 дня назад


    HAMDI HAMED 3 дня назад

    If you guys are a big fan of Chad and V give this a like

  • Aleks S.
    Aleks S. 3 дня назад

    PZ4 and PZ9

  • Arnell Barug
    Arnell Barug 4 дня назад +1

    Hi vy and chad I love you guys

    • nunfftft nuneaton
      nunfftft nuneaton День назад +1

      My name is Macy I like your change I like your change vy qu

  • Epati Lilio
    Epati Lilio 4 дня назад

    is that PZ4 and PZ9 if you argee

  • Arne Odgaard Hansen
    Arne Odgaard Hansen 4 дня назад

    P z4

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 4 дня назад +1

    And you will have an opportunity for us to get the same

    • MM CQ
      MM CQ 4 дня назад

      I🌹 you vy and chad

  • Michelle Ann
    Michelle Ann 4 дня назад


  • EddieBrothers Playhouse
    EddieBrothers Playhouse 4 дня назад

    Hey 👋

  • Amber Dawn
    Amber Dawn 4 дня назад +12

    Me if I was Vy and I spilled the water and she unpaused me:
    BOI U SPILL IF ON MEH BOI?! YEEETT! *throws water bottle at her*

  • frecita chiquita
    frecita chiquita 4 дня назад

    Stop it pz 4

  • Yonnie Bunchie
    Yonnie Bunchie 4 дня назад

    Hi I’m a big fan

  • Princess lovey dovey
    Princess lovey dovey 4 дня назад +1

    i got it on my Ninja network

    • Tooky Tohigh
      Tooky Tohigh 3 дня назад


  • Vanessa Dsouza. I I
    Vanessa Dsouza. I I 4 дня назад

    NICE PLAN VY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chantal Scheffer
    Chantal Scheffer 4 дня назад

    Vy is gevangen🥇

  • Chantal Scheffer
    Chantal Scheffer 4 дня назад

    Pz4 is goed

  • XxprincesessxX Kasa
    XxprincesessxX Kasa 4 дня назад

    Chad and daniel are safe and they escaped the small room

  • 3wash alkanderi
    3wash alkanderi 4 дня назад

    you said in the title for 24 hours and i bet it was like 1 hour

  • Susan Wolfzツ
    Susan Wolfzツ 4 дня назад

    the way pz4 said ¨she has a bid mouth* and when she says that the awkward music stops XD

  • Ale Briff
    Ale Briff 4 дня назад


  • Tassja Rose
    Tassja Rose 4 дня назад

    I have the cwc game. I saw your ,clues

  • ravindra shetty
    ravindra shetty 4 дня назад

    PZ4 is bad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • gamer girl 2011
    gamer girl 2011 5 дней назад +1

    My mom deleted my app at spy ninja network

  • gamer girl 2011
    gamer girl 2011 5 дней назад

    Did pz4 wave at us

  • Kari Bowers
    Kari Bowers 5 дней назад


  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад


  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад

    vy letting project zorgo

  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад

    Project Sogo I are trying tob235

  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад

    Trying Project I Zorgo wanna vy

  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад

    You can’t tell I think you can see something maybe

  • Nasreen Begum Hasy
    Nasreen Begum Hasy 5 дней назад

    Vy is in trouble

  • Lilly Harper
    Lilly Harper 5 дней назад +4

    I know how project zorgo members diaper by portals

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins 5 дней назад +1

    CWC vy is ok

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins 5 дней назад +1

    Vy hope you stop pz

  • Emma Snyder
    Emma Snyder 5 дней назад


  • Asriel
    Asriel 5 дней назад

    I’m a pz my name is pz 7

    E-MAN The FIRST 5 дней назад

    Leave vy now pz4

    E-MAN The FIRST 5 дней назад +1

    Leave by now pz4

  • Najna Latheef
    Najna Latheef 6 дней назад

    I cant belive this worked on you

  • faye moff
    faye moff 6 дней назад

    Hi vy and chad

  • christinabeyonce
    christinabeyonce 6 дней назад +1

    She is in a park

  • Hmingpuii Pachuau
    Hmingpuii Pachuau 6 дней назад

    no no ..........

  • Floyd Cleaver
    Floyd Cleaver 6 дней назад +3

    i like PZ4 and you VY and CHAD but im act helping PZ4 im so sorry :( i am helping you too shhhh don*t tell project zorgo plz don*t LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU HACKERZ/LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU VY AND CHAD

  • iToronto
    iToronto 6 дней назад +3

    Pz4 is the wrongs person and I do not like you

  • Stephen Waitai
    Stephen Waitai 6 дней назад +1

    Does 82 day dinner and movie cinema

  • Layan's World
    Layan's World 6 дней назад +1

    love your video's vy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tucker’s gaming/vlogging Channel
    Tucker’s gaming/vlogging Channel 6 дней назад +4

    And always remember protect Zorgo is always farting 😂