10 Mistakes In Nickelodeon Shows You Missed As A Kid

  • Опубликовано: 25 фев 2018
  • As a kid a lot of things slipped by that we'd definitely catch as adults! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Check out 10 Animation Mistakes In Nickelodeon Shows Only True Fans Noticed by our friends at TheThings: ru-clip.com/video/l161lrzksha/видео.html&feature=youtu.be
    As children, watching Nicktoons was all about taking in the laughs and following our favorite characters. In many cases, plots went right over our heads and we missed numerous mistakes seen on-screen. Take a look back at shows like Rugrats, SpongeBob Squarepants, and Hey Arnold to see some of the crazy mistakes you probably missed!
    On Rugrats, we all know Chucky’s mom passed away when he was a baby, but we didn’t get all the full details until the Mother’s Day episode. Obviously plans changed over the years, because there have been multiple mentions of a living mother early on! SpongeBob Squarepants is a unique character, but what exactly is his body made of?! Multiple episodes have showcased very different conclusions. Helga is obsessed with Arnold in Hey Arnold, but is she so in love that her body split in two?! A classic animation mistake would make you think so. Timmy Turner has very specific rules when it comes to having Fairy Godparents, but he breaks one in an effort to help his father in the past. In All Grown Up, Tommy Pickles ends up sleepwalking and stealing items, but the thing he blames it on is completely different than what the evidence presents itself as. How old is SpongeBob?! He acts 8 but takes driving lessons and lives on his own!? Different episodes showcase VERY different ages. Timmy Turner has some rough aspects of his life, but he does have his own private bathroom! How could he be so lucky?! The first episode of Doug showcases the character’s move to his town, but later on he has flashbacks about spending multiple summers there. Planet Sheen sent Sheen to outer space, but there’s no reason Jimmy Neutron and his pals wouldn’t go and rescue him right away. Watch to see all these mistakes and MANY more!
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    Avengers emoji

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    My mom won’t let me watch spongebob

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    it is 2019

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    The Wild Thornberry's one is kinda wrong. Think about, Eliza can talk to animals, she can talk obviously talk to humans. She can talk to Tommy & the gang because (aside from the plot) humans are mammals. We are higher evolved animals. Baby babble is a form of human speech, we don't understand it, but naturally Eliza would. Donnie is a jungle boy, even though he was raised by orangutans this isn't a Jungle Book/Tarzan situation. He's still human & couldn't understand the orangutan language. So he made up his own unknown language. Since it's not a real or animal language Eliza wouldn't be able to communicate with him. As for him speaking French... I don't have an answer for that. He said "pomme" in one episode, and knowing one French word is far from anything concrete. Hell, he could've heard it from Debbie, chick liked everything that was "in" she could've read it in a magazine & Donnie could've picked up on it at some point, but we don't know.

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    Spongebob squarepants takes place in the past because in the spongebob movie mr. Crabs calls him a kid.

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    retcons are retcons, not mistakes.

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    infinity war

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    WTF, have you ever thought why Sandy Cheeks have a helmet there's fire underneath the water what do fire need oxygen so they got to be a lot of oxygen underneath the water Sandy don't need that space suit no more

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    The Emojis represent the avengers

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    The Emoji thing is The Avengers everybody God damn knows that already

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    Seriously it is The Avengers

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    The movie is The Avengers Infinity War

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    The Krab paddy formula is crab meat

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    how many times can you REALLY bring up chucky's mom in videos._.

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    ten emotions create avengers

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    if you use google you will see spongebob's age is 22

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    i miss the show fop, it ended as i was starting to like it

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    My name is Patrick

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    Yo spongebob is immortal bro

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    does anyone know what the song being used starting at 10:48 is?

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    Quote on Quote Mistakes.

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    avengers and avengers age of ultron

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    Those emojis arent even real but it’s the avengers age of Ultron/ infinity war and more

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    In one episode they say the secret formula is plankton

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    Donnie doesn’t need translation, I like him just the way he is

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    we all liked to eat lucky charms and watch nickelodeon when we were kids

    but as an adult we eat CHEERIOS and watch anything on TV

    oh how the years go by
    one second you're eating lucky charms
    the second, *CHEERIOS!!!*
    oh how the years go by :'( **sniff**

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    the krabby paddy's secret ingredient is... crab

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    I think that time travel actually MADE "Da Rules".

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    Genie: I know everything about the universe. You may ask me one question.
    Me: What’s the Krabby Patty formula?

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    Adventures Infinity War

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    the krabby patty secret formula is that the patties are made from crab

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    avengers (DUH)

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    Chucky is a killer lol LMAO

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    I watch Marvel often

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    Oh! I know this one! It's the LEGO movie, right?

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      I thought it was the Powers Rangers

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    I suspect that Donny has a disability.

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    The guy who gives Eliza the ability to speak to animals looks like Tito from rocket power.

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