shocking place in Downtown Los Angeles

  • Published on Dec 25, 2016
  • Los Angele is a fun place, Hollywood,universal studio,Disney,Warner Brothers and studios, Music and film industry but this city with all attractions has dark sides too this video show you Homeless life in downtown LA.
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  • 금욕금딸중인절식남에수님제발ᅲᅲ

    what a fucking shithole !!

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T 2 days ago

    Skid Row isnt anything new lol. Hell, There was an 80's Rock band that named themselves after this area of Los Angeles over 30 years ago. #DoomPorn

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 3 days ago

    This is what happens when you elect Scharzenegger as a governor. He goes to Terminate your city.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 3 days ago

    It's the new normal. But if you talk about you must be one Vladimir Putin's trolls!

  • russ peaknuckel
    russ peaknuckel 4 days ago

    I feel bad for them.

  • houtexflex
    houtexflex 5 days ago

    Your bleeding heart attitude is why this exists. They are there because of poor choices. They are not in leantoos, but 10x10 tents on some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Pathetic and weak citizens allow this. California deserves it.

  • michael markham
    michael markham 6 days ago

    Californication land of the morons

  • Dusty Looney
    Dusty Looney 6 days ago

    I wonder if we didn't half to spend 300,000,000,000 on ILLEGALS An help the american homless instead we wouldn't have much of a homless issue in my opinion .

  • Bilaishri Basumatary

    I always thought everybody in America is super rich

  • free citizen01
    free citizen01 7 days ago

    San Francisco South

  • Discozo
    Discozo 8 days ago

    Skid Raw is Dangerous.

  • Michael Saunders
    Michael Saunders 8 days ago

    3rd world?
    Since when does a 3rd world country have buildings over two
    Stories high?
    LA has taller buildings.

    • Irene Duke
      Irene Duke 8 days ago

      Michael Saunders you were looking at it😳😳😳

  • Nafiu Shaibu
    Nafiu Shaibu 9 days ago

    A real shithole in the backyard.

  • Donald Goldney
    Donald Goldney 11 days ago

    My god I went to lA in early 70s stayed in Chino it was lovely I can’t believe. This is the same place

  • Johann Brandstatter
    Johann Brandstatter 12 days ago

    Seems like Edgar Hoover was right ! A few " reds under the bed " must have gone undetected and are now thriving in California. No, they are running the state ! Sorry, ruining the state. I also suspect that that featherhaired Communist in Washington D.C. is in collusion with them ! Beware - them communists are everywhere ! ( Apart from Russia of course). And I thought in 1989 that Capitalism had won a hands down glorious victory... why is that not so, all of a sudden ?

  • DaddyGirl
    DaddyGirl 15 days ago +2

    Import the third world, you get the third world. Too many illegals and forced diversity. Yikes

  • Le bella Love
    Le bella Love 16 days ago +1

    I live in Seattle and I see this every day and it’s just as bad as Los Angeles there’s a documentary called Seattle is dying we need to make a change quick or at this rate our country is going to fall apartTo a point of no returnPeople need to open their eyes instead of keeping them closed we need to vote everybody out of office getting new people into the office and instead of Democrats and Republicans fighting against each other we need to come together and figure out how to fix this problem instead of pointing the finger for the sake of our people and for the sake of our country!

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  16 days ago

      Le bella Love Thank you so much for your comment please follow me on my insta @drivewithme777

  • fordie 58
    fordie 58 16 days ago +1

    So great to hear your wise narrative on this driveby. Many who do this type of video do not comment on what they are showing at all. Perhaps they assume that their social media audience understands what they are being shown, when in fact much of the social audience is judgmental and simple-minded. Thank you for your gracious and very humane input into what you are showing them. It creates a better understanding of our humanity. I am now subscribed!

  • D what
    D what 16 days ago

    Haha wherever the blacks are.

  • John Donwood
    John Donwood 18 days ago +1

    Are you scared that homeless people might swarm your car whenever you stop?

  • BRYLANT5700
    BRYLANT5700 19 days ago

    Can I ask you what is the reason for all those people to sleep on the street???? If I was in their position I would walk across country to do job to make some money so I would stay away from this situation. I would make palace from rat hole to have just a small roof on my own. I do not need anything luxurious to feel safe and have a few dollar to buy myself a bread and water is free. From one day to another I would keep saving one dollar for necessary staff to get myself like clothing and food. I would never litter around me, I would never stay in a big city. Why all of them have no strength to fight another day just to prove that they are intelligent, good people????Why are they waiting for life to be easy?? Nothing free drops from the sky on anyone. You need to work for anything to get. If people will see that you try your best to survive doing the right thing and God will see wisdom and goodness in you - you will not be left alone to die from hunger. Those people made a choice to live this way, not because they are poor but because they are lazy , they not using their brain and heart and that makes all to be there in this situation. They make mess around because they are worst of human society. They have no shame to be on display . Replace animals in the ZOO with them because I do not see difference between them.
    My God, I would live inside of the forest so no human will see my fall and I would make myself a one room from sticks, live on the mushrooms and berries and wash myself in river. I would hunt for a meat and have a animal skin for a clothing and I will prove that I can live with dignity and I do not have to become beggar. Why all of them do not have human strength and courage to stay away from this dump style of life??
    If you are on desert what you do?? Keep your faith in God who is watching you and your actions so HE will help you to find a water.
    I know many of people will not agree with me but I went through tough times as anyone else and I did learn that I do have to look after myself with dignity because I am human being and I will be judged as a human being not as an animal .

  • Anna Jordan
    Anna Jordan 20 days ago

    Thank you Gerry Brown!

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 20 days ago

    trump is a-pig

  • Virginia Easterling
    Virginia Easterling 20 days ago +1

    Thanks for your video of the homeless this is a American tragedy now it needs to be addressed immediately can you imagine what it's going to be like in 5 more years America needs right now to use All her resources to take care of the people of the US A

  • Сергей Контратьев

    Вы посмотрите какая красота, вы только поглядите на это. Какие чистые домики аккуратные, господе, боже мой. Да за каким же хуем я родился в этой ебаной россии, блядь это действительно сука проклятие. Это сука, наказание ебаное.

  • Vance T
    Vance T 21 day ago

    Learn to swim! Learn to swim! Learn to swim! Learn to swim! Tool

  • Игорь Шестун

    idi ty na xyi

  • scrub44
    scrub44 21 day ago

    most of these cities where they allow rampant homelessness and drugs are run by liberals.

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Remember this was on skid row.. Not all of dtla is like that... Really people...

  • it's massi
    it's massi 22 days ago

    So rich country but so many desperate people. There's something wrong... I can understand this in Zimbabwe but not in LA!!! I suggest to spend less money for army and more for welfare!

  • Tess Murdock
    Tess Murdock 23 days ago

    I dislike just about everything about LA.

  • T Weston
    T Weston 24 days ago

    It's like the Apocalypse hit!

  • dufus
    dufus 25 days ago

    This was 2 years ago. much worse today, march 2019, as home prices rise driving people from their homes and without food, medication. You won't see politicians out there. they are locked safely behind walls and armed security guards . All with full bellies, For most homeless, this is not a choice. forced out.

  • Magical 801
    Magical 801 25 days ago

    I'm guessing jaywalking nothing big

  • Sandy Dayoc
    Sandy Dayoc 25 days ago

    Well I've seen downtown LA and I live in California and I've been there it looks really bad but downtown LA is not use, also I think everybody's like lives in Hollywood and all the other better places , that are in Los Angeles, but downtown is definitely not it, when I drove through there it's just an unused City to me, and it doesn't look nearly as good as San Diego San Diego city is so much better and prettier and a well-kept clean place Los Angeles is a forgotten town there downtown but Hollywood looks good to me

  • Angello! R.
    Angello! R. 25 days ago

    If they take out government support for USA citizens- food stamps and idk what more financial help are there - USA would become the worse country in the world. I mean, mexico- which is bad when you’re broke - is still better then California. Now, imagine how bad will it be without financial help for the lazy USA citizens? More poverty and crime is one of the least.

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan 26 days ago

    Moon beam utopia the democomunist glimpse to the future ,and the end of the US. Remember them now you later

  • Bleda Diaz
    Bleda Diaz 26 days ago

    That s fucking embarrassing hahhahahahahhahaha is that Morgan Freeman Singing hahahahhahahahahahahahahahah God I love The U.S.A hahahahhahahahahaha The Greatest Pile of shit on the Planet hahhahahhahahahhahaha talk about Fucking Zombies hahahhahahahhahhaha Amazing for a Horror Movie hhahahahahahhaaha

  • Frank Lord
    Frank Lord 27 days ago

    Is there any tent church on these streets?

  • Jay El
    Jay El 27 days ago

    I used to love Los Angeles, but now it's a shithole. Thanks, demoRats.

  • Jesse Ding
    Jesse Ding 27 days ago

    Many nice places in LA, you just have to be able to afford it.

  • Shubham Kashyap
    Shubham Kashyap 28 days ago


  • Mile High Patriots
    Mile High Patriots Month ago

    in the beginning good always over powered the evil of all mans sins but in time our nation grow weak as our cities grow to slums as evil stood strong..

  • tzetter
    tzetter Month ago

    Its Russia,only darker.Nice going USA

  • Jason Renteria
    Jason Renteria Month ago

    I was there today there was mad fucking crackheads tents also no cops and we saw a guy try to steal a car checking if the doors were open

  • uomonelnero
    uomonelnero Month ago

    just blame Trump, every else does,

  • Danny Mcclure
    Danny Mcclure Month ago

    Its just amazing how they have no regard for traffic,and just walk out in front of vehicles,almost if they dare you to hit them,unbelievable!you cant help someone that wont help themselves!

  • Denis Ivi
    Denis Ivi Month ago

    This is America??? Shock!!!!! it’s bull shit but the country

  • Наталья Сайко


  • AmericanPatriot 1776

    Your video, Ahmed, says 2016, here we are 2019 and the situation in LA is 10 times worse and as song as Democrats run the state it will be 10 times worse next year. God help us. This state is collapsing.

  • Philip Mcauley
    Philip Mcauley Month ago

    If i had blankets id be giving themto people

  • Олег Луцевич

    и эта страна учит жить весь мир?

  • TJZ
    TJZ Month ago

    This is the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism, white guilt self-loathing, vile Jew marxists and they're slaves the white traitors like Nancy Pelosi.

  • Sina Seibert
    Sina Seibert Month ago

    And that is the great Amerika?!!!!! O GOD!!!!

  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Taking me to beautiful LA? No way. Grand Rapids city Michigan far more beautiful

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent Month ago

    I wouldn't drive down skid row with wearing a hazmat suit it's sad and a culture shock if you're not from LA Imagine being with the LAPD and having to work this beat every night.

  • Macho King
    Macho King Month ago

    Wow, everytime I go through there, there's always traffic

  • unkameat74 .unkameat77

    DAYUM Tijuana look better than that,I've been homeless before,it ain't fun .let me tell ya.

  • luc roman
    luc roman Month ago

    foreign piece of shit. get the F out of AMERICA

  • Ron Dale
    Ron Dale Month ago

    This is the greatest country in world.

  • Jarlaxle Banre
    Jarlaxle Banre Month ago

    It just gets nastier every year and this was 2016 it's even worse now

  • Jarlaxle Banre
    Jarlaxle Banre Month ago

    Welcome to the insane asylum

  • fraggle rock
    fraggle rock Month ago

    And yet they still vote for the left they are reaping all the benefits of socialism .I don't feel bad for them at all

  • Елена Тюменцева

    Мерзкие у вас городишки😕неожиданно. ..У нас в России такого говна нет

  • Дмитрий Макеев

    Сука, ещё лезут весь мир "менять к лучшему". У нас Любое Гальяново или Капотня в миллион раз цивильнее

  • Homer Holler
    Homer Holler Month ago

    Dig a ditch bury them, for love

  • Clonetrooper1139
    Clonetrooper1139 Month ago

    Holy Sh%t. I did not know it was this bad.

  • Kirk Manning
    Kirk Manning Month ago

    Yep! Glad I left California and moved to Florida!

  • Mike Messiah
    Mike Messiah Month ago

    remove the black people...Problem solved !!

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle Month ago

    This is how society will continue to look when one race think they are superior to another race. Americans are losing their minds. Eventually, madness will prevail.

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle Month ago

    Trump is making America great again alright.

  • Keto Kyah
    Keto Kyah Month ago

    Damn Shame! Makes me so pissed off to see all these black Americans, vets and Americans on the street while the demonrats give section 8 apartments, house and services to illegals. In California illegals come first, Americans come second. It's a disgrace!

  • _AE_CJ_
    _AE_CJ_ Month ago

    днище ебаное



  • 木不氵酉氵車斤氵農

    Lo......los santo???

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley Month ago

    Leftist have the same mind set of 3rd world dictators . No surprise California is becoming 3rd world

  • Great Value
    Great Value Month ago

    The slums of America

  • Crystal Myers-Barber
    Crystal Myers-Barber Month ago +1

    This was over 2 years ago, it is much worse now. 3rd world country, but it's America, it's in Los Angeles. Democrat leaders have done this.

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  Month ago

      Please follow me IG @drivewithme777

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  Month ago

      Yes I live in LA

    • Crystal Myers-Barber
      Crystal Myers-Barber Month ago +1

      Drive With me I lived in Marina Del Rey / and out in Agoura Hills for couple years and now I live in Orange County. I have footage of tent cities. It’s bad. Thanks for your work. Are you in the area.

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  Month ago

      Crystal Myers-Barber thank you so much for watching ❤️where are you from?

  • Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen Month ago

    Its not shokking you stupid, whole afrika is like this.

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  Month ago

      Jan Jansen you are such a racist person shame on you

  • George Vreeland Hill

    Los Angeles is going to get a lot worse because the stupid voters here just don't get the fact that Democrats for years have allowed this to happen by making California a welfare state. If you vote for Democrats, then live in the mess you make.

  • M FOX
    M FOX Month ago

    Warm weather places mean no freezing to death so yeah, homeless are migrating to warm places. Many require medications for mental health issues many just need a good break but all very sad.

  • Jack Crouch
    Jack Crouch Month ago +1

    We need a good flood to hit L.A., Mexicans can't swim.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jay Garcia
      Jay Garcia Month ago

      Yes they can. Look at Houston.

  • margie adams
    margie adams Month ago

    They need to stop voting Democrat and start voting for a better future. keeping democrats in charge of California is only making the rich richer n poor poorer. Vote republican. What do you have to lose to see if they help you? I guarantee republicans will bring jobs and less homelessness. #MAGA

  • Madison Hernandez
    Madison Hernandez Month ago +1

    I live in DTLA and let me tell you, homeless people are EVERYWHERE, it's sickening that these people are subjected to this and have to live like this because they can't decide where to build housing for them! There are people living on the streets
    with their KIDS in skid row and I can't describe the sadness I feel when I see it. The ally on the side of our building has so many homeless people, just a few weeks ago one of the men who slept there passed away.. it was very hard for all us (the residents) because for almost 2 years we had known him and he was only 50 years old when he died in the cold alone in a dark, distgusting ally sleeping on top of his recycling! No one should have to live like this. Then you have the Housing authority who give you your section 8 voucher and pretty much push you into the ghetto plus half the people in LA don't want to rent to people because their homeless and poor so their basically profile them.
    I drive by this every Wednesday with my mom to one of the buildings down there and it's ridiculous. You'd think there would be more help for these celebrities who go on Instagram and Twitter and rant all about helping people and how horrible Trump is and ya da ya da but where are they right now? Ha, in their mansions up in Beverly Hills with gated security without a care 🙃😔

    • Madison Hernandez
      Madison Hernandez Month ago

      +margie adams I completely agree, nobody in my family voted for Trump but he's definitely better than that crazy Hillary Clinton lol

    • margie adams
      margie adams Month ago +1

      U should remind them...trump didnt make it that way. Those democrats have been ruining California for years.

    • Drive With me
      Drive With me  Month ago +1

      Madison Hernandez 😘😘😘

  • Christine Lees
    Christine Lees Month ago

    Oh my God" thats exactly how downtown San Diego looks but L.A. is worse bc its bigger, Jesus Christ help Calif but people keep voting Democrat and thats what we're getting in Calif is more and more homeless this is the blue wave for you" no rent control causing homelessness and libtards raising taxes for everything wheres all the HIGH taxes going ????

  • Lance Rexington
    Lance Rexington Month ago +1

    Liberals, minority’s, immigrants, drugs Vote Democrats out save the state.

  • hasa hasa
    hasa hasa Month ago

    So many idiotic comments from trump worshipers.
    If you were a homeless where would you like to live? Have you ever asked that question? You would want:
    1- somewhere that is not too cold in winter and not too hot in the summer.
    2- A city/state where people are actually willing to help the people in need. Actually spending money, not like the Christians who are supposed to help based on the bible yet they keep nagging and give very little. (Luke 3:11, Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same)
    3- A city who is sympathetic to your situation and allows you to stay in the city rather then throw you into jail, or dump you outside of the city limits. Not a city where the locals want to kick them out, just like trump worshipers who have commented on this video.
    4- A city where there is large population that that would increase the chance that you would run into someone that is willing to help.
    These are some of the reasons why homeless leave the Republican/Christian neighborhoods and move to L.A.

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson Month ago

    Yet u assholes are worried about the caravans ....the people in the caravans are not poorer than these people

  • Wild Times
    Wild Times Month ago

    wow Democrats really can destroy a city fast

  • bigwavedave_63 bigwavedave_63

    Such an incredible waste

  • Mor Dor
    Mor Dor 2 months ago

    american schools are more guilty in that than guys in Mayor's office of LA - that is the result of american upbrining

  • Meas D.
    Meas D. 2 months ago +2

    Looks like a movie set of The Walking Dead

  • Rob Lasher
    Rob Lasher 2 months ago

    Liberals turn everything to crap. So if you like to live in crap. LA is for you lol. What a joke.

  • Rob Lasher
    Rob Lasher 2 months ago

    How can anybody love LA. That place is a pile of shit!

  • Mark wayne
    Mark wayne 2 months ago

    Human beings are going to die on the street and the real heart breaking thing is no one really cares they don't even look at us or tell us it's going to be ok children throw rocks at me because i'm in a wheelchair and teenagers try to rob me like I got anything to rob I was even told the other day by a group of young men I would have to start to pay them protection money or else. does that make any sense to anyone out there? i'm disabled in a wheelchair and homeless how much more do they think they can hurt me to kill me would only be doing me a favor. how sad a world and country America has turned into :(:(

  • Буратино & золотой ключик

    Вообще ханат...

  • Lincoln Clay
    Lincoln Clay 2 months ago

    Wtf I had no idea that skid row was this bad!!!

  • Jonathan Wiegman
    Jonathan Wiegman 2 months ago +1

    You are a blessed person.

  • Clarence Tuurngait
    Clarence Tuurngait 2 months ago

    looks like a third world country