The Ricky Gervais Show Doppleganger


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  • Rob Kino
    Rob Kino 20 days ago

    Jordan Peele's US (2019)

  • Dea Hjako
    Dea Hjako Month ago

    After 7 years my train of thought brought me back to this moment, it’s actually not as crazy as it sounded back then. Fuck man, don’t do drugs if you don’t want to see darkness.

  • Sam Baines
    Sam Baines Month ago

    Anyone seen the 6th Day. Pretty sound question asked IMO...

  • Tuff Crowd
    Tuff Crowd 2 months ago

    Quick - scroll back up before this comments section convinces you that you didn't really enjoy the clip!

  • El Andru
    El Andru 3 months ago

    Karl its actually right. That was a really good question.

  • dylan thoms
    dylan thoms 4 months ago +1

    Karl makes a good point. If they both think the same and have the same memories; neither of them wouldn’t be able to tell if they were the clone.

  • Sandwich247
    Sandwich247 4 months ago

    If they created the doppelganger by sitting you in a chair, hooking you up to a machine, birthing the doppelganger from a vat, and then tattooing "Copy" on the butt-cheek of the doppelganger, then it would clear up the "who is the original" question.

  • eradius
    eradius 4 months ago

    karl has enough of an open mind to wonder about this. he doesn't have the vocabulary to fully express his point but even i can understand what he is getting at. and its a pretty interesting point. the other two just make themselves look average in terms of intelligence

  • The Quiet Room
    The Quiet Room 4 months ago

    Do they not realise that Karl is actually very bright?......

  • Rob Saunders
    Rob Saunders 5 months ago

    I would kill my doppelgänger and harvest the organs. Keep that shit on ice

  • alexander breschi
    alexander breschi 5 months ago +1

    I never expect any of his answers...never, it’s amazing, he has a different thought process that anyone else

  • Johnny Johnny
    Johnny Johnny 5 months ago

    I love Karl but I'm not one of these people who think he is a genius. Apart from everyday common sense, I think he really is a dumb fuck. However he is completely correct in this video. How would yo know which one you are? Ricky really embarrasses himself by saying it's the stupidest thing anyone has ever said.

  • Bogdan Barbu
    Bogdan Barbu 6 months ago

    Again, RIcky and Stephen are idiots. They took the question to mean "How would I know which of the two is me?" instead of "How would we agree on who is the clone given our shared memories?"

  • NHBPodcast
    NHBPodcast 8 months ago

    Ricky's reaction hahaha XD

  • Tommy Wilson
    Tommy Wilson 9 months ago +2

    “But I still wouldn’t want it”

  • RingTeam
    RingTeam 9 months ago +1

    I understand what Karl wanted to say, but I think he manages to say this kind of things in the clumsiest way possible. Because of that, Ricky tells him he says stupid things.

  • Slippschitts Hey
    Slippschitts Hey 10 months ago

    He could have a three-way with suzanne and his doppelgänger

  • m Cookii3
    m Cookii3 10 months ago +3

    Anyone else noticed by watching these, that when Ricky realises Carl’s right, he just goes “well it’s not a real question is it?” Then Carl will try and explain it more and he just won’t listen to him, quite annoying really

  • Lee Murphy
    Lee Murphy 10 months ago

    I came to find this clip because I’ve seen this episode so many times and Ricky and Steve’s reaction to “how would I know which one I was” is so frustrating.
    I had to know that everyone else thought it was a really clever question as well 😂

  • NukaRaxyn
    NukaRaxyn 10 months ago +1

    Ricky and Steve are such stupid asshats...

  • ProneMan OldButYoung
    ProneMan OldButYoung 10 months ago +2

    It´s not that far fetched actually, what Karl is arguing. If you have a doppelganger, surely you would at some point start asking questions and start to doubt if you, you yourself,
    is the original or the doppelganger. Is not THAT far fetched, think about it. What evidence can you present to yourself, that you are the original? In theory, the doppelganger, whom ever
    it is of the two of you, could present the exakt same evidence as you laid out yourself. Eventually you would end up twisting yourself mentally to this conundrum.

    • Dylan McArthur
      Dylan McArthur 10 months ago +1

      Agree. This is actually just one example among many where Karl is more insightful than Ricky and Stephen. There's an episode in which Karl questions whether he is identical with his own mind or not, because he remembered to get something before leaving his house but he didn't feel like it was "him" who remembered it, it felt automatic. A totally valid point (although I still enjoy the hell out of Ricky and Stephen ragging him).

  • FazbearKing 87
    FazbearKing 87 11 months ago

    I really like the sound of an evil karl

  • TomTucker
    TomTucker 11 months ago

    Karl is a philosophical genius.
    Only he doesn't realise it.

  • claymore2k1
    claymore2k1 11 months ago

    Joe Rogan, Carls doppelgänger

  • Ben Packham
    Ben Packham 11 months ago

    😂 Christ,Steve and Ricky are so mean to him!!

    • Liam Dunphy
      Liam Dunphy 6 months ago

      And that is what made them tick

  • Corn hole Poo sock

  • Mr Snrub
    Mr Snrub Year ago +3

    2 Karls?? Awsome, dubble fun 👍👍

  • Amber Beam
    Amber Beam Year ago +2

    Years later Karl Pilkington presents “Sick of it.”

  • Cornelius Throckmorton

    Hey Ricky, does that mean Phillip K. Dick, Dostoyevsky, etc. are all idiots as well?

  • don't care
    don't care Year ago

    New series coming soon! Karl Pilkington "sick of it" on sky 1. Starts in 2 weeks lads. Your welcome. You'll understand the relevance after you watch the ad.

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis Year ago

    See the episode "Schizoid Man" from The Prisoner, where the people in charge send in a doppleganger who acts and reacts exactly as No.6 with the intention of breaking down his sense of self. Karl is spot on. Sorry Ricky.

  • Nick Magee - Brown

    They've just got their arse stuck together. A Karl Classic.

  • Joseph Marrison
    Joseph Marrison Year ago

    It happened on Too Many Pinkie Pies Ricky.

  • DustnDunlap
    DustnDunlap Year ago +1

    Karl is absolutely correct here

  • Arsenio Jr Sabate
    Arsenio Jr Sabate Year ago +1

    Karl was actually right. Its like the movie Oblivion of Tom Cruise.

  • Randy Hose
    Randy Hose Year ago +1

    • Mamamew TheRani
      Mamamew TheRani Year ago +1

      I was about to say "That's exactly what I was thinking," but then I realised that it would sound like a joke because of the context.

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago +6

    I wish Ricky would stop saying Karl is stupid. He gets so scathing and abusive. He doesn't laugh with him, he laughs at him in a mean-spirited way.

    • Liam Dunphy
      Liam Dunphy 6 months ago

      Ricky has called Karl a genius on multiple occasions....stop taking it so seriously

  • Liam Gradwell
    Liam Gradwell Year ago +2

    The concept of the question is questioning whether you were the clone or not, because you would both have the same appearance, memories and personalities. Ricky would not get Black Mirror, where as Karl is on Charlie Brooker’s level.

  • MyoclonicJerkCough

    2:34 I've thought of this... and my clones wouldn't put up it with it any more than I would... we'd have to alternate days of the week we go to work or do shit errands. And if you have a clone for each day of the week it's not cost effective anymore. We'd all have to have different jobs and then it would just be 5 people living together. If you have sex with your clone with the lights off just because you both know exactly what you want and it's more efficient, and you know neither will fall in love, is it masturbating?

  • Isaac W
    Isaac W Year ago +1

    plot of moon

  • Leo Darnell
    Leo Darnell Year ago +2

    Karl struggles to explain his thoughts but he's not stupid at all.
    if he didn't have learning difficulties he'd come across as quite genius.

  • Joel Livesley
    Joel Livesley Year ago +4

    It needs to be clarified whether it's a clone or a doppelganger, if it's a clone you know it's a copy and you are the real one, however if you meet the doppelganger without any prior knowledge that you'd be cloned you would question whether you're the real one

  • wt8012
    wt8012 Year ago

    "How would I know which one I was?"

  • Florp
    Florp Year ago

    Karl is right though, how does he know if he is really a clone or not? I mean, if he is an exact replica, then what would happen is they would both have the same memories. As far as Karl would know, he would be a clone, with all of the other Karl's memories. It's a genius response, and I honestly believe Karl is far smarter than credit would be given.

  • BioHazardous Brony

    Oh my god I love this.

  • The Beast
    The Beast Year ago +3

    Karl was making a good, but somewhat poorly worded, point here. Ricky was definitely in the wrong, which is funny considering he studied Philosophy...

  • Mr_StephenB
    Mr_StephenB Year ago +2

    I get what Karl is saying. If you had a doppelgänger who had the same memories as you then how could you say that you aren't the doppelgänger yourself?

  • Rear
    Rear Year ago

    I would fuck my self, it's not gay, it masturbation

  • Noah Alden
    Noah Alden Year ago +1

    Karl has great ideas and just constantly words them wrong

  • spyrolad
    spyrolad Year ago +2

    as always karl made a really good point

  • Charlotte Rae
    Charlotte Rae Year ago

    Karl is so smart though why does that not make sense to anyone else? If the doppelgänger has all his memories up until the moment he got cloned how would either of them know which one was the real Karl? Because they’d both think they were the real Karl?

  • TheDescendingChaos

    Ricky is such an asshole. Karl tends to make some fair points and Ricky just acts as if they're the stupidest thoughts ever.

    • kraken589
      kraken589 Year ago

      TheDescendingChaos it’s because he’s so bad at explaining things.

  • Red Forman
    Red Forman Year ago +14

    This is my favourite Pilkington quote of all time: "How would I know which one I was." It sounds retarded, but in reality is quite profound. Would you know if it was reality or a dream? It's right on that line that separates genius and insanity.

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago

      I think I know which side of the line Karl is on.

  • Xion Zalboa
    Xion Zalboa Year ago +11

    This reminds me of Oneyplays argument on clones but significantly more civilized

    • bread gineer
      bread gineer 4 months ago

      @firered sk ricky plays with mates

    • firered sk
      firered sk 4 months ago

      @bread gineer wait....
      A hard headed clumsy boy with a heart of gold
      A whats his face kind of guy with weird hobbies and probably gay
      And the funnier one who youre not so sure if he was kidding or not but is funny anyways
      OMG is the same show!

    • bread gineer
      bread gineer Year ago +2

      ding dong = karl

    • Obsidiron Pumicia
      Obsidiron Pumicia Year ago +1


  • ShadowPa1adin
    ShadowPa1adin Year ago +10

    In which Karl Pilkington accurately describes "The Clone Saga" from 90's Spiderman comics.

  • Shusui
    Shusui Year ago +6

    Karl has a point but I think what Ricky and Steve are saying is that Karl has the memory of the inbetween time in which the doppelganger was cloned and the clone doesn't. They weren't talking about the same thing.

  • Rob Vel
    Rob Vel Year ago +269

    Karl was actually right lol

    • Greig91
      Greig91 9 months ago +2

      @Andrew Bowman The way Karl words it is kind of odd because you would of course always know that you are you, for the reason that you stated.

      But how would you know that you hadn't just been created as a clone and plopped in front of the TV with all of the original's memories? If all of your memories are potentially fake then you can't trust them. That's the dilemma. You wouldn't be able to know if you were the original you, or the copy.
      It's easy to say that you'd know because you've been here all along, but you're only basing that on the memories of your life experiences. If you think about it from the clone's perspective they have been given all of the same memories, and as such will also be 100% certain that they have lived your life, even though they haven't. Their perspective is identical to your own.

    • Andrew Bowman
      Andrew Bowman Year ago

      If you're sat at home watching telly, and your doppelganger walks in, you'd still know which one was you. Considering that we see things through our own eyes, we would always know who we were.

    • None
      None Year ago +2

      Yeah I agree with him but a better way of putting it is: "How would I know if I was the original or the clone?"

    • Battam
      Battam Year ago +6

      I always felt like Ricky and Steve got too caught up in laughing at Karl. Karl obviously meant if the doppelganger thought he was real too then he couldn't be sure hes right. Kinda like that Schwarzenegger movie no one remembers.
      Edit; "The Sixth Day" just popped up on my Netflix, no word of a lie. Actually fucking creepy. But it was the one I was trying to remember.

    • Ophan Incorporated
      Ophan Incorporated Year ago +2

      Rob Vel But the fact Karl later asks if he can see what his Doppelganger sees and then declares that it isn't a Doppelganger based on that fact makes his point invalid as he obviously didn't understand the question. If anything he's just convoluted the question making it harder to answer. Assuming that Karl would react like a normal human and just answer rather than polluting the question with extra details and conditions was a fantasy. The only way they'd rectify this really is if Steve and Ricky had clarified and made up something like Karl often does and said the clone would Liquefy or cease to exist as opposed to continuing to exist. I doubt they meant he's there for a day then continues to live life with the real Karl.

  • Stu Wilkes
    Stu Wilkes Year ago


  • Bartleby the Scribener

    In Seattle, q13 news has a karl doppelganger.

  • Daniel Black
    Daniel Black Year ago +121

    When Karl says "how would I know which one I was?" , he means to say he wouldn't know if he was the original or the clone. He could only know that if their memories diverged prior to cloning. Ricky misinterprets the question to mean: how would I know which one i was from a first person perspective. Obviously 'Karl' will know who he is based on his conscious experience, he just might not know if he is the original or the copy depending on the cloning process.

    • david wood
      david wood 3 months ago


    • Britannic hayyomatt
      Britannic hayyomatt 3 months ago

      @Writeous0ne Well yes, maybe. You may know that you're literally (in literal terms) the REAL one. And within that situation then yes because you would know that you're the real one.

      However my point was that Karl may not have been literal. When you think about it his argument was more existential... It was more like "how could you PROVE which one was real", as in "how would you know that you're not a clone because you're identical, you would feel real" or "what is reality or conscience" he just worded it badly. Although I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Writeous0ne
      Writeous0ne 3 months ago

      @Britannic hayyomatt you'd still know you were you though, as i've said before it's not a situation where you wake up and there's two of you, it's a situation where you choose to hang out with a doppleganger... you still know you're you, the doppleganger might think he's the real one BUT you'd KNOW you're the real one. sick of explaining this tbh

    • Britannic hayyomatt
      Britannic hayyomatt 3 months ago

      @Oliver Devine I agree. I completely agree.

      My comment was from Karl's point of view.
      Karl only has what he knows and he doesn't know a lot. To KARL, sight is important and one of the only ways to understand the world. And to KARL a fish thinks like a person.

    • Oliver Devine
      Oliver Devine 3 months ago

      @Britannic hayyomatt I think most blind people know they're alive so sight isn't important to humans to they're alive, also a fish being translucent probably has no affect on it at all seeing as most fish don't have a sense of self, and would never see their own body anyway in their natural environment

  • L M
    L M Year ago +50

    Karl’s point is actually brilliant. Even if the real Karl watched them clone him with his own eyes, the clone would have this memory too! The clone Karl will have all his memories, and truly believe he is the real Karl. So the real Karl and clone Karl will remember the event in the same way. Meaning the real Karl could be clone Karl and vice versa.

    • Antenna2heaven
      Antenna2heaven Year ago

      insecure bully that needs to put down others to feel good

    • Jorik Van de Kamp
      Jorik Van de Kamp Year ago

      Butttt. If iT was like a cloning machine the clone stepped out of, the clone would have memory of him stepping out of the cloning machine in first person and third person! And the original Karl would know hes the original because he saw the Guy stepping out

    • L M
      L M Year ago +2

      For anyone interested in this stuff, watch a film called “Moon”. The main character is called Sam Bell if it helps you find it! Great film

  • Startale Productions
    Startale Productions Year ago +10

    To be honest Karl has a really interesting point. I don’t know why Ricky always criticizes almost anything Karl says. But that’s just me.

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago

      The problem with Karl is his thinking is so far outside the box it can't find it's way back.

    • nochtczar
      nochtczar Year ago +2

      Project One Productions that's just the kind of friends they are. I wish I had a buddy that close that we could just shit on each other all the time and be best buds

  • CallMeFreakFujiko
    CallMeFreakFujiko Year ago +20

    I don't know why, but seeing cartoon Karl's doppelganger punch a random old man is killing me!

  • beobe99
    beobe99 Year ago +2

    It sounds like a Stupid and VERY funny question "How would I know which one I was?".... But it's actually pretty deep.. An exact Clone of yourself IS you.. Sure, you can tell yourself "I'm me", but an exact copy of you would be thinking the same thing. You could challenge "yourself" to some private Qs., but "you" would always know the answer.. So what the F*uck - WHICH ONE AM I!!!!

  • dutty sushi
    dutty sushi Year ago +41

    I understand this completely… the clone would be given your memories, so both would have experience of every second leading up to the cloning… spooky shit

  • Brian C
    Brian C Year ago +184

    Ricky really is much more closed-minded than he thinks he is. Karl's question is a common science-fiction premise--rooted in philosophy. Two people are identical with the exact same memories. (Karl even asks if it's just appearance, or also personality.) They can't be sure which one is the original and which one's the duplicate. He'd have found it if he read enough Philip K Dick.

    • Jim Allen
      Jim Allen 3 months ago

      Dave Smith Of course. Karl has made a lot of money by just being himself. It’s all staged and it’s funny as hell. It’s OK because it’s like 3 friends at the pub busting balls. Damn, Karl got a TV series and 2 books out of it. That, my friend, is smart.

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 4 months ago

      Brian C yeah it’s like they want the things he says to be stupid

    • exert2020
      exert2020 5 months ago

      Same idea wad used in the 60s show The Prisoner

    • rafflesia123
      rafflesia123 Year ago +6

      "They can't be sure which one is the original and which one's the duplicate"
      Yeah but that's not what karl said. He said "how would I know which one I was?". He just phrased it badly, which is often why he looks stupider than he is. Karl's question implied that he literally didn't know which one of the two bodies he was inside.

    • Liam Reddish
      Liam Reddish Year ago +1

      Brian C the point is to play dumb to karl so he gets pushed to answer smartly

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George Year ago +82

    I think Ricky and Steve are jealous of Karl’s brain

  • Jono Renton
    Jono Renton Year ago


  • crystalp321
    crystalp321 Year ago +115

    Gervais labels himself as a comedian when Karl is a million times funnier without even trying

    • Mattoafc 789
      Mattoafc 789 3 months ago

      You forgetting that he wrote the office?

    • mark gfgfgfgfg
      mark gfgfgfgfg Year ago +14

      crystalp321 Karls hilarious but give Ricky credit he's a great comedian

    • Harry
      Harry Year ago +22

      A lot of what Karl says is set up by Ricky and Steve though

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith Year ago +244

    "Ow would I know which one I was"

  • The Mexican Animator
    The Mexican Animator 2 years ago +7

    This problem can be easily solved. Ask the Doctor to put a Tattoo on your back that Says: OG. There, problem solved

    • Florp
      Florp Year ago

      So, I see what you mean, like.. Chamber 1 and Chamber 2. Chamber 1 holds the original, and so when the clone is created, a tattoo is placed on both of them, on the original is #1 on the clone is #2. But, that's the thing, the idea is it's is a PERFECT, EXACT, COPY. Aka, anything you change to yourself, he would also change. Though I see what you mean.

    • Graknorke
      Graknorke Year ago

      Surely that leaves you with the same problem of not knowing if you're the clone or not?

    • L M
      L M Year ago

      Yep. Make the clone, then after do the tattoo so it isn’t copied!

    • The Mexican Animator
      The Mexican Animator Year ago

      The doctor doesn´t have to say this before cloning, he just whispers it to the original after the process

    • Graknorke
      Graknorke Year ago

      If this cloning method can copy the state of your brain I think it can copy a tattoo.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +88

    Why the fuck does Karl's answers make sense to me?

    • Dr Robert
      Dr Robert Year ago

      John Smith makes sense to me as well

    • oliver hampshire
      oliver hampshire Year ago +2

      Thomas Alvarez yeah I would have a good argument but couldn’t word it properly, think it’s same with Karl

    • Thomas Alvarez
      Thomas Alvarez Year ago +10

      They are just phrased really badly. I used to do the same with essays great potential, just argued really poorly.

  • ImperialWarhawk123ABC
    ImperialWarhawk123ABC 2 years ago +483

    I am frustrated that ricky thinks that Karl's question is dumb. It's actually a question asked in philosophy classes when talking about the same scenario.How do you know you aren't the clone if both of you have exactly the same memory? Assume they put you asleep and you woke up and there is now a clone of you. and then assume that the clone has exactly the same memories up until you are put to sleep for the cloning process.

    • don't care
      don't care 4 months ago

      The difference is they set the scenario to let karl know which one he is and let him be aware of the fact that one is a doppelganger. They didnt pose it as if he woke up and there was 2 of him in bed with the same memory

    • G-Funk 1
      G-Funk 1 4 months ago

      Oh fuck off! 😂 It was a stupid question no matter what these "philosophers" think or say.

    • Cody Greene
      Cody Greene 4 months ago +2

      Ricky goes out of his way to make Karl look stupid all the time. Karl is actually incredibly smart, he’s just bad at articulation. Ricky looks moronic when he tries really hard to make Karl look dumb.

    • LEGO brick
      LEGO brick 4 months ago

      ImperialWarhawk123ABC you’re dumb

    • Frigwam
      Frigwam 11 months ago +1

      Ricky and Stephen unwittingly being dumber than Karl on occasion is half the fun of this show.

  • cosmicwatchmaker
    cosmicwatchmaker 5 years ago +57

    Ricky thinks "How would I know which one I was?" Is a stupid question so he obviously hasn't watched The sixth Day with Arnie

    • Platurt
      Platurt 4 years ago +5

      @cosmicwatchmaker Ah so that's the name of that movie. Was already wondering for a while.

      And yeah, considering the both have the same memories, that's a pretty smart question.

  • J C
    J C 6 years ago +5

    0:35 best moment in the shows history