How to Install a Harley Davidson Quarter Fairing on a Dyna

  • Published on Aug 25, 2017
  • In this video I show how to install a Harley Davidson Quarter fairing on a Dyna with 49mm forks. I use the Harley mounting kit, quick release clamps, along with the Bung King 49mm adapter.
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  • gdc818
    gdc818 5 days ago

    I have the same fairing on a 2017 street bob and my fairing is not flush with the headlight
    Any ideas bro?

  • xSiNx
    xSiNx 3 months ago

    Wish they made something like this for my Suzuki. Love the way these fairings look.

  • freek von der bengel
    freek von der bengel 5 months ago

    what size is the daymker headlight you are using ? thanks!

  • sliccflip
    sliccflip 7 months ago

    Does this work with softail street bob 2018?

  • Brendan Klein
    Brendan Klein 9 months ago

    Do you have the part number for the Harley mounting kit? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere.

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  9 months ago

      sorry man... I don't know the part number. If this helps.. it's the mounting kit for 39mm and then you need the "bung king" adapter to mount it on a 49mm dyna

  • norm664 !
    norm664 ! 9 months ago

    does the headlamp visor have to be removed to install the fairing? thanks

  • Rolando Gamboa
    Rolando Gamboa 11 months ago

    That would fit on a 2018 Low rider?

  • mulishadelta
    mulishadelta 11 months ago

    What year is your bike? I have a wide glide 2011 and not sure what fairing to get, but I like the look of yours.

    • Thomas Akers
      Thomas Akers Month ago

      I'm thinking this WILL NOT FIT on a Wide Glide because the WG forks are further apart than the forks on the Sportsters this fairing was originally designed for. Be careful to confirm this before you waste the money.

  • Krakaklat
    Krakaklat Year ago

    Hi thank you for your video ! I have had this installed on my low rider s using the bung king brackets. The problem is that I have water entering the headlight compartment when I wash the bike. Do you reckon the headlight should be sealed perfectly ? Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Ian Doll
    Ian Doll Year ago +1

    Quickly turning into one of my favorite channels, I found you when I was looking for info on an 06 dyna I was thinking about buying, keep pumping out great videos like this! I think I've figured my next bike

  • TomWrangler
    TomWrangler Year ago

    Love your videos and looking forward to more. I can't find the link to your other video you suggested to watch and I'm watching on my phone so clicking on the screen doesn't work

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago +1

      Thanks Tom. Appreciate the support. I will work on that link. Also, should have some new videos coming out soon.

  • Cristian Lorca Lozano

    Nice video! I have a question. What is the difference between the Bung King adapter and the HD original? Won't fit the original with the 49mm release clamps? I'm from Spain and here is pretty difficult and expensive to get a fairing and I want to make sure I don't buy any extra stuff. Thanks!

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Thanks for watching. Unfortunately, you will need the Bung King Adapter for 49mm forks. You need both... you need parts from the Harley bracket kit which is made for 39mm and the Bung King adapter. I know... it's an extra $100 US. Not cool Harley!

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Year ago +1

    Nice video.

  • Phil Statzer
    Phil Statzer Year ago +1

    Looks sick. Now just to make sure I'm tracking. HD says this fairing won't fit the dyna. Now is that the point of the bung king? It will fit with the bung king?

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Hey Phil.. that is correct. The bung king adapter allows you to fit the quarter fairing on the 49mm Dyna front end.

  • Connor Shortridge

    I got a damn Indian add before this

  • Kid Rides
    Kid Rides Year ago +1

    Cool video! I actually want to get one of these for my bike!

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Thanks Man! I enjoy riding with my fairing. It definitely makes the ride more enjoyable. Let me know how you like it when you strap one on your bike.

  • Ricardo Davila
    Ricardo Davila Year ago

    When you say Harley mounting kit are you talking about what comes with the fairing?
    And would you happen to know what the part number is for those quick release clamps?

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Hey Ricardo...The "Harley Mounting Kit" is separate from the fairing itself. It comes with all the hardware. Not sure why they sell it separately. Not sure about the part numbers on the clamps, but I bought 3 quick release and one locking. Actually... I happen to have the box from the locking clamp. The part number is- 57400008 I'm sure any Harley parts guy can look these up for you. They also stocked the Bung King 49mm adapter kit at my local Harley.

  • Tim Ruban
    Tim Ruban Year ago

    What turn signal relocstor did you use and what saddle bags are those?

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Rear turn signals are Arlen Ness Direct Mount (Black) and the bags are by Leather Pros.

  • Kris The Kemist
    Kris The Kemist Year ago

    I bought those bars and the throttle grip won't fit onto the bar end. What did you do to fit the grip on?

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Hey Kris, the stock and the after market grips I bought both fit perfectly on the handlebars. Sorry for your trouble brother.

  • Garrett Cook
    Garrett Cook Year ago

    I will be installing my fairing this weekend. I have read about turning the headlight mount 180 degrees and such and have heard people have issues. Did you need to do any of this, or was simply raising the headlight enough?

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Hey Garrett, the block that came with the mount kit raised the light perfectly... I didn't have to do anything special. I will tell you that I tried several different adjustments before getting the fairing in the right position so I didn't get buffeting... so good luck with that. But, in the end I love it...

  • Nicholas Alger
    Nicholas Alger Year ago +1

    Looks rad!

  • MrJeepty
    MrJeepty Year ago +5

    Bike looks good Chainsaw. The link to your other video is broken. I can't find that video anywhere.

    • 28337a
      28337a 13 days ago

      +MDSsystems I beleive it is still uploading with GPRS

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems Month ago +2

      +Granite City Riders still uploading a year later

    • MrJeepty
      MrJeepty Year ago

      Granite City Riders right on boss, I'll keep an eye out for it

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      the other video is still uploading... damn internet! I'll have it up and running soon.

  • Richard Cardone
    Richard Cardone Year ago

    Hey bro, looks like you got "riders tan" on your arms I know I got em on my arms.
    Nice faring but 10x harder install than my Memphis Shades faring.
    Good video keep up the good work.

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      thanks Richard. Ha... damn those hands are blinding right? I haven't installed the Memphis Shades 1/4... I do like the quick release on the Harley version. Makes it super easy to take on and off.

  • Rene Batts
    Rene Batts Year ago

    Nice it looks badass. How much in total did everything come out to I'm thinking about getting one for my 15 street bob. Thanks!

    • Granite City Riders
      Granite City Riders  Year ago

      Retail is $650 for everything. Don't forget to ask your Harley Parts guy for a discount. I bet you can get everything for $550. A lot of Harley dealers stock the Bung king adapter bracket as well. Thanks for watching! I have more videos on the way.. so don't forget to subscribe!