Replace your Laptop... with Something Worse! - iPad Pro 2018

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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    Apple thinks the iPad Pro 2018 is a computer. And it is! Sort of.
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Comments • 7 304

  • no way
    no way 5 hours ago

    Rating? One big middle finger to Apple

  • SillyGuy 1234
    SillyGuy 1234 3 days ago

    Ipad pro more like IPAID PROfit to apple.

  • NateM
    NateM 4 days ago +1

    6:17 foreshadowing lol

  • Arsh Fortnite Playz
    Arsh Fortnite Playz 4 days ago

    To be honest I have the iPad without keyboard or pencil and it feels like a tab with the entire package with os13 annoying for a 2K max laptop replcement

  • MrGloon
    MrGloon 5 days ago

    Let me write a little something as sombody who probably belongs to the main target audience for this device:
    I am a 2D animation and storyboard artist. Baught a used 12.9 iPad pro with 1TB (!!) for a great deal a few months ago. My plan was to use it as an additional device for work aswell as my main privat computer.
    I have to say that I agree with your review 100%!!
    Occasionally I use it to do some storyboards in procreate when i'm out of office or to review some boards and shots. But more ofthen then not I find myself getting frustrated with the limited functionallity of ios (even after the update to ipados). And since I have a imac 5k and wacom cintiq 4k at my studio, I work there most of the time. Also software is an issue, since my aniamtion and storyboard software does not run on ios.
    In the evening at home I actually try to let go of work and relax. Here is where the iPad pro comes in. I actually do enjoy using it at home for my privat E-Mails, Family fotos, browsing and that stuff. The little toy OS gives me a "away" from work feeling. So it basicly replaced my laptop that I used at home completly.
    In conclusion I can only reapeat what Linus already said. It needs macOS or it will just stay a smartphone wiht a bigger screen.

  • Benji 0399
    Benji 0399 6 days ago

    Linus anti persona is just like he always is.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 7 days ago

    At first I thought that was just a regular pencil, then the Dbrand ad started

  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie 7 days ago

    How many times he said "pro"fessional

  • T8PolestarCyan
    T8PolestarCyan 8 days ago

    I guess I'll just wait for another generation of iPad Pro. This gen doesn't have Gold colour so I'll just pass. Another reason is the price tag is very very high! Out of reach compared to my last gen model (or 2).

  • Socalledchaos
    Socalledchaos 9 days ago

    apple..... it's just an expensive toy....

  • Sean S
    Sean S 10 days ago

    >the verge

  • Sean S
    Sean S 10 days ago

    terrible intro skit

  • An Keyri
    An Keyri 13 days ago

    10:58 .. and Apple introduces the iPadOS! Hands down!

  • Kostas Gl
    Kostas Gl 14 days ago

    iPads are fucking awesome but they can replace laptop based on the ducking use of each individual
    Personally I would buy a iPad Pro because I only need for studying and notes I have a another laptop for essays and Thesis etc. 1TB Lenovo it’s does the job

  • Chris
    Chris 15 days ago

    The sad thing is apple is sleeping and increasing prices and making games bigger because it gaves money there. But in the last years they not tune all the apps they have. They only throw out a tiny peace there and watch what the market will do. My satisfaction moves every year more and more down. They talk every year in their presentations from their big houses and cash more, show little kids games makes arcade big, and in my eyes stop everything on pro apps. No wonderful numbers or something else. Photos really gets an update now, but before the change from the old to the new photos where without taking your photo albums with you. You had to recreate everything on your own. Customers say nothing at that time because they where inspired from the last years of improvements.. but now windows is coming with great products and they give you sidecar. Seems like it’s just a ninja move to microsoft, it’s not the old detail beloved apple bummer we had the years before. I think Microsoft will catch a lot mac customers now, and apple will now again make improvements to hold that customers.. makes that sense?

  • Robert Harvey
    Robert Harvey 17 days ago

    if iPadOS had FCPX it would 100% replace my mbp...

  • Waren
    Waren 20 days ago

    You wot mate

  • The LEGO maker
    The LEGO maker 21 day ago

    What's you problem with apple?!?!

  • Sourav Datta
    Sourav Datta 22 days ago

    File manager done... Support for external storage done... Better external display support check... Keyboard and mouse support activated... Pencil works Gr8... IPad angle is perfect... Headphone jack is almost extinct.. U can buy a adapter... Pro... 12x biochip, amazing display, Gr8 multitasking, amazing battery life, faster than majority laptops on the market, portable, good front camera for FaceTime.....not true for a small percentage of ppl... Look at the Sales...Even if u take the no of ipads just bought by college students its sales is more than any tablet sold... Dont need to buy a laptop for a 11 inch IPad pro for 64 gb with Logitech slim folio keyboard and good online for 900 bucks on Amazon... Happy with it

  • Sourav Datta
    Sourav Datta 22 days ago

    It replaced my laptop for me🙏

  • Hello Buddy
    Hello Buddy 24 days ago +1

    IPad Pro max has joined the chat

  • Luis Krotz
    Luis Krotz 26 days ago

    Why complain abou headphone jacks, they are dead. If you need an headphone jack buy windows 98. Is really that simple.

  • sct11s45
    sct11s45 27 days ago

    A touch laptop is useless because the size of icons, buttons, text, etc is way too small for fingers. iPad apps are optimized for using fingers... because they make shit bigger. For example I make music on my computer and iPad, but even on my 32” FHD screen, the software can make things look pretty small. I can’t imagine using that same software on a 12” device. It would be minuscule. Apps on the iPad, through, are sized properly so you don’t end up just using a mouse and squinting your eyes.

  • Marcio Rivera
    Marcio Rivera 27 days ago

    Lost me when you bitched about the headphone jack. Stop being a hater linus.

  • Arnov Jakaria
    Arnov Jakaria 28 days ago +1

    Naah bad product

  • Tasha Godspell
    Tasha Godspell 29 days ago

    I like how the screen flexes under Riley's fingers, something that is tested further over at JerryRigEverything

  • omar arreola
    omar arreola Month ago

    This is still a tablet. And I would rather have a force touch trackpad than this. I can play games on the iPhone.

  • Rob Richard
    Rob Richard Month ago

    Surface pro for stylus experience especially for note taking is soo much better

    • Sourav Datta
      Sourav Datta 22 days ago

      IPad pro with paper like screen protector is way better... My opinion

  • Dustin Wedding
    Dustin Wedding Month ago

    Is there going to be a new look at the ipad pro when the Ipad OS comes out?

  • jack Chang
    jack Chang Month ago

    I don't know, but your intro gives me an impression that brand isn't such a good choice for people valuing good apple pencil magnetism

  • gadhar anda duru beta
    gadhar anda duru beta Month ago +1

    this video was actually done to criticise the ipad pro especially apple.I hate apple by the way(they charge too much)but obviousely the ipad pro is the only device worth the many they is rreally fast you didnt even mention 120 hz is gotta admit it.the battery took the space obviousely its almost 10000mah!

    • Zagica
      Zagica Month ago

      Learn how to write english first.

  • legendoftheland
    legendoftheland Month ago

    I can swear on this comment that apple doesnt replace their macbooks in the office with ipad pros.

  • Max
    Max Month ago

    Literally just a bigger iPhone, surface pro is by far the best and greatest tablet laptop created

  • Tom Myers
    Tom Myers Month ago

    Why does this shit channel keep coming up for me over and over?

  • theunited broes
    theunited broes Month ago

    This video needs an update

    IHAVENOLIFE 5 Month ago

    7:11 I go to an ipad school and the only teacher who doesn’t use an ipad is my art teacher.

  • B R Pawan Kumar Iyengar

    The main thing is IPad is very durable.... it lasts for years

  • MacBookUser _
    MacBookUser _ Month ago +2

    Replace Austin Evans... with something worse! 2018 Linus

  • Anderson Zhang
    Anderson Zhang Month ago

    iPad Pros do have 4 more CPU cores than the Surface Pro, though. I mean, in a nutshell, if you're going budget, get a Surface Pro. If you demand high amounts of storage, than you get an iPad Pro.

  • Douglas Marinini
    Douglas Marinini Month ago

    They should optimise MacOS to work as well with a touch input instead of only with mouse and keyboard... It would be a versatile OS and could be used for Macs and iPads...

  • Second Unit Aerials
    Second Unit Aerials Month ago +1

    Apple leads the way in poor quality hardware, using a time delay fuse called software. OOW and bam. Failure.

  • Chroma Drill
    Chroma Drill Month ago

    I literally thought I was going through a youtube ad

  • Yuri Grigsby
    Yuri Grigsby Month ago +1

    *iPad OS has joined the chat.

  • TheMiningTeam
    TheMiningTeam Month ago

    As someone who has had an iPad Pro 10.5 inch for 6 months now, I feel it's best for media consumption and drawing for a hobby. As someone who's only other experience drawing is a $50 Wacom tablet, being able to see what I draw as I draw and being able to see my hand too makes drawing much easier for me. Also, I take my iPad wherever I go, because it's smaller than a laptop and good for RU-clip, and if I feel the need to draw something, I can.

  • neai aoidan
    neai aoidan Month ago

    There can't be a headphone jack because the product margin would be 3 cent lower

  • Conan Zhang
    Conan Zhang Month ago

    U ruined the moment with your sponsorship transition

  • Joseph Butarbutar
    Joseph Butarbutar Month ago

    that roller coaster tycoon sound effect tho

  • Ewan8bit
    Ewan8bit Month ago

    Well Linus the I pad pen doesn't have pressure sensitivity Which to some Artisits is a very important feature and any way these days you can buy huion screen tablets for like £300 so there's not much point

  • Ali Azam
    Ali Azam Month ago

    Who else thought that an apple ad was playing until 0:20

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje Month ago +1

    The Surface Pro is way better and really productive...

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro Month ago +2

    Apple lives in a fool's paradise.

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro Month ago +4

    Apple is just slow in innovating. iOS is a joke. iOS is a jukebox of what you are not allowed to do rather than what you can do using it.

  • Pranto Ghosh
    Pranto Ghosh 2 months ago

    I bought the iPad Air 3 cuz I didn’t want my iPad to get folded in half

  • nasstasjiap
    nasstasjiap 2 months ago +1

    I wonder what’s the Apple Pencil cover you have on... thanks for your great work!!!

  • Crimson Rain
    Crimson Rain 2 months ago

    Watching from my tablet

  • Thecrew RD
    Thecrew RD 2 months ago

    Actually i like my iPad but i cant replace my laptop with this, it feels slow to exactly what i want

  • Barry Jewell
    Barry Jewell 2 months ago +1

    Hmmm, Pad OS solves a lot of the issues you’ve just spoken about....

  • shaesham
    shaesham 2 months ago

    I liked the way you said "brand managers".

  • David Boyd
    David Boyd 2 months ago

    My 6th gen iPad mini has a headphone and jack 😍😊

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York 2 months ago

    I’m sorry