Replace your Laptop... with Something Worse!

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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    Apple thinks the iPad Pro 2018 is a computer. And it is! Sort of.
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Comments • 7 113

  • AllenSeeAllenDo
    AllenSeeAllenDo 3 hours ago

    RU-clip gave me this as a suggestion before Linus’s original videos. #fuck

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 4 hours ago

    pro-fessional programming isn't possible on an ipad

  • Ahmad Rashed
    Ahmad Rashed Day ago

    When you're comparing $1250 to $1450, is the windows 10 vs iOS experience worth the $200? PS: I own no tablets

  • Praetor918
    Praetor918 Day ago

    linus vids more funnier than a paid comedy show and more informational than a class at harvard

  • TheHollow Knight

    no built-in terminal:(

  • SemiMono
    SemiMono 3 days ago +2

    I have a co-worker who builds next gen services that run in the cloud... On his Microsoft Surface. I know for a fact the iPad cannot do what he was doing. As in, I know of some low level software incompatibilities that prevent iOS from being used for this. He's very happy using his surface for the task.

  • Cat Teenager
    Cat Teenager 3 days ago

    The only thing cool about this video is that ltt skin

  • Jerryc 17
    Jerryc 17 3 days ago +1

    After 2 or 3 years your gonna notice that iPad pro slowing down

  • Bas
    Bas 3 days ago

    Waiting for iOS 13. Hoping it will get more a laptop replacement

  • Alexander Van Nevel
    Alexander Van Nevel 3 days ago

    Macro keys would solve the problem period.

  • mark272
    mark272 4 days ago

    A Apple Pencil 1 nice idiot

  • Saurav Jain
    Saurav Jain 4 days ago

    PETA hates this video.

  • Qi Genius
    Qi Genius 4 days ago +2

    You forgot that iPad 'Pro' can fold like a paper :)

    • Spanish Mapper
      Spanish Mapper 4 days ago +2

      I use that feature to put it in my pocket

  • prathamesh ghatol
    prathamesh ghatol 4 days ago

    No it can't

  • Jesse Mitchell
    Jesse Mitchell 4 days ago

    I totally replaced my laptop with one of these and I actually don’t regret it. Mouse support would be nice I guess, but That’s the only thing I miss, and I barely do.

    • blackice214
      blackice214 4 days ago +1

      Yea you are not a professional, for us the ipad is far off from viable,,,the surface pro actually works but apple needs to figure things out quick...last year was not so good for them.

  • Hei Nu Chung
    Hei Nu Chung 5 days ago

    I love apple but the truth is that a chromebook could take over for a regular all device. Especially for the elderly it is simple and cheap.

  • Δ わるよ歩み
    Δ わるよ歩み 5 days ago +1

    basically the iPad Pro can only replace your laptop if you're a fucking normie that just scrolls through facebook and play (MOBILE) games
    It has it's uses for artists, but keyboard shortcuts really make it for TRUE professionals.

  • Samuel Malave
    Samuel Malave 6 days ago

    It’s disappointing that the tablet itself CAN do everything we want from a full laptop and tablet but the software/Apple’s restrictions keep it from doing so

  • Autumn Raine
    Autumn Raine 6 days ago

    Nah, tried a Surface Pro and returned it within a week. Windows sucks just as much as your channel

    • AL1V3
      AL1V3 7 hours ago

      Who said to leave your flock

  • Calvin Coolridge
    Calvin Coolridge 6 days ago

    The mouse vs finger part doesn't make sense. How can you say it's "like a chimp" to touch the screen when going for the mouse, your hand has to travel the same amount AND THEN Travel to go to the point on the screen you want to click. Touching the screen is a lot more intuitive and way less travel time.

  • Calvin Coolridge
    Calvin Coolridge 6 days ago

    This dude try his hardest to talk shit 😭

    • AL1V3
      AL1V3 7 hours ago

      Still rather get a laptop tho

  • Jason Last
    Jason Last 6 days ago

    The intro was the best part to this video.

  • kmd subs
    kmd subs 6 days ago

    Thank you, so glad he made the point about productivity. You're always going to be slower (much slower) using a tablet. Always. Now, if you have a small workload, or just don't mind moving at a snails pace (or, at least when compared to working on a desktop computer), then sure, maybe the iPad prod is good for you. But for everyone else, you would be wasting a lot of your companies time trying to use something like this as your only computer and if you were my employee, I would never approve it.

  • Vasee karan
    Vasee karan 7 days ago +1

    Biased. Not surprised though🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki 10 days ago

    Im a laptop pc user and bought the Ipad pro ONLY to draw, since yes, it is superior to the surface pro in those regards, having said that, Im fully aware of those vultures from Apple trying to own me by limiting my right to hook an external hd, fuck ´em...

  • Westy
    Westy 11 days ago

    TL;DW If you aren't an artist, don't get this

  • 白いバラ
    白いバラ 11 days ago

    Still fun looking back on this. Reminded of just how craptastical Apple's 'forward' thinking is. iPad still being an overpriced upscaled iPhone.
    Just get a Surface Pro if you want a legit powerful 'Tablet PC' thats capable of actually handling professional workloads ... also gets an actual keyboard! for a stupid price admittedly. Also isn't restricted by Apples asinine eco-system.
    Or for Pros, we'll just buy Wacom mobilestudios or Surface Pro's ... because one, Wacom is just vastly superior when it comes to precise Stylus offerings and two, the Surface Pro can do everything the iPad can do, just a whole lot better, nicer screen too!

  • ImHikaruCat
    ImHikaruCat 12 days ago

    This iPad is for "Pro"fessional Starbuckers

  • Bogdan Lazar
    Bogdan Lazar 12 days ago

    Apple's fav. song: Hit the road, JACK

  • rabote007
    rabote007 13 days ago

    Yes you guys live in a nerd bubble. I just got my ipad mini worrying if id do the laptop job just to realise the apps and programs i use for my company actually smash my desktop performace,. Things i was using apps which are actually optimised for ipads and phones. Evenote, gmail, notes, invoice 2 go , photos , all are much better integrated and interconected on my multitasking ad mini, .... and i stick it on my windshield... yes youtubers want 2 convert 500 videos at 400k bla bla blah. .... but for business men and merchants having this power , battery portabilty, .. is the most powerfull experience to my company that any device has ever made me feel,

  • Elie Santos
    Elie Santos 14 days ago

    I can hear someone's laughing in the ad transition haha

  • Sander169
    Sander169 14 days ago

    9:36 so its again a wannabe pro device or basically just a expesive toy.

  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch 14 days ago

    PROfessional Linux User

  • Beau Tobler
    Beau Tobler 14 days ago

    Amazing Editing

  • 龍
     14 days ago

    Apple is not worth 1 Billion Dollars,
    rather worth an amoebas shit pile.
    I hope you will fall sooner than later, Apple. Also the hordes of zombies alongside with you.
    also FUCK APPLE

  • Tobias Sørensen
    Tobias Sørensen 14 days ago


  • Anderson Zhang
    Anderson Zhang 15 days ago +2

    Apple is losing the rivalry against the surface pro. First of all, I remember the surface as the laptop/tablet with a kickstand. The iPad also needs mouse support and has to run on Mac OS. What I'm trying to say is, Apple has to turn the iPad into the Surface Pro of MacBooks.

    Also, Why can't Apple allow companies like HP, Dell, ASUS, or gaming companies like iBUYPOWER, Alienware, CYBERPOWERPC, or any other company make towers with Mac OS? WTF Apple? I always thought you were better than Microsoft but then you turned the iPad into THIS lump of bull. The iPad needs improvement.

    • Richie Hyacinth
      Richie Hyacinth 12 days ago

      Proprietary software that would probably be licensed for an ass ton, and Apple knows that the hardware integration into their software suite is the primary factor keeping them on top of the game.

  • thedognextdoor
    thedognextdoor 16 days ago

    It’s not meant to change a laptop 🙄

  • Hamz
    Hamz 17 days ago

    Hopefully iOS 13 should change some of the frustrations

  • Colin Cosgrove
    Colin Cosgrove 17 days ago

    I’m sorry but, it’s not fair to mark not having a touchscreen against the MacBooks, then complain that the iPad only has a touchscreen. At least suggest that the Smart Keyboard has a trackpad or something like that!

  • BoltMix
    BoltMix 17 days ago

    I just love the XBOX ONE S comparion that they made
    *"Hey guys it's as strong as a console that came out in 2013 and that costs 3 times less money"*

    • Hans von Hansens
      Hans von Hansens 6 days ago

      BoltMix The XBox One S came out in 2016. And the iPads size us just like 1/100 of the Xbox und it runs on battery, without any active cooling. In my opinion thats worth a comparison.

  • GyanPrakash
    GyanPrakash 17 days ago +1

    PRO - Fessional Assholes use iPad Pro

  • whatever
    whatever 18 days ago

    Tbh I'll just buy it because I want a really good tablet

  • MyNameAZeus
    MyNameAZeus 18 days ago

    I'm actually switching from a surface pro 3 to an iPad pro 11 inch

  • whatever
    whatever 18 days ago

    Anyone know the song from the parody intro?

  • Lucerna Studios
    Lucerna Studios 19 days ago

    I do think the drawing experience is better on the iPad than the surface devices, but it's too expensive to be just a supplementary drawing tablet...

  • Screen Queen
    Screen Queen 19 days ago

    the answer to new ipad gimmicks is compromise. you won't enjoy a device if you don't compromise and learn gestures, shortcuts and its advantages.

  • Jefferson Bote
    Jefferson Bote 19 days ago +2

    LTT always biased when it comes to apple products

  • Greg K
    Greg K 20 days ago

    Thanks for presenting an alternative and much food for thought on this decision. Very well done video.

  • Wi vieuw
    Wi vieuw 20 days ago

    can cool replace your laptop. yeah if you are doing cool stuff

  • Ray Von
    Ray Von 20 days ago

    Ipad is a joke when you talk about productivity.

  • micah
    micah 21 day ago

    Hmm feel like the A12X Bionic chip is more powerful than that i5... but tbh I'm gonna stick to a notebook.. for a while haha

  • M M
    M M 21 day ago +3

    Surface pro is the best 🔥

  • Milita Andrei
    Milita Andrei 21 day ago

    As somewhat of an artist, I can say that the iPad Pro is a good addition for my Macbook Pro as my sketching, editing and media cumsoption setup when I'm out and about. But for serious work, nothing can beat a 24" or 32" Wacom Cintiq Pro with a powerful Windows workstation.

  • Circuits and Cigars
    Circuits and Cigars 22 days ago

    Apple needs to create a professional IOS that supports external files and call it PadOS as someone suggested

  • Adonmasters
    Adonmasters 23 days ago

    The audio is too heavy on the right channel in this vid

    • Josh Andrews
      Josh Andrews 21 day ago

      It seemed fine for me. Check the stereo settings on your own device.

  • Folky
    Folky 23 days ago

    > 2k19
    > still complaining about 3.5 jack

    • Shawn Steuer
      Shawn Steuer 23 days ago

      Can’t use professional headphones = dumb

  • Adrian Cygan
    Adrian Cygan 23 days ago

    Let's be honest it's just a bigger iPhone

  • Tim McDermid
    Tim McDermid 25 days ago

    The Surface is the only tablet that is truly useful as a computer and as a tablet. The Surface Go's next couple generations will ultimately kill the iPad

  • Josue Calancha
    Josue Calancha 25 days ago

    iOs is a problem.

  • Jabcolby
    Jabcolby 26 days ago +3

    I thought this was an add until I saw the ltt logo on the iPad

  • SuperMarioMC98
    SuperMarioMC98 26 days ago +1

    Linus : talks about how the ipad pro is good for artists
    Samsung chromebook pro : hold my beer

  • The XP Guy
    The XP Guy 26 days ago

    dang the big ipad pro is bigger than my last laptop

  • EmptySpace
    EmptySpace 26 days ago

    And it also bends!

  • RaveN._.EDM
    RaveN._.EDM 26 days ago +17

    as a student its ok. I have a PC at home but use the ipad to take notes and online textbooks because it's hard using my phone. When I need a PC, I just wait till I get home and use my desktop. Could have bought a laptop but I didn't need one most of the time plus I hated writing notes on paper. Its bulky and I like the way I can resize, move, completely erase stuff, and sync my notes to my phone

    • Dale3887
      Dale3887 3 days ago +1

      +9pm Till1Come I have both and I absolutely hate the surface. Granted mine is the Pro 4 so it may have improved since then but the surface pro 4 I have with the i7 and 16gb of ram throttles to the point of being almost unusable for being so slow. Maybe I got a bad apple I don't know. All I know is I love my Ipad pro and I hate my surface. I would take my Ipad Pro anyday over the surface. I use it daily as a student to take notes. The file system is not an issue for me. I can do everything without needing access to it.

    • 9pm Till1Come
      9pm Till1Come 24 days ago +1

      Everything you said can be accomplished on a Surface Pro (and more). That was his point. Until Apple unlocks the file system, an iPad is a very expensive media consumption device.

  • Michael Blondeau
    Michael Blondeau 26 days ago

    Nobody actually takes the iPad seriously as a productivity machine! It’s basically a glorified movie player!

  • philipooi94
    philipooi94 27 days ago

    Something he said there is completely true, apple is selling products based on their vision of the future and what the product "could" do, not exactly what it "should" do or the thing actually being a good product. I mean its a good tablet but it can't replace an actual laptop just yet

  • Hussein Saker
    Hussein Saker 27 days ago

    Try hard

  • Richard Soper
    Richard Soper 27 days ago

    I could absolutely see myself replacing my MacBook with an iPad Pro except for one massive gap. I CANT WRITE CODE ON AN IPAD. At least not without making major sacrifices, and changes to my workflow. Thats the main reason I cannot give up a MacBook.

  • Keoki johnson
    Keoki johnson 28 days ago +3

    This is my point. Thank you! I need to attach to external media like drives and sd cards at the same time.
    I. Med a real.keyboard to type documents longer than a text. And I want a chicklet keyboard or better.

  • VanMan 23
    VanMan 23 28 days ago +18

    Honestly, Apple shouldn't advertise the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. Most professionals today would alway prefer a standard laptop with a keyboard and trackpad. The only demographic the iPad Pro can appeal to are people who need it specifically for drawing. That will eventually change in the futures as the younger generation gets older and become professionals, and they will go for an iPad for work because that's their main computer growing up.
    For now though, Apple should be advertising it as a laptop alternative, not replacement. It's a small change in wording but makes a significant difference in rhetoric to where it's accurate. Laptops will always have their strengths. They can do more precise tasks, use expandable storage, type a 10 page essay, and so on. However, the iPad can do most of those tasks, just in a different way; it's a matter of whether you are willing to adjust to it. If you do decide to adjust to it, you get more features with an iPad like scanning documents, writing notes, drawing directly on the screen, seeing augmented reality, and much more. In addition, you get a better experience of web browsing, watching videos and playing games, which is what most people do on their computers anyway.
    Overall, the 2018 iPad Pro is, by far, the best tablet ever created which wasn't really a question to begin with. Android tablets pretty much fall flat. The Google Pixel Slate is a joke. Microsoft's Surface Pro is more of a laptop because it relies more on mouse than touch, and it falls short on being a good tablet. However, if you are willing to commit to it, the iPad Pro can be a somewhat good laptop alternative as well, and that's enough to make it a good purchase.

    • Wojtas!
      Wojtas! 11 days ago

      Or you could just get a Yoga and have an awesome tablet experience + full Windows 10. When you account for iPad's keyboard, even it's weight isn't that much less, at slightly over 1 kg, where Yoga series stands at 1.1 - 1.4 kg, depending on the model.

    • coffka
      coffka 22 days ago +1

      But if you want to animate thats where the ipad falls for some

    • nicko 97
      nicko 97 24 days ago

      I did year 11 of high school using just a iPad mini instead of MacBook air to type print and access school servers to save files and do presentations

  • Rhaegar
    Rhaegar 29 days ago

    Omg i love the intro

    PCCSI 29 days ago +1

    My sister got an iPad Pro and is an artist. She uses is it for fashion design and she really likes it. When she got it, she actually said that I was "outdated" for REFUSING to adapt to the knew and accept that this was a laptop replacement. But, she's an artist and I happen to be the tech guy. Personally I cannot see a world where the current iPad could replace ur laptop. The problem is Apple refuses to let it. Instead of improving iOS to make it more like a computer, hence probing their claim, they're removing essential PC features and COMPLETELY handicapping this device for literally ANYONE THAT DOES MORE THAN ART AND CONTENT CONSUMPTION! The only reason I recommended the iPad Pro to her was because, like u said, no other company has matched it's Pencil and she wanted Art. Basically, for people other than artist and content consumers, this will never replace a laptop unless Apply seriously decides to change their attitude from "Let's not displace the Macbook" to "Let's give consumers their money's worth and the best experience "

  • StealthHunter
    StealthHunter 29 days ago

    Procreate is amazing on it. But it needs its own OS if they’re aren’t willing to put Max OS on it.

  • KindredGh0st
    KindredGh0st 29 days ago

    Maga. Make Apple great again.

  • Mark Ham
    Mark Ham Month ago +1

    Maybe I just don't get it, but I have 2 tablets, a Nexus 7 2013 and a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 inch. I don't find them to be anything more than cute little toys for the toilet or in bed. I have a OnePlus phone for when I'm out and need to look up things or what have you.

  • Thi Henry
    Thi Henry Month ago +8

    Here come Apple fanboy making 20 videos why you are wrong.

    • gsomslayer
      gsomslayer 26 days ago +2

      so.. twenty blank videos?

  • Sanjay Gosain
    Sanjay Gosain Month ago

    “ I have it on my pen drive” but it won’t stick into iPad.. No cheap hardware that can be paired. It is just consuming device.

    • ORZpasserAtw
      ORZpasserAtw 29 days ago

      You probably formatted it in NTFS, try format in exFAT or FAT32

  • SumoRugby
    SumoRugby Month ago

    Tablet + slim keyboard folio replaces notebooks for anyone, who doesn't need to code/develop, work with graphic design, or use specific software. So, yes, it would replace a notebook for 90% of population.
    If all you do is browse, write mails and consume media content (again, 90% of users), a tablet will do anything a notebook does, on a smaller footprint, less than 1/2 the weight, and without cooking your lap.
    Most of the heavy duty users use maxed desktops anyway for their pro work. In fact, the only reason to still actually have a laptop in 2019 is, if a) it's your only computing device and needs to be jack of all trades, and/or b) if you travel a lot for business and must have a computer due to specific software requirements always with you on the road. Otherwise, you'd be fine with a desktop + tablet.
    Going forward, this trend will only continue. Everything will move to cloud, even heavy duty computing will be in the cloud (it's already starting), and 99% of personal devices will be just a terminal connected to the net. Why having a notebook for that.
    Notebooks are past. Tablets are the future.

    • Hank Bellows
      Hank Bellows 29 days ago

      that is true, my dude. that's exactly what also Apple envisions.

  • Nysro1640
    Nysro1640 Month ago +1

    Linus Tech Tips aka "Apple Hater Extraordinaire"

    • KindredGh0st
      KindredGh0st 29 days ago

      Maga. Make Apple great again.

    • Campbell WS
      Campbell WS 29 days ago

      Wtf how is this at all the top?!?!?

  • pleezoe
    pleezoe Month ago

    RU-clip content creators ain’t shyt, Creatives are using this device to do amazing thing s.
    Yet u have this guy sit here and spew crass.

  • username7395
    username7395 Month ago

    I’m waiting for the iPad to go OLED, and also I want the bend to get fixed.

  • Batista 1776
    Batista 1776 Month ago +2

    i don't have any respect for apple

  • Stefan Burghout
    Stefan Burghout Month ago

    Pure Apple haters.

    • KindredGh0st
      KindredGh0st 29 days ago

      Apple deserves it though. Apple hates their customers.

  • Paulo Mateus Guerra
    Paulo Mateus Guerra Month ago +13

    I love how you guys hate the lack of logic behind apple products!

  • dirkit247
    dirkit247 Month ago

    The surface sucks as a tablet. Everything, besides the iPad, is pretty crappy as a tablet.

  • Lee's Reviews
    Lee's Reviews Month ago

    The thing is, people used to buy computers for everything we use iPads for. Now, there are iPads. The only thing people need computers for are for software that doesn’t support iPad.

  • Lee's Reviews
    Lee's Reviews Month ago

    I LOVE my iPad Pro

  • Gadjo X
    Gadjo X Month ago

    how could anyone use that mock wooden pen and not look ridiculous? wth were they thinking?

  • No Mercy
    No Mercy Month ago

    i"m so greatful to not be so blind to even think of buying something like that...this days developers of games or devices has become so much greedy and blind that you can't actually believe what is happening....

  • Joseph Maldjian
    Joseph Maldjian Month ago

    I thought there was an Apple ad at the beginning of the video lol

  • OracleJ
    OracleJ Month ago

    Lol that sponsor spot!

  • Off-Grid Optimist
    Off-Grid Optimist Month ago

    Very disappointed in you Linus. I'm not a fan of Apple but I would have expected a more positive review from someone who has Tech background like yourself and understands what this kind of arm architecture is actually bringing to the table. Almost every complaint you mentioned is resolvable by simply adding a desktop mouse and keyboard or a minor software tweak here or there. The reason I'm disappointed is because desktop on mobile is definitely the future but consumers are having a very hard time grasping and understanding the how's and why's. Sadly videos like this keep that progress from moving forward. I will expect a much better review of the Galaxy Tab S5E with dex. In an economy where desktop gaming systems use as much power as a double-door fridge I hope you understand there needs to be a higher standard of efficiency if we're going to create a sustainable future.

  • Thomas Kings
    Thomas Kings Month ago +1

    iOS is great for something like an iPad Mini. But not Pro.
    For a Pro experience, get a Surface.

    • SEN Setiaguna
      SEN Setiaguna Month ago

      Thomas Kings well ios doesn’t specifically restrict downloading apps from the internet or restrict emulators and such,but stuff like game developing and using more variety of ports is likely to be common sense for people that wants to be more flexible on their work.
      Also who knows apple could do a patch for mac os to work on ipads since they are making ARM macs,all they need is just to make support for the 32bit processors.

    • Thomas Kings
      Thomas Kings Month ago

      +SEN Setiaguna people that wanna use a real operating system and not just a mobile OS that restricts almost everything from you.

    • SEN Setiaguna
      SEN Setiaguna Month ago

      Thomas Kings like what kind of power users?

    • Thomas Kings
      Thomas Kings Month ago

      +SEN Setiaguna Thats Artists. I was talking about power users.

    • SEN Setiaguna
      SEN Setiaguna Month ago

      professional artist doesn’t seem to like the surface tbh

  • Fernando Díaz Pendones

    Excelent video Linus

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    My 2018 gaming laptop is more powerful than the 2028 iPad. Enough said.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    It’s really quite simple. Professionals do not use Apple products. Apple products are for untechnical and unprofessional users.

    • BlueDarkIce
      BlueDarkIce Month ago +1

      Whole Food Plant-Based Man funny how most people use iMac Pros for editing. But okay

  • Terry Bigard
    Terry Bigard Month ago

    You’re not objective 😩😕

  • p3rrypm
    p3rrypm Month ago

    Come on, you guys are just hating on Apple here...
    This tablet is great for a lot of people! Yes professionally as well!
    Think about this, as soon as photoshop hits, you’ll be able to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on one with just a keyboard case! And you’ll be able to do a ton of art related activities including photography and image manipulation! Beyond that we have some desktop versions of games that are exactly the same as their desktop equivalents!
    So, whether you like it or not, this thing can be used as a desktop replacement now, for a lot of people and it’s evolving to the point where pretty soon the majority of people will be able to use them as a desktop alternative.
    I spent my whole life in a Windows World and now thanks to Microsoft’s recent activities and complete incompetence with regards to patch management, I’ve come to appreciate the simple nature of iOS and MacOS.
    Do you realize that Microsoft’s entire Cloud applications suite runs better on Apple devices than it does on a PC? Yeah we couldn’t believe what we’re seeing either, when we started adding Macs to the domain... I know you guys are in love with their gaming capabilities and all that, but if they’re not careful, they’ll even lose that!
    Oh and one more note, there are now applications that are used by large groups of people, that do not run on Windows (Instagram and Simply Piano are two of them) and the iPad is pretty much outselling every manufacturer of IBM Clones laptop Line up.

  • Micromation
    Micromation Month ago

    Problem with iPad Pro pricing for artist is, Wacom Mobile Studio is just flat out better bang for your buck at these price ranges. Surface on the other hand is pretty horrible, Microsoft bought Ntrig years ago and didn't advance it even an inch - and it was subpar back then and is completely unacceptable today.