Lil Pump, BlocBoy JB and Smokepurpp's Cypher - 2018 XXL Freshman

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
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    Lil Pump, BlocBoy JB and Smokepurpp flex, throw money and come through with the drip in this 2018 XXL Freshman cypher. The fire beat is provided by Sonny Digital.
    The nine rappers in the 2018 XXL Freshman Class are Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, J.I.D, Stefflon Don, BlocBoy JB, YBN Nahmir, Wifisfuneral and Trippie Redd.
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    Shot and Produced by Shot To Kill NYC.
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Comments • 57 922

  • Strandyaboi
    Strandyaboi 18 minutes ago

    when 3 special ed kids get to work together on a school project

    JORIS MACIUS 3 hours ago

    Atleast its not 21 savage

  • Trey duwap
    Trey duwap 8 hours ago

    1:03 when ur mom brings home burger king and I drink

  • yohannesc96
    yohannesc96 9 hours ago

    Pulling hoes I need a lever 😝

  • Grayknight
    Grayknight 12 hours ago +1

    1:02 I know fortnite finna steal from this

  • joaquinl929
    joaquinl929 12 hours ago

    She let me hit from behind (Riley Redd)

  • branden scott
    branden scott 15 hours ago

    these r the king of adlibs

  • Ryan Larkin
    Ryan Larkin 15 hours ago

    You get this shit, then go look at the uk grime scene, fuck me levels above

  • Blackrick
    Blackrick 22 hours ago


  • Eury Lumbang
    Eury Lumbang Day ago

    is this a noisy circus wtf

  • Nicolas Hedden
    Nicolas Hedden Day ago

    lil pumps was at least decent

  • Rebeca Aguilera
    Rebeca Aguilera Day ago

    My brain hurts

  • Jus Wifiii
    Jus Wifiii Day ago

    LMAO this was a whole song

  • HFH
    HFH Day ago

    This is straight *TRASH*

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper Day ago +1

    Damn lil pump actually went hard

  • Supremekrispykream

    This will go down as one of the worst XXL freshman freestyles ever made. Along with Lil mosey, future, and fetty wap

  • Tinashe Makonese
    Tinashe Makonese 2 days ago

    hmm the worst xxl cypher

  • Dev Tripathi
    Dev Tripathi 2 days ago

    So gooooos

  • DragxnFly
    DragxnFly 2 days ago

    Why did SmokePurpp randomly yell feet at 1:53

  • Tshiamo Mosella
    Tshiamo Mosella 2 days ago

    My last 3 brain cells when I want to study

  • immaeatyoass boi
    immaeatyoass boi 2 days ago +1

    Whole Lotta Red 0:01

  • Gavin Nelson
    Gavin Nelson 2 days ago +2

    Honestly, i think lil pump's verse was decent, but everyone else was trash.

  • alfraider
    alfraider 2 days ago +2

    special ed kids making a mixtape:

  • Scorpius Uniwalrus
    Scorpius Uniwalrus 2 days ago

    tf just happened?

  • James SMM
    James SMM 2 days ago

    Let’s be honest bloccboi was worse than mosey.
    I remember days I ride the short bus I was special” - BloccboiJB 2018

  • Nick Noltie
    Nick Noltie 3 days ago

    Sad..... fucking SAD! #FUCKbois

  • Frantic
    Frantic 3 days ago

    0:00 to 0:28 are my last brain cells when im trying to get sum fcking sleep at 3 am

    RATBAT BOMB 3 days ago +2

    "U getting lost in the sauce here's a map" that line was actually kinda 🔥

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 3 days ago +1

    Lil mosey here lol I'm a trash I admit

  • Yummysushi 10
    Yummysushi 10 3 days ago

    This is the trash bracket

  • Dante Chappell
    Dante Chappell 4 days ago +2

    Ok lil mosey has 100 times the talent of the 3 of them combined

    100 *times* 0 *is* *still* 0

  • Zakaria Anderson
    Zakaria Anderson 4 days ago

    Lil pumps speaking ttanzintunium

  • Shane Talks About Everything

    1:32 great job bro

  • 123kid 123
    123kid 123 4 days ago

    By far a single

  • Colin Barnett
    Colin Barnett 4 days ago +2

    I was looking for ski mask and JID but I walked into the special education building on accident.

  • Aiden Savage.04
    Aiden Savage.04 4 days ago +1

    When you come to this video to realise Lil Pump was better than Lil Mosey.

  • Mauricio Favela15
    Mauricio Favela15 4 days ago +2

    0:40 special ed kid opens the classroom door. The rest of the Ed kids 1:02

  • Taco Jones
    Taco Jones 4 days ago

    After these guys suck the fun and creativity out of music and you STILL fuck with them. You're the problem

  • Jerry Jp 168
    Jerry Jp 168 5 days ago


  • Saved By_Grace
    Saved By_Grace 5 days ago

    Pure trash...The old school rappers would be ashamed of this crap.

  • Shane Talks About Everything

    1:42 *when the teacher plays mo bamba*

  • Carlo G
    Carlo G 5 days ago

    Pump wasn’t even that bad tbh. Blocboy was terrible

  • SuperNikasso
    SuperNikasso 5 days ago

    What a trash!!

  • Sense
    Sense 5 days ago

    we all know smokepurpp actual had a decent verse i could hear it inna song honestly

  • Shelby Hann
    Shelby Hann 6 days ago +1

    Lil pump did better than Blueface 😂

  • الحمد لله
    الحمد لله 6 days ago

    If only lil pump learned english..

  • Audio Clayton
    Audio Clayton 6 days ago +1

    I love this, these boys look like they just havin fun!

  • Elliott Spencer
    Elliott Spencer 6 days ago


  • Ice Munir
    Ice Munir 6 days ago

    All these mother fuckers dipped in 2019

  • Typhoner Killz
    Typhoner Killz 6 days ago

    Pump was actually good

  • Maniac Mannie
    Maniac Mannie 7 days ago


    Lil Pump: BuSt DoWn SiTtInG oN lEfT wRiSt

  • Anton
    Anton 7 days ago +1

    this is why u wear condoms

  • Yungflynig Black
    Yungflynig Black 7 days ago +1

    They was havin fun

  • dude! thatsmycar
    dude! thatsmycar 7 days ago

    If this continues, the future of rap music is screwed.

  • koolwhat
    koolwhat 8 days ago

    GARBAGE..... EPIC GARBAGE..... damn fuck them pills...

  • Toxic_liquid6700
    Toxic_liquid6700 8 days ago

    Lmao this is better than lil mosey

  • Nathaniel Janvey
    Nathaniel Janvey 8 days ago

    Didn’t mean to click on this video,but now I need therepy

  • Vision Clear
    Vision Clear 8 days ago +2

    I thought these were normal ass rappers but after watching this I think they actually have brain damage 1:02

  • Big_Fxlla_ YT
    Big_Fxlla_ YT 8 days ago

    1:03 Special ed nibbas during the fire drill

  • Amya Ambas
    Amya Ambas 8 days ago

    just came back to say jefree star had the same gucci jacket as pump