The Spiders and the Bees

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 146 874

  • Pureifier 302
    Pureifier 302 Day ago

    I like spiders I guess ima spider Man no pun intended

  • Kylie e
    Kylie e Day ago

    I've stepped on a bee before,I feel your pain,James

  • Mateus França
    Mateus França Day ago

    My name os Mateus yahahahahahha

  • Blaise Mcneil
    Blaise Mcneil Day ago

    What the fu---

  • iAmDeadInside
    iAmDeadInside Day ago

    4:59 No, other insects pollinate, too. If honey bees weren't part of our lives, we'd still have fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

  • jr Cruz
    jr Cruz Day ago

    If spiders are blind then...... How do they read or learn math or any other subject

  • Angel Leon
    Angel Leon Day ago

    James im geting your "How to be cool and other things i totally learn,de growing Up"

  • Alley Way
    Alley Way Day ago +1

    Fav part 5:40 *we like to have fun around here*

  • William WU
    William WU Day ago

    Wait a sec a web is too weak to trap u but it’s stronger than a bulletproof vest so we are stronger than bulletproof stuff right?

  • William WU
    William WU Day ago

    Hi James

  • Anthony Guerrero

    I hate spiders

  • Ryan Gamer Guy
    Ryan Gamer Guy Day ago

    James: Unless you're in Australia you're not likely to die to a spider
    Me: Shut the hell up James you don't even know what you're talking about American spiders are HELLA more dangerous.
    Google: In the United States, an average of 6.6 people die from venomous spider bites each year1. In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, of which 200 to 500 receive antivenom; on average one or two will prove fatal. Statistically, the most dangerous animals in Australia aren’t crocs, snakes or spiders. They are dogs, cows, and horses. Bites and stings in Australia
    Creature l Deaths (2000-2018)
    Spiders l 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DSXS99 !
    DSXS99 ! Day ago

    Oh my friend from school got stung by a wasp in the shoulder I bet it fricken hurt

  • Blue
    Blue Day ago

    Justin Y. Show yourself, Ik u’re here

  • Lexis Vaticano
    Lexis Vaticano Day ago

    #teamspider is da best

    EXPENDERIO 05 Day ago

    I am 5:50

    EXPENDERIO 05 Day ago

    I am james

  • Bam Carter
    Bam Carter Day ago

    THIS IS cute animation

  • Jaxsen Harris
    Jaxsen Harris Day ago

    He looks like Natsuki

  • Thiago Paredes Faulkner

    Bees, wasps, ants, mosquitos, butterflies, bats, and beetles are a few species of life that pollinate. *now you know*

  • Murilo Vital Antonio

    I once got bit by almost a semi full nest of wasps. In the god dang chin!

  • Bam Carter
    Bam Carter Day ago

    Why did you slap your booty

  • Card Board
    Card Board Day ago

    Honey bees are actual bad though

  • aNd pEgGy
    aNd pEgGy Day ago


  • Noyinab PS4
    Noyinab PS4 Day ago +1

    Anyone else get itchy watching this?

  • EmilyThePotato
    EmilyThePotato Day ago +1

    For a second, i thought the mom spider was IHasCupquake ;-; 0:04

  • Zala The wolf
    Zala The wolf Day ago +1

    Bees thinks I'm a flower because of my red hair so I'm terrified of bees

  • Rushi
    Rushi Day ago

    Ok so i'm australian and the roumers about us having extra snakes and spiders is a complete lie. In deserted places, yeah sure there are spiders. But personally I haven't seen a spider for about an entire year now, and ive only seen a snake at the zoo.

  • XplodingKid Moore

    6:25 Thats the same way my brother got stung.

  • RocRobloxGaming
    RocRobloxGaming Day ago

    OH There Dying At An Alarming Rate?!


  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett Day ago

    Moskitos (those ladies that kill 600,000 people a year) pollinate a bunch too, so um...

  • Rush poper
    Rush poper Day ago

    Really true about wasps they are just jerks I've been stung 7 times by wasps one was deserved but the others... not deserved. The first time I was 8 and one stung be on the lip it got really swollen

  • Kailey For Life
    Kailey For Life Day ago

    5:39 left me wheezing

    PIPIL INC Day ago

    My name is Matthew sooooooo I AM SPIDER uhhh human???

  • Josh Animates
    Josh Animates Day ago

    hey can you sub to me im gonna start animating!
    i need subs

  • CubicleCircle
    CubicleCircle Day ago

    I’m too lazy to think of something funny but I heard Dave was in the chat, and I just wanted to say I wanted my Kindney back

  • 2YearOldBabby
    2YearOldBabby Day ago


  • Angel of Cats
    Angel of Cats Day ago

    A massive spider was crawling on my leg but in the end i let it stay there so it walked out the window and it happend when i was having a sleepover it was crawling on my bed... it was scary but my gran took it -^-

  • insert name here
    insert name here Day ago +1

    Its a better version of the birds and the bees

  • TImeToTalk
    TImeToTalk Day ago +1

    Why on April 26 I want to see avengers end game

  • cirila castañeda
    cirila castañeda Day ago +1

    Who palonates the rest

  • Barbadian Aviation and mapping and more

    James: just hope it didnt have a bad day and end their life on u
    *Guy Screaming*
    Me: cracking in my chair

  • PoultryMan
    PoultryMan Day ago +1

    Arachnophobia is a mental issue sooooo tjere is no way you can understand people that are "irrationally afraid of spiders" ( arachnophobia definition ), unless you are scared of them... Also chickens are rally cool!
    - PoultryMan

  • Ballora
    Ballora Day ago +1

    my bro said he gonna buy a iPhone for $1,230 and he said his credit card is gonna be hurt so I said its gonna be like 2:24

  • kirby saunders
    kirby saunders Day ago +1

    I've learned alout about about spiders when you find one put cup over it and put a paper under it and then YEEET!!!! It back in the wild

  • Christopher Morris
    Christopher Morris Day ago +1

    b, b, but, I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!!!! can someone post a funeral in the next 5 days or so? thanks.

  • Craig Krogstad
    Craig Krogstad Day ago +1

    I love spiders

  • Samuel Taylor Herndon

    Wasps should be icatcated

  • THE ancient GAMER

    I think James is the king bee

  • Gladys Washington

    I never got stung by a bee or a spider never ever before

  • THE ancient GAMER

    In the doctors office it has a chart in 9 percent he goes super syain

  • pokemon projekt cz and rockruff gaming

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  • Harrison Costello

    Y you steal me mum my name is Matthew ):
    (Btw I'm using my brothers account!) Notice me sempai

  • pokemon projekt cz and rockruff gaming

    The fly vampires can be eaten by bats

  • Anonymous Games
    Anonymous Games Day ago


  • Ne Ss
    Ne Ss Day ago

    I fucking hate bees

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez Day ago

    I'm allergic to beeeeeeeeees ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Pigeon Master
    Pigeon Master Day ago

    Pause at 4:47 omg that’s terrifying

  • Sam The Not Nice Man

    "Our species is completely harmless to them"

  • camryn dawkins
    camryn dawkins Day ago

    The first time I ever got stung by a bee was when I was five, I was in a playground bare footed because... Idk I just was XD and like, I was playing with a doge, and then..... Me: " AAAAAHHH"... A BEE FRICKEN STUNG ME BETWEEN MY TOES!! MY TOESSSSS!! JEBZJSBSYDVWH

  • camryn dawkins
    camryn dawkins Day ago

    I almost choked on my orange slices at your web-design joke.

  • Ella and Dev
    Ella and Dev Day ago

    I saw a spider in my room today and named him John (vid on my channel) and i started throwing shows at him. I didn't listen to the cup thing cause I am TERRIFIED of spiders

  • Amazing Muffin
    Amazing Muffin Day ago

    0:18 humans aren't that smart
    2:30 spiders are really dumb

    JOSE RIVERA Day ago

    I have never a will not get stung by a bee in my entire life

  • KaySZN
    KaySZN Day ago

    3;16 thats deep

  • Art child Animations

    A bee 🐝 went up my brothers nose it was funny he was all like reeeeeeeee

  • Kitty Dog
    Kitty Dog Day ago

    6:41 thats so sad...

  • LittleVamp
    LittleVamp Day ago

    Bees also help pollinate coffee bean plants so if bees disappear so does your coffee

  • Jerry Yang
    Jerry Yang Day ago



  • Blueboyninja8 Gaming

    One time I went camping and a bee flew around my head and I was so still and I was freaking out inside

  • amanda slinn
    amanda slinn Day ago


  • hip-hop Maddy
    hip-hop Maddy Day ago

    Ok this is my favorite video love you so much Odd1sout/James 😉

  • Gaming Jr
    Gaming Jr Day ago

    But James spider web 🕸 is stronger then steel

  • JDMations
    JDMations Day ago

    0:09 : Matthews mouth looks like a flipped amazon arrow :D

  • Xixxy42 Gamez
    Xixxy42 Gamez Day ago

    Rip spiders

  • Ryuu TheDragon
    Ryuu TheDragon Day ago

    They just look really creepy

  • Melina Frimand
    Melina Frimand Day ago

    Well.....people with arachnophobia aren’t like the over-dramatic girls who scream every time they see an really get like a panick attack and starts shaking and sontimes it’s terrifying for can tell them multiple times that most spiders are harmless and much smaller than them....but they don’t care.....besides.....there are phobias for happiness.....(now phobia for spiders don’t sound too dumb)....but yeah......phobias are such a weird and unpredictable thing....and hard comparing to anything

  • Vev
    Vev Day ago

    7:34 - Holy Frick

  • Eric Solano
    Eric Solano Day ago

    1:10 Post production James listen and I said only if you were a healthy adult

  • alex fenton
    alex fenton Day ago

    I killed a spider with a shoe as you said just put it in a cup and let it out and felt bad

  • MariaGhoul _
    MariaGhoul _ Day ago +1

    Wasps are just plain evil.

  • The amazing world of aahad

    What pollinates the rest

  • danslive HD
    danslive HD Day ago

    bees dont attack you unless you attack them.

  • cute potato
    cute potato Day ago

    Er learned that spiders and bees are harmless and wasps are just EVIL

  • Kelly Conway-Whelan

    He's on team spider and had a pet moth

  • ilovellamas9
    ilovellamas9 Day ago +1

    *and **_yeet_** it back into the wild*

  • Noah Playz
    Noah Playz Day ago


  • Hyliansaviour94
    Hyliansaviour94 Day ago

    We learned wasps are assholes.

  • Tracey Ogden
    Tracey Ogden Day ago

    Talks about how people with arachnid phobia are irrational. 4:44 fears bees irrationally
    Me: well, that's awkward.

  • Poison Fox
    Poison Fox Day ago +1

    I’m scared of spiders cuase they look creepy like why the eyes and legs


    i have never goten stung in my life

  • Jasyboo
    Jasyboo Day ago

    I'm traumatized by, LADYBUGS HEHGFG I HATE THEM!

  • Øbvïõûßłÿ Æ Pęršōń

    Spider = Demonetization
    Person = RU-clip channel

  • Goldie
    Goldie Day ago

    So children will get bit

  • Mystic Queeen
    Mystic Queeen Day ago

    A bee landed on my brother's face, twice

  • Springlocked Wolf 126 [ Gaming/SFM ]

    We learned that bees and spiders are very nice, and wasps just like to killeople

  • Rokay The Killer
    Rokay The Killer Day ago +1

    Ok, the whole not knowing why people with arachnophobia, it's like telling someone with claustrophobia why you don't know why they fear tight spaces.

  • Velocity
    Velocity Day ago

    And as always wear your seatbelts

  • Thomas McAllister


  • Fardin G
    Fardin G Day ago

    Am so afraid of insects or specially flies that one time I lost control of my car cuz I saw a teinny spider in the car and almost killed myself And my kids were in the car too. Thank God i didn't crash in to something. OMG. 😓