13 Year Old Indian Girl From Haryana Is Expert In 8 Accents: BBC Hindi

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • 13 साल की उम्र में 12वीं पास करने वाली जान्हवी 8 एक्सेंट में बात भी कर लेती हैं. हरियाणा के पानीपत समालखा की रहने वाली जान्हवी फिलहाल दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी से पढ़ाई कर रही हैं.

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  • Your Highness
    Your Highness 22 hours ago


  • rahul yadav
    rahul yadav Day ago

    ekk ye bitia hain.....ekk udhar ki bitia hain pita ko le dubi.,6

  • Vivek Lama
    Vivek Lama Day ago


  • Satish Mishra
    Satish Mishra Day ago +1

    i am in America from last 16 years but i am indian and i also know hindi little bit because i speak English every time here in American style but she's American assent is not real
    if you sure like it
    if you are agree
    this is show off carry on baby 1 day you can speak like us

  • Mr. Rawat
    Mr. Rawat 2 days ago

    13 year old = BA 1st
    Does any kind of talent gives us a super power? How did it's even possible.

  • Rufus Daniel
    Rufus Daniel 2 days ago

    The entire vedio clip has been ruined by the girl with microphone actually this vedio is about the girl who can pronounce lot of accent but this girl took the microphone from this girl what the fuck

  • veeras2020
    veeras2020 3 days ago +2

    Tiktok girls.. this is real talent. Not lip synching lol

  • Vivian Segarano
    Vivian Segarano 3 days ago

    So good 🔥😍🔥 I love you

  • Bikram Bhandary
    Bikram Bhandary 3 days ago


  • Sunny Das
    Sunny Das 5 days ago

    Dumb host.. taking interview of a rare talent..

  • Kisa Zehra
    Kisa Zehra 5 days ago

    It's not a wonder cause it's a fact that a human can learn 7 languages till the age of 7 so as their accents. So, she is doing something normal at the age of 13. Even she must know 13 languages instead of 8.

  • Ankush samalkha
    Ankush samalkha 5 days ago

    Mne tumh dekha hai

  • Ankush samalkha
    Ankush samalkha 5 days ago

    Yerr Tum samalkha kha rheyt ho

  • Aaryak Singh Rathore

    She messed up at Scottish accent

  • Cloneufc
    Cloneufc 5 days ago

    Her accent is about as good as the guy at 7-Eleven.

  • rahul raj
    rahul raj 5 days ago

    Madhan chod hariyana

  • Priya Thakur
    Priya Thakur 5 days ago

    Which English accent people talk in India???

  • ravinder pal Singh
    ravinder pal Singh 6 days ago

    I am feeling speechless! What to say!!!
    She is really incredible!!
    Great great!!

  • akshay junghare
    akshay junghare 7 days ago

    Bitch keep the mic to the Indian girl

  • Sneha Samuel
    Sneha Samuel 7 days ago

    Omdssss Impressive 💕💕💕😱

  • Shivkumar Pal
    Shivkumar Pal 8 days ago

    Love you beta

  • Anjali Jain
    Anjali Jain 8 days ago


  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 8 days ago

    Ye sab language pada sakti hai...magar. bhojpuri nhi bol payegi...

  • shrutkirti Shelar
    shrutkirti Shelar 8 days ago +1

    Marathi yete ka? Well kidding bt shes supergirl.....

  • Genius Rawat
    Genius Rawat 8 days ago

    Naam b to janvi power h yr😆😆😆😆👌👌👌👌♥️♥️♥️♥️superb behna

  • Sukman lepcha
    Sukman lepcha 8 days ago

    Sis keep it up

  • tejas dongare
    tejas dongare 8 days ago

    bbc wale 2 mic bhi nahi kharid sakte kya

  • Simanta Hazarika
    Simanta Hazarika 8 days ago

    Wowww www really amazing

  • Neha Chauhan
    Neha Chauhan 9 days ago

    Are BBC walo ye wohi desh hai jisne duniya ko 0 Diya agar videshi nhi aate to pori duniya ko hum joob dete danya hai mere desh ki dharti

  • Nirav Godhania
    Nirav Godhania 9 days ago

    Dil jeet liya yaar bachi ne

  • durga shankar dwivedi
    durga shankar dwivedi 9 days ago +1

    Perfect voice

  • durga shankar dwivedi
    durga shankar dwivedi 9 days ago +1


  • Beelai Basumatary
    Beelai Basumatary 10 days ago

    She Can be Indian girl, but her phonology as Western Country, in accent, Not only in British English, and Skills in Western Culture, after Graduation she will be an Employee of BBC Service, t Christ will blessing and Keep her alive forever and ever, thank you for your Phonetic from Hugrajuli Sonitpur Assam

  • pallavi Mehra
    pallavi Mehra 11 days ago

    Respect 💓

  • Akhilesh Yadav
    Akhilesh Yadav 11 days ago

    Wow... What a girl,,, amazing 😍

  • Dipti banta
    Dipti banta 11 days ago +2

    She is master in accents and language also. Incredible girl.

  • Rajesh Marandi
    Rajesh Marandi 12 days ago


  • Kaushiki Rani
    Kaushiki Rani 12 days ago


  • Kaushiki Rani
    Kaushiki Rani 12 days ago

    Awesome.... should also learn the ancient and great language sanskrit. The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious [having more cases] than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either.

  • Biplab Sardar
    Biplab Sardar 12 days ago

    god bless you

  • Sachin More
    Sachin More 12 days ago

    hi panatapradhan honar .

  • Dev Singh
    Dev Singh 12 days ago +1

    It's commendable but she can only do one accent tbh.....she's watched those accent videos and practised a lot obviously so she mentions the r s with the Scottish but I didn't detect any Scottish at all. And her rp....You've got to be kidding. Rp is what the poshest....like the royals use....she can't do rp at all. This is laughable. She's got just 1 accent sorry....which any Indian who tries to speak in a foreign accent has. A mix of british and American but basically still an Indian aping a British or American. No need for accents...just attention seeking from them...

  • zeng yuxi
    zeng yuxi 12 days ago +1

    I am can speak7 languages omg !! like english,hindi,bengali,telugu,korean,japanse,chinese..

  • free. ly
    free. ly 12 days ago

    Dekho last Mai kaise sikhi batate nhi 😆😆😆

  • free. ly
    free. ly 12 days ago

    Muze nhi lgta isne Internet se sikha hai

  • Ajay Goswami
    Ajay Goswami 14 days ago

    Nice girl

  • Umamanojchauhan Manojchauhan

    Very nice girl

    I AM GENIUS 15 days ago

    she's so much confident

  • Priya Debbarma
    Priya Debbarma 15 days ago


  • Niketan vatvate
    Niketan vatvate 15 days ago

    Super Dear.....keep it

  • ohmpanchal
    ohmpanchal 15 days ago

    That’s not her accent dumbass she’s just speaking really fast but she does have a little bit of an accent from whatever accent she’s trying to speak GOOD TALENT!

  • rinku sharma
    rinku sharma 16 days ago

    Highly motivating story,
    Chorri choron se kam honvey Hain K😊👌

  • Mohammad Haseeb
    Mohammad Haseeb 16 days ago +1

    His father is simply Genius

  • Dayal Sachdeva
    Dayal Sachdeva 16 days ago

    गुङिया जी आपका पूरा पता क्या है प्लीज बताने की कृपा करें ।।

  • Navin Dhyani
    Navin Dhyani 16 days ago +3

    Interviewer is losing it where to point the camera 😂

  • Rahul sinha
    Rahul sinha 16 days ago

    Super talent yar

  • sujeer suje
    sujeer suje 17 days ago

    Wow superb wonder girl

  • ishan gupta
    ishan gupta 18 days ago +1

    Next time make it with subtitles.

  • awesome girl
    awesome girl 18 days ago +2

    I appreciate her hardwork but show off ki hdd hoti h..😅

  • matwani wala
    matwani wala 18 days ago

    my daughter also speak in british accent but she is only 7 years old if u dont belive i ll share you her vedios link given below

  • Rittik Chauhan
    Rittik Chauhan 18 days ago +1


  • Divya Pandey
    Divya Pandey 19 days ago

    13 year ki kaise h ...jab ba first year m h

  • joel thomas
    joel thomas 19 days ago

    Tatiii shakalll

  • Pradipta Mitra
    Pradipta Mitra 20 days ago

    This is how we should use internet

  • Anugrah Lal
    Anugrah Lal 20 days ago

    God bless you janvi

  • Inception Vj
    Inception Vj 20 days ago

    But, what's the use of it in the first place..?? What is this obsession about accents in India..? How does it matter how many accents you speak in ? Instead, she should have learnt some language other than English... For instance, Japanese... Because you can get a high-paying job as "Interpreter" in India if you speak and understand Japanese well...

  • Manjula R
    Manjula R 21 day ago

    God bless Haryana. Save the Girls

    TECH MUSIC 21 day ago

    Haha haha what a joke seriously??

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh 21 day ago

    Hatts off wonderful father

  • Indu Verma
    Indu Verma 21 day ago

    1sal ke thi kya jb se pdne lgi thi ye